#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #3)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #3)

Hi there

Well, the room is filling up now, and there is a lot of chirping, laughter and a friendly buzz. So many familiar faces. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth…

You may have met this young lady, Elizabeth Finch. And if you haven’t you will certainly have heard me quote her many MANY times in the SHAC SHAC. I introduced her on the blog here a couple of years ago…

She made a big impression on me when I met her, and I think of her often. I shall never forget how excited she was to have discovered the Groovi System. This is what she said:

“It’s the first time I can craft something, make something without any help. The Groovi Plate Mate holds the plate in place and the parchment is attached with Groovi tabs – I LOVE GROOVI TABS! – I can set the work in front of me on my table here, and get in the groove – and I’m away!!”

In all my years it never even entered my head to not be able to do something without help, without assistance, without somebody holding something for me. Elizabeth opened my eyes to that world, and gave me a fresh kind of gratitude, a gratitude for things I didn’t even realise I should be grateful for, like the ability to hold a pen and paper.

She is very clever and very eloquent too. Here’s what she added…

“The more you do, the better you get. And the better you get, the more you want to do!” Boom.

So, on that succinct and oh so true note, let’s have our last Giveaway of Day 1!

How about a Deluxe Groovi Starter Kit? The very same Starter Kit that Elizabeth uses?

Simply write a word below, which springs to mind when you think of the Groovi System, and you will go into the Prize Draw.

Now don’t forget this evening! 7pm! Craftalong-a-Barbie on Facebook Live! Get your stash ready for the off, and get set for an evening of crafting and good healthy creative fun x

Here is the list of basic ingredients that we will be using:

PROJECT ONE : Here’s the ingredients list!

  • Butterfly Wreath Stampset mounted
  • Dream Word Stampset with mask mounted
  • 7 x 7 Clarity Card
  • Clarity Stencil Brushes
  • Artistry Ink Pad
  • New England Designer paper or any matching paper.
  • Spot-on Sponges
  • Pergaliners
  • Glue runner
  • 8 x 8 Kraftcard blank


  • LOVE Word stampset
  • Grungy Grid Stampset
  • Indian Summer Designer Paper pad
  • 7 x 7 Black cardblank
  • Black Archival
  • Vermillion Archival ink pad
  • Watering Can Archival ink pad
  • Blushing Rose Artistry ink pad
  • Nested circle Dies

If you don’t have this stuff, then use something similar! xx You can find all the things you need here.

Don’t forget to post your favourite SHAC artwork from the last year with #SHACShare written in the post – Gracie will put your work in tomorrow’s Clarity Matters blog.

Love always

Barb xxx

222 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival (Giveaway #3)

  1. Barb, I had the pleasure of meeting and being introduced to Elizabeth by your good self at one of the Clarity Open Days – a truly inspiring young lady!

    One word for the Groovi system – ground-breaking!
    See you later at the Craftalong-a-Barbie PJ Party!

  2. Groovi gives you endless designs by being able to mix & match from various plates that is usable by all age groups so my word is endless

  3. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 🙋🏼‍♀️🦋🐈💕
    Sorry had to do again as half of my word was missing, oops 🙈🤭😂

  4. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
    As you said time to go back.
    Do you remember the man who came around and collected the children. It scared me for years .

  5. magic

    this system works for beginner to expert, get 100 people to do the same thing….results will be perfect, with no way of telling what level anyone was at!

  6. Amazing

    It’s Sooo amazing how using the system can produce such amazing artwork that you can make unique by choosing different elements and mixing and matching plates.

  7. Doable….. And I have mentioned it and shown it to the Stroke team OTs and physiotherapists as it got me back to Clarity crafting again.

  8. Would love to meet you once times are better. Shac shac shack has been my lifeline these past few months. Recovering from a muscle injury which still isn’t right.
    Keep safe everyone x

  9. Clever is what groovi is. I had tried parchment years ago when I bought what I thought was a kit, but it wasn’t really, and was disappointed that it seemedthere was no one near to give classes.
    Thankful that Clarity has groovi as it was the only craft I could do with my other hand when I broke my shoulder a few years ago.

  10. Addictive, I tried the scissor clinic at Ditton to keep my sister company and was hooked. Would love to upgrade my groovi baby kit and pass it on to my granddaughter.

  11. uplifting I have fibromyalgia which sucks but when I feel depressed watching barbera uplifts me which is a god send thank you x

  12. You can mix so many plates to create and that is fun to play with beautiful designs and imagination !

  13. Addictivation (from my point of view – addictive and motivation, it’s both addictive and motivates me.)

  14. For me, even though I’ve resisted the temptation so far, I’ve always recognised that Groovi was something new and transformative – my word is ‘Groundbreaking’

  15. Anti-depressant, because that’s what it’s been for me and although it costs more than a prescription for pills it’s been my life saver of choice.

    ps, loved the art work and the pj party this evening

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