Beautiful Groovi Butterflies!

Beautiful Groovi Butterflies!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Do you remember the beautiful butterflies and moths stamps from Cherry Green that we launched back in February? There were completed – ink it and stamp it – version, and then we deconstructed the artwork into loads of stamps, so that you could build your own art.

Available HERE

Then you may recall we did a Barbie Craftalong with glorious single butterflies and moths…

Available HERE

Remember? We like them so much, we played with them together not once, but twice! Here are the recorded Moments of Clarity/Craftalongs

So many of you lovely Groovi Parchers requested these fabulous butterflies in Groovi art, that we went for it! Big job! We’ve had butterfly plates being made, cleaned and packed for weeks!!

Tonight, at 6pm on The Craft Store (aka HOCHANDA) Paul will be taking flight with the brand new Groovi versions!

Just as with the stampsets, we have created the elements and the completed montages. They also include the coloured inspiration sheets, and are being launched at a very special introductory price.

Paul will be guiding you through each hour with beautiful samples, created by our talented Josie Davidson, with lots of tips and tricks……….

Tonight – 6pm

Tonight – 8pm. Paul and I had a little chat early this morning. England are playing Denmark in the football semi final at the same time! No worries. You can always catch up with the footie later… (hahahaahahah)

Tomorrow – 8am

Tomorrow – midday

Tomorrow – 4pm

Personally, I think these butterflies and moths will fly out the door – especially at this intro price! So do tune in at 6pm to lovely Paul Church at the and enjoy the art!

Love and Hugs



9 thoughts on “Beautiful Groovi Butterflies!

  1. Love the stamps so much and I’m so glad you have made them into Groovi as well. Won’t be watching the footy but I will be watching Paul ! Samples look amazing 😍

  2. You can’t have too many butterflies! As for the football, yes I’ll be watching but I’ll have Paul on my lap on the ipad ! They’ll probably be all sold out by 8 p.m. ! See you in the Shac xx

  3. Can’t believe it was February when you launched these butterfly stamps – where have those weeks gone – flown off with the butterflies ?
    I must catch up with those craft a longs as I have now got the stamps. Will try & watch the shows but I will be at my Moms as she is having a cataract removed today so I will be staying over just in case she needs anything. Actually sleeping in my old bedroom 48 years after I left home !! If not I will watch on catch up & I have put them on to record them as well.

  4. Oh wow Barbara those butterflies are gorgeous. I think I am going to have to treat myself. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. I will watch. Butterflies look gorgeous. I have not bought the stamps yet but Groovi difficult to resist. Good luck with the shows . X

  6. These Groovi plates will blow the doors off. My basket eagerly awaits.
    I know I have the pair of butterfly and moth stamps as I have used them recently but must see if I can locate the others.
    We are not football fans (although we hope England win) so it will definitely be Clarity with Paul. All 5 shows on record.
    Stay safe

  7. Hallo Barbara
    I be watching with a tear in my eyes as I am still on no spending hence my my lovely dog but as I know these groovi plates will fly out off your door I do have the stamps the two large ones plus my lovely pergamano colouring pencils x
    So I will be trying more stamping butterfly’s on your beautiful pergamano paper’s
    I just heard you say your children are coming home soon have a fabulous time x

  8. Hi Barb, I have the stamps and they are just gorgeous. Love the samples shown. Playing catch up as we were away for a few days with very dodgy wi-fi. Bx

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