Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy prepping for the imminent Sunday TV Show on The Craft Store (prev. HOCHANDA) at 2-4pm.

It will be the first time I have been back in the TV studios for 15 months, which is crazy, isn’t it. We have managed to keep going seamlessly throughout this long Lockdown by linking up via Skype. I think it worked very well, all things considered, but it is time to venture back out. I am very apprehensive about it actually. Out of practice and a little unsure of myself. When you do something over and over and over again, you get used to it and even if it is stressful, it doesn’t phase you because you know the drill. Stop doing it for over a year, and then you have to relearn the habit, get back in sync with the team. Must remember to take everything I need! I shall write a long list tomorrow; that will help allay my fears of forgetting stuff and freezing on the spot! Anyway, it’s only two hours.

Prep prep prep is the key! Fail to prepare – and prepare to fail, as they say!

I drew some neat little stamps just for this special occasion. I love them. They are perfect for arty little stationery cards and notelets.

They combine beautifully with that butterfly wreath we recently made into stamps too…

Actually, when I look at what we are showcasing on Sunday, I can relax. The stamps will do the job for me.

I must crack on! Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, I hope you are safe, healthy and enjoying this day.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Sure once you get there it will be like you were never away. Beautiful stamps, it’ll be a sell out 💖

    Don’t forget your specs!! 😆

  2. Will look forward to Sunday xx you will be fabulous as always and be the best you always are and no one will know how anxious you are I greatly admire this xx we will all be there watching and supporting from the SHAC SHAC and you know we will be willing all to go well and if it doesn’t we will still be 100% behind you lovely lady xx

  3. When standing in the studio, it will feel as usely for sure!
    You have beautiful stamps and will looking when you are there.
    It will be great as always!
    Stay save and healthy.
    Lots of love,Trijntje Huppel

  4. You’ll be fine once your there Barbara. These stamps look lovely and very buyable (is that a word). Can’t wait for the show ‘s on Sunday xxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    I’m sure once you walk through the door and start seeing old friends you will feel like you’ve never been away. I know what you mean though, big step. The new stamps look gorgeous, hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch on Sunday.
    Love Diane xx

  6. Like riding a bike you’ll soon be wondering why you were so worried about it. Looking forward to seeing you back in the studio, although I’ve been quite happy with the Skype sessions. Good luck you’ll be a super star xxx

  7. It will be just like riding a bike – once mastered, never forgotten. You will be fine and when you are there. It will feel like you’ve never been away.
    Lovely stamps, will be watching for ideas, hints and tips, but if I buy any more I may be lynched, or at the very least locked in the deepest, darkest dungeon, then how will I be able to craft?
    Beautiful day again today, feeling happy🌞😊😀
    Stay safe🍒

  8. Hi Barb. I do like these new stamps (as always!) – another spend I suppose!!!!! I too have enjoyed the Skype sessions but I suppose it is easier for everyone behind the scenes if you are in the studio……. see you Sunday with my pen poised to make notes!!!! B xx

  9. Barb, once you are in and starting up the demos, all will be fine! You will be with the great team at Craft Store and have the brilliant Team Clarity behind you all the way – and the larger Clarity Family out here watching and supporting you throughout! Just think Ally Pally, NEC, Commonwealth Institute (Ha, ha remember the good old days!) and demo like you always do, being the best! Excited to see what you do with these lovely looking stamps and can’t wait to find out about the “embedders”!

  10. Hi Barbara I hope it all goes well on Sunday. I am sure once you get going it will be like you have never been away. The stamps are gorgeous. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. Once you are there it will be as if you have never been away but your blog title today made me smile. We hired bikes today & cycled 17 miles around Rutland Water. I have not been on a bike for over a year & the family probably longer but once we got going it was very pleasant.
    The new stamps look cute but may have to add them to my wish list for later on but we will see what happens when you use your magic on Sunday !!
    You tell us that Art is unpredictable so what ever happens on Sunday will be fine.
    Hope it is not too hot travelling up to Oundle – one disadvantage of going to the Studio but the weather is one thing you cannot control. Go with the flow & enjoy the day catching up with everyone.

  12. You’ll be fine I’m sure and with a great set of stamps to show off you’ll be in your element.
    Enjoy being back in the studio!
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  13. You always do a good job, Barbara. You will have done the prep so relax and enjoy. If you are with Leonie, it will be a scream! You will probably both laugh your way through it while still doing a great job. You are among friends and your friends will be watching. However, I’m back in the building on Sunday as well so understand your anxiety. Take care. Hxx

  14. You should ask your next door neighbour to take his leaf blower up to Peterborough and stand outside the studio. You will feel so at home that you will forget to be nervous. 😂 Don’t worry, you will be great, as always. Take care and relax. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Looking forward to Sunday’s show – I’m sure it will all come flooding back once you’re there in the studio and your creative juices are flowing again. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy it!

  16. Hi Barbara
    Best of luck for Sunday, the stamps look great and I’m sure it will be a sellout. Just remember to breathe and everything else will follow 😊😊.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  17. Barbara, be prepared and you do fine. And so what if something goes wrong. Its not the end of the world. Enjoy Sunday. Love your show. Jenny

  18. Hello Barb, you always say you are nervous, but you just completely ace the shows. Looking forward to Sunday, love the stamps. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Hi Barbara, we will all be routing for you sending happy vibes to the tv studio. Hope all goes well xx

  20. You will be fine Barbara once you get started. As you say the quality of your products will do the job for you. Good luck.x

  21. These stamps really are fun, quick and easy to use and produce stunning artwork with very little effort. A fabulous set for batch making if you make to sell or for charities, or those last minute cards you need to make in a hurry. I love them x

  22. I’ve managed to get all the garden done today so I can sit for the 2 hours tomorrow undisturbed. Church in the morning, Sunday lunch and 2 hours of Barbs. What more could a girl want. You’ll be fine Barbara as you always are xx

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