#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Africa (Giveaway #7)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Africa (Giveaway #7)

Hi there.

Thanks for popping back on this bright and beautiful Sunday at the #ClarityOpenDayfestival! So much going on! So much to see. Even if we can’t be together in the lovely hall at Ditton, it’s been great that we can get together online! Next year I am certain we will be able to hang out together again – just not yet.

Now here’s a little Jackanory – story. I remember doing this simple card live on the telly, and the story just popped into my head while I was stamping! The mind is a mindfield, innit! Anyway, I just rolled with it, and kept on stamping. Don’t rmember the exact words, but certainly remember the gist. So here goes…

Once upon a time

This is a story about friendship, and how it is that we are much better together…

Once upon a time, in the hot Serengeti plains of Tanzania, the sun was beating down…

The only shady place was underneath the old Acacia tree by the water hole. But there was a problem: the hot sun had dried up the water hole, and the animals were getting thirsty. They knew there was a much larger water hole a day away, but were not sure where exactly.

“Leave it to me” said Eddie the Elephant. I will climb up the acacia tree and look.

But the elephant was old, and his eyesight was failing him. “Harry,” he called to the hippo, “climb up on my back and see if you can see better”. So Harry climbed up, but he wasn’t tall enough to look out over the tree canopy.

“Let me help,” said Gerti the Giraffe, as she climbed up. But even with her long neck, she wasn’t able to see any water.

Lenny the lion was next. He lept up the tree quickly, climbed up his friends and gazed out across the plains. But nothing shimmered, nothing glistened. And he shook his head.

“You okay, Eddy?” asked Olga the ostrich, as she climbed up past him, on her way to the top. “Just a little parched,” replied the placid old elephant, who had forgotten why all his friends were standing on his back.

Olga looked all around, but no water. She thought she say something shining in the distance, beyond the trees, but even standing on tiptoes, she just couldn’t quite see.

The Meerkat was the last friend left on the ground. He scampered up the pyramid of hot and flustered friends to the very top.

Then he steadied his gaze and scanned the land slowly.

“I see it!” he exclaimed. “I spy water, right overthere! About a mile beyond Will’s mum’s house!”

And so together, they all slowly wandered west, to the new, glistening water hole. The little Meerkat tucked in between Eddies ears, which flapped and offered a pleasant breeze., because as we all know, African elephants have huge ears.

And the moral of the story is that friends are better together.

The Stamps I have used to create this little tale are our 2 Wee Africa sets. You will find them in the #ClarityOpenDaysFestival Sale, at 25% off, plus your club discount…CLICK HERE

Plenty more stories in them thar stamps!

How about a last little Giveaway, to celebrate friendship and survival? How about some fabulous Designer parchment?

All you have to do is tell us what the Meerkat’s name was in the story. YOU decide! Just tell us below what you would call him, to go into the prize draw for one of the packs of designer parchment. I shall give away 6 – one of each. That just increased your chances of winning considerably – so join in!

Did you see Jane’s fabulous Parchment Elephant Tutorial Project over on the Clarity Matters Blog on Friday? Wow. Clever art, very achievable too. Check it out, for ideas and inspiration.


What’s his name. 
Or is he a she?
You tell me!
Happy Sundy !!

And now on that happy note, all that is left for me to do is have a coffee with my bestie, Linda Williams on Facebook Live at 10am. If you fancy some company, then join us xxx

Love always

Barb xxx

205 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Africa (Giveaway #7)

  1. Marvin the meerkat.

    Love the story! Sorry not to be joining your chat but will be in church then. Have a lovely time xx

  2. I remember this demo and even had a go at replicating it. I love the wee stamps and have most of them . I think I would call the meerkat Mary after my two late grandmas. Both were wise and talked common sense but were a little bit inquisitive (or should I say nosy)

      1. I lived in a road called Maji Mazuri in Nairobi. It had a very large garden you went down steps – a few- to get to it. In the rainy season we had to put on wellies if you went to the garden. A huge bank of agapanthus bordered it. Mazuri means good. My jackanory.

      2. He would be saying something like “mingi Maji kuja hapa pace pace” My very very poor and long forgotten Swahili would roughly say “Lots of water come here quickly” Quite apt for your story.

  3. I love this story, it has prompted some lovely memories of you crafting this card on TV ❤
    I think it’s a she and her name is Merrie. Merrie by name and merry by nature!
    I shall join you and Linda for coffee, although I will be drinking tea 🍵😋 if that’s OK 😊
    Love to you both ❤xx

  4. Love the story, I Think the market is a she we women always get the job done her name Majelica.

  5. Oleg for me. He’s the baby Meekat on the TV, was on before Coronation Street on his skateboard, but then they pan to his Grandma and she is saying what a wonderful boy he is. If Grandma’s can’t think their Grandchildren are wonderful then who can. Sorry I’m getting into Jackanory mode! See you at 10, kettle already boiling.

    1. I think the meerkat is called Marvellous. S/he spotted the water and this festival weekend has been marvellous! Thank you.

  6. What lovely story! Reminded me a bit of Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten”.

    As for the meerkat, just had to think of those ads … so how about Sergei ? 😁

  7. I’m going to call him Magic, was going to call him Mikey after our cat ! He was magic in spotting the waterhole. Lovely story and lovely pic, I’m going to see if I have these stamps, know I’ve got the words and I’m sure I have the others ….. would be a lovely card to do for my 4 school friends as we still all meet up. See you at coffee morning before I go off and see Mum. Thanks for this lovely weekend. X

  8. Mwenzi the meerkat!
    It is Swahili for a person whose company you enjoy – like the wonderful Clarity community!

  9. I will call the little meerkat Pamoja, ( it means together ).

    Together stands for the Shac Shack for me aswell 😘

    See you at ten!

  10. His name is Melvyn, obvs! Melvyn is always delvin’ into something – but he means well – he’s just a bit nosey really!


  11. Thought I’d join in with a suggestion, but not to go in the draw of course……
    Marleeeeeene (said in true Boycie style from Only Fools & Horses 🤪)
    See you & Linda at 10…..Peter’s putting the kettle on in a minute 💕💕💕

  12. Kukimbia which means scamper in Swahili would be my choice of name for the obviously female meerkat.

    I’d love those gorgeous papers.

  13. Maya . After Maya Angelou. Lovely artwork and thank you for your hard work, love and laughs this weekend . Xx Linda xx

  14. I think the Meerkat should be called Matilda. What a beautiful story of friends out to help each other

  15. I remember this card well. Wasn’t there talk of a story book! 😂 I think HER is Mlinzi which (according to Google) means Protector.

  16. Love the story and the stamping! Shall be there at 10 am. The only name that comes into my mind this morning is Kevin!

  17. Lovely story and card. Bought these mini Africa stamps recently, but not yet used, will have to have a play. Have all these parchment pads, so not entering a name for the lovely little Meerkat at he top. Will have to catch up with the coffee morning later, have go out this morning. xx

  18. I think we should call the little meerkat ‘Asante’ which is ‘thankful’ in Swahili. We are all very thankful for Barbara, her brilliant team of designers and all the people who work behind the scenes and of course the Shac Shac keeping us company through all those long days of lockdown teaching us new tips and techniques.
    Thank you Clarity 👍🏼😊

  19. I think his name is Maestro. He’s conducting his friend’s in song on their journey to the watering hole. Just like you do with your friends to quench their thirst for Tips and tricks. See you at 10, cuppa teas awaiting.xx

  20. I would call him
    Klerede which means Clarity in Swahili but couldn’t type it properly as didn’t have an upside down e or the correct accents above. Got my coffee cup ready xx

  21. Ehglom is the first letter of each type of animal, so i’ve just turned them round so the name is, Molghe the Meerkat.

  22. I remember the demonstration and story well when you did it on TV. Lovely card.
    I think her name is Moza

  23. Has to be Paul. The story reminds me of of Paul Church whizzing his way to you on the day you were poorly on the Shac and popping his head in with a cuppa for his thirsty poorly friend. Xx

  24. I would call him or her Pamoja Swahili for together.
    I’m loving all the Jackanory’s its inspired me to write down my own.

  25. As it is Fathers’ day I am calling the meerkat Allan after my late dad. Love the story Barbara

  26. Serena… which in Latin means…clear, tranquil and serene. 3 things that crafting along with clarity help me find even in the hardest of time

  27. I would like him to be Maurice but think it should be
    Maji Maurice.
    Maji for water
    Maurice because he looks like a Maurice LOL

  28. My meerkat would be called Milo. Milo Minderbinder from Catch 22 was crazy and that’s how I see meerkats!

  29. I would call him Dave , because we all know it’s a good name for a lovely man who is there to go the extra mile to help. xx

  30. My meerkat is called Montgomery, he’s used to life in desert, he spends time with his friend Romel x

  31. I’m thinking my own name might suit, Wendy – friendly Wendy – a sociable creature who likes to help out and has reasonable eyesight (wearing glasses)🤓 🤣😂 – not too scared of heights and loves a cosy place to settle down.

  32. I think the Meercat is called Dave – your Best Friend who helps solve any problems or technical issues you may have so I am sure he would know how to find water.
    Just watched the coffee morning – fabulous morning. I was even in my pj’s at the beginning as I had dropped back to sleep – only 36 hours or so too late but better late than never.
    Hope you have a lovely afternoon with your parents, the weather is not so good today but I am sure that won’t bother you x

  33. My meercat is Ivy, climbs to the top of the tree, the better to see. Always ready to help and always ready to listen.
    Thank you for the company of yourself and Linda this morning.
    I am sure the fish pie will be enjoyed by all. Have a great day. xx

  34. I shall name the meerkat Merry – no particular reason, just that’s the name that popped into my head when I saw the question – maybe because that’s how your story made me feel

  35. I would call him Wee Wesley. That’s a lovely story Barbara. The world would be a better place if we all worked together. X

  36. Someone already beat me to Marty so I think MIKEY the Meerkat.
    What a lovely coffee morning we all had! Thank you for that, funny, informative and jolly nice company.

  37. I would like to call the Meerkat ‘Merry’ because I try very hard to be cheerful and make others smile when they’re feeling down.

  38. Magik…would be my name as that must have been how the animals felt knowing that he’d found the elusive water supply for them. I also think they are quite magical creatures being so tenacious to survive even though they are so small and their organizational /social skills within their packs are amazing….bit like Barb rallying around us all in the Shac!

  39. I’m going to go with Marty as he reminds me of Martin my youngest son always looking out for me and checking I’m ok …

  40. I did my version of this card for No. 2 grandson (Seb’s) 1st birthday. In MY story, the animals were trying to get to Seb’s birthday party and did the clambering up to see which way to get to get to his house – I had MIKE the meerkat at the top. Of course they got to the party (one of the animals had a balloon!) – let me know if you want a picture of it.
    Fab day yesterday, my husband asked what I’d been doing all day – I said I’d been out crafting with Barb and Clarity – just like old times – he was VERY impressed.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  41. I would call the meerkat Lizi after our daughter as she always wants to k is what is going on an doesn’t miss a thing.

  42. Her name is Rafiki Wa Dhati, Swahili for best friend – a long name for the smallest animal in your story, but she turned out to be the most important, as best friends usually do.

  43. I think her name is Upendo… it means love in Swahili… and I love how this post has a lot of us reaching for translators for names xoxo

  44. I would call the meercat from the story Top-Dog because he is on top of all the others for the best view.

  45. As it’s a little magical story and all the names are very English how about Matilda. Thought Mosi works quite well

  46. I’m going to call him Mojo and hope he lives up to his name and finds what he’s looking for

  47. I’m going to call him Mojo and hope he lives up to his name and finds what he’s looking for

  48. I decided on Wajanja which means clever in swahili. Meerkats always make me smile. Thank you for another great giveaway Barbara. x

  49. I think the Meerkat suits the name Mischief. After all meerkats are such fun and everyone needs a bit of mischief in their lives, brightens the day 😉😅

  50. Never knew you could make such a wonderful card with such small stamps. This was an eye opener. My suggestion would have to be Myrtle the Meercat, as she is obviously female.

  51. I just love that story. The name for the Meerkat was Marbles. No idea why, just popped into my head. haha.

  52. I would call him Sammy. Ok, so it doesn’t begin with a ‘M’, but he reminds me so much of my Samuel. Always looking around him, to see what’s going on. Always worried about missing something important or interesting 🤣🤣xx

  53. Great story. Love the Wee Folk stamps – they add some fun touches even to the most simple cards. Marky Meercat for me x

  54. Mr. Mistoffelees, he will guide them to a happy place, just like the magical cat in the musical, Cats!

  55. I would call him Mikey after my son in Australia who I miss desperately and has the kindest heart xx

  56. I do remember you making that beautiful card, not saying it was a long time ago but I think I have it on DVD!
    My name for the Meerkat is WALTER as in Walter Diviner!
    Loving this weekend but can’t wait for the real thing next year.

  57. I’d call the meerkat Rafiki which is friend in Swahili because the animals were all friends and the Clarity family are all friends. Joined the coffee morning earlier- what a lovely chat. Xxx

  58. I think I would call her Mags after my very dear friend who recently passed away. She was the epitome of friendship and was always there for anyone in need. I miss her dearly and she will never be forgotten

  59. I have memories of funny meerkat videos of Allan and Steve, so I think I would have to call this one Dave! It would honour both my Dad Dave and of course, Barb’s Dave. X

  60. Love meerkats. I had a very realistic soft toy one called Sacha.
    I said I was going to have a Clarityfest today and I have. Up before 8.15, coffee and breakfast on a tray and sat down with YouTube on the telly from 8.30 am until 1.30 pm (still in my nighty!!!!) only getting up once for a quick comfort stop and more coffee. Then lunch and more Clarity. Must stop now though, my eyes are going square and blurry. Will probably have another binge tomorrow.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your coffee morning chat with Linda, she is such a lovely lady.
    Grace is doing a great job too, I enjoy reading her blogs.
    Off now to place a small order.
    Have a good evening.

  61. I would name him Lucas, the lookout Meerkat. What a great story and the message it sends. We are better together! 💙

  62. Wow some fantastic names and stories ❤️ I think she is called Wobble!
    And I hope she she isn’t sat up high on her friends.

  63. His name is sonny as iv always read a book to my children called meerkat mail with a meerkat named sonny who goes travelling but goes home at last because he decides it’s the best place to be xx

  64. Hi Barbara
    She would have to be called. Aquarius
    Cleaver girl cooling off behind Eddies ears. Lol
    Hugs T x

  65. I would call her Cassie as that is the name of our chocolate coloured working Cocker Spaniel (even though she doesn’t work lol) because I say she looks like a Meerkat when she sits up on her hind legs.

  66. I think the wee meerkat is Myrtle -for Remembrance. Today seems to have been a day for reminiscing and we so enjoyed Barbara and Linda this morning. I was also going to go for Oleg, but saw it was ‘taken’, so thought it must be Myrtle.

  67. well I think the little meerkat could be called Machupa, which means ‘one who likes to drink’ (water, obviously!). your fab story makes me think of an African proverb that I’ve gone back to a lot over the years:
    ‘If you want to go fast, go alone
    If you want to go far, go together’
    Teamwork definitely makes the dream work!

  68. Like Sue, it would be Marjorie, after my mum. Also, her initials were MERE (Marjorie Elizabeth Rose Earnshaw)so another spelling for Meer-cat. Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for all the prizes you have offered. I hope you had a lovely time with your parents and enjoyed the fish pie. XX

  69. I think he should be Tazamo which is look out in Swahili. Seems fitting as he is obviously at the top of the pile keeping watch for the others. X

  70. Loved the coffee morning this morning and have thoroughly enjoyed the crafty festival weekend. A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED.
    I will name the meerkat Kuron, which is primarily a gender-neutral name of African origin that means Thanks.
    So many of us have SO much to be THANKFUL for to the wonderful Clarity team, you are all stars.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  71. Marietta ( like the biscuit always good with a cup of tea).
    Love how you built the story and the layers of stamps !

  72. Me again,
    Tried replicating the Africa card, didn’t turn out too badly. Love the Jackanory story that goes with it.
    The butterfly circles are ready to colour and still have the butterflies to cut out sans antenna. I found my baby red handled scissors at the bottom of my needlework box (forgot I had them until I saw yours!!!) and some superfine stamens in my old crafty grot box for the butterfly antenna. Amazing what you find when you are really looking for something else.
    Thank you Barbara for all your inspiration this weekend.

  73. Hi, what a beautiful story and piece of artwork. I would call him Miles the Meerkat as he can see for miles!
    Thanks x

  74. Melvyn the meerkat
    Lovely weekend loved the coffee morning this morning u had me in stitches…
    Hello here’s Barbara the baby 👶oh my days
    Hysterically laughing I was xx

  75. It’s got to be Mark.
    Loved you and Linda this morning, thanks for the company and see you in the Shac tomorrow.

  76. I don’t know this story but I like Crist’s name Maji which means water in Swahili the language of Kenya.

  77. Malachi :-messenger of god or my messenger or my angel (origin Hebrew) and I’m not even Jewish haha. Just think the name suits.
    Malachi the Meercat. X

  78. I don’t know this story but I like Crist’s name Maji which means water in Swahili the language of Kenya. I am from the US and have never heard this story before but am going to look it up.

  79. I’d call her Sandy, after my mini Wirehaired dachshund as she is always standing on two feet looking about for, well, anything 🤣

  80. I think …..Mutty
    would be cute. They are lovely.
    I have been covered in live meerkat’s, and they put meal worms on us for them to eat…hence a long sleeve shirt…a few squeals from me. It was a present a treat. They stand on your head, a lovely experience.
    Loads of them running everywhere.

    1. Wow- some very clever names! Think I’ll just go for ‘Marge’…..for no reason apart from it begins with m!

  81. I remember the story Barbara told years ago and i bought those cute little animals right away, and the meercat is one of my favourite animals anyway. His name is Momo , i guess…

  82. Hi Barbara
    I remember watching you make this card and telling us the story. I would call the meerkat Marjorie, I have a friend called Marjorie who used to help me out when my daughter was little, emergency babysitting or just being there, not sure she’d manage the gymnastics to climb on top of the other animals though! Thank you for a fun weekend. Really enjoyed the coffee morning this morning.
    Love Diane xx

  83. Hi Barbara
    It is definitely a girl and it would be Martha. This was my best friend cat and she was always looking for water.
    Thanks for a great weekend
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  84. I loved the story with this card.
    Thanks for a great clarity festival this weekend had fun following the stamping at the pyjama party only managed the one butterfly card for our Wedding Anniversary.
    My Meerkat is female and her name is Myrtle of Latin origin for the evergreen shrub and a symbol of love.
    And love to you all for a great weekend thank you. Xxx

  85. Hi Barbara
    I was going to go for Dave, but I can see that several other people had the same idea.
    If we were naming him after our dads, it being Father’s Day, then he would have to be called Herman, and I am not sure that actually suits the meerkat.
    Maybe Tak-reem which is Meerkat backwards, or maybe Steve after your helpful brother.
    Thank you for a lovely weekendHugs

  86. Well I think the meerkat is a lady. I think her name is Mary Meerkat and being the lady she is she will look after all the other animals x

  87. Hi Barb, I think it is a girl Meerkat and would have called her Maanvi, which is Indian. Some really lovely name suggestions for the meerkat, both male and female. Good luck everyone. Bx

  88. Every time you’ve shared this ‘Jackanory’ I’ve loved it. Lovely project with the added bonus of a story.

    The first name that came into my head was Molly, so I’m going to stick with that.

  89. I think I got these stamps back around the time that you made this card on telly – but they have been sadly underused!! Time for a play I think. My meercat names are Maurice, as someone’s already said, or Moselle, which was the cat I grew up with. Although she was pretty fierce, born half wild and some of my earliest memories are being scratched by her, so maybe she’s not a good namesake for the friendly meercat!!

  90. ‘Monty’ Meercat pops into my head- must be to do with gardening and how important water is and a certain famous gardener! Meercats are such increidble creatures-great ideas from everyone especially all those knowledgable in Swahili and all things African.

  91. Think he’s called Marlon, this is a great card which I’ve had a go at a couple of times, very simple and effective

  92. I think for me he would be Mowgli the Meerkat, as this cute little story would be perfect in the Jungle Book 🥰😻🦋💕

  93. I’m very late to this party, sorry!!
    The first name into my head was Molly, so it’s a she meercat!

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