Join our Club!

Join our Club!

Hi everyone!

Paul here standing in for Barb (she has popped off to see that man about his dog again!) so I will be covering until Barb is back. This also means that unfortunately there will be no SHAC Shack tomorrow at 10am.

Today I thought I would talk about the Clarity Craft Clubs and the Members Half Price Sale which starts tomorrow.

Most of you who read the blog are already members of the Clarity Craft Clubs or aware of them, but I also know that Barb has a lot of new readers and followers in the SHAC which may not know about the clubs!

Before I was part of the Clarity family, I was a Stamp and Stencil Club Member, each month was like Christmas when the envelope popped through the door with a brand new stamp and stencil, together with the project sheet and newsletter from Barb. I would then jump online and take advantage of the Club discount to buy any of the bits that I needed to complete the projects. Who would have known that years later I would be part of the Clarity family!

The Clarity Craft Clubs are made up of our 4 core products

Fresh Cut Dies

You can join one, two, three or all four clubs and pay for the membership in one go or spread the cost over the 12 months.

So what do you get for your annual membership I hear you ask?

Each month you will receive, straight to your door:
– a brand new, exclusive stamp, stencil, Groovi plate or Fresh Cut Die
– a full colour instruction sheet with 2 step-by-step projects
– a newsletter from Barb full of news and updates and all things Clarity

If you join one or two clubs you are a Gold Member and if you join three or four clubs you are a Diamond Member. You will also receive 10% – 15% discount on all purchases either online, over the phone or at any event we attend.

In addition to this, you will receive a folder to keep your colour instruction sheet and product together to allow you to keep all 12 instalments in one place (that is if your file them away each month!)

Twice a year, we have a half price Members Only sale (Spring and Summer) and guess what? The Summer Members Only Sale starts tomorrow!

So, if you like what you have read above or want to find out more, then click HERE As soon as you sign up, you will receive your discount on all purchases and be ready to take advantage of the Summer Members Sale tomorrow.

The Half Price Club Member Summer Sale kicks off tomorrow and will run for 1 week across all Clarity products (certain exclusions will apply).

Don’t forget that the BOGOF on the storage folder ends at midnight tonight if you want to get ahead with your organising! – Click HERE

If you are already a club member, why not leave a comment below letting Barb know:
How many clubs you belong to
How long you have been a Club member
What you love about the clubs

Enjoy your evening.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xx

37 thoughts on “Join our Club!

  1. I’ve been a club member since there were photos stuck onto a photocopied sheet! Great value for money and a constant source of inspiration x

  2. I’m a member of all four clubs and have been for many years. Stencil, groovi and die cut from the beginning.
    I love the surprise that’s landing in my letterbox every month.
    Lots of love from Switzerland
    Christine xxx

  3. I am a new member coming up to the end of my first year only the stamp club at the moment and have loved every one of the stamps so far. It’s like Christmas every month and Barbaras letters seem as if they have been written just for you,a fantastic club to belong to and to anyone thinking of joining don’t wait just do it!!

  4. I’m in the stamp club. Looking back on all the new stamps and their projects, it is brilliant that they inter-connect so well with each other, and the ‘normal’ claritystamps, in fact I have just spent a pleasant hour or so trying each of my club stamps in the new grunge linocut backdrop, of course most of them fit and it is a fabulous showcase for the phrases and single flowers. Couldn’t have done that if I wasn’t in the club! Must go, off to make a shopping list for the sale.
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. I have been a member of the Groovi and Fresh cut die clubs since the beginning of both. I enjoy getting something new every month and the inspiration is wonderful

  6. I am a member of all four clubs, I can’t remember how long, but long before Groovi was born. I love my monthly happy post, such great value too and wonderful projects and tips. Claritystamp are the best 💖

  7. I am a member of the stamp club currently but have been a member of all four clubs on and off. I love receiving Barbara’s newsletter each month and the projects are wonderful. Sometimes you are taken outside your comfort zone but that’s the joy of the club too. Would highly recommend it xx

  8. I have been a club member for 18 months now and am in all 4 clubs xx I love all the projects and the products as they are so useful and beautiful designs xx would recommend all of them to anyone especially those starting out as the instruction projects are easy to follow and give you a great starting place xx

  9. I am a member of all 4 clubs & love getting the envelope each month. Need to use them more – not enough hours in the day at the moment but hopefully all the decorating will be finished soon so I can have some crafty sessions instead. I do like to see what everyone does with them on both Clarity & Groovi Worldwide, so many combinations & designs.

  10. I am a member of the stamp stencil and die clubs. I have all the stencils and dies and the stamps since #88. I was also a member of the Groovi club for the first three years and only gave it up when I no longer had enough time to fit it in. I still look forward to the club envelope dropping through the letter box each month.

  11. Hi Paul I do hope Barbara is okay. I am in two of the clubs and I love them both. I get happy mail once a month what not to like. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. All 4 now, been in Groovi and die from the start and stamp and stencil before them. Hope all is ok. X

  13. I have been a member of the Stamp first going back to photos stuck on photocopied instructions, then joined the stencil and groovi clubs and then last but not least die club, love all 4 clubs, to get the happy post each month is a joy, thanks for the fabulous inspirations, take care see you wednesday in the shac, x

  14. Hi all. I am a member of 2 clubs, Groovi since the Shac Shac started, and die club since Octoberish.
    I love the inspiration sheets and quick projects. It’s so nice to receive surprise post each month and to know there’s support with everyone else tackling the same ‘topic’
    Stay well everyone. We still need the support of the Shac, so hope wr all stick together a while longer.
    Hope Barb’s ok x

  15. I am a member of the stamp /stencil /die club and I agree its like Christmas when the envelope pops through the door .You will not regret joining !

  16. I started with the Stamp Club right at the beginning (I think) and then changed to the Stencil Club then changed again for the Die Club. I have enjoyed all three – the ideas leaflet is so useful and the newsletter from Barbara is a good read. As I have just started learning Groovi I think that might be the next change. Thank you Clarity.

  17. I’ve been a club member for about 18 months. I started with die cuts and now get the die cuts and stencils every month. I love the products and instructions. They push me to trying new ideas with my art.

  18. I’m a member of all 4 clubs, the stamp and stencil clubs about 6 years now, then the groovi and die clubs from when they started. Enjoy receiving my club goodies, its like having a Birthday every month. Hope all is okay. xx

  19. I’m a very happy member of all 4 clubs, stamps & stencils for 6 years and the dies and Groovi since they started. A very happy and exciting day each month when that special Clarity envelope drops through the letterbox! Hope all is well with Barbara, take care, stay safe.

  20. I am a Groovi, stamp and stencil club member. I have inherited some very early club stamps, as my lovely sister-in-law was a member back in the days when there was a glossy photo stuck onto photocopied instructions. She passes away a few days before Christmas. I have inherited her stamps and apart from a very few, they were all Clarity.

    I’ve ordered my folders and I will be dipping into the sale and as its my birthday tomorrow – there will be extra treats going in my basket!

  21. Hi Paul
    I’ve been a member since photo’s were stuck on paper so a long time. I belong to stamp, groovi and fresh dies. I love receiving this every month and I also enjoy filing them away. Sad I know but a tidy workspace and all that. Just watched the lads lose on penalties again still always next year 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  22. Hi Paul,
    You only mentioned four of Barbara’s clubs.
    You forgot the Project Club although this closed when I had been in it for five years.

    Stamps: since 2006
    Stencils: all of them
    Groovi: all of them
    Fresh Cut Dies: all of them


  23. At the moment I am only a member of the Groovi club. I am thinking about joining the stamping club too. I love receiving new projects (x 2) each month. I love watching Barbara in the Shac Shac and Paul on Groovy Tuesday. I have learnt so much, thank you! Your team are fantastic and are always helpful (including Grace Across The Pond!). Thank you again from Sue ((Southampton) x

  24. Hello Paul, I have been a Club member for years (would have to go look through my folders to check which year I joined). It started with the Stamp club (yes I also have sheets with a photo stuck to them), then I joined the stencil club, then also the Groovi club, but opted out of that as found it was not really my thing, and joined the die club instead, so I am a diamond member being in 3 clubs. I love my envelope dropping through the door, and literally drop what I am doing to read the news letter, then go through the 3 projects. I am very good with my club stuff, as soon as I have read the project sheets they get filed away as does the news letter. The highlight of my month. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  25. I am a member of the Groovi Club just love it, so look forward to the new plate dropping through the letterbox every month. Got to catch up on loads of tutorials but when you need inspiration it’s all there are your fingertips. Looking forward to Summer Camp with Linda Williams.
    Hope all’s well with Barb. X

  26. My membership is precious to me even though as a full time carer I get little time to make many cards. I hope I will be able to do more ,given time, so in the meantime my collection of stamps grows and my imagination still flourishes . I am so grateful for the mere presence of clarity and the shac shac and for Barbara and for you Paul as you do so much to sustain the company .

  27. Sorry to hear that Barbara isn’t coming in the Shac today.
    Hope she is well didn’t do too much and didn’t work too hard.
    Take Barbara, Paul and everyone –see you tomorrow in Groovi Tuesday!

  28. I started my club membership with the quirky cottage stamp number 74. Joined the stencil club, the groovi club and die club each from issue 1.
    Love receiving the monthly bundle and reading Barbara’s letter.
    Hope the man can reassure Barbara that the dog is fit and healthy.


  29. Sale order placed thank you but getting concerned for Barb now & hope all is well 🙏🙏🙏 You are in my thoughts xxxx

  30. Hi Paul,
    This is my second year of belonging to the clubs. Last year belonged to stamp and stencil and this year added Groovi and Dies. Love to receive the happy post envelope each month and to trying the tutorials and inspirational ideas. Am also enjoying Groovi Tuesday and looking forward to the Summer School. Hope all is well with Barbara x

  31. I currently belong to all 4 clubs and intend to continue, but I have a big problem. My Groovi Club folders prior to 2020 seem to have disappeared while reorganising (they may have been boxed up by mistake – helpers can be annoying!!!) so can anyone please tell me when the Groovi club started so I know what to look for.
    Thanks for taking over from Barbara, hope all is well with her.
    Cheers Paul.

  32. Hi Paul, I am in all 4 clubs and enjoy getting the monthly goodies. Hope Barb is okay. Please give her my best wishes.

  33. I am a member of the stamp and Groovi clubs. I have only been a member for a couple of months after discovering the Clarity Stamps site from a link on a You Tube video I was watching. Everyday I pop in to see any news and love the friendly atmosphere on the facebook sites. Look forward to the monthly packages. I would definately recommend it to anybody. I hope Barbara is okay . Sending good wishes and to you all.

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