WIGIG on Aisle 7!

WIGIG on Aisle 7!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. What can WIGIG stand for, they wonder…well, please allow me to elaborate.

A couple of weeks ago, we – the Clarity Crew – were having one of our weekly Zoom meetings, and Tom mentioned that we have got quite a few overruns of stamps and stencils etc. Then Leanne added that there are other very useful things where we have just a handful, but we ought to consider discontinuing them, to free up space and declutter. We all agreed that there is so much on our virtual shelves online, that shoppers at Clarity miss half of what we have.

We are very prolific with our designing. Pretty much every single TV show we do we design new products for it. But we hardly ever discontinue anything. So you can imagine the vast number of SKU’s we now carry, after 16 years of TV! SKU’s?? What’s with the acronyms, Gray?? (STOCK KEEPING UNITS – barcoded items).

So it was agreed that we need a Clarity Shop spring-clean, a sort out and a clear out. I did the same thing at my parents’ house on Friday. They have a back kitchen, a pantry cum utility room. Everything which is cluttering up the kitchen ends up in there. I’ve got one of these rooms too! Trouble is, over a period of years it becomes unmanageable. You can’t see what you’ve got anymore because there’s so much crammed in there. Same at Clarity.

Somebody suggested a BOGOF Sale (Buy One Get One Free). Thing is, BOGOF sales just encourage more STUFF – but at YOUR end! In order to get half price, you end up with twice as much!

I piped up with “How about a Half Price WIGIG sale?”

Blank expressions.

“What’s a WIGIG Sale?” asked Grace


Ahh, they all chuckled. never heard of that one. Me neither! I had just made it up! That said, I can’t imagine I am the first to have thought that one up! Just rolls off the tongue that one!

Anyway, it makes sense to me. A WIGIG SALE for one week. A WIGIG-WEEK in fact! Half price plus your club discounts on specific items which we either have too many of or we want to discontinue, to clear a space and declutter.

That will mean up to 65% discount for our Diamond Club members. In fact, if you were thinking about joining one or more of our monthly Clarity Craft CLubs, now would be a great time!

65% off beautiful things. Sounds like a BARGAIN !!! Got to be worth a little looksie, a rummage! There may well be some things which are on your wish list, and there may be some loveliness you didn’t even know we had.

The Clarity WIGIG WEEK starts tomorrow at 9am! Please remember that this is not like our usual sale, where we jusy keep making to fill the orders. This time, When it’s gone, it’s gone!

I remember years ago, being on a coach with a bunch of US Military JAG Corp Officers. (Judge Advocate General”s Corp – Lawyers). We were going somewhere for a jolly. I was listening to the legal banter between them. There were so many acronyms, it was impossible to understand them. “Well, if the APD had signed the GPSFL, then the WPOLA would never have agreed to the RKFGDP.”

After about an hour of this, I turned to my then husband, “I hope we haven’t forgotten the BSWM!”

Any ideas what I meant? Just for fun, put your suggestions below. A £20 Clarity Gift Voucher is on the table here! If you guess right, you go in the hat for the prize! GTBWAT !!!

Take care! Enjoy your Sunday, WYMBD (whatever you may be doing!)

Love and Hugs


28 thoughts on “WIGIG on Aisle 7!

  1. NAC at moment ( not a clue ), trying to be good and not spend, and here you go dangling your Clarity carrot, so, I will have a little look tomorrow, as it would be rude not to. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thank you in advance for those brilliant savings. xx

  2. Sorry Barbara can’t put what instantly came to mind, it’s too rude, but made me chuckle. And when I showed my husband he said the same thing, so at least I know we think the same.

  3. Well Barb I have said it before and I say it again, you are a temptress! Bank balance look out. Seriously though thanks for the opportunity to rummage. We all love a bargain.
    Seems like a long time since the last shack, getting withdrawal symptoms. Will be glad to see you back.
    As for your acronym, how about Bull Shit Word Measurer.
    Hope you are having a lovely “potty” day.

  4. It’s sounds just like working in the Civil Service with all the acronym BS

    My guess for BSWM is Bull Shit Words Manual

    A WIGIG sounds like a great idea but sadly I’m saving to get my dogs bits sorted!!

  5. BSWM – Bacon sani’s with Marmite?
    With all the acronyms and the abbreviations used in texting I get confused. Give me good old English any day.
    Thought I had a good de-clutter some weeks back but hubby became energised and ordered a skip, cleared the garage – again !!! (where does all the rubbish come from?) – his study, his hobby room and library, his art space and tools in the conservatory. Three days = 1 full skip and 2 very shattered people.
    I have been trying to spend less recently but items keep popping up to tempt me. I will have a browse through the latest sale offering but my bank balance is hoping that I already have much of what’s on offer. Having said that – what’s the betting I succumb to temptation !!!
    Such beautiful artwork show-cased on Grace’s blog this weekend, magnificent.
    Stay safe 🍒

  6. Reminded me of my old job lots of acronyms. I’m going for ‘brought someone with me’ since all the partners on board would be being left out of the conversations.

  7. There I was promising myself ‘no more ordering for at least a week ‘ and along comes Barb and her WIGIG! Must have a nosy tomorrow and see if there’s anything I’ve previously thought about but not been able to afford at the time! Looking forward to the SHAC-Shack tomorrow.

  8. Oh acronyms! I’ve lived with my husband’s working acronyms too. I nearly nodded off when out for a business Dinner as the whole conversation was acronyms. It still is!!
    As for yours all I can think of is BIG SWEET WATER MELON. I’m sure it’s going to be obvious when you enlighten us!
    Right, I’m off to have a nosey at the WIGIG, marvelous and thank you! 😘

  9. Hi Barbara
    Ooooooh a sale, I do like a bit if a rummage and it’s nearly my birthday, any excuse! 😂. Love the acronyms, especially the one you made up! My guess is Bull Shit Waffle Meter or something along these lines! Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xx

  10. Anacronyms are best when you have mixed audience who all interpret them differently! Bull shit word manual would be my guess!!!

  11. Ooh – a sale! Great, thank you!
    How about Big Silly Wind Mill? or Barb’s Super Washing Machine! Enjoy all our crazy suggestions!!!

  12. Well I will definitely be having a look on Monday, as for the acronym bswm I haven’t got the foggiest so a guess
    Bacon sandwich with mayonnaise not very original 😕 xxx but heyho

  13. Hello Barb, this blog post really made me laugh out loud, because my work life is literally peppered with acronyms, part of the downfall of the IT industry. I have no clue what it means, but some of the guesses are superb. Talk about ROFL! Off to go have a look at WIGIG sale. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Best,Sale,Wonderous,Mysteries
    That’s what I’m going for cos that’s what is always in the marvellous sales from Clarity

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