#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #2)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #2)

Hi there!

Time for another Giveaway, so I’d best get back up on the chair and try to grab your attention!

How about a Large Lightwave bundle, complete with Groovi Grip, a perforating mat AND a zip up cover? All worth nearly £70! Lovely little giveaway – for parchers and stampers alike.

Just tell us below why you really need a Lightwave panel in your life – and you will go into the prize draw xx

Are we having fun yet?

Don’t forget to check out our #ClarityOpenDayFestival 25% off sale on the website! From Friday until Monday at midnight. FAB!

Love always,

Barb xxx

193 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #2)

    1. I have a old one (not Clarity ) and the light is not bright or variable. I would love to replace it with a lovely A4 Clarity one to keep me on track.

  1. Would love a lightbox, it’s the age, eyes not so sharp as the used to be.😂. Seriously would be lovely.x

  2. A light wave would be amazing not just for Groovi projects but also to help when I stick my PDF sewing patterns together 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    1. I would love to win. I adore grafting but have little spare time to spend time but later this year I am hoping to retire this would give me the kick start I need x

  3. Am desperate for a light panel to make parchment craft on dark papers easier. I am lucky to have a sunny craft room but sometimes even natural light is not enough. Would love to be considered x

  4. I struggle to craft as I hae limited vision on one eye and have to fit crafting in between being a carer for my husband who has dementia so would be helpful when I can craft on a tray on my knee,

  5. I had an old light box that helped me enormously in my Groovi life, I’ve always liked to have the real deal so when my old light box gave up the ghost I’ve been saving to buy the Clarity version. What a great to be won.

  6. How thoughtful you are especially us ‘Young at Heart’ ladies who need a bit of help seeing clearly these days.

    1. I can’t draw at all, the light wave panel would help me realise a dream. The light wave panel would help me immensely. What a fabulous give away. Love Karen x

  7. The lightwave makes such a difference to Groovi work. I have the first model which has to be plugged into the mains do although I would love the newer model would just be greedy when other people have not got even one. So perhaps leave me out of this fabulous draw please Barbara. X

  8. What a great giveaway! I’d love to win a light wave as I really struggle when trying to use coloured parchment. The joys of getting older!

  9. Hi Barbara, I need a light wave in my life as it will really help me to see when I’m using my coloured / designer parchment which I love to use
    Thanks for the chance to win one 👍🏼😊

  10. I am now sharing my love of Groovi with my 11 year old granddaughter so to have another light wave would be great to take her on her Groovi journey into grid work & coloured parchment as we live 30 miles away so sharing the important tools is difficult x

  11. What a generous prize! I think this would really help with paper piecing into die cuts – even with varifocals my eyes aren’t as good as they were x

  12. Because at the moment I am still in the dark over my Groovi journey and a lightwave would certainly help to light my path please

  13. I need a light wave so I don’t have to change craft rooms to get more natural light to do all the shac shack tracing. The window in my craft room looks out onto a lovely wall about half a meter away.

  14. Having a light box would stop me getting so many headaches and having to give up for a few hours. Im very impatient and dont like to wait LOL

  15. The Lightwave is the absolute best iteration of light panels. No pixelating like other models, and I don’t know of any other with various illumination levels either. So, I must upgrade to one ASAP

  16. A light wave would help me to see everything I’m working on much more clearly. Keeping fingers crossed

  17. A light wave would help me catch some Groovi rays on my crafting days! And help shed some light to where I left my Groovi guard!!

  18. Oh my I would love to win this. I had one but whilst tidying my craft room tripped and stood on it. X

  19. As I get older my sight is not so good. Also our house is surrounded by large, old trees which have preservation orders. A light panel would be a godsend, especially on coloured parchment

    1. I cannot draw at all. A light wave box would help me realise my dream. It would help me immensely. What a fabulous give away. Thank you.

  20. A light wave is a must for Groovi-ing with coloured parchment. With all the beautiful plates that Clarity have provided, it would be a shame to not take your patching to another level. If I won the lightwave bundle it would help when I introduce new people to Groovi when we can finally get back to crafting in groups. X

  21. Life without a lghtwave impossible. Life with a lightweight fantastic for creating crisper defined images, ease of colouring and perforating. Mine is in use all the time and is overused. Great for shac shac drawing. Would be lost without it.

  22. How very generous. I would love to be in with a chance to win as I’ve got hands and eyes that don’t want to work together and I’m sure this would shed some light for me xx

  23. Would love a new light box as my daughter nabs mine and I can never find it, she uses it to help her with jewellery designing

  24. Winning the lightwave bundle would definitely help shed some light on the groovi world, as it’s a totally new journey for me.

  25. I would like a light wave as my husband keeps pinching mine to use with his students I- who have significant learning difficulties- he ‘forgets, to bring it home!, he finds his students with low attention span and those with some visual impairment helps them to keep on track when drawing, tracing, colouring or other arty stuff – they love it. I go to use it and then it’s not there!!

  26. Who doesn’t need a bit of light in there life.

    Especially when you are doing the Groovi plates an essential for all parches including me.

    Thanks Barbara xx

  27. Who doesn’t need a bit of light in there life.
    Especially when you are doing the Groovi plates an essential for all parches including me.
    Thanks Barbara xx

  28. I need a new one as I have had mine from about 6months after groovi
    started could not manage without it. The connection is a little lose just praying it don’t give up on me.

  29. Wow, what a great prize. Thank you for giving the chance to win it. I borrowed a friend’s lightwave and it made a great difference to my parching (fewer mistakes and less parchment waste). Unfortunately she needed it back☹ I am trying to save up now yo buy one of my own so to win one would be fantastic.

  30. Because l don’t have one 😁😁😁

    It would be so useful for me as l card make, paint and do embroidery/goldwork so it would be used constantly.


  32. I am relatively new to Groovi so a lightwave bundle would be amazing to have, and make parchment work and others so much easier, especially when using the beautiful designer parchment. Holding the groovi plate and parchment against a window to get the light just isn’t the same!

  33. I have one find it impossible to live without but my granddaughter keeps borrowing so one for her would be fantastic.

  34. I’m hoping if I used a Lightwave I would be able to create beautiful designs like Barbara, Josie, Jane, Linda, Glynis and the rest of the fantastic Design Team.
    Who am I kidding!! I’d need to live till I was 310 for my name to be included in the same sentence as them! I can dream. Xx

  35. Would love the lightwave as difficulty in seeing the holes on the plates and is so portable to take to friends and classes once they start up again

  36. I would love to be considered. Am trying to set up (as soon as regulations allow), two groups. One for interested friends, and another for children with special needs. An extra Lightwave would make a big difference.

  37. I have a lightwave and it’s great. I nominate my friend Tina Cobb to receive this if you pull my entry out of the hat.

  38. I have been working on a laptop at home since the first lockdown instead of in my office which has a large screen and until this nasty bug goes away they will not let back to the office. I have not been able to do much parching due to overtired eyes, a lightwave would give me so much joy again because I would be able to see designs that Clarity have given us.

  39. I need a light wave because my daughter is going to move out to her first home of her own over 20 miles away so we won’t be able to share like we do now!

  40. Himself is still using my prehistoric light box, the type with a bulb, it gets sooooo hot himself can only use it for very sort periods, and it’s not good for parchment!
    A lightwave would be a fantastic replacement.

  41. I could really use a lightwave! would make seeing my groovi plates so much easier, plus I can be like Paul and sit quietly in the living room doing my groovi and not upsetting my other half 🙂
    good luck everyone!

  42. I would love a Lightwave Panel as it would help with piercing as the eyes are not what they used to be.

  43. I need a lightpad in my life to be able to lift the gloom and light up all my groovi plates so I can create some special cards for some very dear special friends.

  44. I live in a 16th century quarry man’s cottage- right in the bottom of a steep valley. Even on a bright sunny day, where I craft is sooooooo dark due to the tiny window at the front and the rear although a big window, has a very steep hillside right outside!! I said bright, sunny days??? We live in N. Wales- we don’t even get many days like that!!!!!

  45. I live in a 16th century quarry man’s cottage- right in the bottom of a steep valley. Even on a bright sunny day, where I craft is sooooooo dark due to the tiny window at the front and the rear although a big window, has a very steep hillside right outside!! I said bright, sunny days??? We live in N. Wales- we don’t even get many days like that!!!!!

  46. I need a light wave panel as I am doing zoom classes with Tina Cox to learn how to use all the products I have so this would be extremely useful.

  47. I would love your light wave bundle as I’ve had numerous problems and operations on my eyes and think this would help in being able to colour some of your beautiful stamps in. Such a lovely prize.

  48. Hi Barbara
    With all the rain and grey skies that we have today, a Lightwave would definitely brighten up my life and make my Groovi and other crafting much easier.
    Love & Hugs

  49. I’m a stamper but am very tempted to start a groovi new journey of craft ,who better to travel with but Clarity !

  50. Would love a lightwave now that my eyesight is not so good and I am hooked on Groovi. Such a generous giveaway for one lucky customer x

  51. Just returned to my Groovi plates after a long break. My eyes are not good now and a Lightwave would be so useful not just for Groovi but also for the Shack Shack projects. Thank you for those days Barbara.
    I have followed them from day one.

  52. I regretfully bought a cheap light wave to see what they are all about. Wow what a game changer. I’d really love a quality Clarity one.


  53. A large lightwave is a fabulous giveaway. Once you have used one you will wonder how you managed without it. Good luck everyone.
    Yes Barbara; I’m having fun. Thankyou.

  54. A light wave definitely seems to be the way to go. It is a must have to using the darker parchments. You are so very generous in offering such a great prize. Thank you.

  55. I would love to win this very generous giveaway. I struggle doing my Groovi patchwork because of the dull light in my house. I have to sit, very uncomfortably, by a window which limits the hours that I can do any work. Winning this would make a huge difference to the amount of time that I can spend crafting.

  56. Dear Barbara, I would love a large lightwave to make it easier to see when parching and colouring, especially on coloured parchment. Thank you for all you do xx

  57. What a fantastic give away. Would love to have a lightwave serious eye problems so having one would be a great help. You are so generous Barbara.

  58. I really need a Lightwave panel in my life because being new to the art side of craft work has exposed my ageing eyesight. Thank you for the offer. X

  59. I’d love a Lighwave Panel. I think it would be great for tracing appliqué patterns to help me on my sewing journey. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  60. Aside from needing life to lighten up a bit I need a lightwave because mine has a dodgy connection inside and only works when it feel like it… A bit like my body!!

  61. Wow. I would love to win a light wave. Strted Groovi a few months ago, and would help with my card makes. Thanks to you I am now drawing my own images. I bought a cheap one but it fell apart after a few weeks. Thanks for the chance. See you in the PJ party. Xx

  62. I suffer from SAD – Groovi had helped enormously with this and a light panel would get rid of it for good.

  63. Hi Barbara
    I know how useful the light wave can be brought one of the original ones use it constantly. Lots of worthy people on the blog so please leave me out of this offer. Good luck to everyone. Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  64. Let’s have a sing song … to the tune by Jonny Nash

    I could see clearly if this light was won,
    It would clear all obstacles in my way,
    Gone are the dark clouds that bad light brings
    Its gonna be a bright bright groovi craft day
    Its gonna be a bright bright groovi craft day

    Sorry just had to, good luck every one and thank you so much for the draw Barbara

  65. It would mean that I can finally have one to myself again as my daughter Abigail (9 years old) has acquired mine so she can do all her Groovi on xxxx

  66. A little light wave at the end of the groovi tunnel would be just the perfect end to this journey we have all been on together!

  67. This is such a generous gift. I would live to be able to transfer my ShacShack doodles properly, and show my Grandchildren how to save their original art work

  68. A lightwave is invaluable for all groovi but especially for all the lace plates on coloured parchment.

  69. Wow what a wonderful prize, you are o generous, I would love to win this light box, I started my clarity experience, on the last ones day at ditton, we’re i found out about parchment and groovi, I think the light box would be a great help with groovi plates and coiling in the parchment, as I find thatnatural light is not as good as we are all getting older, xxx

  70. What. Wonderful giveaway, a lightwave helps so much when you are getting older as unfortunately eyesight is wearing slightly and I will not give my groovi up for anything. To be able to use designer parchment, a lightwave is a must.

  71. Having a light wave would make such a difference as due to health issues sight not perfect. Would be lovely being clear as Clarity!!!😊

  72. It would stop me squinting and therefore at a stroke improve my parchment work and lessen the depth of my wrinkles. Happy days all round 😆

  73. I definitely need some light in my life. It will improve my SAD and help me no end with my parchment work. What a win win situation!!!!! xx

  74. I would love a light wave to take away in the caravan as often get away and think oh bother for got to pack it xx

  75. I would love to have a new light wave so that I could encourage my granddaughter to craft along with me with the groovi plates

  76. I would love to have a new light wave so that I could encourage my granddaughter to craft along with me with the groovi plates to save sharing

  77. I would love to use designer parchment with my groovi system and a lightwave would help me immensely. It would also help with my embroidery on parchment. I’ve been saving for one but something else always crops up.

  78. I was totally ‘in the dark’ about parchment craft, before taking up the ‘groovi system’.
    Now my life is so much more ‘illuminated’. But how much brighter it would be with a lightwave ?

  79. I really need the lightwave as I mainly craft at night and this would really help me. My eyesight is also not the best, so this would save me squinting all the time.

  80. I would love a lightwave to make using my Groovi plates easier.
    Thank you so much for offering one as a prize.

  81. Wow! What a wonderful prize! The light panel will definitely make Groovi-ing easier to see. Lining up the patterns will be a breeze. Thanks for the chance, Barbara! You are so generous💙

  82. I would like a light wave as I am new to Groovi and hear how good they are so often from Barb and Paul. Although they both light up my life so often. I am so pleased I stumbled across Clarity and The Shac Shac x

  83. Wow, I so need a new light wave, mine isn’t working anymore and, as I can only see out of my right damaged eye , am finding it very difficult to manage without one. I’ll keep fingers crossed and wish everyone good luck 💖

  84. I would like a lightwave so I don’t have to hold my work up on the window when embossing metal stencils. My old light box has given up the ghost and I have had some very strange looks from people walking past, wondering what on earth I am doing! xx

  85. We discover so many ideas when seeing things from another perspective and light coming from under gives us possibilities that we thought were not obvious 😉
    And on black parchment it is wonderful !

  86. I would love a light wave to help me with tracing and also for my groovi tracing as my eyesight is not brilliant and would be a good help, thank you clarity for these giveaways x

  87. The Lightwave would just be fantastic as I have just joined the Groovi club. It always looks so helpful when I have seen it in use by Paul and Barbara. I wear glasses because I am short sighted, have dry eye and early signs of cataracts so my eyes easily tire and I need good light , the Lightwave would set me sailing on beautifully.

  88. For my wife!

    She is the light of my life!

    So hoe nice if she would not only be a light but also had one to craft 🙂

  89. It sounds like a wonderful item to win but from the comments above there are so many others with visual concerns who need this more than I do. I don’t need to be in the draw for the light.

  90. I would love to win a light wave as I had the original model which plugs into the wall but sadly I post the lead for it. The lovely Grace and Jeannine both tried to kindly help and I ordered the adaptor I was advised to buy but it doesn’t fit. Since I had an eye injury in 2019 where I managed to get a 2 inch metal hook into my left eye, my eye was thankfully saved, but has affected my eyesight so gets difficult to see as the day goes on or when I concentrate too hard. This would be such a great help and Thank you so much for the chance to win it. Keeping everything crossed. Good luck everyone! XxX 🙋🏼‍♀️🦋🐈💕

    1. If you don’t win contact me via Jeannine and I will send you my spare one. It is taking up space and I would love it to go to a good home.

  91. Everyone needs a Lightwave in their life. The older you get the more your eyes need the daylight behind their work

  92. My light box my hubby made for me 25 years ago . With a wooden frame . A peice of perspex. And a light bulb . Unfortunately he can’t make me another because he has dementia.

  93. I have one and love it, use it so often, so please let it go to someone that really needs it. Bx

  94. I would like to give it to VocalEyes who are setting up a nationwide creativity drive for blind and partially sighted people. They consulted yesterday on what people can already do, so they can share occupations. I told them about the SHAC and groovi. Totally overlooked lightwaves as magic kit for some people. Sorry! But you could tell them by presenting one for them to share all over the place, so I don’t look like such an idiot? I know – not the most compelling reason but it would get a lot of use with them.

  95. I now have 3 sizes of light waves and wouldn’t be without them. A5 for my carry bag, A4 for daily use and A3 for my art room. As I get older the eye sight is not what it was. It helps with all manner of crafting they are a blessing to have.
    Please do not put me in the draw, sounds like there are plenty of worthy people out there who need one.

  96. Not only could I do more with my frock plates, I could start tracing designed to attempt traditional parchment craft, also brill for tracing apleca patterns in my sewing room, so many uses will run out of room with all the things I could do with a light wave 😁

  97. I’d love a new one as my current one is one of the first ones which I fear is on it’s way out as it can be a bit hit and miss on whether I can get it to work. It would also be handy to have one where I can use a power pack so Groovi anywhere instead of by a socket ! Thank you x

  98. Would be great I might get it right if I could see what I was doing maybe put the hole in the right place for a change lolxx light let there be light

  99. I would love a new ligh5wave as mine is getting passed it’s best I have used it everyday for years now it as brilliant especially as my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be here’s hoping xxx

  100. It would be lovely to win a Lightbox as it would enable me to work in the same room as my hubby whilst he watches a programme he likes without an overhead light on.

  101. I would really love a light box as it is quite difficult to do holding it at the window and the neighbours looking at you as if your trying to escape or needing help.

  102. I need a light wave panel so that I can see the holes on groovi embroidery plates and for all my groovi projects I saw both Barbara and Paul using them and thought it was definitely something for the wish list xx also for tracing patterns from tracing paper xx so useful for so many things would love this xx

  103. Such a generous prize from an illuminating company!

    I was fortunate enough to buy a lightwave when it was on offer last year so if I was lucky enough to be chosen I would like to pass it on to the charity Ali has mentioned above, VocalEyes, sounds like a great cause.

  104. I am in the United States. There are no Lightwaves in our stores or online. I am desperate for one as it is difficult to use my Groovi patterns at certain times of the day. I am sure the Lightwave would help tremendously by giving an even light. Best wishes to you all.

  105. Ooh I’ve read a lot of the comments and a lot are so nice! Tried to think of something to write that is witty too, but I can’t think of anything at the mo! Need it, well maybe as it would make tracing/ lighting something up easier. Want it? Hell yes! I’m saving up to buy one! Not quite there yet as I need some Groovi tools first, as I forgot I hadn’t got anything when I joined up for Groovi club!

  106. Would love to receive the groovi go would love to get my neice on the groovi journey with me too xx

  107. Would donate it to the craft ciub i help run in the village. We haven’t re-opened yet since Covid’ but hope to eventually,we have lots of members. Many card makers who would love to get into Groovi.

  108. My Daughter borrowed mine on a permanent basis to use for her art Btec so I need a replacement and would be thrilled to win it otherwise it’s on my ever growing list of Clarity items that I need/want 😁🤞

  109. I have cataracts in both eyes – the right one is really bad and the left one is not too bad – everything i craft leaves me with a pain in my better eye as I strain to see. I think a lightwave panel might really help! Such a generous giveaway! Good luck everyone ! xxx

  110. Oh, I need a new A4 light wave as the one I have has been so well used and loved it stopped working a few weeks ago. I really miss it, as I use it for hand sewing, cross stitch as well as groovi.

  111. Light wave would help when I start my groovi journey, I am nearly caught up with the Shac Shack so my next mission is Groovy Tuesday.

  112. A light box would be a dream come true. Looking after my 94 , years young mum who has dementia, often sit in her bedroom and the light is not so good and I have orders for loads of cards. Fingers crossed, you are a special Lady xxx

  113. I’m sure a light wave would be the leading the light in my journey of groovi, as it’s such a amazing prize,

  114. I would love to have the light wave bundle. I am disabled and love to craft. I spend a lot of time sitting in bed and the lighting is not good. A light wave would be great for my new addiction to Groovi and the Queens duet plates. Also, I could use it weed my vinyl projects. Thanks for the chance!

  115. I would love the light wave bundle as I am using a light box that my husband made for me a long time ago and is very heavy and cumbersome.

  116. I’d love a lightwave – I bought stacks of coloured parchment which I find very hard to use as my eyes are failing!!! My old lightwave continues to flicker which makes life tedious – A new one would be ace so my Groovi journey could continue in colour!!!

  117. Sorry I was hoping to come up with something fun and quirky to say but alas I’m like many of the others here my eyesight being disabled I can’t remember the last time I managed to get out for new glasses so I can’t blame shielding on everything so anything that will bring a bit of light into my life! can only make it better. Good luck everyone and thank you Barbara somebody is going to be very lucky and very happy.

  118. Wow what an amazing prize If I was lucky enough to win the light wave I would gift it to my granddaughter as she loves crafting has started on the groovi trail
    Thank you for this amazing prize

  119. Wgat a fantastic give-away Barbara. I would really love to win it, as I have got one of the original ones and it happened just at the time that I had started to try to get into Groovi again with Paul. I really need one as I have the beginning of cataracts – so my vision could do with being better. Good luck everyone xx

  120. je serai très heureuse d’avoir cette plaque lumineuse, car lorsque je travaille, pour le tracer, presque toujours, je me mets sur ma fenetre pour mieux voir par transparence. il faut donc que j’attendes d’avoir une superbe luminosité .

  121. I would really love a light box as my lovely mother in law gave me a dodgy one it’s like being at a disco tech after getting me addicted to groovi seriously I think I have a problem lol please please xxxx

  122. I bought Bea a small lightwave for her birthday last year (her 90th) and I’m so jealous of it as she can use it for her Groovi but also for copying things in the Shac, when stamping and so many other things. I WANT ONE TOO!! If I don’t get anything in the draw I’ll just have to hint when my birthday comes around!

  123. Having reached the grand age of 84 and discovered a love fro Groovi it would certainly help me with dark colours which I avoid at the moment

  124. Everytime hubby sees the light wave he says “ooh, that looks useful, you should get one.” But I’ve not quite got round to it! Having done the pencil on the back trick yet again to transfer an image this week, it really would be useful! And that’s before I think about Groovi and that designer parchment I don’t use because it’s so tricky to see through….

  125. It would be chuffin marvellous to win a light wave! It has many uses in craft and it might light up my SHAC too

  126. That is fabulous prize. A light wave would be so so useful and help me with my grid work.
    Thank you for considering me

  127. I would love a lightwave as I am new to Groovie & my eyes are not so good. It would “brighten” my day

  128. A lightwave might just be the thing to light up my life as well as my work. I don’t just want one …. I need one please.

  129. I need a light wave because it would help me on my groovi journey. I would be able to work when the natural light is not so good and in the evening when the lamp light makes it difficult.

  130. I would love a lightwave then …

    This little lightwave of mine, I’m going let it shine.
    This little lightwave of mine, I’m going let it shine.
    This little lightwave of mine, I’m going let it shine
    Let it shine let it shine doing craft.

  131. I am a traditional parcher who also dabbles a bit with Groovi and as I progress I am finding it increasingly difficult to work on your fabulous coloured parchment, especially the darker colours. Plus with age-related eye problems, a light-wave would be my right-hand man!

  132. Reading all the comments about how good these are I would love to have one to assist with my parchment work. The old eyes are not as good as they used to be.

  133. I would love a lightwave because my eyesight is failing because I’m a craftaholic and I’m addicted to crafting and go long into the night after work and when the kids are in bed 😁😅 x

  134. I would love to win this. Not for myself but, for my sister. She loves crafting but struggles now to see so a light wave would help her when colouring, placing her layers & stamping as well as doing groovi. Thankyou.

  135. To be able to transfer my botanical drawings to the appropriate paper for either pencil or watercolour. Handy for groovi too, must be essential.

  136. I would love one to compliment many a crafty endeavour. It would particularly useful for parchment craft, but also for doodling and drawing, designing and positioning. Such a useful tool!

  137. I would love to win a lightwave so I could give it to my daughter bethany who is going to university in September

  138. Fabulous prize, would love to win it for my mum. She has spent most of the last year in isolation due to covid. Crafting has helped her to get through. A light pad would make life (crafting) so much easier xx

  139. I have a light wave and find it invaluable. My neighbours are interested in learning how I make parchment cards so to have another lightwave would be so helpful if I start to teach them.

  140. Who wouldn’t want a large lightwave it would be great for Groovi and also when tracing just think of all the great things I could make my Christmas list is starting already I think I need counselling😂

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