Lino cuts – A cut above.

Lino cuts – A cut above.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Did you join in yesterday evening on the Moment of Clarity Craftalong? We took a second look at those wonderful butterflies by Cherry Green.

Stamping on parchment certainly is lovely. The properties of parchment – the stretching, the whitework, the erasing of colour, the perforating – all these things contribute to a real arty experience. I find it very creative and relaxing. And the result of that stamped black lineart on parchment always seems to hit the arty spot.

Then of course came the next Moment of Clarity idea, the LinoCuts. I am so chuffed you like our new LinoCut Stamps! I think they are pretty cool myself. So much to do with these! So many possibilities!

Dee Paramour and I have been friends for over 20 years. I consider her to be one of the top papercrafters in the UK. She helps me a lot with art and samples, and her work is always pretty formidable.

When we sent her the LinoCut stamps this is what she wrote me:

“The Lino cut stamps are very versatile designs and easy to use, giving good bold impressions that can be made into modern or traditional style cards. They are also perfect for incorporating into journals, Mixed Media and altered art projects”.

Can’t say fairer than that. Thanks Dee. She made a bunch of lovely art with them for us too….

So here’s the plan….

Next Friday, 21st May at 3pm I shall be hosting a Facebook Live Moment of Clarity Session, using these brand new Lino Cut stamps. If you fancy joining in and crafting along with me, then treat yourself while they’re on sale at a super introductory price. HERE

We will do our best to get them out to you pronto, so they are with you in good time. I shall keep you posted regarding what inks and so on you will need. Tell you what else is really fab – the triptych framers we cut to fit. So cool!!! HERE

What a lovely gift these triple mount pictures would make! And I bet our Greg Lashmar would make you the frame to fit them too, for a special occasion.

The Midnight Rose is particularly lovely in my opinion.

We added the moon in the linocut, so when you overlay the two stamps, you get a superb moonshadow. Look!

Very pleased with the way these have come out. Thanks to Lucy who worked her arty magic on these!

I am really enjoying doing the actual lino-cutting too! In fact, it’s quite addictive. I think it’s calling to me now!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Lino cuts – A cut above.

  1. Loved watching last night. Couldn’t craft along this time, but it was great hanging out. Will be joining in next time. Great tips and tricks. Thanks Barb x

  2. Enjoyed last night I don’t use my Groovi stuff too often as I have become a bit obsessed with mixed media but I used my mini lightwave for the first time. What an eye opener. Think I now just need to make more hours in the day to fill with all the crafting I would like to do. The new stamps are wonderful I have ordered a set ready for next week. Thank you so much for these great sessions

  3. Just about to pop in an order for the embroidery plates, will have a look at the lino cuts. I have been enjoying stamping lately, seem to go through phases. Also been watching loads of arty videos, nice to see what everyone is up to. X

  4. Looking forward to watching a Moment of Clarity next week – the lino cut look is something different & I like what Dee has done on her samples.

  5. Hallo Barbara as I all ready talked your daughter the other day you are the best I have been a fan of yours for many years I had tons of your stamps but lost it all in a house fire now 3 years ago I am only just starting again I once tried the ok fashion way parchment but failed miserably but then I came across groovi now that to me is an eye opener wow wow wow to you and your team and I juat got the butterfly stamps yesterday but didn’t get to try them out yet but I will tonight I be watching both a moment of clarity again and stamp along with you then the new stamps are als fantastic please take care we all need our bus driver x Anja

  6. Watched last evening and enjoyed all the tips and tricks you gave us.
    Looking forward to next Friday.
    Take care and lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  7. thanks for a great session last night – really pleased with how my butterflies have turned out on the parchment. Looking forward to next week’s show xx

  8. Hi Barbara I caught up with the craft along live this morning. I love all the artwork in this post. There are so many crafty goodies I want. Temptation is never far away. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Well it had to be done, the lino cut stamps are fantastic. Planning on having a go myself, thanks as always for the amazing inspiration x

  10. Enjoyed last night but my butterflies are a WIP. Just back from a trip to Glasgow to get my hair cut! First time since August! Hoping I’ve lost pounds and not just from my card! Unlikely! Lol. Stamps, Tina’s plates and Triptych Frames ordered! My bank manager will once again be lying in a darkened room! Lol. Take care. Hxx

  11. Thanks for a brilliant evening, learnt a lot. Linocut stamps look fantastic also the triptych mounts to fit. Will be watching next Friday. Loving all the time you spend with us, shac, craftalong and groovi Tuesday with Paul, as well as Craft Store shows.

  12. I am in love with your linocut stamps and confidently predict that they’ll BTBDO!!!!
    I know I just have to have them, but may have to force myself to wait a week to buy. Absolutely fabulous.

  13. Can,t wait for your presentation of the lino cut stamps on the Clarity session.These look gorgeous Barabara. Well done you and your designer friend Dee.

  14. Looking good, there is no end to your talents, so varied and inspirational. I have put the new frames and backing boards on my wish list.
    Having a mucky day today, raining and overcast.
    Stay safe.🍒

  15. The MOC session was so calming and inspirational, thank you Barbara, looking forward to the next one! These lino cut stamps are amazing, can’t wait to play with them. And Dee’s samples show them off superbly. So, well done Barbara, Lucy, Dee and Dave of course for the great triptych frames to go with them! Team Clarity really is the Dream Team!

  16. Hello Barb, wo these new Linocut stamps are just superb, and as always Dee’s artwork does them real justice. Can’t wait to see them in action, unfortunately cannot buy them just yet. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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