Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Those of you who join me in the SHAC Shack will recognise our feathered friends on TV tomorrow!

I am launching a smashing collection of beautiful birds, all illustrated by our friend, Mel Turner. You will recognise them all, except perhaps the moorhens?

And I don’t think we’ve done the geese in the SHAC either yet. Although they are pretty fabulous. I remember us doing an arty canvas at a summer retreat once. Those were the days! Let me go dig it out!

Hahahahaha! I have just remembered. We stamped onto tissue, then painted the tissue with white acrylic on the back. The idea was to wait for the white paint to dry, then colour the geese in on the front, then stick them onto double-sided adhesive, then cut them out, then stick them on our painty background canvas.

It was all going so well, until a gust of wind blew all the geese off the tables and their legs got stuck together with the wet white paint – and it was hilarious watching the ladies (and Ken!) hopping about trying to unstick their geese. Right giggle.

Of course! We Shackers coloured many of them in during our feathered friend Postcard Sessions!

One particularly lovely little twist tomorrow is the miniature set. We reduced them by 50% and flipped them. So lovely to use !!! I have a feeling these will fly!

And don‘t forget those bookmarks! If you like your colouring you’ll love these. Great gifts and stocking fillers.

Well, after a heads down and crack on morning, I’m pretty much set for the 2-4 TV show on the Craft Store.com tomorrow, so I hope you can join me! Two hours of tricks and tips, with some very beautiful stamps and stencils.

I love these images. These really are our Clarity Classics.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Feathered Friends

  1. Will be glued to the telly, probably picking paint out of my hair! 🤣love the geese’s and all their friends thanks for sharing J xxx

  2. Hello Will be glued to the telly, probably picking paint out of my hair! 🤣love the geese’s and all their friends thanks for sharing J xxx

  3. Looking forward to the shows, Barb. I have most of those stamps but might just need the wee ones! Could you do a step by step of that canvas sometime, please, or is that not appropriate because it was done at a Retreat? Getting ready to wind down now! Annual leave here I come! Hx

  4. Oh so excited for the TV tomorrow love a good old bird! Always great for those nature cards and the miniatures look like they may have to fall into my basket when clarity load them on to their website, and may be the revamped set from Friday. So glad you managed to get to show them on Friday. Must be so hard to pick the stuff you want to demo and so disappointing if you don’t get round to one you love! But given me some ideas for playing with all my previous clarity purchases. Love love love it! Barb enjoy your weekend and I’ll be there with you 2-4pm 😍. T.x

  5. Will be watching, just love what you manage to do in just two hours amazing. Have a reasonable quiet weekend! Xx

  6. Hi Barb, I remember that Retreat well, it was one of the first I came to! My Geese canvas still has pride of place on display in our dining room!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows and what you have in store for us.

  7. Hello Barbara,
    I remember doing that canvas. It was my first Retreat in 2016 and I loved it. The finished article hangs in my workroom (the conservatory!).

  8. Oh I love those geese and I remember the canvas being done along with the problems getting those geese done. Great result though.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  9. I am looking forward to having a lazy day tomorrow and watching your shows. It is my Golden Wedding anniversary today and it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 50 years old, never mind 50 years married!
    Enjoy the shows tomorrow and have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  10. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. I remember the geese on the retreat – it was the first time I’d ever made a canvas picture and was so cautious with the brayer, but I absolutely loved the finished product which I gifted to friends who are keen bird watchers.

  11. Hi Barbara the stamps are gorgeous. I love the canvas and the story with it are brilliant. I love colouring those postcards. When we go on holiday I am going to take the bookmarks to colour. I find colouring so restful. I hope the shows go well tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. The miniature set look interesting but difficult to judge their size. Would be interesting to know if they are compatible with the river in the winter scene stamps (large or small)?

  13. Yes I remember making that canvas, in fact it is framed and hangs on my kitchen wall. Cutting around those legs on tissue paper was a very intricate job. Should be able to watch tomorrow, too cold to visit family in their garden. xx

  14. My geese canvas has hung on the wall since that fabulous retreat. Probably my favourite ever piece of artwork as I was on a high for weeks afterwards. It may have been my first retreat too(?) I had the BEST time and can’t wait for the replacement one from the cancelled dates! Xx

  15. One of my favourite Retreat ‘makes.’ Only looked at it the other week when sorting through my Retreat folders. X

  16. One of my favourite Retreat ‘makes.’ Only looked at it the other week when sorting through my Retreat folders. X

  17. Hi Barb, well it looks like the shows are going to be very popular today, going to set the record button as we have to do some garden work today, but then hopefully have 2 whole days to catch up. Love the look of the miniature set. I really need to bring my catalogue up to date, otherwise I just know I am going to end up duplicating something. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Thankfully I had the programmes on record as hubby decided to bbq our main meal for lunch rather than have later as usual. It was nice sitting in the sunshine though so mustn’t complain.

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