Craftalong this evening.

Craftalong this evening.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Looking forward to the Moment of Clarity Craftalong this evening at 7pm? I am! All set and ready to go. It just needs to cool down a little up here! Now where did I store that cool air fan? Or where is that neck fan that a lovely customer generously sent me last year?!?

Hahahaha! Found them! Even changes colour!

This evening we will be taking another look at those new Floral Linocut Style Stamps.

If you’ve got a selection of Distress Oxide Ink pads, then bring them to the party, with a spritzer of water.

We’ve got a very good selection of lovely Distress Oxide Colours on the website, and at a very good price reduction just for this Craftalong occasion too! CLICK HERE

Whether you craft along with us or just watch with a cuppa is entirely up to you. You may enjoy the crack, or you may prefer to sit back and watch the game, then do your own best version afterwards.

I remember doing a zoom pottery class during Lockdown, and working along with Eunice from the safety of the garage here. I had missed the instructional email which said you had to wedge and prepare the clay, so that it was quite firm in readiness for the class. I had a hell of a job with what was really wet clay! It was flopping and not standing up at all! (Oi!! I’m talking about the clay!!). I had such a laugh and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The artwork was ok too.

And I learned enough to be able to replicate the technique later on. With firmer clay!

It all depends what you’re doing! And what we are doing this evening on Facebook Live is a pieceacake! Very achievable – for novice stampers too.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you are enjoying it!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Craftalong this evening.

  1. Well I had totally forgotten itwasWednesday!!! Thought it was Monday! I wondered why you were doing it on a Monday!!! Haha. Been looking after my 96 year old mother, so had no time for crafting or even remembering what day of the week it is!! Shall try and watch tonight, though am totally exhausted so may nod off ! But it won’t be due to being bored as I look forward to all Barbara’s shows. They are full of laughter!!! Thanks Barbara. Your air con photo makes me think of a cat who has got the cream!!!!

  2. It’s just started raining here so cooled down, thank goodness! Love the smell of rain on hot earth. Looking forward to this evening especially as my daughter (and her husband) is arriving in time to craft along too. She hasn’t been home since December 2019. Hugs all round. See you at 7. Xx

  3. I love the fan, never seen anything like that! You also made me laugh at the flopping about & not standing up comment. Up here in the North East we love a naughty sense of humour! Our daughter married an American & lives in Pennsylvania, & our son in law loves me as he says I have a fantastic sense of humour. Apparently, I say things his Mom wouldn’t dream of saying! MOI?
    I can’t make the show tonight as my arthritis deteriorates as the day goes on. But I will be tuned to YouTube in the morning. Thank you so much Barbara for making us smile (and spend loads of money!)🤣

  4. Looking forward to tonight. It is cooler at the back of the house although I have all the curtains shut at the front of the house to cool things down! You could fry in my house! See you tonight. Hx

  5. Hi all. I won’t be joining in tonight as I’m not a stamper, but love to watch.
    Glad you found the fan Barbara (it was me!!!)
    I’ve got mine ready too.
    Had a hot morning, then the heavens opened, now it’s humid. We can’t win, can we, lol.
    See you later. Stay cool!! Loads of love. X

  6. Looking forward to tonight’s craftalong. Hubby has just gently reminded me that football is on the TV tonight, could we possibly have supper earlier tonight? Of course I replied! Little did he know that supper was already prepped this morning, just need to pop it into the oven, as I am busy tonight myself with the wonderful Barbara and fellow crafters!
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  7. I have one of those fans too -must look it out, I’d forgotten about it! Bea and I will do the lesson at the weekend -neither of us are up to much in the evening for crafting, but we love these stamps and have had play sessions with them so really looking forward to the one you are doing this evening. I think one of the best things to come out of the whole pandemic/lockdown thing is the way we’ve got together and learned new techniques and made new friends.. I hope there will be ongoing ‘Moments of Clarity’ to show those of us unable to got the exhibitions how to use new products. We haven’t missed a single ‘Shac’ (though not always live) and have learned so much.

  8. So glad there’s football on the box tonight peace and quiet to sit ,listen and learn. See you at 7pm.

  9. Tee hee! I love the slightly risque “funny” !!!! My husband is out and my little dog thinks I have lost the plot as I’m giggling away to myself!!!!! I have just wasted 2 hours hosting a “Tea & Chat” Zoom party for our U3A group……..I say wasted as only 3 members bothered to turn up!!!!! I could have been crafting while my other half is out entertaining his grandchildren……..grrrrr. See you this evening xx

  10. Will try and watch if not I will catch up later. At the moment I am sat in the shade watching my daughter & 2 granddaughters on an inflatable assault course on Rutland Water. There could be some very sleepy people in a bit !! I found my fans the other day & so wish I had brought them with me, wasn’t expecting such an jump in temperature.

  11. Looking forward to it Barbara, but please can you get all the new Distress and oxide colours as I’m desperate to try them out on my Clarity goodies, particularly speckled egg 😁.

  12. Really looking forward to tonight’s Moment of Clarity with the magic Lino Cut stamps! When you were talking about Obsession the other day in your Blog Barbara I thought you were going to be talking about your favourite perfume! Your pottery is amazing Barbara and hopefully we can see some of it tonight? I particularly liked the black oxide plaques, so atmospheric! My Obsession of course is Clarity and crafting with Clarity goodies – and has been since the mid nineties when I first “ran into” you outside M&S in the Hempstead Valley shopping Centre. Clarity has given me an outlet for my “arty” side, to learn so much from some amazingly talented crafters and artists and allowed me to be part of the wonderfully friendly community that is the Clarity Family! So I will definitely be joining you all for another magic session in Barbara’s company! See you at 7pm.

  13. Hi Barbara have a great evening. I am always doing something else on a Wednesday. We have been to see both lots of parents today and I am very tired. My parents don’t know who we are anymore. Oh well. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. Love your saucy humour!!!!! The clay bottles look good, not floppy at all. 🤣🤣🤣
    Will have to catch up with Moment of Clarity later as have other things planned for this evening.
    Too hot here today. Got all the fans going which helps. Never seen anything like your neck fan. Will have to search the internet and see if I can find one.
    Stay cool.🍒

  15. Hope all gone well in craftalong I will need to catch up later. I’m at the caravan and the internet isn’t good enough it drops in and out. I’ll enjoy seeing everyone’s creations x

  16. Oh dear – I was encouraging an enormous wasp out of the house and tuned in to see you say goodbye! Will watch later on YouTube x

  17. Hello Barb, love the fan, I need to get one myself. Unfortunately missed the Moment of Clarity last night, will have to catch-up on youtube. Have to try create 3 really quick birthday cards before work this morning, so going to use some of my Club dies and designer papers. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Dear Barbara. Enjoyed your moment of clarity last night, the stamps are really great but I am not very good at stamping. So pleased to have something interesting to watch, the TV is rubbish. Is it really cut out of Lino or is that just the name. .
    Hope your all ok. Xxxxxx

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