Stop and smell the Bluebells.

Stop and smell the Bluebells.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Long walk through the bluebells this evening, to clear the head. Freshly rained on, beautiful blue carpet, amazing scent!

We followed the path, and went where it took us…

Listened to a cuckoo, and met with a couple of deer, too. In fact, more deer than humans, which was quite refreshing.

On the subject of wonderful nature, I had been working on some new clay tiles in the morning, experimenting with black iron oxide. I get lost in it, I really do. It’s like Narnia, like stepping out of this world into another one for me. Each bowl and plate, each mug and tile is exciting to me.

These are little art tiles that are bisque fired. The black iron oxide wash is to bring out the art. I think it has worked well so far. To be continued…

Look familiar?

It’s the illustrations by Mel which blow me away every time. Whether you make art with the stamps or the dies or the stencils or the Groovi plates. these are just magnificent.

If you’re looking for the Treescape, look no further… Click here for the whole range.

For the Be Still and The Earth 3-way overlay stamps, click here.

For the dies, click here:

For the treescape Die, click here:

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Anyway, it’s the sentiment behind the art which is so poignant.

The earth is singing – you just have to listen.

Love and hugs

Barb xx

15 thoughts on “Stop and smell the Bluebells.

  1. At 5.30 this morning I lay very still in bed and listened to the birds. Don’t know what they were but it was a very peaceful half hour. Ray found an app for his phone this afternoon which will identify the birdsong so I’m looking forward to using it.
    Your local woods and bluebells are delightful -wish we had something like that here. In any case I couldn’t go for a walk at the moment as my feet have swelled up like barrage balloons and I can’t get any shoes on. 😢
    Ho hum, it’s great getting old innit? At least I have plenty to do, I’m Groovin’ and stamping like mad as I hate wasting time, it goes too fast for me.🍒

  2. Bluebell woods look wonderful, one of my favourite things.
    Seeing the deer was an extra treat,
    You are lucky to have somewhere so lovely… near! Love to your beautiful kitties xx

  3. Your photos of the bluebells in the woods are beautiful, I had last week off and we spent Tuesday at Bodnant Gardens and the Bluebells and Azaleas etc were lovely.

  4. How lovely. Haven’t heard a cuckoo for a few years now, used to have one at bottom of Mum’s/my childhood garden but I’m never there at the right time now – perhaps he’s not there any more either ! X

  5. Hi Barbara
    Since moving to Somerset I have been lucky to have some spectacular walks on our doorstep. Last week my sister in law and myself ( both named Ruth) went on a ramble with Toby the springer spaniel and ventured further afield to Beer woods near High Ham the bluebells were our in abundance and it was great. So we have renamed ourselves Ruth’s ramblers and are busy planning the next walk when it finally stops raining. I find that It is good to sort out my head and keep me on an even keel.
    Hope the boys are ok and not getting up to too much mischief 😺😺.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  6. Thanks Barbara for sharing your woodland walk.
    So beautiful. Love too how you are so ”fired up” with your potting experiments.
    I spent most of the day in Camelot -it was FAB! X

  7. The bluebells look beautiful in that woodland setting. Mom said she heard a cuckoo the other day but I haven’t heard one for ages. Its been a mixed day here weather wise with the sun coming out late this afternoon after a damp day.

  8. Beautiful bluebells … a rich blue carpet on your evening stroll Barbara, something I miss since we moved to the south west. We do get them but not in such profusion. Glad you have been getting immersed in your pottery too, I love the look of those art tiles. x

  9. Look out for Aslan when you go down to the woods today! Cue for a song! Beautiful day here today. Not what was forecast. You just never know. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hxx

  10. Love the blue bells and they remember me of our holidays in Yorkshire many years ago.
    Have the blue bells too in our garden and every year there are more everywhere.
    Take care and stay save and have a peacefull Sunday.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  11. Beautiful photos of the bluebells. We did the same too today. One deer came quite close to us. Found it such a peaceful day just being at one with nature.

  12. Hello Barb, wow what a beautiful area to take a walk, thanks for sharing the photos, love the idea that you see deer so close by. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. I open my bedroom window to smell the bluebells and I walk the dogs among them every day. I hear the birds, I see the deer – I am very, very, fortunate to live in such a wonderful place among ancient woodland. I just hope the demons in the council keep their hands off our AONB for my lifetime. They seem to disregard the laws and build anywhere these days. Rant over!

  14. Hi Barbara your bluebell wood is gorgeous and how lovely to see the deer there. We have a bluebell wood near us and it has been glorious this year just so many bluebells as far as you can see. I love your tiles too. It is so nice to have a consuming hobby. Have a good week. Take care. Hugs xxx

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