Look at the back!

Look at the back!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. On my way to Raku, so my fingers are flying over the keys like a bee’s wings! Or should I say a butterfly’s wings!

Yesterday in the moment of Clarity I showed you a clever card by clever Dee Paramour…

It intrigued me when I first saw it. The moths and butterflies cut out of parchment and attached only at the body are very cool of course. But it was the background, the circles of colour, that I was studying. At first glance I thought she must have die cut a load of designer paper using a tiny circle die, or even used a punch. But only had to run my finger across the surface to realise it was printed. Mmmmm… now where had I seen this before….

And then I remembered! On the BACK of the Designer packs! Oh you clever girl, Dee, I thought. What an ingenious use of the colour swatch on the back of the pack. That which we never use, that which we never even look at. So pretty too!

Let’s have a little Blog Candy, shall we? Guess the colour pack! Is it Shenandoah? Or Toscana? Or Rainbow River? Or any of the others?! And tell us: is it taken from the 8×8 paper pack? Or the 5×7 Card Petite pack? Or the 8×8 Parchment pack?

Just post what you think below, (eg 8×8 Indian Summer Paper pack), and then I will pick a random winner out of the correct answers – and that winner will receive a pack of the very same thing! Gottabewurfago!

Let’s move in a little closer, so you can enjoy the butterflies, the colours and the art…

Have a lovely Saturday, however you choose to spend it. I am already looking forward to hanging out with Dave in the garden this afternoon, after RAKU. I’ve got a little lino cut from the SHAC I want to try.

If I have learnt anything from this Pandemic, it is to take each day as it comes, and try not to waste any of them. I have always taken life one day at a time – hence the name of the blog – but now I LIVE those days more fully, now I plan them better and am more present in them. There’s so much to do, so much to learn, so much to experience; can’t be wasting energy needlessly on fruitless fretting. Time to potter!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

79 thoughts on “Look at the back!

  1. Morning 🌄 Barbara. Enjoy Raku.
    Toscana 5 x 7 petite card. Lovely designer paper. Off to finish daughters birthday card. X

  2. Think it would have to be the 5” x 7” petite card to make a topper for a card and I think it’s Toscana, have fun at Raku and hope your thumb holds up! X

  3. Hello Barb, have a fabulous day. I think it is Toscana, but one of the smaller pads 5×7 Petite (which I don’t have), because the bigger ones like the 8×8 and 12×12 have double printed circles. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  4. Oh, have a lovely day, Barb. I have a friend coming for an overnight stay so looking forward to that. She doesn’t craft which is a bit of a scunner but we’ll have lots to speak about! It’s a beautiful day here and tomorrow should be, too, so it’s all good. With you 100% on doing things that you enjoy. Really enjoyed yesterday’s Moment of Clarity and I’m on annual leave for the next one so nothing will get in the way of that!! Dee’s card was made with back of the 8 x8 Toscana Parchment Pack. Lots of love, Hxx

  5. I think it is 8×8 Toscana Parchment. Hope you have a good time a Raku. Enjoy your weekend.
    Had a great day yesterday going in with you in thecShac and moment of clarity

  6. Hi Barb, enjoy your Raku and lino cutting and hopefully some lovely sunshine in the garden with Dave.
    I think the clever, inspirational Dee used the swatch from the Toscana 8×8 Parchment pack! I do like those butterflies!

  7. 8×8 parchment Toscana.
    Dee is so clever to use it on her stunning sample! The circles look like little planets.
    Have a great day at your Raku pottery xxxx

  8. Hi Barbara, hope you are enjoying your day. Dees card is using the Toscana Designer Card Pack 5″x7″ Petite Edition.

  9. 8×8 Toscana parchment, love this card that Dee made. Hope you enjoy your weekend take care and se you Monday

  10. I could just cheat and copy previous answers, but as i actually own this paper pad, I’m saying it’s Toscana, 8×8 parchment, but it probably isn’t, in which case, thank you and have a nice day! x
    Debbie Lee

  11. Its a lovely sunny day here, not quite so much blue sky as yesterday but still nice so have a great time at Raku & then your afternoon experimenting with your lino cut.
    I think the piece Dee used on her card was the back off the Toscana 8 x 8 Parchment pack.
    I am off to stamp some more butterflies as I forgot & used the versafine ink pad which doesn’t dry as quick so smudges if you are not careful – note to self remember what has happened in the past !! Will have to use my Stazon as my Ranger Archival ink has dried up – good job there is an offer on then isn’t it !!
    Thanks for a great afternoon yesterday & I am looking forward to 12 May to complete the other piece.

  12. Hi Barbara have a wonderful day today. I love that card. Using the paper from the back is genius. I think I have this pad it is the Toscana 8″ x 8″ Premium Parchment pad. I will be looking at the back of all my pads now. Take care. Hugs xxxx

    1. I think I’ve had a brain blip! – I was looking forward to yesterday’s demo all week with my butterflies at the ready and then got carried away with housework and missed it! How on earth did I manage to miss that over housework! – I’m furious with myself – I will catch up later hopefully after my Birthday lunch today.
      TOSCANA 8 X 8 is my guess. Enjoy your Raku and have a lovely weekend xx

  13. It is the inverted back of the pack – ‘Natural Wonders Toscana Clarity Designer Parchment 8″ x 8″ Premium Parchment’. Great way of using it, by the way!!!!

  14. I also think it is Toscana parchment. Thanks for the fab session with the lovely butterflies. Have a great day and rest that thumb! Xxx
    Beryl Sheppard x

  15. Toscana 8×8 parchment Fabulous idea, I think I’ll give that a go. Love Cherrys butterflies, they have changed my view, I was always reluctant to use a butterfly in case people think I’ve made a mistake, and had to cover it.

  16. Beautiful card and enjoyed the moment of clarity yesterday afternoon. I think Dee has used the back page of the Toscana Designer Parchment 8 x 8. Enjoy your fun filled weekend xx

  17. All my 8×8 pads have double circles so I would say 5×7 Toscana. Going to join Tina’s Facebook live shortly. Enjoy your weekend you must have better weather than here in Spain. Xxx

  18. Have a lovely day with Dave and rest yer thumb I am sitting here with the heating on just had my second jag . I think it is 8x8Toscana xx

  19. Beautiful butterfly tutorial yesterday, loved it. Can’t wait to see your Raku – 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻they work out as such a great technique. My guess for Dee’s card would be TOSCANA DESIGNER PARCHMENT PACK 8″ X 8″
    Have a lovely weekend and hoping the thumb improves – we have a wonderful private physio who works wonders on things like this – hope there is one near you 💗

  20. My guess is Toscana designer parchment pack, because Dees lovely butterflies are stamped on parchment .Rest up Barbara, not a moment to waste but your health matters too.x

  21. Hi Barbara. Just had my second jab. So impressed with the service, they are so quick, but so considerate and kind. I wish society rewarded those qualities.
    I think it’s the 8 x 8 Toscana parchment.
    Enjoy your day.

  22. Just caught up on the moment of clarity as had a meeting to attend yesterday. So full of hints and tips for which I am very grateful. Hope you manage to rest your thumb over the weekend. I think it’s the 8 x 8 Tocana parchment pack back cover.

  23. I think this is from the 8×8 Toscana parchment pack. It’s a beautiful card, such a clever way of using the design sheet. Just shows there’s always a use for everything, even the packaging!
    M x

  24. 8×8 Toscana Parchment pack I think. Hope you’ve had a good raku session. Enjoy the sunshine. See you on Monday. Xx

  25. This is from Toscana 8 x 8 parchment paper pack.
    What a lovely idea butterflies on parchment,
    must try that.
    Enjoy the sunny weekend.

  26. Genius idea. Nothing wasted.
    Beautiful day again today and I am in Butterfly heaven.
    Enjoy the restof the weekend.

  27. I think it’s the 8×8 Toscana parchment paper. Beautiful card.
    Really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to the next one. Thank you Barbara for giveing up your time.

  28. Hello,
    It’s so lovely to be out and feel the warmth of the sun after being in lockdown for so long. We all need some sunshine in our lives.
    I think it’s the Toscana 8×8 parchment pack.

  29. Wow! What a lot of blog comments – was a long sweep to the bottom ! Hope the Raku went well, I’ve spent a day in the garden. I did start off with Tina’s FB live this afternoon but the sun was a bit bright for the screen so look forward to catch up later.

    My answer is Toscana 8 x 8 parchment pack, recognised straight away that it was the back of one of the packs and what a great idea ! X

  30. Hope you have had a good time at raku. Lovely card by Dee, I think it’s the 8x 8 Toscana parchment pack.

  31. First thank you so much for a brilliant Moment of Clarity yesterday. It was so good to craft along with you and I mastered stamping onto parchment for the first time ever! Been playing with the butterflies again today – it’s very addictive. Hope you had a great day with the raku, and that your hand is feeling less painful. Turning to Dee’s card, I think it’s the 8×8 Toscana parchment. I think the circles on the card topper backing are too small for this picture, and the paper has double circles to show both sides.

  32. I hope you enjoyed the Raku and I look forward to seeing the results. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  33. 8×8 parchment – Toscana.

    I’ve had a lovely Saturday seeing my granddaughters. ❤️. So sad to have lost that much time. No crafting but tomorrow’s another day.

    Love Dee‘s card , love the butterflies and all the designer papers.

    SHAC ❤️

  34. Hi Barb,
    Enjoy your day in the garden. As most of the others, I think it is the back of Toscana, small pack. Loved the butterflies.

  35. I’m pretty sure that it is the 8×8 Toscana Parchment pack – so lovely!
    You are never going to have time to retire Barb. Too many exciting things to do! Hope the Raku went well today.
    Love to all xx

  36. I think it’s Toscana 8×8 parchment pack. I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday, now time to live every moment of today, ENJOY xx

  37. Hi Barbara, hope you had a wonderful day at your raku session. I think Dee’s card is using the Toscana Designer Card Pack 5″x7″ Petite Edition.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend hopefully some RELAXATION and rest for you!
    See you in the SHAC tomorrow.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  38. What a great idea to use these pack backs. I think it’s Designer Parchment Tuscana.
    Hope your thumb gets better soon Barbara x

  39. Toscana 8×8 I think yes I also take day by day now you see my best friends husband is got only weeks left if at all 5 weeks ago he got diagnosed cancer and there is nothing doctor’s can do for him now he left it to late he is 63 never been ill worked all his life he is leaving Birgit my German friend off over 40 years behind and I can’t get there sorry Barbara for letting this bomb of my life out x

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