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Thanks for popping in. Sunny Sunday, and all is well with the Gray family. I am happy and relieved to report that Dad was able to come home on Wednesday, and – after a faltering start, which a wonderful district nurse was able to come to the house to help with – things have been improving day by day. As you can imagine, it has been an uphill climb, and will be for some time to come, but Dad is a fighter, and determined to get back in the saddle. He actually was a fighter! He was a boxer in the RAF back in the day. I asked him to squeeze my hands when we were in hospital, just to check his strength.

“You don’t want me to do that, Barb”. 
“Yes I do, Dad.”
“I’ll hurt you though.”
“Give it your best.”

So he squeezed, and I thought he had broken all my fingers!
That’ll teach me.

We are taking it one day at a time and it will be a while before he’s back in the ring, but he’s home with Mum, he’s 100% lucid and he’s smiling. Sweet relief. Me? I’m absolutely knackered! We all are!! But you do what you have to do when your folks need help. I am certain you understand.

Isn’t it strange how your priorities shift instantly when there is a crisis. What was important becomes completely irrelevant. Before Dad took ill, work was pretty much all I WAS worried about. Keeping the good ship Clarity afloat has been my life for a long time. And here’s the thing: it didn’t sink without me! Dear Paul and the team have kept the business going brilliantly. It is okay.

A little goblin with a dark sense of humour just nudged me and said, ‘Now just write, “So, Bye Bye” ’ Hahahahaha….

Nah…I am already working and planning and prepping and doing – the day I stop will be the day I am pushing up daisies.

I was clearing up the mess from last weekend’s TV show earlier, and found these fabulous lace papers, which Dee made for us. I think they are superb.

Then I saw the lovely elegant lady stencils in the pile too ….

So, instead of clearing up the mess, which was the plan, I made a tag!

Doesn’t it look like real lace?! Amazing. If I told you that the lace was laid up on top of the girl, you’d believe me, right? Now that‘s when you know the paper is brilliant.

Cut her out, blacken everything except the dress, attach to a tag of the same lace paper…

Add a little shade with a black pencil. Done.

Next time you are shopping online at Clarity, you might consider buying these papers. There are two sets, each with 2 different colourways. Absolutely beautiful. CLICK HERE for the pair. And the stencils are perfect too. CLICK HERE. 4 for the price of 3.

Time for a walk in the sunshine. Did somebody mention the ironing? Yep. That’ll still be waiting for me with a great audible book this evening, when it dark out…

Love always

Barb xxx

50 thoughts on “Distracted…

  1. So good to hear that all is well with your dad Barbara and I wish him back to full health ASAP. I have been there myself, with my mum, so understand completely and agree wholeheartedly. God bless the NHS, again and again.
    Take it easy on the climb back into the saddle. Love to you all. Annette X

    1. So glad all is well now Barbara but your dad will be back to normal in no time, yes you must be exhausted it takes a lot out of you with worry, but it works out in the end, my best wishes to you and your family ❤️❤️Xxx

  2. So pleased your Dad is home Barbara and you can have a little respite. I often think life is one big worry 😉 when the kids are small you worry about them then they leave home but you never stop worrying about them and then your worry about the kids transfers to the parents and then the grandchildren. It just goes round in circles 🤣🤣 I hope your Dad improves day by day bless him. The papers are defo on the list of wants/needs

  3. So pleased your Dad is home and still improving – sounds like he is a fighter in more ways than one !!!
    Guessed your bloggy absence was due to you doing “daughter duty” looking after Dad and Oma for a few days.
    This tag with the lace papers is lovely. Did you get your tidying done? It is so easy to get distracted when putting things away and then finding something which had been forgotten. The mind starts buzzing and the fingers itch, all thought of clearing up goes out the window.
    Too warm here to do more so I am chilling out and leaving my ironing till the morning when it is cooler.
    Have a good evening.

  4. What a joyful blog. So, so pleased for your Dad and Oma and of course you and rest of family. I take on board he is a fighter as I battle my last surgery. One day at a time and by Jove do priorities change. Lots of love. Hoping to get fit enough to do some colouring xxx

  5. My son has just been in hospital with a stroke .Its amazing how priorities change.little things we worried about become insignificant.hes home now and will hopefully recover in time.Best wishes to you Barbara and your family.

  6. So pleased to hear your dad is home and safe must be a relief for you all. Enjoy your walk and the ironing can certainly wait. I tend to do mine watching The Craft Store and time flies and the pile clears quickly . Take care of you too xx

  7. So glad to hear that things are finally beginning to settle down a bit. Just remember to ease yourself back into the saddle after all you’ve been through these past few weeks. I love this tag to bits – don’t have the lace papers yet but do have a geli plate and a big bit of lace….. I can feel some improvisation coming on. Xxx

  8. Hello Barbara, I am so pleased and relieved your Dad is home now and getting better (slowly but surely)! Your Mama must have been so worried too and happy to have her hubby home again! I know what you mean about shifting priorities and it’s amazing how less important some things suddenly become. Your Dad sounds strong, like you say, he’s a fighter and with all the support from the family he will be fully recovered soon! Hope you enjoyed your walk! I’m sure it did you good! Take care and get well wishes for your Dad.
    Hugs and Lots of Love xxx

  9. Good news that your Dad is home and he is in a good spirit!
    Enjoy the day and take care of yourself Barbara.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  10. So pleased to hear that you’re Dad is home. I know exactly what you mean with how quickly your priorities change, but we do everything we can to care for them and so long as they are ok, we are too!
    Oh and I love the lace paper and tag! Beautiful! ❤️
    Take care Barb and recharge Xx

  11. That was just what I needed to hear!! So glad
    your Dad is home – I bet HE is too!
    I already had these lovely papers and got some more with the catwalk gals last week. My cup runneth over. Thank you always.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS – I keep meaning to ask, am I supposed to keep the filmy stuff that comes with the stamps now?

  12. Welcome back! We missed you and we are all so relieved your dad is ok. Take it easy you have our full support and our understanding xxxx

  13. Good to know your Dad has settled back home it must be a relief to you all. Now he’s home he will heal much quicker with all his family around. I can completely understand where your coming from talking about distraction went upstairs to clean the bathroom at 10 am came down at around 12.30 having made some Christmas cards and had a play with the Peace stamp and mask all because I took some pencils back up to my craft room. Take care ❤

  14. Hi Barb,
    Really glad that your dad is back where he belongs – at home! He is a fighter in both senses of the word and I’m sure he’ll go from strength to strength now he’s at home ( hopefully not testing it on your fingers!!!)
    I don’t blame you for putting your family first either – nobody would expect you to do anything else. Paul and team Clarity have done a brilliant job for you. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. Oh, Barb, I’m so delighted to hear that your dad is progressing. Such good news. If I ever meet him -not that I expect to – I’ll watch out for that grip!! Lol. Onwards and upwards, slowly! Back to crafting for me next week as I’ve been cleaning most of this week and even pulled out the ironing board this afternoon! Don’t know when I last did that. Lol. I hope this cleaning bug doesn’t last!! Hope you sleep well now that things are settling a bit. You have a great team around you which is brilliant. Take care. Lots of love. Hxxx

  16. So pleased for you and all the family that your Dad is home. I’m sure he’ll go from strength to strength.

  17. Hello Barbara
    I am so pleased your Dad is home and all in one piece. He will get on quicker now he is home and back with your Mum.

  18. It is good to hear that your Dad is home and getting better. The NHS is a wonderful thing and we are very thankful for it. Take care of you and yours.

  19. Wonderful news after such a worrying time for you all. Just do what you can at Clarity Towers. You do so much for others, but please remember to take some time out to look after yourself. My interest is Groovi; not actually producing very much as yet, but I’ve become addicted to collecting Groovi plates, accessories and watching all the programmes I can!! At least I’ll have a stash
    to see me through old age! You have an exceptional team around you who all work so hard but for me, particular thanks to the great Paul and Lovely Linda. An inspiration to us all. I’m sure your Dad will continue to improve now he is back home surrounded by love and positive energy from near and far. Hugs, Pam xx

  20. So good to hear that your dad is much better now and getting better every day….what a relief for the family….and that is the main thing 🌻

  21. Barbara
    So glad your Dad is home. I am sure he will be back to his usual self with the love and care of your Oma. She will be so happy he is home too. Lots of love to them both.
    You have a fabulous team at Clarity. I am sure they all pulled together so you didn’t have to worry about the business.
    You take care
    With love and hugs xx

  22. So glad your dad is improving Barbara. You must all be so glad to have him home. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work. Xx

  23. I am so pleased that your Dad is back at home and he is doing well. Yes I agree, the NHS is wonderful, we are very lucky to have them for our families. xx
    I love the tag, it is stunning.

  24. Such great News Barbara- what a Relief for you and the Family. I hope Dad continues to recover quickly .

    Life is funny – we go through upstanding downs and allowed can do is adapt as things are thrown at us. Take care of yourself and carry on with your mantra- one day at a time.

    I have the lace papers- so versatile- love your lace lady tag.

  25. Hi Barbara
    So lovely to read your blog. Fantastic news your dad is back home with your mum and progressing.
    Take care lovely lady. Big hugs Steph x

  26. Great news and hope that your Dad gets stronger everyday. So lovely to read your blog tonight we have all missed you but understand entirely. Just keep a rain check on you as stress waits for when you least expect it. Lots of love xx

  27. So happy to hear that your Dad is back home with your Mum. Hope he continues to get stronger every day. Take care of yourself as well. Lots of love and thoughts xx

  28. Good to hear your dad’s home and improving daily. Family always comes first , but don’t forget to look after yourself too, or you won’t be fit to help them. Xxx

  29. Great news that your Dad is safely home with Oma & improving every day. We have always said it is the the visitor that gets more tired than the patient in hospital as they are dashing to & fro but hopefully now you will be able to get some metime over the coming days before getting back up to speed at Clarity Towers.
    Take care xxx

  30. Hi Barbara
    Glad your Dad Is home and on the mend. We moved just before the pandemic in order to have Mum live with us as she has a degenerative eye condition and every day is precious. Except yesterday, went out left her on her own she couldn’t see to get the silver foil off the milk so chose the sharpest scissors in the drawer to use, result cut finger. Luckily she rang the neighbours they attended with plasters. 🤣🤣. It is at times like this when you realise the importance of your family always keep them close.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  31. Pleased to hear your Dad is back at home with your Mum and improving every day. Great tag, have both the stencils and the lovely designer paper, must make time to have a play. xx

  32. Really great news about your Dad, Barb. So pleased for all of your family that he’s back home, but especially your Mum.
    Paul and the rest of Team Clarity are magic!
    Take care, travel gently.

  33. so glad to hear your dad is making steady progress. I’ve had these stencils for some time and not really used them, but feeling inspired to try them out again.

  34. So glad to hear your dad got to go home. I’m sure he will be well cared for such a loving family! Hang in there and take care.Hugs

  35. Hi Barb, so glad your dad is improving. How is your mum coping with all this?
    Looking foward to your hourly shac shac. Take time to enjoy smelling the roses too. Love from Australia.

  36. Hello Barb, what wonderful news that your Dad is home and improving health wise. I am sure your Mum is hovering over him, and keeping an eye on him as much as you and the family have done. As for the Clarity team, they are just wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Take time and relax. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  37. Lovely tag – I also ended up stamping some Christmas jumpers and sentiments onto scraps in my new craft room when I was supposed to be unpacking boxes and organising supplies this weekend! Glad your dad is home and on the mend xxx

  38. Hi Barbara
    So good to hear your dad is back home with your mum and things are settling down a wee bit, thank heavens for the NHS and district nurses! Love the tag you’ve made, I must dig out my lacy papers, they are beautiful. It’s good to see you playing instead of tidying up, normal service being resumed! Do look after yourself though, you are important too!
    Love Diane xxx

  39. That is cracking news Barbara – no place like home. How right you are to take one day at a time. You are doing a wonderful job. It is time like these that you have to take stock and readjust your priorities. So good the NHS has come up trumps for you. Keep strong. I hope your Dad continues to improve and it won’t be too long before he is back to full strength, God willing. xx

  40. Love this lace design and the tag is so delicate I may have a try at this one xx thank you for the inspiration xx glad your dad is progressing it always takes time and as they time is a great healer xx glad you are carrying on we would all be lost without you xx Paul and the Clarity team have been fabulous in your absence but I am sure they are happy to have you back xx

  41. So pleased for you all that your Dad is now home and of course you have wanted to do all you could to help and be there for your Mum and Dad through this difficult time. I have seen that he is already settling in and improving which is great news! x

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