A Moment of Clarity

A Moment of Clarity

Hey there

Thanks for popping in. I have some really exciting news to share with you! I mentioned in the last Clarity Craft Club newsletter I wrote last week, so you may already have received that if you’re in the club, so to speak!

It has been a while since I last did A Moment of Clarity. Barb’s Workin’ Life, as you know, has been put on the old backburner for the last few weeks. But this week she’s getting back on the horse!

I have been keeping this particular set of designs for just the right occasion – and I feel like celebrating! Dad is back home with Mum, he’s looking so much better, eating well, and enjoying the cricket (although he told me at lunchtime that the only thing that would help England today was if it rained – over Lords! So yeah. Who cares whether India or England won at cricket! Dad is watching – that’s what counts.

So it’s Celebration Time! Let’s get together and enjoy each other’s company. The last Facebook Live CraftalongaPyjama Party we had was so much fun, I thought we could do it again – TWICE!!

So what are we using?

On Friday, 20th August at 3pm on Facebook LIVE, I shall be showcasing a beautiful rose, illustrated by our dear friend, Jayne Nestorenko. She would have loved a PJ Party!

Another arty friend, Lucy at Clarity, worked her magic on Jayne’s Rose, and added the elegant lattice frame and sentiments to both the stamp and Groovi set.

Available HERE

Now here comes the fun part. Yet another special friend has agreed to join me for our crafty get together: LINDA WILLIAMS! So we’re planning not one but two craft alongapyjama party sessions using these designs. Linda will steer the ship on the Groovi projects, and I will get behind the wheel on the stampy session. Now THAT’s what I call FUN. If you fancy joining the two of us and crafting along with us, then get the plates and stamps, dig out a pair of comfy PJ’s – and make sure you put these dates in your diary:

Groovi Craftalongapyjama party with Linda and Barb : 
Friday 10th September at 7pm
Stamping Craftalongapyjama party with Barb & Linda :  
Friday 17th September at 7pm

Also, we have just taken delivery of a very VERY special product that will work perfectly for parchers and stampers alike! We’ll definitely be putting it through its paces when we get together! More will be revealed on Friday at 3pm Facebook LIVE. Yep, she’s a tease, that Barbara…

In the meantime, you may want to get ahead and order Jayne’s Rose now – whether you are a Parcher or a Stamper, or both, click HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Jane Telford
Elaine Milner
Jane Telford
Glynis Whitehead
Glynis Whitehead
Sheila Bradley
Jane Telford

So I hope you can join me at 3pm on Facebook LIVE this Friday, but don’t worry if you can’t; you can always watch afterwards on our YouTube page HERE

Love always,

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. That is so gorgeous, I wasn’t going to spend any more at the moment but guess my hand it twitching, I met the lovely Jayne years ago. Xx

  2. Pj’s at the ready. I am so pleased your Dad is on the mend and you are able to join us again we have missed you. Look after yourself and give your Dad a crafty hug from us Shac Shackers.

  3. What a tease you are and what a combination of talents, can’t wait to hear what the surprise product is!

  4. I am with your dad when it comes to cricket. I can’t watch, as I don’t have the channel, but I have listened all day on the radio. Today I was cleaning whilst I listened, but it is good to craft along with too.
    Those samples are beautiful and I shall be catching up on the shows, as we have family dinner on Friday nights, with my daughter and granddaughter. I do love Jayne’s designs. Hugs. Annette X

  5. So pleased Dad is enjoying the cricket. Good wishes and health to him and Oma. What a wonderful couple. Will be watching Friday. Bored out of my tree lying in bed. Onward and upward. Much love

  6. You have mentioned two dates one for August and the other September, could you clarify which one it is for the correct one for the pyjamas party!!

    1. Groovi Craftalongapyjama party with Linda and Barb :
      Friday 10th September at 7pm
      Stamping Craftalongapyjama party with Barb & Linda :
      Friday 17th September at 7pm

  7. Hi Barbara it is so good that your Dad is out of hospital and that he is improving all the time. I love the idea of the craft along. The art work is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  8. Absolutely beautiful will look forward to this xx
    Glad your dad is back home and settled watching the cricket 🏏 xx

  9. Really pleased that Dad is on the mend. Hubby in hospital at the moment having his artificial hip replaced and no visitors allowed at all. Thank goodness for mobile phones. Do you have a date in mind for a rearranged craft along with the second set of linocut stamps?

  10. I absolutely love roses. These samples are beautiful. I will log in and buy in a minute and will watch you and Linda on Youtube as I’m not on any social media.
    Pleased to hear your Dad is doing well, must be such a relief for your Mum.
    Take care – stay safe.

  11. Looking forward to the craft along’s in September & the FB live on Friday(may have to catch up later) depends how the diy is going at our daughters house.
    Glad to hear your Dad is enjoying the cricket, a good sign that he is feeling better & back to doing normal things again.
    Will we be using the lino cuts for a craft along as I know you had to cancel the planned session.

  12. Great news about your Dad (but maybe not the cricket!) Ooh, another Moment of Clarity and a couple of pyjama party craftalongs, sounds good to me! And a surprise new Clarity goodie revelation – You’re spoiling us Barbara! Not sure my bank balance is so excited though! Ha, ha …

  13. Hi Barb,
    Great news about your dad. Love Jayne’s rose – she was such a lovely, talented lady who is sorely missed. Love the idea of the craftalong and will try to catch up on you tube. The samples are gorgeous and love what Lucy has done for the plates and stamp set. Hopefully you will do the moment of clarity with the Lino cuts soon too ( no pressure mind you!). Lots of love, Alison xxx

  14. Pleased to hear your dad is getting back to ‘normal’. Will have to catch Friday’s Facebook live next week. We are here in Kent staying in the accommodation we booked for the Clarity Retreat, so out and about, although we will fit in some crafting at some point. 😀 Looking forward to the pyjama sessions in September. Xx

  15. Morning Barb, more beautiful artwork today, with that gorgeous rose from the lovely Jayne, she had so much talent. Glad your Dad is doing well. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Good morning Barb, so pleased to hear that your dad is out of hospital and on the mend and enjoying the cricket. Such a relief for you, your mum and all the family. Looking forward to joining you on Friday and again in September. Loving the artwork, always so gorgeous. Take care of yourself. Hugs xx

  17. Great news about your Dad, Barbara parents worry about us but we worry more about them. Roses are my favourite flowers and there soft scents always make me smile. This is definitely one to add to my stamp collection.
    Hopefully it will help put my focus back as I’ve done very little craft the past few months.
    Love everything Clarity so looking forward to watching Friday. Xxx

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