RANGER10 Party!

RANGER10 Party!

Hi there

Thanks for popping . Did you join me for this afternoon’s Moment of Clarity? I enjoyed playing with those Butterfly stamps a lot!

I hope you got something out of the session too xx

I had to chuckle at myself too. Every single product I touched which was from Ranger, I called out “RANGER10” !! Irritating? Only mildly! Our Ranger shipment landed yesterday, so we’re celebrating with a 10% Discount Code all weekend!

All things Ranger available HERE

The Thumb is speaking out, and it is definitely time to stop. It is spelling out A G O N Y. Question: do you use your thumbs when you’re doing RAKU pottery? I’ll tell you tomorrow, after the RAKU class in the morning!! I cannot wait. It got rained off last fall, and now we are picking up where we left off. Not missing it for anything – not even a knackered thumb! Worry not. I shall use my loaf and not my right hand! I cannot wait. It’s such an exciting pottery process. Would you believe that I have bought a Raku Kiln for home? We’re having a RAKU party when the kids come home. Grace is hoping for July.

Then Dave finally got home from his fleeting trip to Scotland, 400 miles each way, and all because the lady loves Letterpress…

Wowee. A Reliance, all the way from America via a castle in Scotland. These antiques are as rare as hen’s teeth. A much coveted, fully functioning, all-singing-all-dancing antique letterpress. Big investment. BIG being the operative word!

Dave said it was quite hairy-scarey-Mary loading it into the van. Apparently, the young farmer who helped him with a long-arm fork-lift said it was more nerve racking than watching his wife give birth. Mmmm… let’s ask the wife, shall we?

Next challenge: getting it off the van….

Watch this space. We have a wonderful plan. And it is just these creative ideas and plans that will keep us going for years to come. Between the pottery, lino cutting, wood turning and letterpress printing, when will we ever have time to retire!! Doesn’t sound much like retirement to me!

Have a lovely weekend. Keep safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “RANGER10 Party!

  1. Oh Barbara you crack me up. WOW Davies goi g to have a job with that. Please don’t wear yourselves out you two. When do you ever stop 🤣. I loved a Moment of Clarity this afternoon. I just watched and listened to your lovely voice. Try and rest that hand/thumb if you can. You don’t want it to pack up all together. Have a good weekend xx

  2. Missed the SHAC and Moment of clarity today but hoping to catch up over the weekend. Intriguing piece of machinery. Many hours of fun for Dave.
    Good luck with the Raku Barbara. It will be fun.
    Thank you for the Ranger offer but think I will have to pass, maybe. Have a good weekend.

  3. Thanks you for a great session this afternoon. I was able to craft along with you for the first time on Moment of Clarity – it took me right back to the annual retreats & I loved it. So pleased with my progress on the butterflies. I’ve never managed to master stamping on parchment before! Have a good weekend and rest that thumb!

  4. Hi Barbara
    Wow that looks like a monster of a machine
    I love things from past times. Just goes to show things were made to last.
    You look after yourself and take time just for you
    Big hugs T

  5. Hi yes I joined in at 3 , thoroughly enjoyed it, did use the older cherry green butterfly stamps as already spent this month’s craft allowance. good luck getting the letterpress off the van .. Hope your doesn’t hinder pottery tomorrow , have fun .xx

  6. It was a magic session this afternoon Barb, thanks so much for all of the tips and inspiration. Definitely going to have fun with these beautiful butterflies! Looking forward to the next Moment of Clarity. Please take care of your hand and listen to what your thumb is telling you! Dave’s new “toy” looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what you have planned for it! I guess I better check out the Ranger goodies after your subtle hints during the Moment of Clarity! Enjoy the RAKU and have a lovely weekend, see you back on the bus Monday morning!

  7. Thank you for a wonderful day of inspiration Barbara, enjoyed our trip to Dymchurch this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the Ranger10 party this afternoon!
    Have a wonderful time at your Raku session tomorrow.
    Looking forward to hearing all about your future plans with the Reliance!
    Hopefully with some rest your thumb will feel better soon.
    Keep safe, take care everyone

  8. That’s a big brute! Looking forward to hearing what all you do with it. Exciting times. It sounds nothing like retirement but they say – not sure who they are! – that a change is as good as a rest! We’ll see! I had to abandon this afternoon when someone arrived at my door but I have just watched the whole thing while waiting for my tea to cook. Really looking forward to having a go. I just love those stamps. Hope you enjoy Raku tomorrow. I’m sure you will. Have a great weekend and look after that thumb! You need it more than you realise! Lots of love. Hxx

  9. Gorgeous old press, good for you bringing it back to life. Well done to Dave for driving all that way. The butterflies 🦋 this afternoon and your techniques have shown me so many possibilities! As for Ranger, I love their inks. So much has tempted me this week already! Maybe put a splint on your thumb 👍Barb? Enjoy Raku xx

  10. Enjoyed the Moment of Clarity. Didn’t craft along then but have every intention of doing so very soon.
    Hope you are able to enjoy raku. But need to rest your thumb to ease your pain.
    Good luck with plan for unloading press. Wouldn’t like to watch!

  11. Really enjoyed this afternoon. Though I managed to rewind you and was then half an hour behind once I realised you were repeating everything I had heard at the start. Took me a while to work out what I had done. Have a rest this weekend both of you have been so busy

  12. WOW….all those huge machines,
    Good fun….BUT…
    If you had taken up Crochet with a crochet hook…think of all the room you would have!!!!
    😂😄…not that I do it….maybe one day you might need to! Not as much fun as what you have there…enjoy!

  13. Didn’t get to watch you today, will have to catch uo over the weekend, but I have been playing with the Butterfly stamps on my own (intermittently between knocks at the door and phone calls!!!) and they are GORGEOUS.
    That letterpress machine certainly looks like it was built to last. You and Dave will have a whale of a time trying it out.
    Will have to sort out my Ranger gear – wasn’t going to spend any more this week but your offer is too good to pass up.
    Hope that dodgy thumb doesn’t interfere too much with your Raku session. Can you protect it somehow? Look after yourself as well. Don’t overdo things this weekend.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  14. Wow that is some machine, hope you have a strong forklift truck to get it off the van. I would be standing well clear when that operation takes place & hide the boys indoors. Look forward to seeing what the machine is capable of though & what you have planned for it.
    Hope you manage to complete your Raku session tomorrow. Strange that its your right thumb when you are left handed as its the opposite with me.
    Need to check out my inks over the weekend .

  15. How I wish I had discovered you years ago! I rarely craft with you because I want to absorb everything I can and feel free to chuckle along with you without the chance of smudging something! Thank you for all your creativity, selfless sharing, and the ability to laugh at yourself and take things in stride. We all love you for keeping us crafting and smiling and in awe of that beautiful creative mind of yours that never seems to stop! Rest that hand and don’t try to help with that big machine!

  16. Really enjoyed the show today. Will try the talc when stamping on parchment. Never had luck before so maybe this will help. Looking forward to the next class on the butterflies. Felt your pain today as I have the same problem. I get cortisone shots in the base of my thumbs every 3 months and it really makes a difference. If perhaps you had not had this done before, it might be something to consider. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  17. Busy day with the grandchildren so missed today’s sessions hoping to catch up over the weekend. Dave looks as if he’s going to be busy. Enjoy the Raku then rest the thumb! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of both yours and Dave’s labours. Have a good weekend.

  18. Hello Barb,
    Caught a snippet of craft-along-a-Barbie, but then someone decided they needed me on a Teams call. Hey Ho I have a job, many don’t. So will catch up. Mmmm Ranger, will have to take a look. Also good luck getting that monster installed, isn’t Dave a darling man. Hope your Raku session goes well. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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