What a Special Launch this evening…

What a Special Launch this evening…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. You know Linda Williams, don’t you? The super talented Welsh Parchment artist? My best friend too, as it happens. To know her is to love her. And I certainly do love her. Quite aside from being a uniquely creative individual, and having a wonderful art style of her own, she really is a fabulous woman. And this evening we are very proud to be launching a brand new Groovi collection of her art. Read on…

It all started with this beautiful piece of artwork that Linda created for the birth of her grandaughter Kaitlynn. Look closely; each of the elements has been expertly picot cut and assembled to create this superb keepsake.

Now Linda has worked her magic, and transferred these designs into Groovi, to allow you to recreate her magical artwork – and so much more.

This evening at 6pm, my other great friend Paul Church will be launching the One Day Special on the Craft Store (Hochanda.com). So he will be presenting Linda’s beautifully laid out wardrobe designs – we think you’ll be impressed.

At 6pm Paul will show how to create different wardrobe fronts and attach them to the wardrobe blank as well as showing how they can be used to create normal cards. The wardrobes have been designed so that you can leave the design on an A5 piece of parchment, picot cut them or use normal scissors. Note the little stands that dear Dave has been making. Oh. And he has been making the shaped wardrobe cards complete with scored doors too! They’re included in the introductory bundle this evening.

Created by Linda Williams

At 8pm Paul will show how to create the inside of the wardrobe with personalisation for that special event so that you can finish building the wardrobe or turn the inside into a card. There are so many fabulous design elements on the 4 plates!

Created by Linda Williams

Tomorrow morning, at 8am, Paul will show how the elements from the plates can be used to create beautiful pictures using our stampboard frames and panels with a great tip from Linda on how to use the Perga Glue without it showing through!

Created by Linda Williams
Created by Linda Williams

At 12 noon tomorrow – stock permitting – Paul will take the elements to build a washing line with hints and tips on composition, white work and colouring. What a delightful card this is, designed by clever Sheila Bradley.

Created by Sheila Bradley

Then at 4pm to finish off – a recap of the previous hours with a quick and easy last minute card designed by lovely Carole Panksztelo

Created by Carole Panksztelo

The One Day Special contains 4 A4 Groovi Plates, 20 Sheets A4 Parchment (Pink, Light Pink, Sky Blue & Midnight Blue) with 3 complete Wardrobe Blanks & Stands to get you going

My brother Steve has been making these large, beautiful, intricate plates for weeks. Dave has been cutting out the shapes and stands, Linda has been preparing the art for the show, the Design team have been hard at work, making art to inspire you, and Paul has been getting ready-set-go! for the launch tonight. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say.

Great launch. Great introductory launch price. Enjoy!

Stay safe,

Love Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “What a Special Launch this evening…

  1. Oh boy, what a stunning set. Stunning samplestoo. I will be ordering asap. I have set the progs to record as Paul always manages to give us some great hints and tips and I do not want to miss anything.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Oh, they are so beautiful and I wish they had been around when my twin granddaughters were born! I am looking forward to seeing Paul demonstrate later.
    I have spent the afternoon going back on you tube to colour in the Blue Tits, as I didn’t join in originally. I am really enjoying it and it is interesting to hear your comments back then. It was very hot 🥵 have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

    1. Sorry, me again. I don’t know where the emoji in my message came from, as I used a totally different one! Sorry! X

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Wish I had had these 9 and 4years ago when I made the wardrobe the traditional way from Linda’s beautiful book. Both grandkids had one when they were born. All their info eg weight, name, times were embossed on the front doors. A lovely keepsake. Brilliant to have them on groovi.

  4. Another fabulous collection from Linda Williams and Groovi! Definitely a must-have! Love, love, love the designs. 💙

  5. Absolutely stunning work by everyone, including Dave and the stands. They’ll be so useful for all kinds of things. I don’t know any children at all, and no-one likely to have any, so won’t be shopping, but I may watch the wonderful Paul doing his stuff. He is such fun to watch, and even though I no longer do parchment work, still pick up tips on colouring and all kinds of things from him. I hope the launch goes well.

  6. Just catching up with all things Clarity as we have had a busy day sorting out the garden in our daughters new house, one job we can do before we are allowed inside on 17 May.
    Watched this mornings SHAC Shack & coloured in the kingfisher so all ready for Friday. Since collecting so much artwork during lockdown I am framing them & hanging on the walls around the house, something I wouldn’t have done 12 months ago.
    Now to watch the ODS shows & see what Paul has to show us with Linda’s new designs, shame I have no babies on the horizon at the moment.

  7. Oh Wow these are amazing. Linda is so clever and good ol Dave making the stands for the wardrobes. These will go down a storm. Wonderful.xxx

  8. Well Barb, I think Linda has created more winning designs, and can see this one day special dropping into many baskets. Love the artwork shared, and what a good idea to have the scored cards and stands included in the pack. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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