Upstairs Downstairs…

Upstairs Downstairs…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Remember the original Upstairs Downstairs TV Series? Back in the 70’s it was on a Sunday evening as I recall. …it was always on in our house! Mum loved it!

Well, Upstairs Downstairs has taken on a whole new meaning here in our little house! Either I’m upstairs in the garage – SHAC SHAC – the Clarity Studio, or I’m Downstairs in the garage – the Pottery Studio! And today I’ve been up and down the stairs like a yo yo! Today was the day when Upstairs and Downstairs met in the middle, when the world of pottery embraced the World of Clarity – and it was GOOD. They had a proper get together! An Arty Party!!!

Upstairs contributed the stamps, some stencils, a brayer and a paper press, Downstairs supplied the Slab Roller and the clay, the slip and the tile cutters. And I just hopped about between the two, trying things out, figuring things out, going with the results and making notes – mental notes and even written notes today –

I think the highlight of the day was our 3-way overlay stamps in clay. The original illustrations by our clever Mel have always been among my absolute favourites. Hence, they are also available in stencil, Groovi plates AND Dies! They always remind me of Easter too. There’s something very deep and meaningful in that there art…

Anyway, pressed into clay they take on a whole other energy. I used the No 1 Stamp – the outline, and the No. 3 stamp – the background…lookie lookie! Absolutely fabulous darling!! Took a few attempts before I cracked it, but oh by! Feels good when you do!

So that’s me. Absolutely cream-crackered and happy. My little stash of claywork in various stages is building up nicely in the drying room now.

Time to turn the lights off downstairs for a day now though. It’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Upstairs tomorrow though!

At 2- 4pm on HOCHANDA – The Craft Store – TV, I shall be showcasing some super new dies. It’s been a while since Clarity brought new dies to market – these are excellent! A Set of 3 very classy little dies for 3 beautiful cities: London-Paris-New York. They are very, very special.

I figured out a little trick which made me smile too. We’ve been talking about Time for Reflection for weeks, right? Check this out…

So easy! Tune in tomorrow and let me show you a few tricks and tips for easy and effective card art.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “Upstairs Downstairs…

  1. What superb pottery. How talented you are. Looking forward to the programmes tomorrow and the shak on Wednesday

  2. Looks like you’ve had a fabulous time in the Upstairs and Down with your pottery creations today – good for you 🙂

    I’m with you on ‘Good Friday’, it doesn’t feel quite right really does it. However, it’s what came after it that makes it good, alleluia! I think Stuart put it really well in yesterday’s Clarity Matters blog 🙂

    Happy Easter for tomorrow 🙂

  3. Fantastic pottery! Great use of stamps and stencils too! Not surprised you are cream crackered! Put your feet up or sit in the garden and enjoy!

  4. Wow Barbara, the three ways in the clay are stunning. You are so talented. 🤩. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Happy Easter 🐣 x

    1. Cant go upstairs and like you Barbara I have to make do with a flat but I love clarity idea’s watched every o e

  5. Your pottery looks fantastic and I am intrigued by the artwork for tomorrow’s shows. Glad you had a lovely day. I have been sorting out my craft room after playing for a few days. So clearing the decks to start again in the morning

  6. What a delightful imagination you have! The wheels must never stop turning! I love that you are taking time to do what you love. Your clay creations are fantastic as is just about everything you do! So glad I found you! Happy Easter to you and yours, Barbara!

  7. Ooo you’ll have to take your pots to a farmers market when you’ve finished them. They look fantastic!!!
    Looking forward to the show tomorrow. The dies are fantastic.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  8. WOW! Those tiles are amazing. You really are making the most beautiful things and it must give you so much pleasure to see all those gorgeous pots.
    Enjoy the show tomorrow and have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Thought I’d have a go at download 49 today. Such a pretty card. Very satisfied with my results.
    Your ingenuity in combining Clarity stamps and stencils with your pottery is magic. Those tiles look fabulous.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. Have a rest this evening.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  10. Wow I love your pottery tiles and how brilliant using the beautiful stamps etc.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s Hochanda shows too.
    Happy Easter xx

  11. Love the pottery looks fabulous and love the new dies can’t wait
    Exhausting day but wonderful results xx

  12. Hello Barbara
    I loved Upstairs Downstairs when it was on originally and now I am watching it again on Talking Pictures TV, 6pm every Sunday. Marvellous – like your pottery work today.

  13. Hi Barbara I love what you have created. No wonder you are pleased. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. So pleased to hear what a lovely day you have had Barbara. Stunning results too! Looking forward to seeing those new dies. Happy Easter to you and everyone on your blog. Hugs, Gilly xxx

  15. Wowee! Looks like you’ve cracked it! Brilliant that you have mixed both together. Somehow I think there is going to be no stopping you now with your creativity! Well done! You’ve certainly been busy making some lovely pots etc. doing what you like to do and by the sounds of it a few staircases in the mix, gotta be good! – Looking forward to tomorrow. Happy Easter! X

  16. Lots of nice pots and love what you’ve done with the tiles: so creative.
    Hope you enjoyed it even if cream crackered.
    Will be watching tomorrow.

  17. Just beautiful pottery love the tiles.
    Hope you have time for a little rest after your shows tomorrow. Happy Easter to you and yours.xx

  18. You are certainly building a stash of pottery pieces. Looking good. We have been dragging furniture upstairs and downstairs in our house, lot of moving stuff around and clearing out. My arms look like I have been in a battle with all the scratches and bruises, mostly done now thank goodness and the loft has been blitzed as well. I can get back to craft now hopefully.

  19. Barb, Good luck to you with sales tomorrow, a lot of us have had trouble with the site. I have placed orders and there have been no email confirmations and not showing up on website account either. I hope for your sake they sort it out by the time of your show. I don’t know how they are going to sort out peoples orders if they aren’t showing up at their end.

  20. Wow – those tiles look amazing! looks like you had a really good day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Happy Easter to you & Dave xx

  21. Loving the tiles. So lovely to be able to combine the pottery with the Clarity stamps etc to create more art. Such talent. You sound as if you’ve had a fabulous day. Happy Easter for tomorrow.

  22. Oooh, oooh, Barbara!
    The tiles really do look fabulous – you must be super chuffed! Your vases are beautiful too – they remind me a lot of Keith Murray designs – he was a designer of Art Deco pieces for Wedgwood (I collected Clarice Cliff for a while). I actually prefer Art Nouveau now! xxx

  23. Love the pottery, you have been busy again. Great that you can combine your craft stash. Think of the stairs between Upstairs & Downstairs as the workout area !!
    I am sure the show will go well tomorrow – 2hours of Clarity magic not to be missed.

  24. Hi Barbara
    Do you remember you gave Jackie the country animal montage stencil once and she transferred it to pottery she really enjoyed it. Just brought the new stencils to try on some tiles.
    The slab roller Is looking good and hopefully easier on the thumbs.
    Enjoy the rest of Easter 🐣
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  25. Looks like a wonderful production line up… all your creations.
    So happy for you and your pottery looks amazing, you would think you had been throwing pots for years!
    Looking forward to today’s show.
    Happy Easter Sunday xx

  26. Happy Easter everyone. Barbara you are artistic.your designs are beautiful. I and probably all crafters have that wonderful feeling when we design cards using different crafting objects and it turns out just as you visualized it. Will be watching you this afternoon. Take care. Norita.🥰🤗🤗

  27. It’s good to see you enjoying the pottery. Don’t ever turn that into a business…Keep it just for your own entertainment.

  28. Hello Barb, it looks like you have a good stock of pottery pieces there, and wow the tiles are just beautiful can’t wait to see them finished. I completely forgot about yesterdays shows, as we were busy putting up a new splashback and extractor hood in the kitchen. Will have to go watch on rewind as the dies look beautiful. Bx

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