Ally Pally Weekend

Ally Pally Weekend

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Just heard the sad news that Prince Philip died this morning. 99 years old. What a legend. End of an era.

Who was at the Clarity Retreat at the Crowborough Rugby Club the year he landed on the Rugby field in a helipcopter? July 2014?

One minute we were all heads down, getting arty and crafty…

The next we were out in the sunshine, waving and clapping, cheering and whooping – and welcoming the Prince. Texas Debby and Dave at the front here!

We certainly gave him a warm welcome! Not what he was expecting at the Rugby Club at all !!!

We were so excited !! After a lifetime of service to the Crown, may he finally rest in peace.

It would have been the Ally Pally Exhibition this weekend, in London. Loved that Show. It was our local one, wasn’t it. We always had our spot underneath the beautiful Rose Window…

Used to throw an amazing, almost ethereal light on the stand early on the Sunday morning, before the crowds arrived. Simply wonderful. You could gather your thoughts before the onslaught. And the team – we used to spin like tops for 2 days!!

And then the doors would open – and the fun would begin. Blimey ! It was a busy exhibition, wasn’t it!! Well, the Clarity stand was always heaving.

I never strayed far from the stand – except maybe to say hi to my TV buddies. Ahhh….. Reality check here. Just found this pic. My good mate Adam here in the front. And there’s Taff, just behind him. We lost that fabulous man to Covid a couple of months ago. Gutted. What a tragedy.

Mmm. Time for reflection.

Time to tell you about the ALLY PALLY21 Discount Code. To make up for the fact that we can’t hang out and hug and cuddle at Ally Pally, how about a good reason to shop with us this weekend anyway?!

Simply enter code: ALLYPALLY21 for a 20% discount on all orders over £30 (except club membership and gift cards). The code is active from now, until midnight on Monday 12th April and yes, you can use your club discount, too!

Life is so up and down right now, isn’t it. I laugh, then I cry. Then I laugh again. But I must be grateful I’m even here, and able to laugh and cry. Taff and Prince Philip aren’t anymore. And that’s a fact.

Love always, Barb xxx

63 thoughts on “Ally Pally Weekend

  1. Always had a soft spot for HRH DoE, wish I’d been with you that weekend.
    My condolences to anyone suffering a loss be it our monarch or anyone else. It is hard to loose a loved one without your loved ones around.
    Thank you Clarity and especially you Barbara for giving us something to do and staying with us throughout this hard time.

  2. Good excuse to do some shopping! I never managed to get to Ally Pally, but so looking forward to the days when we can get together at other shows in the future xx

  3. Another great man has been lost but what a life he had. He’ll be sadly missing. I love going to Ally Pally and that stained glass window is amazing. RIR your Royal Highness

    1. RIP Sir what a life to celebrate and the never ending support he gave to his wife throughout everything.
      Ok I feel a shop coming on, it’d be rude not use the code.

  4. My thoughts are with the Queen who will miss her companion of 70 years.
    Living in Birmingham have never been to Ally Pally but often thought of going. May be, assuming we have some normality in next five years, I will make it a goal to book a short stay in London and visit.
    Thank you for the discount but I am disappointed Barbara Gray that you were so worried about us understanding the necessity for postage changes. I am relieved because it has worried me for some time that you may have been taking a loss on smaller orders.
    Long live Claritystamp.

  5. Thank you Ann. I was very uncomfortable with increasing the price of postage, but we had no other option. xx

  6. Thanks Barbara for the update via email this morning but didn’t expect to see the sad news about Prince Philip when I went to log on to the Clarity website. Had to look twice to check what I was seeing, although he has not been fully well for a while it was still a surprise.
    As to the details re postage, quite understand as most companies are doing this as courier companies are upping their prices to convey all the extra parcels to everyone due to the increase in online shopping over the last year.
    Now to check the website out & do a bit of Ally Pally shopping ( one place I haven’t been to) but never the less I can pretend to be in the hustle & bustle of a show for a little while.

  7. Barbara I always loved coming to Ally Pally. Perfectly understand your need to up the postage especially as your packaging is so good. just wish I didn’t keep getting the urge to spend on the clarity site. Guess I should be a member of CA or Clarity Anonymous.

  8. My Mum died yesterday so I’ve not really been with it today, even missed the SHAC SHAC this morning – only just found out about Price Philip. My thoughts are with our lovely Monach.

          1. Beverly my condoleances with your mum.
            Take care and a big hug to you.
            Trijntje Huppel

  9. Very sad. Whilst we were having a good old chinwag this morning, another family lost a loved one. Life is very precious peeps, live it well. Totally understand the need to increase postal costs Barbara. Since finding you a year ago I’ve not bought from anyone else – Clarity’s goods, customer service and just about everything Clarity, is second to none. Thank you for being you

  10. Sad loss but many memories I am sure xx love the rose window so beautiful xx thank you for everything you all do and fully understand that postage has to increase you have a business to run and costs do rise I am sure we all understand and agree with that xx

  11. Never been to AllyPally, living up in North Wales I doubt if I will ever get there sadly. Absolutely, totally understand the increase due to postal charges, you have have been more than generous in the past, most companies have had a higher threshold for free delivery for years, it is still a fabulous deal and Clarity are so generous with their discounts. As your mug says YOU ROCK x

  12. Very sad news about Prince Philip – and about Beverley’s mum, above. Grief is so raw. My condolences to everyone grieving and reliving grief as they hear the news.

    Compared to the profiteering we have seen in the pandemic, I think Clarity should be saluted for their honesty and reasoned moderation with postage increases. I’m tired of the unexpected discounts though having bought things a couple of days before twice now. I suppose I should be more disciplined and just not buy anything until a sale but it seems a shame.

  13. Sad news about Prince Philip, he will be sadly missed. Very understandable postage costs are increasing. It won’t put us off buying from you, we will just increase our purchases. Don’t worry special lady, we fully understand. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  14. Very sad news today. Was very lucky to have met him three times, always had a twinkle in his eye.
    Loved Ally Pally, never mind look forward to brighter days, and meeting with friends in shac shac.
    Thank you Barbara.

  15. I can understand the postage increase and actually probably need to make sure I order items together instead of sending several smaller orders. Need to be organised and keep a list. Who am I kidding.
    So sad about Prince Philip, I had hoped he would make his 100th. Such a great man and I know he tended to make a few gaffs but I loved that about him. X

    1. Agree Lynne about being more organised – better for the company and our own carbon footprints.

  16. Sad news re HRH DoE, but I’m sure many happy memories for his family too.
    I did think your announcement might be P&P. Not an issue for me I will still be buying your fantastic products – especially as we get so much support on how to make the most of them.
    Thanks for the discount code. Have a lovely weekend.

  17. It came up on my memory of photos today and it’s four years since I had the pleasure of meeting you at Ally Pally. I was literally bricking it. I thought she won’t want to talk to me, she’s been on tv. Owns her own company etc. However I couldn’t have been more surprised when I was introduced to you. You gave me a massive hug and greeted me like we had known each other all our lives. Since then the whole Clarity family have all been equally welcoming to me. Each and every one of them. The best company as far as I’m concerned

  18. So sorry to hear of the sad loss of Prince Phillip, such a lovely man & so supportive to the Queen, he will be sadly missed!
    On a brighter note David & I were at the Rugby Club for the retreat the year Prince Phillip flew in on his helicopter, so lovely to see him & ‘thank you’ Barbara for posting the lovely photo’s, such special memories! Take care, everyone! xxx

  19. The first time I ever saw Clarity in action was many years ago at Ally Pally. I’ve been a customer ever since. You have nothing to feel bad about in increasing postage and packing charges I’m surprised you’ve managed to hold off for so long. You give so much more than you take it’s a pleasure to support a company such as Clarity and I for one want to see it emerge from the pandemic and able to move forward Good luck

  20. Your photos are wonderful Barbara and sorry to hear of Prince Philips passing .
    I’m here in Dublin and postage from the UK has increased .Some deliveries from Clarity also cost me customs duty now.However the products are still the best on the market and I prefer to spend my money on quality even if I have to hold back on quantity !
    Some day I would love to make a trip to join you all !

  21. What lovely memories and great pictures. It is a sad day and my heart goes out to the Queen, who will be grieving the loss of her husband of 73 years.
    As I said on Clarity Worldwide, I have no problem with increased postage, as I am sure you have been losing money with the low free threshold. So far, i haven’t seen one single negative comment, which shows how much people respect you and your company. have a lovely weekend. Hugs. Annette. X

  22. I remember that day so well. Great fun.
    He was so happy to see us all and it gave the retreat the Royal approval!
    Rest in peace.

  23. Seeing the lovely photos brought back good memories of a time when I joined your Clarity family. I’ve been anticipating the changes you’re putting in place and completely agree and understand. Clarity Rocks! xx

  24. What a sad day today, RIP. Beautiful photos of lovely memories though. I’m glad it was a peaceful passing at home.

    I’m going to catch up with the SHAC shortly, got interrupted before I started this morning. I agree with the postage threshold rise, it must be crippling when you send out so many (I had one this morning !). I don’t think anyone can moan that’s for sure.

    Thanks again for those lovely photos, I wasn’t there but it was great to see them and I remember you posting about it.


  25. Very sad news today.
    Puts things firmly in perspective, I’d far rather pay postage than lose clarity. I’m not going to be going out any time soon and your parcels have sometimes been the highlight of my week. Something I do not begrudge or bemoan paying for. Just appreciate you being there.

  26. Hi Barbara
    I managed to join you this morning in the shack.
    You did make me laugh when recounting how the kingfisher had to catch his own weight in fish to survive Lol. Then when you compared it to us having to do the same in 3food daily and your delivery vans in a line at your door. Haha
    And can I say I thank you for not passing on the delivery charges to us earlier.
    And I for one will continue to shop with clarity no matter how big or small my order is I consider your new pricing very reasonable anyway.
    Thanks for the discount code I am now finding it hard not to go shopping lol
    You take care and have a lovely weekend Hugs 🤗

  27. Yes, a sad day indeed, and for myself Her Majesty the Queen was the first in my thoughts when I heard.
    Thanks for the memories, I wasn’t on that particular retreat, but heard the stories and it’s wonderful to see those photos with HRH’s broad smile at the unexpected guard of honour!
    Also – good on you for your honesty and openness about P&P etc. Makes complete sense, no problems here 🙂

  28. So sad to hear about D of E passing. Lovely photos.

    Postage has soared in the last 2 years especially to America. I was told by our post office that UK increases were due in March but charges went up in January. How you have managed to keep prices static, give us so many discounts and sales, and still maintain your superb service is a wonder. You are a treasure.

    I am off to order more parchment. I seem to be using an awful lot !!!!! Wonder why?

    Take care, stay safe.

  29. I do remember that special day at Crowborough. What an iconic gentleman. As to other things. Really missing Ally Pally. It was my birthday treat to meat Barbara, Dave and the team.Great memories. Finally, not surprised the postage is being raised. I am quite happy to support your business to keep it sailing and all who go with her. Lots of good wishes

  30. Hi Barbara that was shock news about Prince Philip today. I was sure he was going to make 100. I feel so sorry for the Queen to have lost her Consult after so long. I loved going to Ally Pally. The Craft show was fab but the building and the views over London were just amazing. I am more than happy to pay extra for postage. Everything has gone topsy turvey. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  31. I went to Ally Pally for my 50th birthday in October -25 years ago this year! Then I moved further into Kent and it is too far for a day trip for us now. Didn’t manage the Shac this morning as I’m not really atm, and needed to make a batch of fudge to take when I go for my second vaccine tomorrow, and couldn’t do both. We’ll catch up over the weekend though. We haven’t missed a Shac so far and don’t plan on starting today! It was so sad to hear about Prince Phillip’s passing. I felt particularly sorry for Princess Anne (as well as Her Majesty of course) as there seemed to be a special bond between father and daughter. Perhaps the family won’t be too upset about the small number allowed at funerals just now. Certainly overseas dignitaries won’t be able to come over.

  32. Hi Barb,
    Such a sad day and a shock to hear the news about Prince Philip. I was willing him to get to 100, but sadly that was not to be. I had a lot of respect for him and the loyalty and support he gave to the Queen who must be deeply upset to lose her husband (& rock) of 72 years. My heart goes out to her.
    I can fully understand your decision to increase the postage and packaging costs in these very difficult times.
    Love Alison, xx

  33. Echoing all the other comments about HRH, very sad indeed, especially sad for Her Majesty. I had a brief glimpse of Prince Philip out carriage driving with just a groom early one morning as a friend and I were on our way to our lace-making group. I got a wee bit anxious this morning when you mentioned the email and some not so good news – but I’ve always been amazed at the low postage so not really surprised it’s had to go up. Keep on doing what you’re doing xx

  34. Hi Barbara
    Sad news about Prince Phillip today seems everyone is losing someone as mentioned yesterday I lost my brother on Monday so I send my condolences to Beverley never an easy time.
    I was actually born at Ally Pally 60 years ago there was a maternity home in the ground so certainly home for me. We also lived and went school at the bottom of the hill and spent many happy hours roller skating, boating and in the winter sliding down the snowy hill on tea trays. We used to have Donkey derbies on the horse race track which was there as well. So many memories, so will look at ordering some goodies to celebrate. Fully understand the increase in p&p.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  35. So sad to hear of Prince Philip’s death today. I was in the car and the radio cut out and then the announcement came through. Such a shock but he wasn’t looking so good when he came out of hospital.
    One of my earliest memories is of my mum taking me to the pictures (that’s what we called it then) to see the coronation, I was about 3, and buying me a book with all the pictures.
    No need to feel bad about raising the postage, we get great value from Clarity and everything arrives beautifully and securely packed.xx

  36. I completely understand about the postal charges; enjoy your weekend and worry ye not!
    Clarity customers are fabulous and loyal devotees to your brand.

  37. I remember the Prince Philip event at the retreat because I was there on the next day, and it was all the team were talking about! Gutted that I missed him – such a great example of public service throughout his life. Really missing the Ally Pally shows as well – they’re my local events too. So appreciative of the Clarity offer this weekend – yet another example of your generosity to your crafting community

  38. I regularly went to Ally Pally over the last 10 years and have enjoyed the opportunity to order some stuff imagining I was there this week end. Don’t mind the change in postage arrangements. It has been an up and down day, very sad about the passing of Prince Philip, RIP Duke of Edinburgh

  39. I remember that day at the Rugby Club so well. I remember how excited you were, Barbara, and how you persuaded the security people to give us a five minute warning so that we could form our guard of honour. Although he must have been bemused by the sight of all these mad women, he laughed and waved at us, making it a very memorable day. The Queen must be devastated by the loss of her lifelong companion. Even when you know this was inevitable, no-one can escape great grief. Even in the face of death, the Royal Family are thinking about the people of the country and asking that we do not gather with the risk of the virus, requesting that we give donations to one of his charities instead of leaving flowers. Even his likely funeral will be designed to avoid creating large crowds,keeping numbers down, more like the rules that govern us all right now. The Prince will be greatly missed by the country as well as by his family. RIP Prince Phillip.

  40. I was shocked when I heard the news that Prince Phillip had died but it was comforting to know that he died peacefully at Windsor Castle. The Queen must be quite bereft at losing her ‘rock’ of 7 decades. May he rest in peace and the Queen find solace in knowing he is no longer suffering.
    The postage increase is very small and probably long overdue. It won’t stop me shopping. I have already bought my ‘Home sweet home’ goodies but I am sure I can find something else to tempt me before the new system cuts in.

  41. Such sad news about HRH Duke of Edinburgh our thoughts are with Our Queen and his family RIP. It was quite a shock when we heard it on the radio whilst in the car at lunchtime. We weren’t at Ally Pally that year, so sadly missed that occasion. I bet HRH was flabberghasted seeing all you ladies forming a guard of honour for him. My thoughts are with Beverly as well at this sad time. Have been expecting your postage costs to go up for a while now, you must have been losing money for a long time. Will be putting another order in but feeling a little guilty that you are giving another favorable discount. You are always so generous. Hope we will be able to get back to craft shows soon, do miss them and meeting with you all. xxx

  42. So sorry to read about loss of taff didn’t know so much loss this year cannot imagine how lost a wonderful queen must feel tonight lossing the love of her life . I loved my trips to Ally pally when said to Katie this morning she said I want to go but cannot she said tell Barbara I love her and miss her she is best, you know you are and a small increase of postage is nothing anyone moaning should look at the amount of sales and offers you give us you look after us so well if doubled postage still would be fare wonderful friend caring lady you are love Joy & Katie xxx

  43. Hello Barb, a sad day indeed, my thoughts are with the Queen and the Royal family. Condolences to Beverly and her family too. My husband lost a colleague to Covid yesterday too. Thank you for the fab offer. I have only been once to Ally pally, but I know it was probably the most popular craft show. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  44. Such sad news. Condolences to Beverly on her loss. I don’t think anyone will complain about the postage costs because they are still very reasonable. It shows your generosity of spirit that you give us what you consider to be bad news then soften the “blow” with a discount code!

  45. Living “up north” I only made the trip to Ally Pally once but did enjoy it. My friend had never been to London so we did a little tour of the sites too. Walked down the Mall to Buckingham Palace. Such sad news about the Duke of Edinburgh.

    Totally understand about the postage. I was surprised you were able to offer it as you did for so long as everything is going up and you already offer such generous sales and discounts too

  46. Hi Barbara,
    Your update on postage was for Uk, I suppose.What about Australia? And rest of the world.
    When we are allowed to travel again I will try to incorporate Allypally show in the travelplans. Been to England many times before, but never heard of it. Will check out the sales this weekend pretending I am there.😊
    Keep safe and healthy. Jenny

  47. Sad news about Prince Phillip. That he gave up a career he loved to support the woman he loved makes him a great man in my book. Yes, he put his foot in it on occasion but haven’t we all? My sympathies go to the Queen, the Royal family & anyone who has lost a loved one. On another note, Barbara please don’t worry about the increase in postage charges. It just means I will have to make up my orders to £20 now (husband gives long suffering sigh in the background!) 😂😂😂

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