#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Barb’s Gone Pottery! (Giveaway #4)

#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Barb’s Gone Pottery! (Giveaway #4)

Hi There!

Good to have your company again on this fine Saturday morning. Day 2 of our Clarity Open Day Festival! What a great evening we had yesterday evening at the Pyjama Party Craftalong! What a fun way to spend a Friday evening! Definitely to be repeated!

The Jackanory – What’s the Story – is also hitting the spot with many of you. It’s as I said in the SHAC-SHAC on Wednesday: remembering the story behind something – even as banal as a coffee cup or a little bowl – adds flavour to your day. At a time when we are all so starved of outside stimulus because of Covid restrictions, we can do a lot to brighten our personal Life Tapestries by looking for stories in the things around us.

So how about a little, very personal giveaway, attached to a very personal story, to kickstart our #ClarityOpenDayFestival today?

So what’s the Jackanory? Read on…

How did I start pottery? Well, I mentioned in the SHAC on Wednesday that I had simply wanted to treat my friends Debby and Gill to a fun day out. They had come all the way from Texas to celebrate our wedding in June 2018, so I planned a Pottery Raku Day for the 3 of us before they returned to the States. It was brilliant! There’s a super Clay Studio near where we live…

Anyway, long story short: I was hooked. Signed up for a class in the September, went to every Raku day going, and every throwdown Saturday I could.

Then Covid hit, and Eunice had to close her doors. Poor woman. It is almost impossible to keep a business going if you can’t open your doors! She did though, to the best of her ability and given the circumstances, with zoom classes. I joined in too, to support, and because I really missed our pottery classes. So much so, that Dave and I decided to build a little pottery studio in the garage, so I could keep calm and carry on!

Well, I’ve been making loads of bowls and tiles and this n that. Building a proper little stash, ready for when the kids come home, so we can – yep – have a RAKU Party!! They have to quarantine for 10 days when they get home from the States, so why not learn how to throw a pot, eh?! Perfect opportunity!

But I have finished a few too. Glazing is a science!

So after all that, how about a little Pottery giveaway, of a few of my pieces made during Lockdown? 6 little pieces to go to 6 homes….

All you have to do is guess what this is going to be and write your answer below! You can suggest as many things as you like, just keep it clean !!! All correct answers will go in a prize draw and 6 will be pulled out randomly.

Now. Do you want to hear the best part of this story ?!? Look at these masterpieces!

Fabulous or what?! And now guess who made these…

Yep. Debby and Gill, all the way over in Texas. Can you believe that they too got hooked?! Now isn’t that a wonderful story?

I hope you are enjoying the #ClarityOpenDayFestival! Check out what Grace is up to over on the Clarity Matters blog today! Very cool. And the Design Team will be story telling and inspiring all over our Facebook pages Clarity Worldwide and Groovi Worldwide!

Teamwork make the dream work.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. Recognise anybody here? Yep, even in Brooklyn New York, this Pottery is catching on! Grace and her fella Mark. In training for the Quarantine Throwdown when they get home!!

209 thoughts on “#ClarityOpenDayFestival – Barb’s Gone Pottery! (Giveaway #4)

  1. I think maybe a cheeseboard. Really enjoyed yesterday evening. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Hope you aren’t too exhausted Barbara.

  2. Wow thats brilliant and the kids too! So happy for you Barb getting to see your babies soon. I think its going to be a shac shac plaque or a Potter one. It should say visit Barbs many talents here. Or it could be a place mat, for the dinner table. Barb have you made the cats designer pottery feeding bowls yet! Oh so excited to see what it will be. I could keep guessing all day and would love to win one of your pots. Love & hugs Tina

  3. An eye shaped vase. Love the experiments with glazes. Particularly like the ‘blotchy’ one😂

  4. A decorative frisbee?!
    Had a brilliant time last night and very happy with my two cards even in daylight! Xx

  5. Well…it looks like a waistcoat dress pattern, but I think it could be an oval vase-type pot. Not sure what the rectangle at the top is though – decoration?
    Sorry I haven’t got through last night’s event – Bendycat bounced onto the computer keyboard – and he brought a mouse with him!! (poor critter did not survive – the mouse, not Bendycat – we threw the remains into the wildflowers for the owls)
    PS Loving the Festival.

  6. First thoughts are an arty decorated wall clock.

    Antipasti platter. Could go on forever guessing.
    It will be beautiful and made by your fair hands. Good luck to everyone 💓

  7. Fabulous pieces. I miss my pottery. made some happy stuff in my time – children’s clocks, castle etc.
    I think maybe cheese or salad dish. Or an Artist’s palette.

  8. Morning, hope you are not too tired after last night….lovely evening,

    i think if those are the only pattern pieces it could be a butterfly.

  9. Looks a bit like a pattern for the beginnings of a handbag or a handbag shaped-ish planter/vase. Exciting stuff this pottery making, would love to have a go.

  10. An urn/pot. The rectangle is the base, the wing things are the sides and the little thingy cut in half are the handles. Haha or maybe not. Lovely designs by everyone.x

  11. That’s so exciting Grace and Mark are pottering too 👏👏🌸
    I had so much fun last night, I can’t thank you enough.
    I think it’s a fancy teapot, knowing how much you love your tea


  12. I’m not sure of a name for what I think you’re constructing; maybe vase ( boat shaped) or could be a fruit bowl. I think the rectangle is the base for the two large shaped pieces (narrower side down) and that there should be two of the petal shapes to join the arched part of the shaped pieces as two ends.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the craft along. I was tired just from watching, you must have been exhausted once the adrenaline rush died down. There was a definite sense of community. Fabulous.

  13. My first thought was a butterfly wall plaque but the wings would be too big to hold their weight and too straight edged I think (looking at the one we have!) Perhaps a Japanese tea bowl ? I’ve looked at some pics of those. I’ll have another think and might come back.

    Well done to Grace and her fella for having a go – they’ll be taking over when they get to yours ! And what a story introducing your friends and starting them on their pottery journey.

    Going to see son no 2 and his family today – not seen them since I’m not sure when (we’ve seen him on an odd occasion but not the rest of them). Have a good weekend, looking forward to seeing what is posted. Enjoyed last night’s craft along, I did some picot cutting while watching. Loved what you did though. X

  14. Wow, that’s a tricky one! All I can think is some kind of vase, with the two big pieces joining together somehow to form the main body. I don’t think that’s right though. I wish I knew the correct answer as I would dearly love to enter this giveaway, your pottery is so beautiful!

    M x

  15. I think it is going to be a jug. I do hope that I have guessed right as I would love one of your pots, they are just beautiful, I would be honoured to own one!

  16. Ha ha I have just tried to construct it on Procreate. I initially thought a angled vase until I did this.
    Now I think it’s going to be a bowl, maybe a pasta or salad bowl 👏🏻
    Whatever it is I’m sure it will be fantastic. I don’t think your capable of doing anything less. 😘

  17. What a wonderfull evening yesterday, I really enjoyed it!

    I think it might be a small bowl to put some Marzipan in. Quit handy during a pyjama party 😀!


  18. Great pottery. Love the blue glazed designs just my colours. Latest piece – angel fish platter? it’s the little fish mouth top right! I’m sure it will be great whatever it is.

  19. Another thought, milk jug or sugar bowl or enough for both ? Cereal bowl ? Or a nice shaped vase. Now, wonder what I’ve missed? X

  20. Hello Barb, love all the pottery items you have got stacked and ready. Lovely to see that you have inspired your friends and family to take up pottery too. Debby and Gill’s items are fab, can’t wait to see what Grace and Mark come up with too. Your latest creation I think is going to be some sort of wall decoration. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  21. No idea what it will be so have to wait and see. Thank you for the craft-a-long Barbara. It was great seeing Erik and Ragnor and Dave. Haven’t they grown, almost too much for Dave to carry both (and open the door to get out).
    I missed most of the first project because my laptop decided it didn’t want to play. I have everything ready when I can rewind. I did join in the love but it definitely needs more work.
    Have a good day xx

  22. Artist palette or cheese board whatever it turns out to be it will be lovely, loved last night was brilliant Thanks Barbara

  23. a posy bowl, or a lamp shade, or a pot for sponges in the shac. I would love to be lucky enough to own one of your beautiful pieces Barbara to add to my shac Jackanory.
    lots of love
    Sheila x

  24. Fabulous evening last night. Thank you, Barbara, Paul and Grace.
    I think it’s going to be a vase for dried flowers.

  25. Fabulous evening last night. Thank you, Barbara, Paul and Grace.
    I think it’s going to be a vase for dried flowers. Would be lovely to win.

  26. I went to pottery classes many years ago when my children were small. Really enjoyed it but never really mastered the wheel!
    I think Barbara is making a napkin holder

  27. A cheese platter or bread board, an art palette, an unusual picture frame. Whatever you end up making it will look brilliant in my home xx

  28. A letter rack or vase?
    What fun you will have with all the beautiful pots when the kids come home. Hope the quarantine requirements are reduced or removed by the time they get here so to ou can make the most of the precious time.

  29. A vase or bowl? Maybe a jug or special teapot? Whatever you’ve created Barbara, the joy you get from your pottery is great to share!

  30. Had a good look at the pieces with my Bro, he’s really getting into this art stuff, he’s been having his first stamp sesh this morning. He’s decided your making axes for Eric and Ragnar!!
    He’s so glad to be home 3 months in hospital was quite enough for him, now he’s stuck with me.
    Enjoyed last night looking forward to many more.

  31. Your pottery is lovely, Barbara – very classy! I think your latest make could be a letter rack, possibly to hold the lovely postcards? Or could it be an open- ended basket to lay breadsticks in? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  32. Brilliant night last night really enjoyed it, don’t know why I’m thinking this but could it be a jug 🤷‍♀️

  33. How lovely that a treat for someone else turned into such a great hobby – karma at its best! A butterfly shaped bowl or wall hanging. Something butterfly shaped anyway. Could be completely wrong, will keep thinking, would love to win a Barb original piece. I enjoyed the first Craftalong last night, thank you! Need to catch up with the second. Take care xxx

  34. A Vase. You are so talented, don’t know where you get the time, you are always doing something. Take care

  35. What a fantastic pyjama party last night, brilliant way to spend an evening.
    I think it is going to be a bon bon dish.

  36. Well this is a good one Barbara, pottery jigsaw!!! So I think the rectangle is the base, the two wing things are the sides and the leaf shape the ends. When I put that together in my head, it looks like an oval shaped, vase container fruit bowl vessel.if I give loads of ideas one of them might be right hahahaha 😆.
    Whatever it is, because it’s you Barbara, it will be stunning. X

  37. I think it’s going to be a vase with shaped sides and curved ends.
    Loved the FB Pyjama get together thanks Barb xx

    1. Perhaps a leaf shaped flattish dish.A stand for your pepper salt and vinegar. Maybe a cheese board to compliment your other lovely table pieces you have made. You are doing well with your new hobby. Thank you for last night really enjoyed your company. Will miss the cherries I usually buy on the way home from the open days. Nora x

  38. I think you’re going to build a vase of some sort and it will look great! Enjoyed last night’s party- hope you had a lie-in this morning to recover!!

  39. Loving all the pottery pieces and that everyone is catching the bug! I think it’s going to be something with a spout – maybe an indoor watering can? X

  40. A large mix mat or painters pallet. Or a buffet plate to hold your food and drink. We are probably all wrong and it’s a teapot.

  41. Loved last nights PJ party – thanks Barbara. You do make me smile and laugh- such a tonic in the present climate.
    I think it might be a fan shaped vase. The rectangle is the base the leaf shape (would need 2) the sides to connect the larger pieces together. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Xxx

  42. I think it will be an Art Deco styled tea light/candle holder with one of the fabulous Clarity designs cut into each side. The poppy one or the snow drops would look fab.

  43. I guess it will be a vase.
    The story is wonderful. Seems that everyone around you gets hooked as well 🙂

  44. I reckon a bread “basket”, fruit bowl come salad/pasta bowl for when you get all your family together for the Raku party…now what an fabulous event you have planned!

  45. I am thinking a wide mouthed vase the rectangle will be the base and two of the ovals for the sides. Will make a lovely vase for grasses or reeds.
    Look forward to finding out what it will be.
    Enjoying the pyjama party this morning as it was too late for me last night.
    Thanks for all you do Barbara.

  46. Had a brilliant time last night, couldn’t join in this time as we are moving in a few weeks and everything is packed away. But laughed and learnt and I can’t wait to play and recreate the cards once we have moved. So glad you are going to see your kids soon, it will be a wonderful quarantine together.
    I think your next pot is going to be either a fruit basket or a vase, whatever it is I’m sure it will be lovely and someone will be lucky to win one of your beautiful makes xx

  47. My first thought was a fruit bowl, but going by the 9mm measuring stick, I think it would be too small, so maybe some type of spice dish. Maybe the rectangular piece would be for the name of the spice?

  48. maybe a lovely fan shaped vase. last night was so good going to watch again as i now have the my parcel. margaret bird

  49. I think now that it is too small for all of above I said, so perhaps some kind of storage for something very small or pen holder or if you maybe adding a clip on end of wire – a photo holder. 🙂

  50. Thanx for a great evening – it was very satisfying to actually complete 2 projects……. Now the pottery challenge – I cut out pieces of scrap paper and it looks like it could be a vase or flowerpot of some kind. (The wing bits are sides and the 2 oval bits are the ends, and is the rectangle the bottom of the bowl? ). If the sides are pinched in a bit, the bowl becomes a ‘square-round’. All just speculation – it will be an amazing BG Original when finished! It was fun playing with my paper pattern anyway! Enjoy your day Barb (((hugs)))

  51. Sweetie jar. Takes me back to school days (and black and white tv). I was told no good at so you can do pottery. I loved it. Thanks for the good memories.

  52. Sweetie jar. Takes me back to school days (and black and white tv). I was told no good at art so you can do pottery. I loved it. Thanks for the good memories.

  53. Sweetie jar.
    Takes me back to school days (and black and white tv). I was told no good at art so you can do pottery. I loved it. Thanks for the good memories.

  54. Love to see your pottery, so clever. I think this could be a boat shaped vase/desk tidy/pen holder/brush holder/thingy 💗

  55. Tea cup. With a leaf base and ultra modern impossibly to use chunky handle.
    Thank you for last night it was fun.

  56. I think it will be a beautiful flower basket or a posy basket think they called, However handmade and very unique love the items u r making well done too u keep up the good work and posting pics love to see what uve been upto xx

  57. What a brilliant evening last night even though I didn’t have any of the ingredients (finances aren’t what they used to be) except the ink pads I throughly enjoyed it and hope there will be another party in the future. Thank you so much to all concerned. As I never win anything I’m going to take a wild guess that it is going to be some kind of platter or plate. xxx

  58. I think it is going to be a vase, with a flat rectangular bottom & the petal shape – need another one for the 2 sides although it would need to be squared off to match the rectangular base or the petal shapes will join the 2 larger pieces & it will all sit on the rectangular base.
    Love the fact that you love of pottery has been passed on to your friends & Grace + her Mark. I am sure you are going to have a great time when they come home experimenting with the Raku method of firing. Look forward to seeing the results.

  59. Love the story and the continuing thread that you weave through friends and family ! Your pottery is fab !
    My guess is some sort of vase/planter /basket .
    Or some sort of plaque for the wall either .
    Carmel x

  60. Was going to suggest a type of vase but not enough pattern pieces.
    A very large, heavy and stiff bow tie maybe.

  61. Maybe a beautiful butterfly or a curved vase, it’s difficult to say. Loved the craft along last night, hope that there will be a repeat 😂🤣x

  62. Hmm it could end up a TEAPOT maybe? – I think its wonderful so many getting into pottery. I dare not even try as I know, I would love it, but I must not take on another hobby, I dont have time to do what I already love doing! X

  63. I think you’re going to make a decorative shaped bowl/something that would hold fruit. Maybe even with some oasis in the bottom it could be used as a centre piece for a table with fresh flowers in. I’m sure it will look amazing when put together. Thank you for a lovely evening last night. So much more entertaining than the football

  64. I think it might be a wide flat vase which will be fantastic for flower arranging. I would love to own one of you fantastic makes.X

  65. Really enjoying the virtual weekend.
    I think this could be either a butterfly/ moth or fruit bowl.

  66. Enjoyed last night, but only watched. Have to order LOVE today so I will watch back and have go. I guess a large fruit bowl with winged handles, or a large plaque with wings for the Shac Shack.

  67. Fabulous evening spent with you and the Clarity family around the world. You must be exhausted today. Not sure how you made it all the way through but sure glad you were able to. Keep looking at the picture trying to figure out what it might be. Think it might be a beautiful serving bowl. Or could it be a big gift holder for tickets for a cruise for the the family again. Another adventure all together when things get a bit more normal. Noticed the paper you used is from a cruise brochure. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  68. Hmm… that tests our spatial awareness! I wanted to say urn, because I know you’ll be making up your own jokes, but instead I’m going to say fluted vase. I saw these at the end of the pyjama party, and they’re all beautiful. Can’t wait to see what comes out of the potty quarantine!

  69. Thank you for the pj party, my kind of party.
    I think it is something to hold your pencils in the shac, or somewhere to hide your marzipan chocolates….well a few of them anyway.

  70. I think it’s a milk jug. Still catching up on last night’s shenanigans as I had to leave early but enjoying the pyjama party on my own

  71. I have no clue! I don’t think it’s gonna join up somehow, lol 😂 My guess is a fruit bowl, only because of the leaf shape (could be from an apple)! Thanks for last night, great to see so many join in. Good luck everyone x

  72. My first thought was a jug, I thought there was one on Pottery Throw Down with a special name, or maybe I am making that up lol.

    Good luck everyone, who wouldn’t want to receive a “special” present handmade by Barbara xx

  73. Beautiful pottery work! I’m guessing it’s going to be some type of bowl or vase. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  74. Hi there, I reckon it’s a bit heavy for a hat and too small for a boat to paddle off in so I reckon a fruit bowl. Your pottery is amazing as are the things that have been made by your friends and Grace and Mark. Grace is definitely a chip off the old block! Talented girl. going for a cuppa now before I finish prep for tomorrow. Lots of love. Hxx

  75. Loved the pyjama party last night (both of them!). Not really got any idea what your masterpiece will be, but I’ll go for cheeseboard/serving platter. I’m really intrigued to find out…

  76. I think it’s a planter which will hang against a tree or a fence. Thank you so much for last night xx

  77. My guess is an artist’s palate 🥰
    Enjoying sharing the weekend with everyone. I think I’m wearing out my stylus on my iPad! 😜💕💕💕

  78. I had to do some pottery googling and discovered pottery is not just throwing on a
    Wheel. Could this be a fluted basket of some sort with one more of the leaf shapes being cut out of last bit of the clay? Will be interested to see whatever it is.
    Thanks for opportunity to
    Win an original BG. X

  79. What an absolutely fabulous prize – I’d love to have a barb original!! Bea has a slate vase from way back and loves it. My guess is a teapot or jug as I’m guessing the rectangle will be moulded into a handle and a spout fashioned from one end?? NO? I’ll think some more…….

  80. Loved the craft along festival last night, thank you to everyone concerned.
    Well I must admit to being rather stumped on this teaser!
    So a few random thoughts –
    Clam/shell vase
    Would be chuffed to pieces to own a Barbara Gray original.
    Good luck everyone x

  81. Whatever it is it will be gorgeous. I think perhaps a flower pot shaped vase. Keep doing what you love xx

  82. I think it could be a bowl for bread rolls etc, for the table, when having soup. Or first thought was a fruit bowl/boat. It will be very stylish whatever it is…wonderful prize to win. Maybe a letter rack!

  83. Having sewn a few over the last 18 months it looks like a facemask pattern, but it can’t be that, a bit heavy on the nose and ears 🙂

  84. A raku party certainly sounds like fun.
    I’d guess at is being a dish/bowl/vase
    With maybe the rectangular piece being the base and the fan shapes the sides.

  85. I’m imagining a flower basket shaped slab pot. I so wish I had room for a pottery studio, but once I clear my garage (a mammoth task), I have a shiny wood lathe (my xmas present from 2019!)to set up so that I can take up wood turning. The pandemic managed to halt progress on my new hobby….. and then I discovered the SHAC and I got sort of side tracked…lol…

  86. I’m thinking jug or an arty Barbara cheese platter.

    All of you have made some beautiful pottery pieces, love the mottled blue bowl and the tiles, now they’d look great in my kitchen as it’s blue and yellow.

  87. I love hearing about your pottery journey, a real passion project, and given it’s so personal I think it’s amazing that you choose to share this with us too.

    Hmm -sat and stared at those pieces for a while, trying to 3D them in my mind. My best guess is a ‘vase’ – the rectangle is the base, the large pieces the front and back, and I think the petal shape could be an insert for the sides. I’m excited to find out what it’s going to be, whether I’m right or not!

  88. I think perhaps it will be a basket shape for bread rolls perhaps or as a vase. Your work is lovely. I’ve tried pottery & although I enjoyed it I struggled with the preparing the clay (knocking out) due to neck & shoulder damage

  89. 🤔 difficult one. Think it will be open ended so going for letter rack/ napkin holder / Groovi plate holder etc, although I think the blue line on one of the big pieces is a clue that you might cut along this line …… although that hasn’t helped me decide what it will be 😂

  90. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoyed the PJ party last night, I was just watching and enjoying your company and chatting to friends on WhatsApp who were also watching and enjoying the session. How lovely the pottery bug is extending to friends and family, it’s going to be lovely to have Grace and Mark in quarantine with you and having fun. I think the pattern is for a vase, I’m probably wrong but I’m intrigued to find out what it will be.
    Love Diane xxx

  91. I haven’t read all the ideas but my thoughts on seeing this yesterday(Saturday morning) was a flower basket.

  92. Ok – round 2. I think it could be a garden wall plaque (maybe a moth or butterfly), or maybe an abstract clock? Otherwise I haven’t a clue! I’ll look forward to the big reveal at the weekend x

  93. Hi Barbara
    After reading your blog today am I allowed a second guess? I wonder if you are going to make a flower? Perhaps a rose? It’s worth another try.
    Love Diane xx

  94. Hi Barbara I think that the ceramic template is going to be either a lamp base or a ceramic lamp shade .
    It also reminded me of a lamp my mum made when I was a little girl
    She made a little lamp from clam shells and she put a light fitting in the middle .
    probably would look really naff today but I loved it cos it was made by my late mum
    I also remember seeing ash trays made from clam shells 🤢
    Take care
    Best wishes Jackie

  95. Is it some sort of lantern/wall hanging? Maybe one of those ones that fix on the wall outside and you can put candles in them. X

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