Nerikomi – coloured clay

Nerikomi – coloured clay

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just surfaced from the pottery studio after about 8 hours of play! Like a mole coming out of its hole! Where does the time go?! I think that when you find your passion, you transcend time. It’s like turning inwards, creating a kind of shield around yourself which blocks out time. That’s how it is for me with pottery. I am very fortunate to have a husband who gets me.

Last week in class we learned about Nerikomi – a Japanese technique for creating patterns with colored clay (porcelain). Some of the work I have seen by the masters of their art is absolutely spectacular.

I’ve tried it before, so I had a rough idea where we were headed. But I got so immersed in the process, so absorbed in the pattern work, that the lesson flew by, everybody else had built their pots, done their Nerikomi, cleaned up their workspace, and left the building – and I was still fiddling with the coloured clay patterns! This was it! 3 hours, and I managed the start of a tiny bowl!

Solution! Brought it home to finish, so that I wouldn’t get behind in class! Speed is not a requirement when you are learning a passion.. And today I used up just about every last piece of that coloured clay! Well, you would if you spent that long making it!

I rolled it out and then decided to try a couple of pendants. I’ll show you the finished pieces when I have refined them.

Then I made a couple of funky cylinders with a flash of Nerikomi and matching feet. Needs to dry now, so I can refine the porcelain.

I made a couple of larger bowls – they’re in the drying room – and I attempted an inlay tile too – also in said drying room. Forgot to take photos at the critical point! Way too focussed on the job. I’ll show you the finished tile. Hope it works! Here’s the porcelain tile structure, all ready to take the Nerikomi! It’s a little like mosaic, but harder because the porcelain is so temperamental.

Who knows. It may be rubbish when it’s done. But I have learnt so much! What to do – and what not to do!

After tea I shall go and throw four bowls on the wheel. Correction: I shall attempt to throw four identical bowls. It‘s a numbers game with me! If you throw enough of them, you’re bound to get a matching pair eventually!!Oh! And I also want to repair that broken Raku bowl with gold. Kintsugi. It’s dry enough now.

Did I leave the house this weekend? Physically, no. Spiritually, for sure.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

Hope you’re enjoying your Bank Holiday as much as I am!

26 thoughts on “Nerikomi – coloured clay

  1. Oh, Barbara, I love your Nerimoko…. erm… Neriomko….. erm… coloured clay discs!!! They’d make fab earrings (maybe a trifle heavy though?)
    Wish I could do pottery – I think id love it 😃👌💞

    Debbie Lee

  2. What a great productive day you have had – love the layers of coloured clay & so effective when you cut a piece & turn it 90deg. I can see pendants & matching earrings for all the ladies for Christmas. ( your immediate family not the Clarity family LOL)
    Managed to sort my shopping out on the website thanks to the help from Grace – what a great idea having webchat – problem sorted within a few minutes. Teamwork definitely or is it definately ( for those LOD fans) makes the dream work !!

  3. I am not the most patient person, so don’t think pottery would suit me. Parchment work has slowed me down somewhat, but not nearly enough. I love what you did today and can’t wait to see the gold repair. Enjoy the evening. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Wow you’ve been so busy. Have you eaten? Rain, rain and more rain here (Nottinghamshire) so perfect for crafting. xx

    1. Glad to see that you are taking time to do something for yourself. Love the coloured pottery can’t wait for the finished item. Definitely crafting weather here .

  5. Well there is nothing else to do on a wet bank holiday Monday other than craft!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished items, glad you are relaxing xx

  6. Glad you’ve had a lovely day, looks a bit fiddly to me but very effective ! What a day, pouring now and windy…. I had to move out of conservatory as I couldn’t concentrate on my book with the noise ! Have a good evening throwing x x

  7. All looks fascinating am intrigued to see the finished pots xx glad you are having time to enjoy your passion and clear your head xx look forward to seeing the finished articles xx

  8. So pleased you’ve had the time to indulge yourself in your passion. The results are awesome. I’ve been making a card with the latest Groovi Club plate. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m now off to get ready for Paul in the morning with that amazing paisley plate

  9. Oh wow Barbara I love what you have made. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time this weekend. I am sitting here watching the wind lashing at our trees. I wonder what we will find in the morning. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  10. Glad you have had a good day with your pottery, hope Dave kept you fed and watered. Unless I have a flask of coffee and a sani prepared before I start I sometimes get so engrossed in what I’m doing I don’t move from my craft table.
    It is bucketing down here, very noisy, but the flowers need it and it does refresh the air.
    Be interesting to see what Paul is doing tomorrow, will have to watch on YouTube as we are busy in the morning.
    Have a good evening.

  11. Love your pottery Barbara – it’s fascinating to watch it all evolve. Looks like you’ve had a fab weekend – thanks for stepping away from the post for long enough to do the TV show yesterday!

  12. Fantastic to have a full day immersed in craft unrelated to work! Just what the doctor ordered x

  13. Wow so lovely. Very impressed. You are one clever lady. Love the simplicity of the pattern but so complicated to do. So glad you’ve a chilled out day with your pottering. X

  14. Hi Barb,
    Sounds(&looks) as though you have had a fabulous day doing what you love. Loving the coloured porcelain and the patterns you’ve created. I can see at the next Open Days( hopefully) that there will be a stall with various pendants, pots, plates, etc!! Bet you’d do a roaring trade!
    Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  15. Your enthusiasm came bursting off the page. So pleased you have found something that inspires you to such a fabulous level. And the results are rather beautiful too!!!

  16. What lovely pieces of pottery you’ve created. So pleased you are doing something for you – so absorbing that it makes you forget the work stuff. Looking forward to seeing the finished products. Xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Glad to see you enjoy your pottery I know Jackie says she puts classic FM on and potters away, still trying to get some tiles made. I would have a go myself but don’t like messy hands. I’m the one at the retreats always in the toilets washing hands when the inks come out🤣🤣.
    We did manage to pop out and buy a BBQ today not the weather at the moment but I hear the weekend is going to be hot. We are planning a big one in July, 5 of us had or are going to have our 60th birthdays either during lockdown or later this year so having a joint party.
    It is good to hear the enjoyment in your voice when you talk about pottery love it.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  18. Wow what a gorgeous look. Those pendants are just beautiful and all the pieces are looking great. I love how you have transferred your talent into this new art form. And your enthusiasm shines through xx

  19. I absolutely love it! So different and so pretty. I also have a feeling that your Mum will love it too! xx

  20. nice work, you with you’re pottery ,me with resin making jewellery for grandchildren , same sort of difference needs to dry but worth waiting for
    lots of love

  21. Wow Barbara, such lovely work. Taking your time is by far the best way to do this. I’m always amazed when I see the work produced at the clay studio, wonderful teachers. We never did this at my college, maybe one day you could teach me. Take care, enjoy your creative down time, nothing better. Xxx

  22. How exciting to try something new, so many things to try, I’m not surprised that you lost yourself in this, what you are producing/creating is lovely.

  23. Hi Barb, it is lovely to see you so immersed with your pottery, and I really enjoy seeing the results, love the look of the coloured porcelain clay, that little vase or container wit the feet is fab. Hope you managed to eat and relax too. A husband that gets you, yeah absolutely, I have one too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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