Last call for the LOVE HEART DOODLE.

Last call for the LOVE HEART DOODLE.

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Thanks for popping in. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting some fresh air?

Last call for the half price Offer of the Week on our LOVE HEART DOODLE stamps and Groovi Plate. CLICK HERE. Tomorrow a new week begins, a new product goes on offer, and these prices go back to normal.

At £3.99 plus your club discounts, it’s a must have!

Even the stampset with Mask is only £9.99!

Sunday’s blog and a step by step for you, demonstrating that lovely Groovi Plate. Josie helped me out with this super card, so let’s take a closer look…

Ready? Let’s get started!

  • Cut out the 2nd Picot Rectangle nested die from the outer edge of the set.
  • Emboss the two matching outlines from the Groovi plate around the edge of the parchment and the corners of the next two lines inside these. This is to help with placing the word and heart.
  • Emboss LOVE across the bottom right hand corner and the heart above it.
  • Add the two double outline hearts to the lefthand side of the word and complete the inner set of double outlines.
  • Emboss the dots from one of the smaller hearts inside the double outline hearts.
  • Emboss the ribbon strips inside the heart. Leave some out if you want to cut out areas.
  • Emboss dots inside the word using the diagonal grid and the No. 2 tool from the Groovi Starter Kit.
  • Working from behind and on a soft mat, add any whitework to dots. If they are to have colour behind them, then 3-4 layers of whitework is best before colouring. Let the parchment rest in between.
  • Colour directly onto the back of the parchment using Perga Colours. This will give you great vibrant colour. Remember to work on a hard surface for colouring.
  • Turn the work to the front and place on a layer of Superfoam. We have black superfoam now too. 12×12 inch
  • Using a 2-needle bold tool perforate in the areas that you want to cut out.
  • Picot cut those areas out.
  • While you’ve got the Superfoam handy, use it to attach the work to a piece of matching Antarctica Designer Paper. Using a 1-needle bold tool, perforate through the artwork and the designer paper where you want the first brad to sit.
  • Replace the needle tool with the first brad, embedding it in the Superfoam.
  • Do this with all 4 brads in the four corners.
  • Lift the work off the Superfoam and fold out the brad backs to secure.

Lovely project. I hope you like it. Thanks Josie!

See you in the SHAC tomorrow at 10 am. Looking forward to it!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Last call for the LOVE HEART DOODLE.

  1. Hi Barbara this is gorgeous I love it. I won’t be in the Shac tomorrow I am going to get my back sorted out. I have been in pain all today. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. Hi lovely blog
    Will catch the shac tomorrow afternoon as back swimming in the morning after work
    Take care

  3. Got to take Ray for his second jab tomorrow so will have to catch up with you on YouTube later.
    As usual Josie has come up with a super project.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  4. Caught too much sun yesterday I think ! Had a facial and a massage today, had a voucher to use from my birthday in October ! It was a bit breezier here today but managed sometime outside. Love the love plate! And the stamp! Look forward to the week. X

  5. Lovely heart stamp. Thank you for the offer! Went to Deal today for our second covid jab – very quiet at the pharmacy and were through three-quarters of an hour ahead of time. Goodnesss knows why it was so empty! Looking forward to the shac tomorrow.

  6. I really love this stamp – I bought it first time round when you launched it with Moment of Clarity. Gorgeous design by Josie – I don’t do Groovi, but it’s absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s offer brings 😀

  7. Hi hope your thumb is feeling better.
    Will catch up with shac shac tomorrow afternoon. Going to sort out mum and dads garden tomorrow, before hopefully the rain on Tuesday.

  8. I have the Groovi plate & the stamp is on its way. I love the colours on this Groovi piece so look forward to having a go at the project. Thanks Josie for doing the original piece & writing the step by step.
    Thanks Barbara for sharing it with us, see you in the SHAC tomorrow.

  9. This looks brilliant so will be having a go as soon as my plate arrives hopefully tomorrow as it’s in transit! Will be with you
    In the Shac Shack tomorrow morning and hoping your thumb is less painful. Hugs . Ros x

  10. Gorgeous projects. Thank you for sharing. Like several others, I had my second jab this weekend and I too was surprised at how quiet it was. Last time I had to queue for an hour and this time straight through. Maybe they have just had more practise!?
    See you in the SHAC later. Hugs. Annette X

  11. I don’t do parchment but this is a lovely card – enough to make me consider taking it up. See you tomorrow travelling through Kent. Take care xx

  12. Love the heart project of Josie…it is beautiful!
    Hope your thumb isn’t so painfull by now and you had some fun with your pottery throwing.
    See you in the Shac and take care.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

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