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Thanks for popping in. Stepped back today. Took my Clarity business hat off and had a major sort out, a declutter, yet another Spring Clean. There’s so much gear accumulated in this little SHAC Studio, that it doesn’t take much to make a mess. Couple of TV shows and Facebook Lives sessions, and it looks like a BOMZITIT!! There also comes a point where you just can’t work effectively – there’s too much noise.

Decided to make a little space, a light, quiet space away from work, where I can practise my lino cutting and printing. Somewhere else. A different outlook. Found just the spot at the bottom of the garden in the log cabin. Perfect. A lot of back and forth, moving ink and tools, tables and presses. But by tomorrow it will be right.

Emptied the kiln this morning too. Another successful haul….

Glazing this weekend. Got so much fired to biscuit, but not glazed! I made some what I am calling Balance Bowls. They’re pinched and set on three legs, so that they balance perfectly, like a milkmaid’s stool. Still in the rough, but I reckon they’ll be perfect for Raku next month. I shall make some more this weekend. I like them. Maybe a few larger ones….

Balance. Yes. There has to be a balance. A Life-work balance. This week I could feel the balance shifting. All work and no play. And before I even figured it out, I was tearful, tired and tense.

If I’ve learnt anything during this lockdown, it’s that there has to be a balance, a spoonful of serenity mixed in. All work and no play is not the answer. We all need quiet time.

Found this artwork whilst clearing up. I made it ages ago; it’s a Designer Paper that didn’t make the books for some reason. Nice though.

Yupo Paper + Alcohol Ink = Serenity Pool. Stare at it a while. Good for the soul.

Stay Safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. Glad you got time out. I’ve spent mine getting more and more frustrated! Tomorrow is another day. Have a good weekend. Hx

  2. All the pottery looks great, wish I could have a bit of me time at the moment! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  3. What fab bowls – useful for fruit and Knick knacks ? Always need a bowl or two for those ! You’re going to have to start selling ! What beautiful paper too, you must make another pad in time and include it, it is a relaxing one. I came here to finish of Wednesday’s Shac and you’ve side tracked me. Just cleared the garden of the stuff under the tarpaulin – it’s now in the new shed, not in any order but at least I’m not looking at a tarpaulin mountain in the garden, took advantage of a few dry hours. Can’t be much more water left up there for this month! Have a good weekend x x

  4. Wow love the pots, I like the rough one at the front, on the right. Oh and all the others.
    Absolutely adore the paper design, I hope your gonna include it in a new collection of Barbs faves. Sorry I’m adding to your work load but it’s beautiful.

  5. Had a bit of a “washing machine” head today! Not getting anyway and feeling more tensed up. However, after just “switching off” and looking at your Serenity Pool for a few minutes, I’m feeling much better and calmer! Thank you Barbara, have a great weekend and those Balance Bowls look so good! We all need better balance in life.

  6. Love your pottery looking good and glad you found time to take a step back xx love the paper beautiful pattern so peaceful and pure tranquility xx

  7. Glad you are taking a bit of time out. Having enjoyed Wednesday evening I decided to put my parchment onto white card. Not done Groovi for ages so turned the house upside down looking for my corner punch. Finally decided I would need to buy another so sat down to log on to Clarity website looked up and it was sitting on the pen drawers right in front of me!!! What a Wally I am

  8. Hi Barbara it is good to step back from time to time. It is so nice that you have a space to use where you can get away from everything and just create. The pottery looks just amazing. That is a lovely hobby to have. I hope your weekend is a good one. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Hi Barbara,
    The pottery is scrumptious. Love it.
    I need to have a clear out to. Been gifted with pergamono bits from a friend who is moving and hasn’t the room to craft. Original pencils etc, but lovely. Will have a try. Keep up the good work, but remember to rest also.

  10. Pottery looking good. Like your ‘balance’ bowls.
    Also having a tidy up which will result in not being able to find things for a while. Although I generally believe in having what I want to hand there comes a time when movement is to restricted to be workable. And yes although I’m not a fan of tidy I admit there’s a point at which untidy can make crafting less enjoyable ( no room for cups of tea LOL).

  11. We all need some balance and I am pleased you have found some. It is good to have some time away from work to regroup, relax and recover. Matters always seem clearer and less stressful afterwards.
    The pottery looks great.
    I have had a de-clutter several times lately and it is so frustrating when, having sorted and tidied I cant find things. Hubby says it is because there is too much crafty stuff in the house, but do we ever have too much???
    Have a good weekend. Stay safe.

  12. Love the balance bowls, handy for nuts and nibbles.
    The plates look very good too…all lovely. I would love to have a go at Pottery. Thanks for my recent prize Barbara, got some
    Lovely items, can’t wait to play!

  13. Love the bowls and the Serenity Pool paper – like others I’d love some of this paper. Seriously though, we all need balance and a sort through / tidy up from time to time. Had my second jab yesterday, side effects not as bad as first but very tired so been sorting Groovi plates into folders, then designer parchment – more organised now. Have a lovely creative but restful and refreshing weekend xx.

  14. Love those bowls – they’re really clever, and the paper is just beautiful. Have had a couple of full on days myself with online training sessions, so looking forward to some downtime this weekend (crafting, obviously!)

  15. Love the pottery, look forward to seeing it after it has been glazed.
    Hope you manage to set up your new quiet art space up in the log cabin tomorrow. A change is as good as a rest they say so its good to step away & do something different. I should have a tidy up but then I can never find anything so I keep delaying that task but I also need to catch up on several projects that I have on the go. Will try & do some now but feeling tired after my 2nd jab.

  16. Loving the balance bowls. Needed the serenity pool got a twitchy eye today — so tired. Had a full on week minding the grandchildren and then trying to fit in jobs for mum as well. Taking some time out tomorrow booked a national trust day out at Dunham Massey. Looking forward to a leisurely walk in calm surroundings. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Enjoy your’s Barbara xx

  17. Love the bowls, especially the balance ones, I don’t know how you find time between doing the Shac shack, running clarity, tv shows but you do make such good use of the 24 hours in a day, you have my admiration and respect

  18. Wonderful pieces of art. A joy to behold.
    Are you able to watch Davina McCall on catchup looking at the menopause and how little help there is despite 52% of the population going through it at some point…
    Wednesday 12 May, 9pm, channel 5. Defo worth a watch for all women everywhere 👯‍♂️

  19. Morning Barb, those pieces of pottery are just amazing, love the balance bowls. Hope you are enjoying your creative time. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  20. Need time off as well, difficult though with a business to run. Hope your new lino space gives you a nice respite. X

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