Now is it.

Now is it.

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Thanks for popping in.

NOW is it, you know. NOW is the only reality. This present moment – you sitting reading this blog – that is the only REAL TIME in your life. And me writing this blog to you, right now, thinking about what I am thinking, and putting it into words.

The past is just that: past, gone, finished, no longer part of NOW. As such, it has no power over NOW. And later, as you move through your house, through your day, through your life, each moment as you experience it is the only reality you can ever have. Everything else is in your mind.

This morning I woke up anxious. Anxious about the future. About my parents, about the kids, about the business, about the state of the world, about the list of things I have to achieve today. By the time I had washed my face and cleaned my teeth, I was ready to crawl back in under the duvet and switch off the light!

GAGG ! shouted a little voice in my head – the voice of reason. GAGG! This little acronym ? Get a Grip Gray !

The reality of it is that I was fretting fruitlessly about stuff which isn’t real, which hasn’t happened and probably isn’t likely to happen. Unless of course, I give it so much energy that I drive my life towards it – and it does happen!

I had to bring it right back to NOW. Because NOW is all I really truly have. Everything else is conjecture, forecasting, speculation. And based on what? On past experience? Mmm. Now there’s a potent recipe for anger, resentment and frustration!

So I shall get my box of tricks out again, the one that says “How to handle LIFE” on the lid. :

  • write a gratitude list
  • go find a cat to stroke
  • throw away the list of work things to do today. It’s Sunday.
  • sit and listen to the birds in the garden
  • draw a picture ready for a lino cut, and
  • maybe even throw a few porcelain bowls.

The last two are perfect for concentrating, focussing the mind in NOW.

Is it only me? Am I the only one who piles on so much work, responsibility and worry, that in the end I feel completely overwhelmed and inadequate? What a waste of good life.

Happy Sunday!

Love always,

Barb xx

32 thoughts on “Now is it.

  1. I love that acronym GIGG. My would be GIGM. So much better to stay in the present – we hear more, experience more and are more peaceful. Thank you. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. You are quite right Barbara, we have to focus on the here and now and not on the ifs, buts and maybes. Have a good day doing whatever brings pleasure..I love the photo, the Vikings are looking great! x

  3. Not just you today I woke up with a strange morbid feeling needed to tell hubby what I needed him to organize if anything happen to me. Now chilling and wondering why I needed to do that today.

  4. It’s very easy in these strange times to feel yourself become gripped with a sense of panic. But like you said throw away the list and focus on the things you can do right now, mine is my card making, embroidery and my cat and dog 🥰

  5. My acronym today was GIGC.
    For once I managed 6 hours sleep and woke up still tired but alas much to do. No enthusiasm. Had breakfast, and while I had my coffee decided to finish the last few pages of a book. OK I said to myself GET IN GEAR CHERRY there is a lot to do!!!
    Due to my recent immobility things had piled up and so I made a list of jobs to attempt each day, somewhat daunting but necessary. Got myself in gear and managed to do all today’s and most of tomorrow’s tasks so I am less stressed and feel more able to cope. One day at a time, tomorrow will take careof itself whether we worry or not.
    The Vikings are growing up and looking as cuddly as ever. They must be such a joy for you.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday with your pottery and lino cutting. Look forward to seeing the results.
    Stay safe.

  6. Hello Barbara

    It is the times we are living in. We aren’t programmed to be shut away, staying away from people. It messes with our heads.

    Sending a hug,

  7. Thank you for this Barbara. I have being feeling really anxious today and although most of it is due to real issues some are as a result of past experiences. Onwards and upwards I say and as Captain Tom said tomorrow will be a good day.

  8. OMG, that was me this morning, I didn’t realise it at the time as I was too wrapped up in it ! Lot better now, went to see mum and her new budgie – although he stressed me with his flapping and he’s not allowed out while I’m there or I wouldn’t be there ! I’m the first one to say don’t worry until there’s something to worry about but I’ve changed a bit in this last lock down. Walked around the garden, had some lunch, pottered around it again, moaned about dirty paw prints indoors not out – not that I worry about that ! All is well again now. Must have been the day for it. Do you think the weather is driving us bananas as well. Enjoy the ret of the day and stroke those cats! One had a near miss with me this morning – he kind of walked out into the road – he would have walked into the car — not me run him over but it made me shout and then feel wobbly after! I was just glad then to see him, from my wing mirror, strolling on across the road, nothing behind me or coming towards me thankfully. X

  9. I wake up a lot with anxiety. I think this new variant has shaken me again. Wish the world was back the way it was. Had a lovely time with my son and his girls – that cheered me up no end but this old girl needs a cat nap.

    The Vikings cuddling- Couldn’t tell whose legs were whose lol! 😄

    Talkingcabout legs , Looking forward to Shac Shack tomorrow, but my horses legs still look like twiglets- bit more work needed.

    Enjoy your pottery and Lino cutting!!!

  10. WOW…so many things to think about – but I’m is it you get like this when yesterday you were in the woods, wild and free, looking and listening to wildlife?
    I agree about the cats, and, Gray being my name, I can GIGG too.

  11. We are starting to mix again with family and friends but can’t help feeling a little anxious. Seen both my little grandchildren this weekend which was great. These times will pass but certainly messing us all up. X

  12. I have been feeling anxious about the rules relaxing tomorrow and wondering if people will just forget that we are not yet out of the woods. My grandchildren call me GAGGY – perhaps they had an inkling! ( change Gray to Granny) ! Hugs. Annette X

  13. Die grosse deutsch jüdische Lyrikerin hat einmal gesagt: “Wirf deine Angst in die Luft.” In diesem Sinne noch einen schönen angstfreien Sonntag…

  14. Don’t wake up fretful or worried yes we can’t help that we all do it have a tea . Coffee whatever look out of the window give thanks that you got through the night that you breath and at least you can wipe your own backside loads can’t just give thanks for what you have not what might or might not be live a life that’s as full as only you can make its yours enjoy don’t waste it on worry love to everyone

  15. You are not alone, I’m my own worst enemy sometimes but I will endeavour to follow your example and focus on now x

  16. No, you’re absolutely not. I’ve now spent three days of my annual leave worrying about the future and frozen to the spot, in a manner of speaking. This afternoon, I looked at the sun outside and still didn’t move but in the end I did. I went up to the pond in the garden armed with pencils and a colouring book but couldn’t settle so I started using the other things I had taken out and continued weeding paths that I started last year! I always feel good when I have done that – a bit of physical exercise and something to show for it! Crafting didn’t go so well this morning which didn’t help! I was making pictures with die cuts, something I have done numerous times now but trying to fix what went wrong with each one resulted in a bigger mess! Thought it best to abandon that boat for today and fortunately, the life boat appeared! Lol. Old kitten sitting beside me now. Sending a hug your way. Hxx

  17. I use to be like that. But severe illness in 1979 changed it all.

    Now I enjoy every day as….tomorrow is not promised.

    Hubby is now I’ll so we just look after each other and what comes tomorrow I’ll deal with tomorrow…..the end…

  18. Sorry you felt anxious. I have spent yet another very painful day. Waiting for medical help and very scared. First time I haven’t done the Shac Shack. Hoping tomorrow is brighter

  19. Hi Barbara
    I can be similar to you but having lost so many good people in my life so it makes me appreciate the time I have and the ability I have to do things. I like to say it is easy but it is not the weather today has been awful so unable to get in the garden and potter which always helps.
    Love to you Dave the rest of the family and the vikings.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  20. A very powerful speech today….wondered where it was going! I have loads to worry about….can’t see anyway out of worrying! Basically a happy person… worries will still be there! Just have to forget things and have a break from it all. Seeing your cat’s always work wonders and bring a smile….thanks for that!

  21. I also woke up feeling not right. I blame the weather. Could not go into the garden much today, and still pouring now. Going to have a go at my people in camalot while my quiche cooks. See you in the Shac Shack in the morning.

  22. I think we are all a little unsettled at the moment. I’m feeling unsettled as I’m going to miss the SHAC this week and I’m going to miss Groovi Tuesday. I’m off to see my brother to help him clear his late wife’s craft store. It’s just how she left it 2 years ago when she passed and I’m a little concerned as to how we are both going to feel. However, it’s something to be done and I’m sure there are a number of people who are going to benefit so I have to look forward but I can tell you I’m not looking forward to the coming week. Stay strong peeps as I keep telling myself xxx

  23. Hello Barb, this is such a true to life blog post. I have been waking up anxious for a while now, just worrying about what is happening around us, worrying about the kids and work, but as you say Now is Now, can’t change what happened before, cannot predict what will happen going forward, but can face it with resolve and strength to do what it takes to get through. Love the picture of the the Vikings, they have really grown. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  24. I have been practicing mindfulness and it’s definitely helping, but you do have to practice every day. On my second course this year actually and I’m sleeping better, and really recognising and acknowledging every little bit of progress towards achieving those huge tasks. As they say you can’t eat an elephant in one bite!

  25. I hope you are feeling stronger now Barbara, it is strange how one day we can wake up with a song or tune in our head and the next doom, gloom and depression. Makes no sense but finding out it is not only ourselves does slightly help. I must admit to a smile when I read the accronym GAGG, as mine would sound like gaggle, Get A Grip Lamb. Will catch up with todays live clarity later as having to go out.
    Take care all and Still stay safe and be cautious.

  26. We have always said live for today, sort tomorrow when it comes. As you say no good worrying about what might happen, nor what has already passed because neither can be changed. Enjoy the moment & make the most of it.
    Just catching up after yet another busy day at our daughters house yesterday – almost the house of horrors but it will be nice when it is all done – just a few unexpected jobs on the way. Todays drama is the stop cock in the house doesn’t turn off & the council appear to have buried the outside one under a new footpath laid last week. Plumber trying to move the boiler downstairs but not as straight forward as we hoped. Glad I stayed here to catch up with the housework & craft projects. HW done now for some crafting !!

  27. Looking at all the replies on here you are definitely not alone and though I am generally the happy bunny and positive one, I too have those moments of anxiety but then I sit, have a cuppa (always good), watch and listen to all the birds in the garden and I’m back on track. Crafting helps too as does a chat – with my boyfriend, my sister, a good friend. Have a good, positive day xxx

  28. Barbara, just found your videos and blog in the past couple of days. I live in Florida USA and I was so much like all of you that it through me back into an instant panic listening to your worries.
    I’ve received both vaccinations and was able to see my three granddaughters for the first time in over a year.
    It almost sounds cruel of me to speak of such wonderful news but I do only to let you all know that just have a little more patience.Right away after the vacs, I almost got caught up in that daily whirl of forgetting my crafting as it was the Only thing that got me through the pandemic period. So, your time will come too ladies, so take advantage of every moment where you do not have to feel guilty for doing so. Soon, all will be as back to normal as the world can be after this horrific period in history.
    SO create, create, create ladies because sooner than you thin, other responsibilities will be weighing on you and you won’t have the pandemic as an excuse to stay put in your craft room creating.
    Barbara, when they lift the travel band from the USA to England I would love to come to your store and take Gel Plate Lessons. You are a pro!

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