#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Just For Good Giggly Measure (Giveaway #8)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Just For Good Giggly Measure (Giveaway #8)

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I just came to write my blog – and lookie lookie! Grace has already been in and helped me out with a bloggy quiz! She does enjoy a giggle, does our Grace. I wonder where she gets it from…

Happy Monday! We’re still at it here at Clarity Towers. Thank you so much for joining in and making the Clarity Open Days festival such a success. But it ain’t over yet! One more day of giveaways, jackanories and great offers. We fancied one last giveaway for good measure (by one we mean one on each blog – so do check out the ClarityMatters Blog too).

How about a fun one? How about we round off our weekend celebrations with some giggles! Many of you have already seen Mum in action, when she starts to lose it. But here’s an old video of some bloopers. And a handful of fairly easy questions to answer!

Email your answers to win@claritystamp.com for a chance to win BIG!


  1. What ink pad is Barb demonstrating with?
  2. What is Barb saying through laughter at exactly 1 minute & 18 seconds (1:18) into the video?
  3. What does Barb lie about in the video?
  4. What animal noise is used in editing to cover up a swear word?
  5. What’s Barb’s favourite beverage of choice?
  6. What is the name of the stamp Barbara is TRYING to demonstrate with?

And the prize? Well, how about a £50 Clarity Gift Voucher in a handmade card?

Don’t forget, it’s the final day of our #ClarityOpenDayFestival sale!

What a weekend it has been. The Pyjama Party Craftalong will certainly have to become an annual fixture! We can’t wait to SEE you in person next year, but we hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend with us.

We will sort through all the prize draws tomorrow and name all the winners on Wednesday, here on the blog.

Love and Hugs –

Barb xxx

But now it’s back to the SHAC! We shall travel gently while we doodle and colour, so do join in if you fancy some company. Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am Facebook LIVE (and Claritystamp Youtube). And if you enjoy Groovi and Parchment craft, then Groovi Tuesday on Facebook LIVE (and Claritystamp Youtube) with Paul is a great way to travel too! xx

39 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Just For Good Giggly Measure (Giveaway #8)

  1. Oh another giveaway, can’t wait to view this but I’ll leave it until after the Shac so I can enjoy it. Been a lovely weekend with all that’s been happening, thank you for the coffee morning yesterday, it was so interesting to hear from you both about how you met and your families. Things we already knew and things we didn’t, it was kind of you to let us in. What a great number of us there was too. I was a bit mesmerised by Linda’s clock ! LOL!! Looking forward to Shac this morning, I’m one behind but it’s good to know I can catch up. You’ve really kept us going over the last year and more, thank you for that. Xxxxx

  2. 1. Black Archival ink pad
    2. Hi my name is Barbara Gray
    3. The clapperboard
    4. Moo-cow
    5. Tea of course
    6. Honeysuckle corner stamp.

    Tears in my eyes watching, let’s hope I got it right.

  3. 1- Ranger Archival Ink Library Green. 2-can’t do it 3-Not knowing what the clapper board is for 4-Cow 5-TEA 6-Honeysuckle Corner Stamp

  4. Hi all at clarity enjoyed the out take Barbara, I remember seeing you with Dean and the Shrink Plastic I think it was a galleon Stamp on that occasion .
    1, is a Black Archival ink pad, – or it could be a Adirondack
    2, I think your saying- so embarrassing
    3, the lie- this never happens to me on tv
    4, a cow mooing
    5, tea of course
    6, the honeysuckle corner stamp

  5. Barbara, your laugh is infectious, my ribs ache from giggling with you.
    I have had a very happy time, thoroughly enjoying the open day weekend with you.
    1 Ranger Archival black ink pad
    2 hard to make out through the giggles but probably “I can’t do this”
    3 The clapper board
    4 Cow mooing
    5 Tea
    6 Honeysuckle border stamp
    Cheers from one giggler to another.

  6. Good morning Barbara,
    Another lovely give away.
    1 looks like green archival ink pad
    2 this is so embarrassing
    3 the clapperboard
    4 moo cow
    5 can’t beat a good cup of tea
    6 honeysuckle corner stamp

  7. Hi Barbara
    Here’s the votes from Somerset jury
    1. Black Archival
    2. This isn’t going well is it
    3. This never happens to me on telly
    4. Moo- cow
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle corner stamp
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  8. Hi Grace, this weekend has been so much fun – looking forward to when we can do it in person again at the Open days!
    Well it is difficult trying to hear what your Mum is saying in between the giggles but here are my answers:
    1. A Green Adirondack inkpad, maybe Pesto
    2. So funny!
    3. This never happens to me on the telly
    4. A loud cow!
    5. Tea of course!
    6. The Honeysuckle corner

  9. 1) Ranger Archival black
    2) ‘this is never …’ or ‘this is nerves’
    3) what a clapperboard is for
    4) cow mooing

    Fun to which impossible not to laugh along with.

  10. Adirondack ink lad (green)
    This isn’t going to work.
    Honeysuckle corner.
    Such a giggler your mum Grace and it’s so infectious.xx

  11. 1. Archival ink pad
    2. So Funny
    3. This never happens to me on the telly
    4. Cow
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle corner

  12. 1. Archival black.
    2. This is so embarrassing.
    3. This never happens to me on tv.
    4. Moo Cow.
    5. Tea.
    6. Clarity honeysuckle corner stamp.

    Thanks for a brilliant weekend, and I love your infectious laugh!!

  13. 1.Archival ink fern green
    2.This is so embrassing
    4.Cow mooing
    6.Honeysuckle corner

  14. Adjustment to previous answer
    1. Ranger Archival Fern Green Ink Pad
    2. So Funny
    3. This never happens to me on tv
    4. Cow
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle Corner

  15. 1. Ranger Archival Library Green inkpad
    2. This isn’t going well is it?
    3. Clapper board
    4. Tea
    5. Honeysuckle corner

  16. Can I just remind all the people who have put their answers in messages above, that they should have e mailed Barb at: win@claritystamp.com
    I would hate you all to miss out on your chance of winning.
    Good luck and hope you see this. Annette X

  17. Sorry missed one out first time!
    1. Ranger Archival Library Green inkpad
    2. This isn’t going well is it?
    3. Clapper board
    4. Cow moo
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle corner

  18. Here are my answers although it is very hard to hear through the giggling but once you start it is very hard to stop isn’t it.
    1.Ranger archival ink pad.
    2. It’s so funny.
    3. The clapperboard.
    4. Cow mooing.
    5. Tea.
    6. Honeysuckle corner stamp.

  19. I’ve sent my email in, not sure if I’ve got all the answers correct, but I don’t mind, as I’ve enjoyed the video and joined in with your laughter. Will have to catch up with the shac, as took the plunge this morning to weed the front garden, removing the winter Pansies and planting some Marigolds. All behind with the garden this year. Take care all. xx

  20. Hi grace
    1. Green Archival ink pad
    2. This is so embarrassing
    3. It never happens on telly
    4. Cow
    5. Honeysuckle corner stamp

  21. 1. Adirondack archival ink pad
    2. This isn’t fun, is it?
    3. Laughing never happens to her on the TV
    4. A cow
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle corner stamp

  22. Just looked at the Blog. Hubby thinks I have lost the plot and wants to know what’s so funny.
    1. Adirondack ink pad
    2.I can’t do this.
    3. This never happens on TV ( laughing)
    4. A cow
    5. A cup of tea.
    6. Honeysuckle corner stamp

  23. Barbara, this popped up in my Facebook feed and I thought you might find it interesting. Hannahjensenart. Her carving is a bit different than lino carving.
    Happy crafting!

  24. Thank you Barbara for all tbe fun and laughs!
    archival ink
    “this isn’t funny is it”
    this never happens to me on telly
    Honeysuckle corner stamp

  25. Archival ink
    Completely drawn a blank
    This never happens to me on telly
    Honeysuckle corner stamp

  26. 1. Archival ink pad.
    2. This isn’t going well is it.
    3. Didn’t know what the clapperboard was for, but then said she did.
    4. Cow.
    5. Cuppa Tea
    6. Honeysuckle Corner Stamp

  27. Here are the answers:
    1. Archival Fern Green Ink
    2. “no way”
    3. “that never happens to me on telly”
    4. A cow mooing
    5. Tea
    6. Honeysuckle Corner

  28. Thank you for the laughter. Very infectious (not in a Covid way).
    I’ve emailed my answers in. Be interested to know what was said as I couldn’t quite get that.
    Been such an enjoyable weekend. Loved it.

  29. Ranger Archival Fern Green
    This is so embarrassing
    Not knowing what the Clapper is for
    Cup of tea
    Honeysuckle corner

  30. Oh that did make me smile!
    1. Fern green Archival ink pad
    2. This isn’t going well, is it?
    3. That she didn’t know what a clapperboard was for
    4. Cow mooing
    5. cup of tea
    6. honeysuckle corner stamp

  31. 1. Ranger Archival Ink Pad – Fern Green
    2. “This isn’t going well, is it?”
    3. “This never happens to me on telly.”
    4. A cow mooing.
    5 Tea!
    6. Honeysuckle corner

  32. Oh I loved this! What an infectious giggle – I had to watch over and over, just for the fun of it.
    I think I worked out the answers to the quiz, but I’ve decided not to email this time, as I’ve been lucky enough to win a voucher for my Jackanory, What’s the Story post (thank you for that!)
    So, good luck everyone, and thanks to Clarity for your unending generosity

  33. Oh dear Barb, that is definitely one to keep handy for a moment of levity, I was in hysterics watching it. Thanks for sharing. I only saw this now, so don’t think it is fair for me to email answers now. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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