Let the #ClarityOpenDayFestival begin!! (Giveaway #1)

Let the #ClarityOpenDayFestival begin!! (Giveaway #1)

Hi there

Happy Friday! Welcome to the start of our 4-day Clarity Open Days Festival!

Today, under normal circumstances, hundreds of us would be hanging out together at the huge, lovely hall in Ditton near Maidstone. We would be welcoming our guests to our Clarity Open Days, the biggest annual event in the Clarity Calendar.

It’s such a happy, joyous occasion! Anybody who has ever joined in will know how fabulous our Open Day gatherings are. Brilliant demos, talented artists, TV friends, raffles, giveaways, banter, cake – yep. Really special. It’s just so good to meet up with old friends, and meet new like-minded crafters. We also lay out a huge pop-up shop, and the visitors certainly do like to shop!

It was cancelled last year because of COVID, and you will surely appreciate that it can’t happen this year either. Who would have ever thought that this pandemic would still be going on a year later, eh? We’ve been watching closely, and the conclusion is that we just can’t risk it. Not this year.

So instead, once again, we’re set to entertain you online! It’s 100% safe, and whilst it may not quite offer the same crazy happy vibe, we’re making the best of what we’ve got to work with. When Life gives you Lemons, you make lemonade.

This ‘ere blog and the Clarity Matters blog will be the driving hubs, if you like. Grace is beavering away in New York, and I am steering the ship over here in Blighty! This will be where all the giveaways and competitions can be found.

  • Our Design Team friends will be posting demos, step by steps and artwork all over Facebook and on their blogs.
  • I shall be standing on my chair here and giving away lovely prizes throughout the weekend, so do please keep checking in.
  • There will be multiple blogs Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! Loads of giveaways and fun!
  • This evening I shall be hosting a Pyjama Party Craftalong on Facebook LIVE. Starting at 7pm. Here’s the link, so you can gather all your crafty bits together!
  • The Claritystamp.com website has got a blanket 25% sale (plus your club discounts) across all products from today until Midnight Monday. AND we are giving away gifts on any purchase over £30.

Here then, to kick the Festival Weekend off, is a HAPPY card made by Dee Paramour, to get us in the right mood…

We shall be playing with these lovely Butterfly Wreath Stamps this evening too!

In keeping with the Jackanory Theme this week, this design is particularly close to my heart. Why? Read ON…

When we first introduced the Groovi System into our Clarity Product range, this was one of the very first plates we came up with, designed for us by clever Mel in 2015. That’s over 6 years ago. Where does the time go? There was an excellent Meadowgrasses plate that went with it too …CLICK HERE to find.

Look! Picot cutting was NOT in my skillset back then! But you could still make lovely parchment art, without the picot cutting!

Anyway, I digress.

Let the Festival Games begin!

How about a bloggy giveaway! If you would like to win the lovely card by Dee (with a cheeky little £25 Clarity Gift Voucher inside) then tell me what you like about Clarity below, and you will go into the draw….

Check out all the action on Facebook over the weekend, on Clarity Worldwide and Groovi Worldwide!

We’d love to see your artwork too!

  • Add #SHACshare if you are sharing any artwork you created in the SHAC
  • Add #ClarityOpenDayfestival if you are sharing a piece of Artwork with a Jackanory Story!
  • Post on our Groovi Worldwide or Clarity Worldwide Facebook pages!
  • Then Gracie will gather up bunches of your art and post them on the Clarity Matters Blog xxx

Keep checking in on the blogs! We’ve got some very cool stuff planned!

Stay Safe –

Love and Happy Hugs,

Barb xxx

163 thoughts on “Let the #ClarityOpenDayFestival begin!! (Giveaway #1)

  1. Clarity is considerate, conscientious, compassionate, caring, courteous, and classy. Clarity is clarity.

    1. Clarity provide first class quality stamps & The Groovi system
      The staff are fantastic knowledgeable and extremely helpful The design team are a very talented team of people who come up with the most amazing samples using Clarity’s top quality products

  2. I love the Clarity open days. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join in with the jollities.
    The wonderful thing about Clarity is that everyone is willing to share their talents and ideas and not be judgemental.
    Long Live Clarity! 😘

  3. What does Clarity stand for?
    Lovely products to keep us happy
    An amazing boss and bus driver in Barbara Gray
    Really the best in the world
    I wouldn’t have survived lockdown without them
    Truly inspirational
    You don’t get better customer service anywhere

  4. Morning Barbara and all at clarity towers
    What I like about clarity is the quality of the groovi plates, stamps stencils etc, the lovely club plates etc that come through our letterboxes every month
    And the wonderful customer service this is 2nd to none nothing is too much trouble
    Thank you for keeping us going through all of the pandemic with the shac shack and to the team for all their hard work in these uncertain times

  5. Before lock down Clarity was always fab on lovely craft goodies, excellent customer service with a lovely team of of helpful, friendly staff, and, during the dreaded pandemic which we all know continues, be it getting better we hope, you have excelled by keeping us going with your time, thoughtfulness and as usual friendly, helpful resources. Despite having to make your own hard and difficult decisions you’ve continued to support us in many ways with good value and thoughtfulness. Thank you x

  6. What I like about Clarity is the close family feeling . No problem is to big . Always one of our friends online to help out . Quality is the best ! May the good ship Clarity sail on and on and on xx

  7. Clarity is such a delight. A generous, sharing, caring, ethical company with fantastic designers, brilliant staff and from my experience customers with the same values. You only have to attend an open day to see it all in action everyone is happy to share and help each other. The Clarity Community is simply the best

  8. Clarity (especially Barbara) kept me motivated during the ShacShac and got me drawing again. I love all the products Clarity produce, they are well made and the designs are truly amazing. The followers that Clarity have is a testament to their enthusiasm, skills, generosity and amazing products. Thank you.

  9. Clarity (especially Barbara) kept me motivated during the ShacShac and got me drawing again. I love all the products Clarity produce, they are well made and the designs are truly amazing. The followers that Clarity have is a testament to their enthusiasm, skills, generosity and amazing products. Thank you.

  10. Well I was surprised to find a Barbara blog so early this morning! I had actually forgotten what was planned for today! Must have slept well last night! Haha.
    Clarity is super! It has kept me sane over the last year.. been drawing, colouring, using new to me techniques, making me giggle, making me care when Barbara’s eyes leak.
    Clarity cares about its customers and makes you feel special! It’s a company that keeps on giving!

  11. Honestly Clarity feels like my extended family down south! I have learnt so much from you and the team over the years, and enjoy crafting so much more because of Clarity. Thank you all x

  12. Thank you for this weekend of Clarity celebrations. I need a little extra at the moment, finding it hard. Without You and Clarity I dread to think how this pandemic time would have been The Shac is such a wonderful safe, nurturing , happy place. Clarity is an honourable company with high standards and values. A treasured rarity. Barbara Gray and dream Team I thank you from the bottom of my heart 💖😍

  13. What I love about Clarity – the kindest, hard working team (and boss!), the most beautiful designs, lots of education and inspiration, … the list could go on and on. Clarity is the best!

  14. I love Clarity because I feel like part of the family. I love their customer service as it is exemplary. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Any problems are sorted immediately and Jeannine is always there to sort every query she chats as well and I always ask about her family and how they are too. The demos over lockdown have been great and I love watching the SHAC SHAC and will be watching tonight and enjoying the banter.

    1. I love being part of the Clarity family! I like all of us are made to feel special and count. Thank you everyone for helping us through such a difficult time. Each one of you are special too. A lot of things have already been said so once again Thank you Barbara and your team x

  15. Clarity makes the “Gray” skies blue with superior quality products, marvellous customer service. I don’t know of any other brand where anyone would not be 100% satisfied!

  16. Hello Barbara
    Claritystamp is synonymous with good quality products, value for money, great customer service, help, ideas and generosity.
    BUT above all is the feeling of family and friendship. This has been demonstrated brilliantly over the last 16 months. Claritystamp has kept us all connected through the Shac Shac, Paul on a Tuesday (and now Linda as well), Facebook Live, the step-by-step on Sundays and the blogs. I can’t wait for us all to be together face to face once again.

  17. Clarity: the family chosen through crafting we all feel we know the Clarity team from Barbara and Paul, through Janine and Grace and right down to the two newest recruits, the Vikings! We love your friendliness, your attention, generosity and of course your products. So long may the good ship Clarity sail on.

  18. Clarity is like one big extended family always ready to help each other and Clarity products are really good quality, Barbara is just brilliant at keeping everyone’s spirits up over lockdown and brilliant bus driver as the rest of the team are brilliant also nothing is any bother to them really professionally business

  19. I could write a book on what I like about Clarity. I thank the day I found you Barbara and your team. I love the ethics of the Company, I love that your customers mean so much to you, I love the selfless way you and your staff deal with so much crap (especially this past 18 months) but overcome it and only have your customers interests at heart and last but not least I just love your products. Your love of your art portrays itself in your products.

  20. Everybody needs a moment of clarity in their lives. Mine came when a crafty friend introduced me to you on one of your open days in Catterick! You have since moved to Leyburn. I had never been any good at stamping… but! I bought the alium stamp, the liittle group of birds and the Lord’s prayer. All came ready mounted and eversince then my crafting ability has grown ….so all this to say it is the quality of your products I like, that have enabled me in my crafty journey.

  21. What do I love about clarity.
    I love the amount of demos and inspiration that we are given for each product. It really helps get the creative juices going and i love the way that clarity makes you feel like part of a community

  22. I love their quality products and excellent customer service, Clarity cares for their big crafting family, sharing their expertise freely. Thank you. I’m so happy to belong! Have a great day! xxx

  23. I have been with Clarity since the very early days. Part of the fabric of my days. Such quality, integrity and professionalism is a rare treasure indeed! Keep on being you (all of you!) with love and thanks . Linda x

  24. Clarity is…the ray of sunshine on a dull, cloudy day, it’s the rainbow after the storm, it’s the warm cosy feeling on a cold winters day, it’s the escape after a really hard and stressful day, it’s the family we get to choose 💕

  25. Covid restrictions. There is something GOOD about this. Without it, we would not be able to enjoy open Clarity days in Australia.love it. Best of luck Barbara.

  26. What l love about Clarity is not only are they a good company, friendly, and very professional, every product that you purchase it is demoed and you are shown ideas and inspiration. Well done everyone x

  27. I love clarity and its simple approach yet producing such wonderful artwork .I’ve been a fan for over 25 years and hope to be for many more .Barbara you are a breath of fresh air for all 🥰

  28. Excellent customer service. A brilliant product, great quality. But more than that ….. Clarity has created a virtual community which has supported and helped us all through the ridiculousness of Covid.

  29. ive been with clarity for a long time love all things you do ,especially the stamps and now my favourite is the doodling so love doing it , such a pity that dont have a workshop here anymore xxxx

  30. I love Clarity products, customer service, the educational side and making me believe I can achieve more! Most of all I love feeling part of the family xx

  31. Clarity is simply THE best. I never knew I had an artist within me but she is showing herself day by day. Thank you to ALL the Clarity team for keeping us busy during these strange times. You are our saviours. xx

  32. Clarity to me means everything crafting is, in no particular order, mindfulness, joy, fun, giving and receiving, learning, friendships and a community that shares, encourages, praises and comforts.

  33. I have been a big fan of Clarity for many many years and everything about them and their products are fantastic. Very polite and helpful on the phone if you need to speak about anything. Order arrive as soon as they can very well packaged. Design Clubs are such good value – instructions and newsletter must take a long time to prepare. Of course Shac Shac has been a saviour to many of us . I could go on and on and on. Fantastic company.

  34. I love that you follow through with all your products with lots of demos and how to. Not forgetting your great customer service.
    Kind regards

  35. Clarity is simply the best! Best for products, Best for customer service and fantastic design team. All run by the bus driver who has kept going through thick and thin keeping everyone sane in the worst possible time when she herself has had to make some very difficult decisions to even keep afloat and has not seen her kids in over a year!
    In my book there isn’t a better company or team of people around! Xx

  36. Everyone at Clarity is open, honest, helpful and will always take the extra step. Barbara drives the bus steadily and well along the road. Love the demo’s, open days etc and look forward to coming again and meeting everyone xx

  37. Everything!! Superb products, great demonstrations on TV, inclusive sessions on Facebook but most of all Clarity is a company that cares

  38. What’s not to like about a business that is run by a talented, thoughtful and caring boss: offers an exception customer service and excellent products. An easy opener to the show.

  39. Well this could end up being a very long comment don’t even know where to start. Apart from the obvious high quality goods and services, Barbara and the Clarity team feel like family they have let us into their lives and have shared the ups a downs with us. No problem to small always someone to offer a kind word a virtual hug when needed just a lovely special place xx

  40. CLARITY – Lovely people and lovely stuff, inspiration and encouragement to try and then discover that I can create something beautiful too.

  41. clarity is the best so forget the rest!

    I love the family vibe! The products are just superb quality. I’m slowly accumulating a stash and I must say the stamps are amazing compared to others I naively bought when I first started making cards.

    Love the comradeship of the SHACK Shack with Barbara driving our Bus.


  42. C aring and Compassionate
    L aughter, Like-minded and Life -saver
    A rty and Addictive
    R elaxing and Rejuvenating
    I nspirational and Imaginative
    T remendous Teachers
    Y ou are all amazing

  43. I love the quality of the products, the wonderful people in the company, the joy it has given me and the friends I have made through Clarity. Hugs. Annette X

  44. Clarity stands for
    Customer Service;
    Lots of laughs;
    A must to have;
    Relaxing fun;
    I just love it;
    Treats and sales
    You can’t beat it.

  45. Don’t know where to start really.
    I guess I really discovered clarity when the shac shac began. I was in awe(and still am) of Barbara and her incredible way of helping us with her art and her calming influence through this hideous time in our lives.
    The products are second to non, stamps are so deep and print wonderfully. And to get masks with lots of them is just soo fantastic, opens up so many opportunities.
    The dies are so strong and cut beautifully.
    And what can I say about the poppets they are the cutest little girls and I love the postcards so useful to make wonderful arty greeting cards, and with Barbara’s helpful they look amazing.
    I have never needed customer service but I don’t doubt for one minute that they would be extremely courteous and sort out any problems with speed.

  46. Everything!
    But most of all, the 2 day crafty retreats. Spending time with friends and like minded souls, learning and practicing skills new and old.
    Can’t wait to see everyone again in person ♥️🌺
    Debs 🤗

  47. I have watched Barbara since she was doing demos for stamping on create and craft tv. Boy that was a long time ago . Clarity is not only a craft store ,it is a craft family . They teach you new things that you thought you couldn’t do. With these hard times it has been my lifeline to normality. At the beginning of covid I was rushed to hospital to find out I need a double bypass and mitral valve replacement. Then my mum had covid and was diagnosed with cancer which is not going to get better. There is more that has happened but you don’t want to hear my soap opera. What I am trying to say is thank you for all you do it means everything that you go out of your way to teach us how to do things.

  48. Brilliant products, exceptional customer service, entertaining blogs, tutorials from great teachers on how to use the products to get the best out of them. Best company I’ve ever dealt with

  49. Through Clarity I have made many friends, learnt so much even doing things a bit out of my comfort zone but that is the only way to learn. Miss the real life open days & shows but Clarity has come trumps again & has planned a great weekend. With its customer service what is there not to like !!
    Have a great weekend x

  50. Clarity – Family-run company.
    Manufacturing products in-house
    Value for money

  51. Clarity is the must caring and trusted company i have ever bought from..right from the quality of the product to the customer service….thank you Barb for such a great company and for all you do.

  52. What I love is that you don’t just sell products and walk away but make sure that we all know how to use them and the boss is ok, too! Lots of love. Hxx

  53. I like Clarity’s honesty integrity and teamwork.Everyone works together and nothing is too much trouble.You give us time and fabulous projects to complete and your team give us wonderful inspiration to launch us in our way .Clarity is like part of the family and the team make everyone feel welcomed

  54. What I love about Clarity? The list would be endless, so I do what one should never do, answer with another question – what is there NOT to love about Clarity? Thank you for all you – Clarity – do 👏🥰🤗! Best wishes, Jutta 😊

  55. There are so many superlatives to describe Clarity, but I’m going to choose just one and that is ‘community’. Clarity is not just a business, it’s a creative inspiration, a family inside and out and for that we thank you 🙂

  56. What I like best about Clarity is that it spends a lot of time and effort showing us how to use its goods.
    A close secondly being of course it’s quality and brilliant service.
    I spent many years buying goods at shows (NEC) that never got used. I taught myself parching decades ago but with the advent of Groovi was taught so much more. I even realised where I had been going wrong with Pergamano grids (here’s a laugh for Linda Williams: I was putting grids on top of parchment and puzzling over never finding ball tool fine enough to properly go through!).

  57. I love the family feel to the company, the excellent quality of the products and the support by the customer service. No better company in my view 😁

  58. Clarity stamp to me means great customer service, happy staff always ready to help, but most of all it is the extra mile everyone has gone to to help us through the last 15 months of the pandemic, with the shac shack and all the free projects etc thank you all x

  59. Clarity is family, friendly, inspirational, caring, sharing.
    Love all the products but especially Pergamano and Groovi, one of my favourite hobbies and you’ve even managed to combine it with my other fav hobby – sewing.
    I’m also even starting to show an interest in the stamping side more now as well.
    Thank you Clarity for always encouraging us to “have a go”

  60. I love Clarity for its:
    Customer service
    Lush products
    Ability to encourage the artist in each one of us
    Regular blogs
    Inspirational demos
    The SHAC
    YOU and the dream teams

  61. The best things about Clarity are their excellent products. And of course the very best thing is their customer service.

  62. Oh wow, seeing 5he photos and reading Barbara’s words has mad me sooooooo nostalgic for the brilliant Clarity open days. One of the biggest higlights of my year. Really looking forward to next year, when, Covid willing, we will be able to get together in style.
    For me Clarity is quality and kindness. Thank you Barbara and all your team for a Sterling job throughout these difficult times. Xxx

  63. Love the team
    Love the crafting materials
    Love ALL the tutorials
    Love the shac shac
    Love Groovi Tuesdays
    Love Clarity!

  64. Value for money, and an awesome team who are always willing to sort out problems! Not that I get many.😃 thank you. Xxx

  65. This is what clarity means to me:
    C aring company
    L ovely people
    A rt orientated
    R esourceful and reliable
    I nnovative products
    T alented teamwork
    Y es we can

  66. What do I love about Claritystamp?The honesty and warmth of Barbara Gray and all the Clarity team combined with the quality and artistic genius behind every product. The admins for the Clarity social media groups are vigilant and keep them safe spaces for the members and we all know just how tough a task that has become.
    Clarity Rocks!

  67. Clarity is a real class act company. You provides us with quality products and the inspiration to use them from the simplest to the detailed creations. All this with a caring attitude. The team, every single member, provides a quality service. I am proud to say I’m a member of the Clarity team, without them I’m not sure my journey through this past year would have been as smooth. Thank you everyone at Clarity Towers xxx

  68. Claritystamp and the Dream Team. Wow .what more can we ask for. Fantastic crafting goodies, absolutely brilliant personal service. Nothing is ever too much for them. Barbara and the team have kept me motivated, calm and creative throughout the awful pandemic. The Shac Shac a life saver and the new abilities learned. So selfless of sharing love and companionship to us all. Love and hugs and much much more to the Clarity Dream Team. X❤❤❤❤

  69. I love everything Clarity, the great designs, the amazing support, the Facebook support groups, the blogs – everything amazing (I am an addict)💗

  70. Clarity is utterly unique. Stunning, innovative products, but also and more importantly, it’s family. Right from the start, it’s been your ethos, and as a relatively late discoverer of the company almost 3 years ago, I felt welcomed into the wider family immediately… so THANK YOU xoxo

  71. I love Clarity,
    Honest, clear and so inspiring.
    What is not to love.
    Thank you to all of you and of course particularly you Barbara.
    Linda xx

  72. In the last year you have become family. You’ve been in my living room more than my other relations and friends. So Clarity is loved.

  73. Everyone in the Clarity team with no exceptions are very helpful, friendly and I’m sure very talented, looking at the Clarity worldwide Facebook pages I see that everyone is very appreciative of you (Barb) on the Shak shak and Paul is brilliant on Groovi Tuesday just giving everyone time to chill and learn. You are all wonderful

  74. I love all things clarity as it encourages me to dabble in all things in crafting but my love is Groovi. Thank you Barbara and all the Clarity design team for their hard work.

  75. What do I love most about Clarity?? Well, apart from the obvious things such as fantastic products, customer service, demos etc., the thing I love most is that it’s a company with a heart and sole. It’s obvious to see that at its core is family, friendship, love and integrity, and that is such a very rare thing in business nowadays. Don’t ever change.

  76. What I love about Clarity is that quality runs through every part of the business -products, personnel, tutorials, everything. Well done Clarity.

  77. Hi Barbara
    What’s not to love about Clarity.
    From your total dedication to your customers/friends, Shac doodling and colouring, I think we have all learnt so much from you, to demos on stamping and stencilling using brushes, to the wonderful world of Groovi, who could ever imagine just how everything would burst into life for so many people.
    Thank you
    Love & Hugs

  78. Clarity is the best company that I have ever dealt with. How could it not be with Barbara at the helm. The team that she has developed is excellent, skilled and extremely helpful. The guidance Barbara has given us all through the years is just second to none. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  79. ClarityStamp have seen me through some of the darkest times of my life. The inspiration I get not only from the wonderful Barb, but from the whole team. I started a Bolton Groovi Group to share my love and passion for Groovi but we were shut down before we started due to COVID. ClarityStamp have helped me when my husband was diagnosed with Cancer and my following deep deep depression. In the words of a ClarityStamp “You Light up my Life”

  80. What I like best about Clarity is their integrity. In a world where you can buy craft supplies from any company in the world, a UK company that looks after its customers with a place to breathe (personal space Facebook page) and a daily escape in the early days of the pandemic when we were checking the news every 10 minutes with dismay (SHAC shack) gets my vote. So education and teaching is very important. You aren’t abandoned after you make your purchase. Another thing, if I’m allowed, is the variety of the artwork, and that there is something for everyone. Some designs chime with me, others chime with other crafters. And your investments don’t go out of date. I still use the stamps I bought two decades ago as much as the new ones.

  81. Clarity, no 1 for quality, service, products and demos with Barbara, Paul and Linda, not forgetting the Dream team without them we’d not get our crafty stash.
    Thank you Clarity for being, YOU!

  82. Clarity is:

    You Barbara; you who has made Covid more bearable, you who has taught me so much, you who has taught me to embrace my creativity and be proud of it.

    Thank you Barbara & Clarity x

  83. Clarity is not just a shop but a caring, friendly, helpful company, who appreciate their customers and give us fantastic sales, and give us so much more than putting a parcel together. Who loved receiving the postcards, who loved receiving a birthday card, it’s the little things that make this company a BIG company. All the staff are helpful and never give the impression to” hurry up” I have a lot of work to do and that is why Clarity are the best.

  84. Everything is what I love about Clarity!
    I love the products, the ethics that the company is run with, love Barbara, Dave and the rest of the team, who welcome us like family. I love that you all share your talents to show the products to their full potential, I love the customer care which is always above and beyond, I love the Club bringing me happy post every month, I love this blog as I feel like Barbara is sitting next to me telling me her latest news, being a best friend, checking in with every day, making sure all is good and if it’s not, reminding me that it will get better as this too shall pass. Barbara has changed my mind set to be more positive. I love that I have made so many good friends through our love of all things Clarity.

  85. Clarity is exactly what it says on the box!
    *Clarity that we all need some ‘me’ time to relax and do what we enjoy.
    *Clarity that we CAN do it. Practice makes perfect and thanks to our Barb in the Shac Shac, we have all learned new skills over the last year+
    *Clarity that we are not alone, but part of a huge family of like-minded people.
    Clarity that being crafty is fun and good for our mental health.
    xoxo to you all

  86. Was first introduced to Clarity by an ex work colleague
    when I wanted a personal stamp made. Since then Clarity have become the only craft company I buy my supplies from. They are so helpful, generous, understanding, and truly make you feel part of a family. I have watched every episode of the SHAC and
    admire Barbara for all the time she has dedicated to us to keep us focused through the lockdowns. THANK YOU

  87. I love the Clarity stamps. The quality is so good and with the added masks it makes card making so ejoyable. The inspiration from you and your design team is second to none. Many many thanks for the shack shack

  88. Love Clarity for the personal service and attention to detail, it is like being part of a family. Well done all at Clarity, especially this past year, it is much appreciated. x

  89. I love the quality of clarity products and since joining in with the stamping lessons which seems like years ago I have been hooked on everything groovi ,stamping , die cutting, and stencilling. The customer service has always been friendly and helpful .

  90. The Best Of Clarity
    Customer Service….second to none
    Giving me a couple of skills I could only of dreamed of
    (Parching and Doodling)
    Lots of likeminded friends
    A caring, truly wonderful leader, our lovely Barb

    1. Since the first lockdown I have come to rethink my crafting and have found so much of Clarity truly inspiring. I have been making cards and crafting for the last 20years but really loved parchment and now the Groovi system has been a life changer and I have just received my first Groovi club parcel-wonderful.
      There is so much on your website and in the tutorials/blogs etc. always such fantastic quality and help on the phone or online chat is also excellent. Well done I dont know how you all keep the positivity and energy levels up but please do.

  91. Since the first lockdown I have come to rethink my crafting and have found so much of Clarity truly inspiring. I have been making cards and crafting for the last 20years but really loved parchment and now the Groovi system has been a life changer and I have just received my forst Groovi club parcel-wonderful.
    There is so much on your website and in the tutorials/blogs etc. always such fantastic quality and help on the phone or online chat is also excellent. Well done I dont know how you all keep the positivity and energy levels up but please do.

  92. I didn’t read any of the above comments so here goes my answer Barbara you and your team gives me so much from the very nice french lady sorting my orders and problems out she is so helpful and friendly to you and Paul on our shack shack and the groovi Tuesday you have kept me going my bestie and only friend lost her husband 11 weeks ago he collapsed on a Sunday at home stayed four weeks in hospital and died 6 days later at home he had an aggressive tumour and it was to late for any help since then I have been on what’s app for many hours daily to try to get her though this my family has been so understanding that I have been spending the time over the phone with her instead of being here if you know what I mean Barbara while on the phone I have been doing my groovi work with keeping me sane as this is the hardest thing I have been though apart from the fire when Birgit was there for me so yes you have been my sanity I know this is probably not the answer to your question but it is what it is love Anja

  93. What i love about clarity is everything from purchase to delivery the time care and thoughtfulness they give to everyone and on a funny side the constant beans on toast keep me fit 🤣🤣

  94. Clarity has been great, giving us so much of their time free ! through the lockdown to help support us, through SHAC SHAC, then groovi Tuesday, weekly groovi downloads to name just a few😊💜

  95. Top quality products and the best customer service ever! A genuinely superb company who have just kept on giving over the past 18 months. Thank you Clarity!

  96. Classy products, lovingly made, arty products, ranges that take you far and wide, inkable quality stamps, talented design team, You and your team are the cream of the crop. Thank you for your great products that are easy to use, work well, and for all that you have done for us.

  97. I not only love the quality of the products but there is also so much support from the team at Clarity. I so appreciate the videos and learning opportunities to know how to use the stamps, stencils, masks, etc in so many creative ways. I have learned so much about designing a landscape or image beyond just stamping. I love Clarity. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  98. Everything that Clarity produce is first class quality. If ever you have a problem then the customer service is second to none. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

  99. The warm hug you feel when the word CLARITY is mentioned, from New York or here in BLIGHTY. Thank you for all you do, Ive not been in the CLARITY family that long, but love it!

  100. Clarity is simply the best! Fantastic quality, wonderful choice.Brilliant team. Excellent customer service, friendliness and of course Barbara. Where would we be without Barbara, simply the best!

  101. Well hello Barbara
    I do love your products and all the team at clarity
    The customer service is second to none
    Groovi is my absolute fav
    Take care all. Xxx

  102. Clarity is inspiring, good quality, excellent customer service and an all round brilliant company.

  103. What do I like Clarity? Well, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about Clarity…….I just love everything about the best company in the crafting world. However, none of it would be possible without the best captain ever at the helm of the good ship CLARITY. Thanks to all of the Clarity family for everything. Beryl S

  104. Claritystamp though a company that needs to make profit etc feels more like a family that you become a part of. Quality products, great inspiration and top customer service.

  105. As I said when you launched this system on C&C years ago, it takes away the hard work of tracing image and gives you a professional outline with which to work.

  106. Clarity really care about their customers and provide huge amounts of support and inspiration for their high quality products.

  107. Clarity customer service is 2nd to none. To be able to talk to someone is wonderful instead of a machine.
    Then I go onto quality of product, just wonderful. The sales are tremendous.
    Thank you Clarity, you ROCK

  108. I like that Clarity is full of inspiration and a sense of community. Coming together to create, whether virtually as we have done during the pandemic, or in person at the open days and retreats, is just wonderful.

    Thank you to everyone at Clarity and all the design team for their inspiring ideas!

    M x

  109. I don’t know where to begin it’s one big lovely family with Barbara driving the bus ,everyone and everything is so good you want the lot (but hubby says no ) so looking forward to having a open day again soon when I can come on my own with my cash and spend . Thanks Barbara for all you do xxxxx

  110. Barb’s enthusiasm is infectious, her demonstrations are easy to follow and the products are great. I love Clarity.

  111. Such a helpful team, feel part of the group, always there to help. So pleased I found this company!

  112. Love everything clarity super value and 100% quality fantastic company excellent customer service…xx

  113. Clarity is:

    Charismatic and cheerful
    Loyal to their customers
    Accomplished in all they do
    Refreshingly real
    Inspiring to everyone
    Teachers (fab ones)
    Yearlong inspiration

  114. Well where do I start. I found Clarity by accident and ever since I have been hooked!! I love doodling, colouring, GROOVI, stamping and all that comes with it! Barbara and her gang have taught me so much. They are always there when you need help. I love learning and found the shacs an inspiration! Thank you all. S(afe), H(appy) A(nd), C(reative), S(tay), H(ome) A(nd) C(raft)!! Well done and huge thanks for keeping me sane!!

  115. You value your customer’s, you treat us like real people & not just a means of making money. You understand how important craft is to us. Oh and of course you produce the most amazing and innovative products. Love, love, love everything Clarity brings and stands for ❤️

  116. Love it, love it, love it. Look forward to the Shac Shack, the new products, the blogs, the moment of clarity – shall I go on? – Clarity keeps me relaxed and helps me see clearly.

  117. Clarity has something for everyone and if you’re really unlucky!!! you might become addicted to stamping, stenciling, groovi and the more recent beautiful dies. Most importantly everything is quality and your guaranteed of success, and if you need a little help there’s a great team behind a great lady.

  118. What’s not to like about Clarity? Top quality over many genres and the inspiration is second to none! You offer great value price-wise and service is faultless. Everyone needs a bit of Clarity in their life!😄

  119. Clarity is simply in a class of it’s own when it comes to quality of products and customer service and what a wonderful caring community you have built up and thank you for your generosity Barbara. x

  120. I love Clarity because as a family run business they care about their customers and are always on hand to help. Amazing products at amazing prices – something for everyone!

  121. Clarity is the best pergamano company in the world. It has everything a person needs to make beautiful artwork. I am trying to develop more interest in the United States. Pergamano is such a beautiful craft. Thank you for all you do.

  122. With all the SHAC SHAC lives and blogs I feel like you are now part of my family as I have seen you all more then my own in the past year. So thank goodness for Clarity x 😀 x

  123. I love clarity because it’s brought me and my lovely mother In Law Lynn Buckell one of your long term followers together we love our crafting afternoons together although my father in law not happy as he’s now the tea boy cx

  124. I love the products, the open days, the SHAC, the customer service and the demonstrations. Such a fantastic friendly company that makes me feel like part of the family.

  125. Clarity is like a family. All have their own particular skills, which they freely share with each other, but also can learn so much from each other. We might not be posting every day, but when we do we are always welcome.

  126. What do I love about Clarity? You enable me, you encourage me, you entertain me, you educate me!

  127. Clarity essentially describes my crafting journey. They were some of the first stamps I found, when I was just putting my toe in the crafting water well over 10 years ago, and Barbara was the first person to teach me about stamping on a one day retreat in Little Baddow. My stash of crafty products has grown along with Clarity’s inventory (as has the amount of space it occupies in my house…!) I’ve learned so much over the years and always come back to Clarity – my spiritual crafting home ❤

  128. CLARITY was a genius idea, and Barbara you’ve been guiding that ship, year on year gaining more passengers, but not once have you faltered on quality of your products or those you supply, and genuine top notch customer service. Now you even filling up buses and taking us on journeys we could never have imagined. Us crafty lot applaud you. Number one family business. Its just brilliant (Sorry tearing up) xxx

  129. Clarity is the best company out there. Wonderful products, fantastic customer service, amazing designers. You go above and beyond to provide us with demos, craftalongs, the SHAC SHAC – the list goes on.
    Clarity rock!

  130. I love Clarity because it is not just a craft company selling craft items.
    Clarity is a very inclusive community that has always provided us with so much information, knowledge, support.
    Clarity gives us courage and self belief in our own abilities and the confidence to try things for ourselves.
    Clarity never stops looking for opportunities and ideas to make us all feel like a valuable part of our community.

  131. Clarity is family and makes everybody welcome regardless of talent, colour creed etc – family is family

  132. First class company
    First class team of workers
    First class products
    First class designers
    First class demonstrators
    First class listeners
    First class carers
    First class sharers.
    First class in everything you do – this list is endless

  133. Hi Barbara
    I’m late to the party as usual! What does Clarity mean to me, well at the shows it’s the first point of call when we get there, a great demo, a smile and a wave across the crowd, a catch up chat, a large spend (encouraged and added to by hubby!) a wander round and a final farewell when we leave. Clarity also means excellent stamps, dies and stencils, brilliant ideas and products and a great bus driver and pit crew too. Customer service is fantastic, what more can I say. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  134. I’m new to Clarity but have found great products lots of laughter encouragement and friendly people so I’m so happy

  135. The genuine love, care, understanding, encouragement, patience, dedication is always apparent. I have felt this from the 1st time I ever saw you on Hochanda, you touched my heart. Since finding your blog, SHAC SHAC, FB group etc I have seen you and your family/team and everyone involved is so lovely, encouraging, helpful and understanding, just like you Barbara. All your team/family work so hard, with dedication and always provide excellent customer service as well. If all companies used your company as an example to work by, the business world would be a better place.
    Thank you.
    Take care and stay 🙋🏼‍♀️🦋🐈💕

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