PJ’s and Cherries.

PJ’s and Cherries.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Bad case of washing machine head today. Full spin cycle. It’s all action at Clarity! Which is a euphemistic way of saying I’m up to my arse in crocodiles at work!

Yesterday’s second Covid Jab has knocked me for 6, and the necessary trip to the dentist this morning just about topped me off. Nice man. Very nice man. But I do dread going to see him.

There’s nothing for it, except to throw my arms up in the air (carefully), cry uncle – and admit I’m beaten today. I surrender.

Tomorrow’s another day. Today is a growing day. We have good days and growing days. And today was a definite growing day.

But here come the GREAT LEVELLER – that which instantly rightsizes anything and everything going on in my lucky little life….

A dear, darling friend lost her husband to COVID yesterday. Out of the blue. Total shock and complete devastation. Heartbreaking circumstances too. The ache in my heart and sadness for that poor woman and her kids goes beyond words. No words.

I bought some cherries from a street vendor on the way home, because

1. I love cherries, and

2) I felt sorry for him, standing in the rain and wind, trying to flog some cherries.

It’s time to pull up the drawbridge and light a fire.

Time for PJ’s and cherries.

DOn’t forget the Moment of Clarity tomorrow at 3pm on Facebook Live. Hope you can join me x Those Lino Cut stamps are going to be getting a good workout !

Stay safe.

Love and Tight Hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “PJ’s and Cherries.

  1. Dear Barbara
    So sorry to hear about your friend’s loss, keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.
    Honestly, Im sure no one will mind if you have to postpone tomorrows Moment of Clarity, so that you can fully recover from your COVID jab and trip to the dentist.
    Enjoy the cherries!
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  2. So sorry to hear you have had sad news, it really does put things into perspective though.
    There but for the grace of god go I. Take care and try to have a bit of you time if you can x

  3. Just wanted to send you love and hugs. I have my second jab tomorrow but I’ll be with you in the afternoon.
    Take care

  4. The COVID jab has affected a lot of people in a way no-one expected. It sounds as if you’ve been floored these past couple days both physically and emotionally. If A Moment of Clarity has to be postponed then so be it. You are the important one here so take time to recover and build your strength. Thoughts go out to your friend and her family xx

  5. Sending lots of love, Barb. A tough day for you and even more so for your friend and her children. Feet up and the fire lit is definitely the way to go. It’s what I’ve done today. Last day of my annual leave. Can’t stretch it out any further, unfortunately! Hang on in there. See you tomorrow although I may have to play catch up if the postman doesn’t bring my stamps! Either way, it’s no problem. I can watch and listen and catch up another day. Take care. Hxxx

  6. Sorry you are still feeling poorly and have had sad news as well.
    Could you possibly postpone the Moment of Clarity this week and have a long relaxing weekend? Everyone will understand if you do.
    Enjoy your cherries.

  7. Hi Barbara I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. It is so sad about your friend’s husband. Enjoy the cherries. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. So sorry to read about your friend, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family . We never know what is round the corner for us all & my ‘’live for today, sort tomorrow out when it comes ‘’ stands true yet again.
    See how you feel tomorrow & postpone the moment of clarity if you need to- no one would mind- your health comes first.

  9. So sad to hear about your friend and her family, even though the vaccine program is going so well people are still losing loved ones. That’s why I feel so cross listening to people on tv moaning about their holidays abroad, no one ever died from having to wait for a holiday. The sight of crowded airports and the thought of sitting on a plane with a couple of hundred others puts me right off.
    Hope you recover from your jab soon. It took me 2 or 3 days to get over the second one, just felt so tired xx

    1. I’m with you about people moaning about wanting to go on holiday. I want to shake them, and tell them to get real.

  10. So sorry for your awful day. I do empathise with growing days. To use your words “this too shall pass” Let’s hope calmly and peacefully. Lots of love xx

  11. So sorry to hear about your friend especially as most people seem to be under the false impression that its all over now and we’ve beaten this terrible thing – we haven’t it’s still there mutating all the time. If you need to postpone the moment of clarity then please do so as your own health and well being is much more important. Take care everyone xx

  12. Hello Barb, oh I am so sorry to hear of your friends loss of her husband. Praying for her and her family to have strength at such a difficult time, and sending you massive virtual hugs. I hope you feel better today, and I am sure if you have to postpone the Moment of Clarity, everyone will understand, and you are very precious to us, so we would prefer that you are well. Hope you enjoyed the cherries, I love cherries too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s sad loss and my thoughts go out to her and her family. Sending you a hug you have had a bad time of it but jabs done for you and hopefully anyone else that wants them soon. Cherries make me think of camping in France and drinking wine and brandy with another British couple, I can remember the joy the sun and the heat and it is due back next week I can’t wait to see it and feel the warmth on my face again.

  14. So very sad to hear about the passing of your good friend’s husband. A few off days after a vaccination seems like a small price to pay – just booked my second jab. Hope the cherries were good last night x

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