It’s A Wrap Part 3

It’s A Wrap Part 3

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Huge excitement here at Clarity! It’s nearly 6 o’clock, which means it’s nearly time for our once a month not to be missed One Day Special Show on The Craft Store (was HOCHANDA). Paul’s driving the creative bus this month – he’s been gearing up for this one all day!

I think Linda Williams – she who designs these immaculate trifold cards – has totally nailed this third and latest set of It’s a Wrap plates! Absolutely fabulous Darling!!!

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Hummingsbirds. Beautiful And this time we’ve included not only Pink/plum parchment and the cut-to-fit card inserts for all 3 designs, but also the stand to present them on! Dave has been busy on that thar Heidelberg press!

Here are the contents of the ONE DAY SPECIAL OFFER listed in detail….

The One Day Special Contains:
1 x Dragonfly Gatefold A4 Groovi Plate & Inspiration Sheet
1 x Butterfly Trifold A4 Groovi Plate & Inspiration Sheet
1 x Hummingbird & Magnolia Trifold A4 Groovi Plate & Inspiration Sheet
3 x Dragonfly Gatefold Card Blanks
3 x Butterfly Trifold Card Blanks
3 x Hummingbird & Magnolia Trifold Card Blanks
9 x Small Card Stands
1 x Pack of 10 Sheets A4 Parchment – 5 x Dusky Pink & 5 x Rich Plum

Linda has prepped all the demos and the artwork for the shows. We thought you might like to see what a superb parchment feast is in store for you…Paul will be showcasing the following cards created by Linda over the 5 live hours on telly.

This evening Wednesday – 6pm

This evening Wednesday – 8pm

Tomorrow Morning Thursday – 8am

Tomorrow Noon Thursday – 12pm

Tomorrow Afternoon. Thursday – 4pm

Unbelievable artwork, isn’t it? What a super talent Linda is.Thing is, this IS achievable. You just need the right tools, the right plates, and a little guidance. And Paul is all set to guide you through Linda’s masterpieces in his usual kind, and gentle way. What a team. I personally think these plates are the loveliest so far.

Here are a couple more samples made by Linda…

If you’re new to the Clarity fold, then perhaps you are wondering what It’s a Wraps 1 and 2 look like!

It’s A Wrap Part 1 – available HERE

It’s A Wrap Part 2 – available HERE

On the subject of wraps, it’s Fajita night in our kitchen this evening! Delicioso!! So I must dash, wrap a tortilla or two, and then settle down to watch Paul work his magic on Linda’s wonderful art. Enjoy! See you at 6!

Love always

Barb xx

20 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap Part 3

  1. They are absolutely beautiful and Linda’s samples are stunning. I shall be glued to the tele. Enjoy your fajitas! Hugs. Annette. X

  2. Hi there, Linda’s cards are stunning as always. I was trying to be so good but it’s useless! However, I got a £50 goodwill gesture from Apple today so the plates only cost me £6.49 or thereabouts! Who could resist?! Lol. Thanks, Apple. Enjoy the shows and your dinner! Hx

  3. Hi Barbara the artwork is gorgeous. It was so sweet yesterday when Paul said all of there would be able to achieve things like this. That was very encouraging. I have just made chicken and sweet potato stir fry. It was very nice. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Well what can I say. For me it was resistance being futile.
    Just had to have these delightful plates so so beautiful.
    Not had much time to do my groovi lately but I think these plates are so gorgeous I may just have to play
    Big hugs T xx

  5. Missed the show,because at that time I am talking to a friend who cann’t leave the house due to illness. Every week same time same day.😊
    Cann’t hardly choose which plate I like the most! They are all so beautiful as are the cards!!!
    Take care and will see you next week.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  6. Resistance certainly is futile. I told hubby I had the Wraps so I wouldn’t be spending. WRONG!!! Hadn’t realised it was set 3. Just had to have the bundle.
    Linda (and Clarity) gives us so many options on the plates to make an endless number of items suitable for everyone.
    Watching Paul at the moment, so many wonderful samples.
    Stay safe.Hugs.

  7. Paul is making sure these plates are irresistible! They are beautiful, another very well done to Linda.x

  8. Just watching Paul. They are beautiful, and so enjoy listening to Paul. Linda has done such a lot of work giving us these Gorgeous plates. Trying to decide which I like best. Love the yellow and green one.
    I am busy making a graduation card for my granddaughter in America. Also been struggling to find suitable things for three great grandsons who are 4 year old. Xxxxx

  9. Could not catch the six o’clock but was in for the eight o’clock. Plates purchased and looking forward to making lots of wraps for 🎁.
    Thank you Barbara, Linda, and Paul. The Groovi dream team xx

  10. The plates are so very beautiful. When seeing them for the first time I welled up. It will be a joy to watch all the demonstrations. xx

  11. Hello Barb, I am sure that Paul did a sterling job launching the one day special. I forgot to record, but will catch up with some of todays shows. There are no doubt some very happy Groovers and Parchers out there. The plates look fab, and the samples are gorgeous. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. I already had 1 and 2 so it would be so wrong to to have issue 3 look amazing just hope I can do them justice xx

  13. Hi Barb, why do you keep doing this to me ? As soon as I say I am not going to spend any more money you bring out something that I just have to have ! They are really beautiful and I love anything with butterflies. Also the new shaped cards are a brilliant idea.
    Love and hugs

  14. Absolutely stunning! Linda is such a talented lady& Paul’s work is stunning! I can no longer do Groovi because of arthritis, but I can still enjoy the beautiful projects you all make.
    Thank you all!

  15. Wow, just ordered them 😍.
    Will there be card blanks for the other wrap plates? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  16. So delicate and beautiful. Funny enough it was fajita night here the evening before! John and I were sat here trying to remember the name of the Mexican restaurant that used to be in Leicester Square when we were younger – we are definitely turning into our parents!!! x

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