TV Today!

TV Today!

Happy Easter Sunday! I hope the sun is shining where you are, and that you are enjoying this Easter weekend? I have been going through today’s TV demos one more time this morning, to make sure I have everything to hand when it kicks off at 2pm. I hope you can join me on The Craft Store (Hochanda) for a couple of hours between 2 and 4 pm. I shall be taking you on a whistle stop tour of London, Paris and New York.

Since we can’t go there, let’s make art instead! Much safer – and cheaper!! I shall be showcasing 3 superb little skyscape dies,

plus lots of fab stamps and stencils. In fact, I think we’ll even get the Gelpress out and have a painty shout out to New York!

Anyway, I completely understand if the sun’s shining and you can get out in the garden instead, but I shall be dancing away for 2 hours if you want to keep me company. Maybe catch up later?

Stay safe –

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “TV Today!

  1. Morning Barbara, you’re right, the weather is too good to sit indoors (mind you, it’s quite cold out there where the sun don’t get to) . So I’m afraid won’t be joining you this afternoon but thanks to Rewind I can catch up this evening and am looking forward to that. Happy Easter to you, yours and everyone. 🐰❤ Hugs Heidi xxx😘

  2. Happy Easter Barb. Here in canada we don’t get hochanda but i would be watching if i could …we are suppose to get snow here today and by the feel of the temp and wind we will be…have a good show

    1. Lavern, you can watch the Hochanda shows live on the website ( or watch them there via Rewind. I can’t get them on tv either, so watch on the website x

  3. I’ll be watching Barbara. The sun is out here and it’s a lovely day but a bit too cold for me to sit in the garden.

  4. Windy and cloudy up here, but we’ve been out for a walk this morning to blow away the cobwebs. Yellow warning for snow tonight and tomorrow though!!! Hope I can get to the football stadium for my covid jab x

  5. Happy Easter to one and all, potting about in garden will be watching whilst I get through pile of ironing.
    Just entered Easter egg hunt.

  6. A lovely sunny day here but still a bit chilly. Daughter phoned to see if she could pop over for a cuppa so couldn’t say no, she is now popping over for a socially distanced BBQ for lunch so may have to catch up later.
    Have just checked out as well & there is another great project from Josie.

  7. Happy Easter all , I’ll be watching this afternoon I’ve been outside all morning lovely sunny day ,but I fancy a bit of crafting so I will looking forward to your company. See you later ,hugs xxx

  8. Happy Easter to you and Dave. I’m having dinner cooked for me today but will catch you later. Have fun and joy your pottery tomorrow xx

  9. Recording tv for later. Been out a walk while sun shining. Clouded over now and bitterly cold wind. Happy Easter to all

  10. Yes sunny but chilly in shade here in Birmingham.
    As usual you make it look demoing look so easy. Quite a packed two hours of techniques for dies, stamps and stencils.
    I would be fail on at the first hurdle organising having the goods to hand. Certainly in the last week I have spent hours searching searching for items that turn out to be in sight!
    Enjoy your next couple of days of ‘rest’. Look forward to SHAC SHAC on Wednesday.

  11. Great show. Goodness, you pack a lot in! The techniques and designs are wonderful. Please can we have some 4 inch cards and DL cards, if you ever get a minute. If you’d ever watched me cut stuff down, you’d know why!

  12. Enjoyed the shows. I have just made my son- law’s birthday card with the London stencil. I now realise I probably used too much relief paste!! Happy Easter.

  13. Hi Barb. I was watching – what a lot of hints n’tips you packed in too…. it was sunny here in Essex but to chilly to tempt me away from my little craft room. I was busy making a fresh cut die card for my Granddaughter which turned out OK in the end after few hiccups on the way! Now looking forward to Wednesday. Beryl S xx

  14. Had a bad night last night and when I eventually got to sleep hubby decided it was time to get up. Been cream crackered all day!!!!! I am going to have to watch the second show again (luckily it is recorded) as I fell asleep part way through.
    Gorgeous project from Josie, very inspirational.
    Sunny but nippy here today. I do like the sunshine.
    Can I repeat Ali’s request for 4″ and DL cards, all colours? I am OK cutting card down but it will save me some aggro. I am loving the bra and pants cards by he way.
    Enjoy the rest of this Easter weekend.

  15. Hi Barb,
    Sorry couldn’t watch you today – woke up with migraine so spent most of day in bed. Will catch up tomorrow though. Hope the shows went well. Got Dave to send in my egg hunt email in case I forgot tomorrow!!! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  16. I have to catch up! I caught a little live and love the samples. See you on Weds, enjoy the rest of Easter xx

  17. Caught a bit of the shows and will watch the recordings later. The samples looked great and your demo with the relief paste was very tempting

  18. We were at our daughter’s for lunch yesterday (she is in our care bubble, so it was legal🙂), so I missed the shows and was too tired to watch later. I watched them when I woke up this morning, so a lovely start to the day. Brilliant samples and great demos, so thank you. Have a lovely day today. Hugs. Annette X

  19. Hi Barbara I am sorry I didn’t watch yesterday. We had a lovely day spent mostly in the garden. Our friends came for coffee and later our daughter and son-in-law brought their dog to visit us. We all stayed in the garden all the time. It was such a nice time. I hope all went well with the shows. Have a good day. Hugs xxx

  20. Hi Barb, missed the shows, forgot to record, so will have to catch up. Late afternoon was in the garden building a Keter store after finishing in the kitchen. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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