Sort it out Woman! BOGOF!

Sort it out Woman! BOGOF!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been blitzing my artroom today. What a mess! A real shambles actually. Honestly, I have never been great at filing. When I come back from a show or a demo day, I just dump all the craft gear, and dash off to the next job, saying I’ll come back to it later – as I skip off into the distance…

Thing is, if you keep doing that, you end up with this:

After a while it comes back to bit you right on the derriere. You dumped and dashed becasue you were too busy to put it all away, but eventually you waste more time looking for stuff than ever, and the whole crafting process becomes not only a drag but also totally ineffective -especially if you do it for a living like I do!!

So. TODAY I gave myself a good talking to. SORT IT OUT WOMAN!! I said. And she did. Or should I say, she is on the case. Because this little shitpit of a creative bombshell is gonna take a little longer than a day to sort…

Where to start. I went to the warehouse I got myself a big box of storage folders. Then I just started filing all my stamps. One folder at a time.

Still got a way to go, and it definitely got worse before it turned the curve

but boy oh boy, does it already feel better.

So I’ve just called our Steve at work and asked him to fire up a BOGOF Sale on all the Storage Folders. (Buy One Get One Free).

I mean, it’s easy for me – she who bought the warehouse full of folders to start with – to just saunter into said warehouse and take 50 folders off the shelf! 50 probably won’t even cover this little job. But I thought perhaps some of you are also thinking about having a sort out! And if you are, and if you are anything like me, then two for the price of one is alway a good incentive! Anyway, if you are anything like me, you’re going to need more than one folder!!

It’s been very pleasant actually. I have been going through all the stamp designs, and there really are some glorious ones which have barely been aired. So once I’ve filed everything and sorted out a locator file, then I’m going to have a good think about some Moments of Clarity and Craftalongs. The Mixed Impression Texture Mats for example. There is SO SO much potential with those beauties – and we have barely skimmed the surface.

Once I’ve dealt with the stamps, I shall move onto the Groovi Plates. Not this week though. They’re piled up in stacks at the other end of the room! Sheesh. I spend way too long shuffling through them looking for a particular plate when I know if I only filed them into folders they’d be so much easier to find.

Steve’s just let me know that the BOGOF banners are in place, so dive in! Offer lasts until midnight Sunday. Or until the Warehouse is empty. Whichever comes first!

CLICK HERE to find all the folder in one place. The free folder won’t show up on you order; we will just know to add it.

Want to keep me company having a sort out? Now’s a perfect time.

Stay safe,

Love always

Barb xxx

36 thoughts on “Sort it out Woman! BOGOF!

  1. Know exactly what you mean what’s worse is when you suddenly realise you have three of the same thing a) because you forgot you’d bought it then b) you couldn’t find the other one you bought as it was lost never to be seen again so another one bought. Yep a good declutter and tidy up is good for the sole xxx

  2. If only I lived closer I would come and do all your filing for you. My fave hobby (after crafting) is sorting stuff…. I love doing it. Its so therapeutic and saves time in the long run. X

  3. Thank you Barbara, just what I needed, I’ve been using plastic document sleeves but they aren’t as strong as the real deal.

  4. Well done, Barb. I sorted mine out a while ago but so far only have numbers on them. I have 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b etc. That way when new stamps come out designed by a particulate person I can file them alongside the others without changing all the numbers. Just a thought. Glad you have found lots of stamps that need an airing. I would love a craftalong on some of those I have in stock! Always good to be shown how! I have been clearing today, too. The spare room only there wasn’t an inch spare! Couldn’t even get in the door so have cleared space today, still a WIP, but I have a big box full of stuff to take to the Church for crafting – not my stuff! Stuff bought for the kids!! Lol. They have enough to keep them going for a while now and I have space! All good. Will pop in and buy some folders, I think. Too good an opportunity to miss! Some of my groovi plates are in folders. The rest are all in a plastic box with dividers. Not sure if I have enough room to file them in folders! Need to clear a bookcase first!! That’s for another day! Anyway, glad you feel better now. So do I. Good day all round. Take care. Hxx

  5. Barbara you are a star. I no longer feel guilty about the state I get in occasionally through lack of room to work, it niggles me when I can’t find something and finish up getting a bit untidy. I had been just putting my goodies into the nearest folder with some space in it. Annoyed that I found several duplicates I recently bought a few folders for my Groovi plates to sort them into categories but still need more so this is a great buy for me.
    The stamps I am a bit more organised with but they still need looking at again. Fresh cut dies are all in order as are all the papers and parchment. Stencils need sorting too but they will have to wait.
    Off now to place an order.
    Stay safe.

  6. Guess what I’ve been doing today? Oh my It was an eyeopener even though I don’t have anything like the amount in your ‘stash’ Barbara. Trouble is I don’t know where/who to donate my excess. Any ideas? Anyone?

  7. Thanks ever so, my dining room may start to look more like a room for entertaining if I can sort my craft stuff. Storage for my many plates of the Groovi kind will help 🙂 Will also please my husband who comments regularly on how I need storage solutions. Happy tidying. As an accountant I have a spreadsheet with all my plates logged, which has saved me from buying duplicates :-), but does no help me find them 🙂

  8. Know the feeling I spend loads of time either looking for stamps etc I know I have got but can’t find or convinced I have got but obviously haven’t cx sound the perfect idea to me thank you for your generosity again xx

  9. Well done Barbara you are doing a fantastic job. You will feel so satisfied when the tidying is done. Thank you for the offer on the folders I really could do with a bit of help. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  10. That will be me putting an order in for more folders then! My craft room definitely looks better and things are easier to find with the clarity folders xxx

  11. That’s exactly what Ive been doing over the last while ! Bought more folders in the last discount sale and working my way through them .Like good books on a shelf I sometimes just look through the pages because now I can !MMMmmm I wonder should I get some more for the stamps /stencils I am going to buy !

  12. I’m with you Barbara….This is a job I keep putting off! It is quite daunting when I open the craft room door in the extension! I can just about manage to stretch over everything to reach my Groovi folders, Parchment & Designer papers which are the only things in good order, and luckily near enough to the door! I keep getting comments from my partner Peter that he spent hours decking it out with shelving, and now it’s become a dumping ground! Oh dear…..
    I will definitely be investing in some more folders, Thank you 😊 xxx

  13. I usually leave buying folders until sales and won’t be able to resist this offer. Thank you.
    It will be nice to be re-acquainted with what I have!

  14. Oh Rats -the A4 folder -of which I wanted 6 -is out of stock. Will have to settle for the A5 for now -but I’ll need the A4 ones sometime! It’s a very generous offer and will help make a tiny dent in my huge box of stamps!! I get rather lost in the products and idea once I get started sorting so once they arrive I might be missing in action for a while.

  15. Barb, you read my mind… I need more folders and was holding out for a sale… so THANK YOU! xoxo

  16. I so absolutely get it!! However, in addition to the generalised bombsite I have to clear all the shelves to create enough space to store the newly organised stuff!

    Hmm, wonder why I’ve been procrastinating about it 😉 It’s a complete unload and repack job. Probably needs a week!

    Good luck Barb, you will feel so much better once it’s done.

  17. I’ve got a couple of empty files for club stuff so you can tell I haven’t filed them all !! I kind of know where everything is though now except for an odd missing groovi plate which must have fallen somewhere …. a good clear up is therapeutic ! X

  18. There must be something in the air as I have spent this afternoon trying find my floor & desk in my craft room. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the capital letter N from the Barbara’s Happy Alphabet so further investigation is needed although I fear it might have fallen in the bin.
    Happy tidying everyone

  19. It’s when I tidy up and put things away I can’t find them! So many times I’ve searched and searched and then had to sit and think ‘if you were putting it away now, where would you put it?’ It’s usually right in front of me! 🤣 xx

  20. Ha ha Barbara know how you feel. I spent this morning putting my latest delivered orders, hmm 3 to be exact plus one made last night, into my folders. You must have read my mind as I was noting down which folders I needed more of. Trouble will be moving other stuff to make room. I’m probably going to take over hubby’s storage space as he won’t be doing his watercolour painting again. It’s quite a job filing and tidying. Hope you win the battle. Think I have. Love’n’hugs.

  21. What a great offer. My club materials are neatly filed and labelled which is more than can be said for other items. I have a problem with stamp storage because the folders are overfull but it seems a waste not to use all the pockets. Any ideas people. I find labelling a problem. I also spend a lot of time looking for something I know I have and have duplicates because my system fails me. Must keep trying. Thank you Barbara.

  22. I’ve been trying to tidy up my back room for the last couple of months, sorting out my Clarity stash that have made their way downstairs, and not made their way back up, just in case I may need them in a day or two! It seems one step forward to steps back at the moment! So thank you for the brilliant offer. xx

  23. Many thanks Barbara, a folder sale is perfect timing! Order’s gone in, just need to find the time to do the sorting and tidying!

  24. Great offer! I’ve just ordered some. Hopefully some of my stash will then be put in order and easier to find.
    Thanks Barbara.

  25. Love a good tidy myself. We’ve spent a fortune getting storage units and putting them together – only the office/craft room and then garage to sort now. The plus side of living with a process and change manager!!!

  26. ok Barbara were was that in the last 4 days I could use them will I got my room done and made a great stamp box for my self it cam out great and I just put a big order in maybe next time will love you any way you will get in done it took me 4 day to do my one hole side of my room I thought I was going to die but if i can do it you can lady’s stack up on those folds have a great work day

  27. Bet you decided to get yourself organised before that lovely daughter of yours arrives as I remember you blogging ages ago, how she sorted your stencil files so you knew when one was missing! Trouble is I need shelving before I can start!!!!!! Even dusting the craft room feels better but I digress and start going off on another tangent with ideas and then the brain gets all fuddled and I end up doing nothing in particular.

  28. What a coincidence! And how convenient!

    I have already put an order in, as I was already organizing.

    Also I’m trying to figure out a way to make an index in my groovi folders (something like Grace did for your stamps 🙃).

    Happy organizing Barbara!

  29. I’ve put my order in but then remembered the sale next week….I think I’m going to need to buy a few more to cope with all the things I’ve got on the wish list….x

  30. Hello Barb, a great kick in the derriere to get us all started on tidying up and sorting out. I must say that my Clarity stuff is probably the best sorted and filed away products in my crafty space thanks to the folders. I missed the bogof offer as was away, will see what is in the sale. Bx

  31. How about next time you use something that hasn’t already been filed away you create the new file for it. That way you can add applicable items to it that have yet to be filed as you either use of come across them. I sometimes walk into my craft room not knowing where to start after a group of ladies have been here. I have sliding doors on full height wardrobes, nightmare, you guessed it what you want is always in the other side so if I spot something that goes on the see that’s open as I walk past th room I nip in and out of away!

  32. So pleased I’m not the only one who has a ‘shitpit’ 😉 My order of folders arrived yesterday, now just need to force myself to sit down and start to find and store everything! Would be interested to see how you plan to do your locator file… I’ve organised stamps before but then spend ages flicking through folders to find the one stamp I want (grrr).

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