Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Hi there,thanks for popping in.

HOME. Let’s talk about HOME. What a word, eh?

  • Home is where the heart is,
  • Home is where I hang my hat…
  • There’s no place like Home.
  • It’s so good to be back home…
  • Home isn’t a place – it’s a feeling.
  • Home is a shelter from storms – all kinds of storms.
  • Home is where our story begins.

Pick a line, any line. They all resonate with me. How about you?

HOME. We just had the funniest Clarity Zoom Meeting. We have these meetings twice a week, because some of us still work from home, and it helps keep us all in the loop – Grace in New York too. We’ve been discussing giving our website a little makeover, a refresh. Fresh coat of paint and all that jazz…

Steve said we should lose the HOME button at the top, to free up some space. Everybody nodded. Except me, that is…

“Hang on,” said Barbie – aka Company owner and oldest chick in the room – “how will people be able to get back to the HOMEPAGE if you delete the HOME button?” Reasonable question, she thought.

All 8 people stared blankly at me, like I’d just said something in Chinese. It was “Steve who broke the silence. “Just click on the Logo at the top – and it will take you back to the homepage.”

“But how will our customers know that?” asked Barbie – the owner of the company and the oldest chick in the room.

“Well, they will. All websites do that”

“Really?!?! Well, I didn’t know that.” responded Barbie – the owner of the company and the oldest chick in the room. “where does it tell me on a website that I can click the LOGO to go back to the HOMEpage??”

Call me an old fossil, but I seriously had no idea. Did you? Honestly? Just goes to show. You are never too old to learn something….

Are you planning on joining me next Wednesday evening (14th April) on Facebook Live at 7pm for a little Craftalong-a-Barbie? From my home to your home? Want to learn how to build scenes using loads of little scene stamps?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Plus these additional crafting INGREDIENTS for the Craftalong.

Hope you can join in.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

76 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. Hang about, the logo is the ‘home’ button???? Well, shut the front door – I never knew that and I’m an old chick too!
    Hahaha! x
    Debbie Lee

  2. My hands in the air.
    I didn’t know.
    Now I do.
    Think we need a older person easy lesson on modern technology.

  3. I like the home button it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Lol
    I didn’t know about clicking on the logo.
    I have just received an order with the lovely postcard at the top of this blog. Put it pride of place with my other clarity postcards and they all fell down the back of my desk. So now I have got to pull everything forward to rescue them. That is a scary prospect. I’m going in now. Wish me luck. Xx

  4. Well knock me down with a feather – I didn’t know that either – another old chick! Just having a play with the “home sweet home” stamps in anticipation of next week

  5. I didn’t know that (old chicken here too!) My hubby is a retired computer programmer/software developer. I have had many conversations, or should that be arguments, with him over the years where he assumed “everyone knows that” when explaining a problem to me where a customer didn’t know what he was talking about!

    1. I totally agree Pauline. My OH was in the same game and I had exactly the same problem! Thinks he is clever, but he can’t craft 🤪X

  6. I am with you there……..I often don’t know how to get back even when there is a ‘home’ button. Talking about being the oldest chick, really felt old today. I had some someone ask me today if I could make a card with a Tik Tok theme…….are they having a laugh 😹😿😹😿

  7. Well I didn’t know that. Guess I am really an old chick. Well you live and learn. Would love to join you to craft along but don’t have those stamps so will just enjoy watching xx

  8. Include me in the “old chicks” group…. I didn’t know about the logo thing, either… But I LIKE the Home page… 😉

  9. Just wanted to add that I have just related this to hubby and he says no it isn’t an obvious option, certainly not to the mature computer user!

  10. I found out by chance a few years ago that when an email came in you could click on the logo and it would take you straight to the site so tried it on claritystamp and hey presto it worked. I often use it once I have made a purchase to go back home as well! I would be fine if it went and I’m sure people would soon get used to it, especially now that you have mentioned it! X

  11. Well you learn something every day! I never knew the logo took you to the home page. Does that work on every site? I will have to turn my computer on to find out.x

  12. There are a quite a few of us old chicks!!!! No idea about clicking logos, so will go and try it out! Not that I doubt the younger, technology, savvy chicks for a moment!!
    Looking forward to next weeks Moment of Clarity.
    See you at 10am in the SHAC.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  13. I’ve just put you in the diary for 14th at 1900 (that’s something else that few people understand too – the 24 hour clock – it’s easy, just deduct 12!) – that would be 2 things the oldest chick learnt today. The car is in for an MOT first thing, so fingers crossed I’ll be home by then! I hope I can use some of the older Claritystamp sets, like Home Sweet Home, or village. Surely, they will do?
    Hope you, Dave and cats are well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  14. Well, you learn something new every day – makes it worth getting up! Just had to try it and yep it does work, but whether I shall remember, it remains to be seen, ha, ha!

  15. Well, I didn’t know that either! So that just goes to show, we definitely needed to be told that! I shall just pop off now and give it a try. Hugs, Gilly x

  16. From one old chick to another – I didn’t know that either!!!
    I like the home buttom or claritystamp.com button on the top right of the blog screen, either work but I suppose this old bird will eventually get used to newfangled technology.
    Happy crafting. Stay safe.

  17. Well, well, well. Had no idea but then I’m an even older chick than our dear friend Barbara.

  18. Hi Barbara I am the same age as you and I did know this or I wouldn’t be able to do my parents ASDA shopping. Other websites work like this too. Isn’t it great when you learn something new. My Home Sweet Home postcard came with my order today. It is beautiful. Unfortunately I can’t join you on Wednesday evenings as I have a prior commitment. I can always watch on catch up. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  19. Nope never knew the logo is the home button always look for the home button and I like it lol xx I would have been like you Barbara xx yep will be in the craft along definitely love them xx also be in the SHAC xx love these stamps will be good to see them put through their paces xx

  20. No, I had no idea the logo was the same as the Home button… yes plan to join the craft along. See you Friday…

  21. Well, dies this mean I’m a young chick, because I did know about the logo taking you to the home page!!

  22. Hi Barbara
    I did know bout the logo lol
    And if I can I will be joining you on the craft along I have all the ingredients ready
    So bear with as Leoni says. Take it slowly as I don’t consider myself a stamper but have loads of stamps
    I only have to watch a demo and I’m hooked. lol
    Ohh I did get my groovi one day special Hugs 🤗

  23. Well I never, learn something new every day. My house stamp and lovely postcard arrived this morning, so, all being well, I’ll be joining you next Wednesday for the craft along

  24. Well, you have taught a lot of people something new today, including me. I have learnt never to ask my OH about anything to do with technology, as I get a half an hour explanation, but never the answer I need. I ask my granddaughter instead!
    I hope to join in on Wednesday for the chat, but I don’t stamp, so will be doodling along. Hugs. Annette X

  25. I didn’t know that too!!!
    And the websites where I am going to in the Netherlands they have still a home button!
    Missed yesterday Shac because of the people from the watercompany. But they are finished now, so I can watch next time!!!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  26. I usually click on the wrong thing. Not very good with technology.
    Stamps orderred and on their way. Think I can rustle up everything else. Definately plan to be there unless technology defeats me!

  27. I didn’t know that. As yours is one of the only accessible websites, I suggest they leave it alone. Screenreaders don’t read logos. If IT people knew as much as they think, they would make things simple. The aim of most firms is to sell things, not make it ever more difficult for customers while showing off their advanced technical skills.

    Great shows from Paul, Linda and helpers.

  28. Well I’ve worked with computers and websites for years and I didn’t know that. I’m also an old chick. 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Well I didn’t know about that, so I’m an old chick in a modern world, good job you’ve given us the heads up by the sound of all these comments Barbara.
    Us gotta oldies stick together.
    I got my Home Sweet Home postcard in my order today too, love it.
    Thank you

  30. Well I’ll be….. Who knew that! I suppose you have to be born with a 2 at the beginning. Now ask these millennial folk to make custard or cook without a ping

  31. I’m probably the oldest chic on the block and .no, I did not know that! I do not enjoy negotiating web sites, ,,, thank goodness for Jeannine , so nice to speak to a friendly helpful voice! have had so much to learn re IT and soon run out of patience! Oh for grandchildren to help! See you in the Craftalong Barbara.

  32. I’d no idea about clicking in the logo!! I do use the home button a lot too!
    Looking forward to Wednesday 🤞🏻My stamps arrive, but not a problem If they don’t I shall just watch and repeat when they do. Excited 😀

    Big hug for looking after us so well xx

  33. I’ve sent for the stamp so as long as it’s here I’ll be joining you (even if it doesn’t I’ll still be with you). I had no idea about the home button. Steve obviously doesn’t understand us oldies (he must be a mere youngster 😆😆). I’ve often wondered how to get back to the beginning to sign out once I’ve placed an order so just keep pressing the back arrow. As they say you live n learn. Thanks Steve for that, us old chicks are indebted to you xx

  34. Have put the date for craftalong in my calendar. Shall be watching rather than crafting along, I find it more enjoyable and allows me to see what your doing.

  35. Well every day’s a school day , I didn’t know that, lol lol
    I’ve got the stamp set , but , can’t make weds evening get ready and go to bed early weds as have to be up at 2.45 for work . Will definitely catch up though later in the day

  36. I did know about the home logo button learnt that a couple of years back from my IT guru aka my daughter big laugh at mum when it comes to IT. Not much sticks in my head but that did.
    I am really looking forward to build a home scene next week. I failed with the reflection masks miserably and my scene was not worthy for posting unfortunately but I will practise again.

  37. Well as another old chick I didn’t know that either.
    Many years ago when my friend and I were TAs we thought the children knew more about computers than we did so we signed up for a course. We fell about laughing when she picked up the mouse and pointed it at the monitor and tried to use it as a remote control!!
    Nevertheless we managed to get our CLAIT certificate. Xx

  38. Have my own website and didn’t know that about logo.
    House stamps arrived today and I’m really looking forward to joining the Facebook live on Wednesday.

  39. Another clueless old chick here too! I told my friend so she’ll be the oldest chick (at nearly 91) who DOES know!! We won’t be joining on Wednesday evening -I can never craft at night -too tired and too much pain -but will certainly be on catch-up as we have the ingredients or substitutes!

  40. Another old chick here who didn’t know about the logo thingy! I usually hit the back button (left pointing arrow!) – these youngsters and geeks!

  41. Well, another “old chick” has learned something new…….But then I can’t even find the Home button anyway! Clicking on the logo certainly works…….!

  42. Have to confess I did know about the logo and the homepage! Clearly I spend too much time online 😂 Very much looking forward to next Wednesday evening xx

  43. Well heck alive!!! I didn’t know that old chick!
    I just need to remember this fact now, which could prove difficult at my age 😂😂

  44. Well you learn something new every day, I bet there are loads of customers that don’t know that fact either 🤔 😅
    well I know now 🤗
    Hugs xxx

  45. Hi Barbara
    Well that’s just jogged a brain cell! I remember doing that a couple of years ago but it’s not something obvious. I’m looking forward to next week, hubby is playing an on line game that evening and hopefully stamps are on their way so I can join in, if not I’ll watch and replay later.
    Love Diane xx

  46. Had no idea either Barbara. Have all my bits ready for Wednesday night can’t come soon enough.

  47. No, I didn’t know, still, I think I’m in good company! Looking forward to Wednesday evening, my stamps came last week, & all being well, I shall be getting my hair cut Wednesday morning!
    Such excitement!! xx

  48. You are definitely not alone reading, all these comments. I didn’t know and I’m an old chick with years on you. Tried it though and hooray it works. Just wonder if down the road I will remember it. Ha ha!!! My parcel arrived today, thank you for the lovely postcard.xxx

  49. I didn’t know that either but I’ve just remembered that to get back on the Hochanda site I’ve clicked on the title to get back to the start ! My stamps are on their way might be here tomorrow ! X

  50. Oh my not best subject , definitely an old chick .So didn’t know about the home button and the logo , but then again so much I don’t know about technology , a little afraid I guess. A lot braver than I was .
    Still chuckling about the tik tok card too funny . 😂

  51. I didn’t know same age so guess learnt something I did know some web sites do that on logo put thought me try to get to beginning and just pressing so just thought random well better go sleep know cannot do Wednesday night but will do catch up as stamps on way had email yesterday 😍 Joy x

  52. Hi Barbara
    Well I’m a couple of years younger than you but like the majority of us I didn’t know that either. Well there you go but I bet they don’t know what a slab roller does 😂
    Still it’s good to learn something new, needed a lift today haven’t commented for a few days as my brother passed away Monday with lung cancer so feeling a bit down but your blog did lift my spirits thank you.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  53. Well, that’s news to me too..lol. I have just had a significant birthday so am definitely an old chick now. I always use the home button but good to know there are other ways of doing it. x

  54. Hello Barb, well I sort of knew that, but for those that don’t it is handy to have the home button or icon like on FB. I work in IT, and I still learn every day and I am definitely an old chick. Hopefully will be able to join in next week, even though I don’t have the stamps, as it will still be inspiring and full of tips and tricks. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  55. I never knew that, always go to the Home Button and I’m an old chick too! Yes will be joining in on Wednesday evening, just waiting for my order to arrive and all set to go. No worries if it doesn’t get to me by then I can always watch and play later.

  56. Well I never! This old check never new. Must as some of the young chicks where the home button is. Answer will probably be “our house in the middle of our street”🤣😂

  57. I often read your blog out to my hubby who said exactly the same as you ! he too didn’t know that clicking on the logo took you back to a home page. Every day’s a learning day was his next quote.

  58. I like the ‘Home’ button. I didn’t know you could do this on every site. I knew you could on HOCHANDA (The Craft Store) as I was very frustrated one day and clicked on everything. But I hadn’t tried it anywhere else.

  59. I am very glad you explained about the logo being the link to the home page – I didn’t know that and had been completely flummoxed on other websites when I couldn’t find the home button…………
    Well, who knew………..?

  60. Another one who did not know that – had a practice on clarity and then some other websites. How are we supposed to know if no one tells you. Thanks Barbara

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