Trying to get a handle on it…

Trying to get a handle on it…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy day today. Busy Thinking Day. Thinking days always leaves me zapped by the afternoon. That’s okay though. It’s the WEEKEND!!

And in the meantime, I’m trying to get a handle on it all !!

Looking very handmade, aren’t they/! Nothing uniform here!

Just as well! The cups are pretty individual too! Getting the same size takes time and practice, so I will get there eventually. Nothing that time and a little application won’t sort out. It’s all a huge learning curve.

Did I show you my plates? Very pleased with them. They’re for when the kids come home next week, when we have a Bar-B in the garden!! One each, plus a cheese splatter! I cannot wait to hang out with them. It’s been too long. Two years is way way way too long.

We ate off them yesterday evening, to make sure they worked! And they passed the dishwasher test. Result! I thought perhaps that the rim might make them tricky to stack in the dishwasher, but they slid right in there. Wunderbar!

I made a few faceted, arty bottles too.

Akiko Hirai makes beautiful ones…Between £100 and £200 each. Crikey! I’d best get practicing! Or get an agent! Arabrab Yarg is another sensational potter. New on the block, but making waves too. Have you heard of her?

So there we are: the latest haul: beakers, plates, stranger arty bottles. And a little vase at the front.

I’m figuring out glazing right now. Working out how to mix glazes, how best to apply which glazes, and how to get certain effects by doing certain things.

It’s like any craft. You learn by doing, don’t you. By watching somebody who has already figured it out and who is happy to share their knowledge. By listening, watching, then doing. Again, again and again.

The handles were a little on the floppy side just now, so I shall have to get them fixed on later, when they’re less stretchy! I think I’m more of a bowl person than a mug person…

Best go check.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Arabrab Yarg. xxxxx

38 thoughts on “Trying to get a handle on it…

  1. Wow that is one fabulous collection! Love the arty bottles too! Glad they work! 😀 so happy you will be able to share your new collection next week when Grace and Mark come home! It really is a long time, once you get hold of them you won’t want to let go! Xxxxx

  2. oh Wow. They are fantastic. So pleased to hear the family are coming home to visit. Have a wonderful time. Here’s hoping the weather improves down here. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that I might get to see all my family together at the end of the month for my birthday, it’s 2 years since we were last all together too.

  3. oh Wow. They are fantastic. So pleased to hear the family are coming home to visit. Have a wonderful time. Here’s hoping the weather improves down here. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that I might get to see all my family together at the end of the month for my birthday, it’s 2 years since we were last all together too).

  4. Wow love the arty bottles. Very striking. My type of pottery. You are making amazing pots. Well done. Such an enjoyable hobby. I envy you. I had to give up pottery, unfortunately I’m allergic to the clay. Dries out my skin similar to excema. Oh and I’ve broken the bank account again. Folders ordered. Bet you can’t wait for next week either. Enjoy I’m sure you will.

  5. Wow, these are an amazing collection of very handsome items and how wonderful to have a plan for their use.
    You must be getting so excited to see Grace and Mark – I can sense it from here!! Enjoy every minute with them xx

  6. Fabulous set of pottery. Not long to wait for the family to arrive. Have a good weekend. Xx

  7. What a fabulous collection. I am so impressed. How wonderful that your family will be together soon, I bet there will be lots of hugs and tears.

  8. What magnificent plates etc. The “new artist/potter” is certainly up and coming. Where and when are they on sale – will pay for my care home 🤣🤣

  9. What a great set of plates – just make sure you don’t have a Greek night – you know smashing them on the floor ! I don’t know how you do it all ! It will be so exciting to have everyone under the same roof wont it. X

  10. Your latest pottery looks fantastic – you are going to have such a great time from next weekend catching up with Grace & Mark. You deserve more than a 2 week break from the SHAC after the time you have spent sharing all your hints & tips with us over the last 18 months to spend time with them. Although it would be great to see them in the SHAC before they go home. I certainly have plenty to catch up on though as I have missed a few sessions.

  11. Beautiful pottery Barbara, all ready for your family gathering! Hope you take your time out and have a great time. A little longer to wait for me to get my family together, but worth the wait.
    Hope the handles worked! X

  12. There will be so much love in your house when they come home, can’t wait for your stories when you come back to the Shac. Your pots and mugs are superb

  13. They just look amazing Barbara !! I’m sure your kids will be impressed and you’ll have a great time xx

  14. Wow. They look amazing. I did smile at the handles. That’s what happens when I put a pencil in my hand to draw! Hope you get a handle on it quicker than me!! Lol. I can’t begin to imagine how excited you are at the thought of the family coming home. I hope you all have the best time. Lots of love. Hxxx

  15. Magic pottery, especially the arty bottles, Barbara or should I say Arabrab! So pleased Grace and Mark will be “home” with you soon. Having real family time together is so important to help us through the difficult times.
    Looking forward to next week’s Moment of Clarity
    Craftalong before you take a much deserved break to be with your family, enjoy that Bar-B on the new plates!

  16. What a super collection of pottery. You are such a clever lady.
    I have ordered some folders but not sure if there will be enough.
    Received the 12 days stamps and Groovi today. Spent the afternoon trying them out, I am so pleased with them.
    I have spent a small fortune this week and now there’s a sale. Luckily there is not much I need at the moment so the bank balance will have a chance to recover – unless the Pergamano show gives us new products.
    Spending time with your beautiful children will refresh your batteries and joie de vivre. Look forward to seeing some new photos.
    Have a good weekend.

  17. Hi Barbara
    I’m sure Grace and Mark won’t care what they eat off as long as their Mum is there. Glad to hear they are coming home and you can enjoy catching up weather is looking good for your BarBQ hope you have a great time 😊
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  18. Your plates look fantastic, and I’m sure the mugs will work out too. And what better reason for a new dinner service – I’m so glad that you’re finally able to see your Grace and Mark after so many months – what a party that will be!

  19. What great work. It’s lovely to see how far you’ve come since you first started sharing your pottery pieces. I’m sure one day the Arabarb Yarg will be as famous as those clever Japanese potters!!

  20. Hi Barbra what beautiful pots and plates. Your a dab hand at it 😊
    I’m very lucky to have received one of you beautiful little bowls from the competition a couple of weeks ago it is beautiful thank you it arrive safe and sound and has pride of place 😃
    it’s very difficult isn’t it to get the glazes to do what you want or what happens when I do this …
    it can be a bit hit and miss and sometimes that’s what you want but other times not.
    Im not sure how things are in the pottery world today but many many many years ago B.C. ( Before Crafting channels ) I had left college at 18 I was very lucky to get a job in the same college I had been at for 2 years studying art and design .
    My job was art technician for the art rooms and my favourite job of all was mixing the different glazes and slips .
    I found working with the glazes a bit like working with watercolours experimenting all the time to see what happens when you do this or that
    I decided to make lots of 3in x3in tiles and practices using different glazes on them some flat and some with texture I made notes for each tile and when they had been fired I stuck them on a board it worked brilliantly and was a brilliant work of art (if I say so myself) 😁
    You may already do something similar if not may be give it a go
    take care
    best regards Jackie

  21. Pottery is certainly in your DNA these pieces are beautiful especially love the glazes on the bottles. Well done you and in such a short space of time. Can feel your excitement bubbling up seeing your two lovely kids xxx

  22. Lovely pottery and even better news that you’re having a family reunion. Hoping that the sun shines for you BBQ!

  23. Fantastic pottery and even more Fantastic that family will be together ❤ enjoy every moment spent with Grace and Mark. More special memories will be made. Love the back-to-front Pottery Name. Love and hugs 🤗❤xx

  24. Wow what a wonderful selection of pottery. I bet you just can’t wait to see your kids and hang out with them. Two years is just too long. What a time we have been living in. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  25. Love your pottery, all made with love for a very special occasion. Good job to road test them first though to make sure they really are fit for purpose – not a pretty sight eating your dinner off your lap cos the plate broke when you applied a bit a pressure trying to cut up some food😂 You must be beyond excited to be able to actually hold and hug Mark and Grace again. Enjoy xxx

  26. Beautiful pottery, you are blessed with talent.
    Enjoy your time with Mark and Grace, special moments to remember xx

  27. All beautiful and we can tell you are so excited to be seeing Grace and Mark very soon. It has been a long time. Enjoy.

  28. Isn’t it wonderful when you can make and share with others? Your family will feel very special when you use your plates and mugs.
    Amazing work Barbara.

  29. Wow, that Arabrab Yarg is bloody talented ain’t she!! 😉🤣
    I can imagine your excitement at seeing Grace and Mark again – two years is a long time – I know this because I haven’t seen my daughter for 3 years! She lives in the Canary Islands and they’ve been drastically affected by Covid, mostly financially – it’s heartbreaking. Hopefully, I’ll get to see her soon. Love the plates and the faceted bottles BTW!! xxx ❤👌

    Debbie Lee

  30. Hi Barbara wondered if you watched handmade in Japan this week about Mingei Pottery, really interesting and their kiln is something else !! Wondered if you thought of giving pottery lesson after lockdown, you are such an inspiration thank you x

  31. Great pots! I particularly love the bottles 🙂
    You’re going to have a great time with Mark and Grace…it’ll be well worth the long wait x

  32. Hello Barb, what a lovely assortment of your pottery. Love the plates and vases. Hope you get the handles sorted. Very pleased to hear the kids are coming home for a while, you must be over the moon. Bx

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