Oh Joy!

Oh Joy!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How about taking a closer look at one of the projects from Sunday’s TV show, using the Nursery Rhyme ABC Stamps? It’s a real simple one, but a great technique if you haveinvested in the Victorian letters or the 12 Days of Christmas numbers.

Pick a Designer Paper to stamp on. Here we are using Amazonia. Let’s not waste it either…cut out the middle with a nested square Fresh Cut die. Then we can use the other side of the outer frame in the background.

Stamp the letters into place using a black Archival.

See how much you’re trimming off the outer frame? Well, the offcuts we will use for the sentiment later. See?

We are going to add colout to the outside of the letter and image. You can use pencils, ink from an ink pad and a blending pen – or a combination of both. Build up the depth to create a smokey background.

Then colour the letters in with a black Micron pen. That will make the images really pop.

Stamp a sentiment onto one of the offcuts and attach it underneath the letters. This is from one of my Handwritten stampsets.

Time to add a little layer of black card between the contrasting designer layers. Then add another panel across the top and add another sticker sentiment to finish.

All mounted on a white cardblank. Our glue runners are a must have with all this layering!

The paper does it for you.

On a relaxing note I tried my hand at throwing some grogged porcelain mugs earlier. 6 mugs and a little vase actually.

Tomorrow I’m going to pull the handles! Now that IS a challenge!! Also one of the most phallic exercises I’ve come across in pottery! Check this out!! Simon Leach, one of the best in the business…

There we go! Hahahahah! Chop it Off, he says!! Oh what Joy!!!

And on that eye watering note, I shall love you and leave you.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Oh Joy!

  1. Well Barbara that is easy to do — Just chop it of and your handle is ready!!😄
    Hope it all went as smoothly as with Simon with your handles!
    Take care and see you tomorrow in the Shac.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  2. Good Luck with pulling the handles, the mugs look great, as does your artwork. Enjoyed the Sunday shows. Have a relaxing evening. xx

  3. Enjoyed that.
    Barbara watching you and me trying to do things don’t come out the same.
    It,s a skill!
    Bless of luck
    Joy x

  4. Phallic indeed!!!!! Trust you to come up with an evening giggle for us – certainly made me smile.
    Joyous artwork.

  5. Ouch, nearly as good as a Prince Albert!! 😱 I can just see you pulling handles, bet Dave is nowhere to be seen. Have fun

  6. Colouring the letters black makes the images so prominent, it’s amazing. I loved the sample you showed the other day in wedgewood blues – it was breathtaking x

  7. Great tip with the micron pen, Barbara to make the letters pop in the project! As for Simon’s video of pulling handles, I’m not sure what you’re getting at, seems quite innocent to me! As the Sensational Alex Harvey sang many years ago – “There’s no such thing as a dirty book, it’s just the way you read it!” (Ha, ha!)

  8. Hope you had fun pulling out your handles doubt you did it with a straight face though 😂. Xx

  9. Its 1/4 to 11pm and I have just finished work. The first thing I do is kick my shoes off put kettle on , make a cuppa. A read your blog . I look forward to it every day . Have a good day tomorrow. Xxxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Hope you enjoy pulling the handles 🤣. Leach’s pottery is at Mulcheney the next village on from us. Tomorrow we are walking from the church at Mulcheney back home not sure we will make it and hope the fields are not too muddy. But can always call for a lift if we flag too much. Enjoy you pottery.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. Hello Barb, a lovely little project with this card, the black letters really make a difference. The bit about pulling the handles had me in stitches. Enjoy making the mugs. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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