#ClarityOpenDayFestival – The Team (Giveaway #5)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival – The Team (Giveaway #5)

Hi there!

Are we having fun yet? I’m imagining the Ditton Open Days LIVE now. Second day, Saturday, at its busiest around lunchtime, right?

At the entrance are Jeannine and Sheila, giving you all a warm welcome as you come in … Glynis’s Pete there in the background – photobomb!!

As you come round, there are those wonderful sisters, with their magical, slimming, non-fattening cakes – NOT !!!!

Over to the right is Lou Withers, having a right laugh with her first fusible fibre group of the day..

There’s our Leonie, gagging for more coffee and getting painty!!

There’s Sam Crowe opposite me too, covered in paint, and Dee Paramour being very inky professional as always ! xxx

There’s Linda and Maria and Tina and Martine and Paul, all pedalling away!

There’s Glynis Whitehead, running the snip clinic! Ouch!!

And there are our friends Mike and Shona Bossom, teaching us how to do encaustic art!

All top-banana demonstrators, all together, all sitting in a huge creative circle, demonstrating and entertaining.

I’m in the corner behind my little, well loved podium, next to my Mum, doing simple demos and hopping up and down on the chair, with the raffle prizes. I am the Official Show Shouter!

And right opposite me, at the door and on the till, is darling Dave, going like the clappers! It sure does get busy!!
It’s a shame that we can’t get together in person this year, but better safe than sorry, eh? AND WE’RE HAVING A DING DONG ANYWAY! Don’t forget – we have a 25% blanket sale on our website this Open Day Festival weekend, plus your craft club discounts! That’s even better than usual!

So without further a do, now that you have met everybody there, let’s have a cheeky little giveaway! How about not one, but two prizes? This watercolour bundle set will be super useful for anybody in the SHAC SHAC or who enjoys journaling or mixed media! And we’ll have two lucky winners.

Watercolour Bundle Set – pad, journal, large and small pen, mix mat 

All you have to do, to be in it to win it, is to write a word below, beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet to describe CLARITY, depending on what went before. First comment is A and you can keep going with A till somebody moves on to B – and so on. When you get to Z, start at A again – with new words!! This’ll take some doing! Quite a team move this one…It will be interesting to see who tries the tricky ones! But please only post once…Then anybody who leaves a post below will automatically go into the draw , and two lucky winners will receive this prize. And a very nice prize it is too xxx

Don’t forget to check out the Clarity Matters Blog and come back here later, for more quizzes and prizes!

Love always

Barb xxx

156 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival – The Team (Giveaway #5)

  1. Hello Barbara
    My word is fantastic.
    Also, I am proud to say ‘I was there’ in 2019 and can’t wait to get together with my friends as soon as we can.

  2. G is for – GREAT products AND Great customer service at Clarity
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. Happening – it always is at Clarity!

    Hey ! Don’t forget Steve he was on the till I went too – a few years ago now ! 😻

  4. Grateful – for Barb and the Shac helping get so many of us through lockdown; for the wonderful Clarity team working so hard every day and for so many lovely products that help us make arty wonderfulness!
    PS I loved the PJ party last night.

  5. HAPPY to create wonderful work from wonderful products
    HAPPY to be part of this wonderful group of crafters

  6. Galvanising – Barbara makes me so enthusiastic that it galvanises my creative juices into action instead of just think about it I do it.

    Zealous – I become eager and enthusiastic to complete projects and join in especially concerning the SHAC SHAC .

  7. Tempting! Just when I vow to be good and not buy any more ‘stash’ there is an offer which I cannot refuse ( well, it would be rude not to take advantage when it is offered!)xxxx

    1. Forgot to put the definition – ‘highly attractive and tempting’ – covers it perfectly, I think xx

  8. Forgot to put the definition – ‘highly attractive and tempting’ – covers it perfectly, I think xx

  9. Beyond compare!
    OK, I know, that’s two words – but they do use the two next letters in the alphabet, so I hope I get away with it! But, if you really only want one word, let it be BELOVED – beloved by its many Clarity fans!

    Sorry I’m late posting – my other half whisked me off on a day trip to Lytham St Annes today, so I’m playing catch up – and enjoying every minute – that’s one advantage to it being an online open day!

  10. Heartwarming! To see EVERYONE smiling is a rare thing, but judging by the photos, that’s what happens at Clarity Open Days!!

  11. Supercalafragalsticexpalidocious… Not sure what letter we are up to but think this might cover what Clarity is.😁

  12. Obliging
    Always and forever. Customer Care is brilliant, no enquiry too difficult. Clarity Cares. 💝💖💗🫂

  13. Rejuvenating…
    That’s what every session or time spent online, on chat or on phone with Barbara, Paul, Linda, Grace, Jeannine, Dave, Ragnor and Eric too, these are the members of the Claritystamp/Groovi family I’ve met so far, is for and I can’t wait to meet you all for real one day 🙏🏼 XxX 🙋🏼‍♀️🦋🐈💕

  14. Yellow, always reminds me of your banner and die packaging, such a happy colour and happy goodies to boot.

  15. Y for Yes! Yes you can….
    have fun, learn, create, share, be uplifted, be an artist, be yourself
    …. all with CLARITY

  16. ZAFTIG – after a year or more in lockdown, sitting crafting with Clarity, I think that many of us will now have a Zaftig figure!!


  17. I’m not sure if the letter is supposed to be C or W as there seems to have been a skip & gone from B to T. Hope I chose the correct letter

  18. Jalapeño ( hot and spicy, 😂😂) my husband came up with this one!) jocular would be another good one. Xx

  19. Kind because that’s what you all are at Clarity and a kaleidoscope meaning a collection of changing patterns and designs. Xxx

  20. I know I am late, but my word is Liberating (not sure it has appeared before), because crafting is liberating, it takes you out of the mundane and ordinary. Bx

  21. Thank you for such a lovely inviting welcome and so looking forward to the real thing and finally meeting all these lovely Clarity/Groovi family one day 🥰

    Yes we can…”

    Thank you for such a wonderful online get together and for everything you do for us…
    Take care and stay safe XxX 🙋🏼‍♀️🦋🐈💕

  22. So enjoyed that day at Ditton, went with WI friends happened to meet up againwith one of our dance teachers from years ago and had a lovely chat with your Mum while my husband enjoyed a sit down. Did well in the tombola too.

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