Beautiful Butterfly Wreath

Beautiful Butterfly Wreath

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We thought we’d do something special this week for our Offer of the week. The Butterfly Wreath was the first Groovi Plate we designed – and it is still our most popular plate.

In fact, Paul used the plate in the Groovi Tuesday SHAC for weeks when we launched that Facebook Live Craftalong. Lots of you asked us whether we could turn the design into stamps. Answer: Yep! So here we have it. The Butterfly Wreath Stampsets – Brand new and beautiful – little and large.

The fab thing is of course, that we have all those additional independent little stamp elements in each set.

Here is a lovely gallery, to whet your appetite…

There was one card in particular which Dee made, which grabbed my attention. I could not figure out how she had managed to stamp the wreath so that all the elements were different colours! See what I mean.

After much staring at it, I realised that it wasn’t the wreath that Dee had used at all, but all the little extra elements, to build a wreath! That’s how all the little assets were coloured differently. Clever!

We’ve got more lovely art samples using these stamps to sprinkle through the week for you, plus a couple of fab step-by-step projects, to inspire.

So for the whole week, until next Monday, you will receive the A6 stampset as a gift when you buy the A5sq. stampset.

Available HERE

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Butterflies and flowers.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Butterfly Wreath

  1. It fell into my basket this morning!! Lovely set. Two more butterflies to add to my collection!! Hope you’ve had a good day. Hxx

  2. Hi Barbara the artwork is gorgeous. I love those butterflies. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Ordered my butterfly wreath stamps and one or three bits fell into my basket from the WIGIG Sale! I love what Dee has done x

  4. The Butterfly Wreath was one of the first Groovi plates I purchased, but as I couldn’t find the matching A6 plate on the web site on it’s own I have succumbed to temptation and allowed the full set to fall into my basket together with the stamp set. 👍
    You really are spoiling us with your generosity. Thank you.
    Stay safe 🍒

  5. Hi Barb…loving your groovi designs…have you ever considered doing a paper pattern of the groovi plate designs for us traditional parchers ? Those of us that still prefer the mapping pen or white pencil…i have actually bought some of the stamps to just get the outline for the pattern ….just a thought …perhaps a pattern booklet of the designs…i for one would certainly buy some…..all my product comes mostly from clarity as i live in Canada and there is not alot of resources for pergamano here…i would like to say that i appreciate all you are doing and i have been with you since day one of the SHAC…so Thank You for being You.
    And am a big fan…so Hello from Nova Scotia Canada.

  6. Hi Barbara glad your back I saw you last week when you were stamping butterflies 🦋 on the lovely parchment. I’ve been using groovi and love it it is a fantastic way of making a very difficult craft easier I loved doing my parchment craft before but had to stop due to arthritis my blood effects whole of my body so when I saw groovi I cried with happiness. I would love to stamp but know nothing but what I saw you do. Got the ink parchment and stamps now 🤪stuck haven’t got a clue were to start. Do you do a book for beginners or would it be in your charity club please let me know waiting with baited breath for wednesday20 something for next butterflies thanks for all you guys do at clarity fatimah

  7. Lovely to be back in the SHAC this morning with you all.
    Giggled along with you Barbara. Your top tip of an eraser was invaluable advice!!! LOL Certainly, a challenge but after 204 wonderful hours we can do this!
    Thank you for the WIGIG offers too.
    Looking forward to Groovi Tuesday and the Moment of Clarity on Wednesday evening.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  8. Have to watch shack on catch up . Haven’t stopped laughing this evening. My horses legs look more like sink plungers no matter how many times I’ve rubbed them out. So staying as they are now.. Love the butterfly stamps such brilliant design team samples.

    1. Laughing at sink plungers ! Love it ! As I said my hubby asked why I was drawing double beds before the horses had any shape at all !

  9. These look beautiful as stamps and what fab ideas the DT have come up with. Stunning. Enjoyed being back in the Shac this morning, must admit thought I’d never manage but wasn’t too bad – heaven knows what the people will look like though ! X

  10. Fabulous – I’ve always wanted these s stamps and here they are! It would clearly be rude of me not to invest in them – you can never have too many butterfly stamps…!!

  11. Found these stamps first thing this morning whilst checking out the website for the WIGIG sale. Needless to say they & a few other things fell in my basket. Off to check out last weeks Groovi SHAC & todays SHAC Shack as couldn’t watch either live.

  12. Hello Barb, oh wow, how beautiful are these Butterfly wreath stamps, and the examples are just so inspiring. Dee always manages to do something very different. May just have to go have a look around the website. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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