A Moment of Clarity – Back to Basics on Stamping.

A Moment of Clarity – Back to Basics on Stamping.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. If you were able to join in on the Moment of Clarity this afternoon, I do hope you got something out of the Back to Basics Stamping session!

These new Lino Cut stamps are absolutely perfect for learning the stamping ropes! Even if you don’t stamp out an image perfectly, it just looks like part of the design! I have actually caught myself trying NOT to stamp out the lower half of the stamp perfectly, so that it looked grungier!

If you missed the live stream, here it is, embedded in the blog. It’s quite long, but the first 20 minutes or so is just a Back to Basics tutorial on How to stamp. If you’ve been getting frustrated with your stamping, if the images have been patchy, if you are looking for some answers on how to improve your stamping, then the first 20 minutes might help….

Here are the Lino Stamps we have been using…

And here, as promised is a lovely Gallery, to give you some ideas. I have run out of steam, so the ingredients will have to be added over the weekend. xx

Many thanks to the talented DT for all their lovely work. And thanks again to Paul for helping so much. Have a great weekend xxx

Be sure to get your stamps in time for Part 2 of the Floral Lino Cut Stamping Craftalong on Wednesday, 2nd June 7pm.

Love always

Barb. xxx

21 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity – Back to Basics on Stamping.

  1. Thank you Barbara for a great session. My stamping needs improving but I will keep trying. My artistry ink pads have leaked so I am covered in ink.
    Enjoy your evening and unwind with David and the cats. xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    Please take care of yourself. I am sure that some days you are running on empty or almost empty.


  3. Just paid car tax so the linocut stamps are definitely on the wish list along with the triptych frames… but enjoyed the craft along. Look after yourself Barbara. X

  4. Loved the craft along and learnt so much about stamping, inks and what we are stamping onto Hank you so much I am sure it will all improve my stamping immensely also loved the splatter at the end what a simple idea with a fabulous impact definitely trying this one xx love these stamps so versatile as usual xx thank you to you Paul and your team xx

  5. Lovely afternoon, learnt some more! Stamps on my list. Have so many I haven’t used yet ! Thanks for all the tips xx

  6. Loved this afternoon and as this was my first day back at work after annual leave, it was a great de-stressor! Hope you have a good weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. Will have to watch the session later as I fell asleep this afternoon.
    Beautiful gallery of cards shown here – your team are second to none.
    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Even though I have been stamping for years and it is my first love I throughly enjoyed this afternoons session. I think we all sometimes forget the little things that can make all the difference. Although I clean my stamps with water and a cloth I didn’t know it was safe to use alcohol blending solution as well so you really can learn something new everyday. Thank you so much and I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara I thoroughly enjoyed the session today. It is always good to go back to basics. It is easy to forget all the tricks and tips. My stamping can definitely do with improving. I love the artwork in this post. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  10. Not able to watch today but we are hoping to catch up on Sunday. The wee mouse is my favourite of the small images -I’ve recently caught 13 of them in humane traps in my home. I just hope all the holes are now stuffed with wire wool and they make their homes elsewhere. I do like mice, just not making nests under my desk!!

  11. Thank you Barbara. I really enjoyed the lesson today. The beautiful ideas from the design team too. Made me just want to spread out in my small space and dip into this design and that and then that other one too. Like being in a stamping candy shop. Love these Lino stamps. Thank you xxx

  12. Really enjoyed this afternoon. The DTs work was just beautiful. Hope you have a restful weekend to get over your jab. These sessions are so interesting and are such a delight. Thank you so
    much for sharing your time

  13. Thank you for a great stamping session. Learned loads of tips and just love these stamps. Looking forward to 2nd June. Have a lovely relaxing weekend x

  14. Great session, thank you Barbara. Really good to go back over the basics. Looking forward to the next session. It’s great to have all these different ways to use this beautiful set of stamps.

  15. Hi Barb, brilliant session in the Moment of Clarity this afternoon! We can all benefit from a Back to Basics tutorial and your tips and tricks are always inspiring. The stamps are amazing and the Design Team’s samples are simply stunning! Really looking forward to the next Moment of Clarity on the 2nd June.

  16. Hello Barb, missed seeing you live, but have watched a bit, catching up on your great hints and tips. I hope the effort did not have too much of a drain on you and Paul is just a wonderful friend. Love the artwork, definitely one to come back to time and again. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Thank you Barbara; loved the show and the explanations, hints and tips. Especially love the little mouse piece.

  18. Watched all the way through and thoroughly benefited from all of your tips and tricks! I AM one of those folk who’ve “got all the gear, but no idea”. No excuses for badly stamped images anymore! Thank you.

  19. Loved the craftalong even though I didn’t craftalong.
    Love all the design team cards. I can always dream!
    Thank you for a great time

  20. Lovely gallery thanks Barbara. Missed the session due to grandson having emergency op after trapping finger in the car door. Will watch on catchup. Xx

  21. Only managed to watch a little of the video baby sitting my grandaughter 🥰
    I have the stamps, I think they might be one of my favourites too. Will catch up on u tube
    Thank you and hugs 🤗

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