What does SHAC-SHAC stand for?

What does SHAC-SHAC stand for?

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just came off Hochanda Live TV. Really love working with those people. They are, without exception, a really smashing bunch.

Actually, if you haven’t heard, the channel has a new name:


Finally! Very happy about this. I have been suggesting since DAY 1 that they include the word CRAFT in the name of the channel, only so that newcomers surfing the internet or SKY actually KNOW that we are a Craft Channel. It’s certainly going to make HOCHANDA more visible as a craft channel. That’s the thing about acronyms; they’re only clever AFTER the fact. AFTER somebody has worked out what the letters stand for!
The SHAC SHAC, for example. Unless you have tuned in and paid attention at 10 am on Facebook LIVE, you won’t have a scooby. Now with the SHAC SHAC that works great. It’s a small community which isn’t dependent on growing or expanding. We rely on word of mouth, and that is perfect. Just right.

With a TV channel, on the other hand, it’s definitely a numbers game. It really does need viewers to survive and thrive. So calling the Channel The Craft Store is exactly what was needed. Nothing else has changed at all – just the name.

Here at Clarity Towers we are celebrating the SHAC SHAC’s 1st Birthday this weekend!

One year. Never would have thought it possible, eh. It’s almost unbelievable that we are still getting together 3 or 4 times a week, to doodle, keep each other company, and stay safe and sane.

So what does SHAC SHAC stand for? Yep.

Safe Happy and Creative.

Stay Home and Craft.

What does it stand for though? What does it actually mean? I imagine it means lots of things to different Shackers. When we first got together on Facebook Live, it was more about keeping each other company than anything for me. I just KNEW that a lot of our customers and friends would be frightened about the Pandemic and the Lockdown. Our daily lives had been stopped in their tracks, we weren’t allowed to leave our houses, we weren’t allowed to see our friends or family. Combine Loneliness with Fear, and you’ve got a very dark place. So I wanted to create a place where people could come and virtually hang out with other people who are all in the same boat.

I quickly figured out that many of us were suddenly rudderless. This meant we needed a structure, a daily routine to replace our usual routines. So meeting every day at 10 was a massive help for me, because it meant I HAD to get up, get dressed, put make up on and look presentable, have breakfast AND SMILE! And the Shackers had to rock up at 10 – even if it was in their PJ’s!! The next thing was to do something which we could ALL do together, so a piece of paper and a pencil were all we needed. And that’s pretty much where we started. A year on, we’re still using that paper and pencil. We’ve added erasers, tracing paper, colouring postcards, colouring pencils and all sorts to the menu, but actually, anyone can still join in – with a pen and a piece of paper.

Then we started getting more adventurous with our doodling. It also became clear that we weren’t allowed to travel, that Lockdown was going to continue through the summer. So we invented the SHAC SHAC Tour Company – and I was the driver! We went all over the world on that SHAC Bus !! Japan, Africa, New Mexico, Hawaii. Where else? Holland, Egypt. Sometimes we stayed closer to home and just went down the woods. That was lovely. Which was your favourite trip? I loved them all. And when we drew scenes from different places, many of which I had already been to, back flooded all the memories and stories and anecdotes.

We made stamps and Groovi Plates to celebrate our drawings and trips…

To comemmorate our 1 year Birthday, we have gone right back to almost the beginning, and made a beautiful stampset and Groovi plate of the SHACK THAT BARB BUILT. Remember this one?

Both available individually at a great price. Or buy the stamps and get the Groovi Plate free! available HERE.

Beautiful cards made by clever Dee Paramour. We have turned them into Postcards too. Check your order boxes…

What does the SHAC SHAC mean to me? When I actually stop to consider what it really signifies, I’d say it is probably one of the more important things of substance that I have undertaken.

  • Business is not the driver. It’s much bigger than that.
  • It’s a Feel Good thing.
  • It has helped me stay on track and keep on an even keel.
  • It has provided me with discipline.
  • My drawing has improved no end!
  • I have made new friends
  • I feel useful
  • I suppose when you are thinking of others, it stops you thinking about yourself.

The Pandemic has actually given me a whole new perspective on Life, and the SHAC SHAC is the key. For me. What about you?

Time to go find those Kitties.

Stay Safe

Love always

Barb xxx

58 thoughts on “What does SHAC-SHAC stand for?

  1. My favourite trip was to New Mexico. I loved the art work, but thoroughly enjoyed all your stories and anecdotes about your time there. I can’t believe how many skills I have acquired during the past year and I am thrilled with the art work, in various forms, that I have been able to produce. However, the main thing for me has been the company, friendship and support of the SHAC community. The kindness and support shown to those in pain or distress has been fantastic, even though most of us don’t know each other and it has been heartwarming.
    I have thanked you so many times, but I am going to do it again. Seeing how emotional you were this morning shows what it has all meant to you and we are forever grateful. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs. Annette X

    1. I have loved the Shac Shac from the start,I never could do art, but the Shac has taught me so much,thankyou toy Barbara and all at Clarity not forgetting Paul on Groovi,I have made friends from all over, we have visited many countries and Barbara has given us some wonderful stories of each one
      Thankyou all xxx

  2. what does shack mean to me, it means a selfless act by Barbara yes i know it saved her as well, but it means the world to me and countless others and we got two new kittens, tears, smiles and lots of giggles, Barb you are an awful giggler, but it has and still is GREAT thanks love you loads xxxxx

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this morning. I haven’t been at every session, other things got in the way, but have caught up when I could. It’s been such a great help for lots of us. I am fortunate to have my husband and lovely golden retriever here and I know it would have been different for me were I here on my own. Placed my little order this afternoon. Those little postcards enclosed with parcels recently have been a ray of sunshine. Thank you to all the creators and to Dave for the printing. They are displayed all over my little craft room xx

  4. Thanks, Barbara, for all your kindness and leadership. The Clarity community has been a beacon in a dark year. Thanks, Jeannine, for sorting out me getting the anniversary stamp and plate and all the other goodies this morning.

  5. The Shac Shack year has been wonderful, inspiring, and a great journey. I have learnt so much and when I look back at my first attempt at the birds on wire I can’t believe how far I’ve come, especially as I firmly believed I couldn’t draw anything. Have loved every minute of it, admittedly not always live . I for one am so grateful for all the time and effort you have put into taking us on our travels. So much laughter and some tears but always enjoyable.
    Thank you so much for the Shack, the craftalong and to Paul for
    Groovi Tuesday .
    Love and hugs

  6. I, for one, have been to more places this year than I’ve ever been and I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon at this rate. Greece is booked, carried over from last year, for this September and had planned to watch how people got on in the summer on their travels, now, if we get to go we might be the guinea pigs, in which case we probably wont be going LOL!! Anyway, we will wait and see. Have watched Hochanda from day 1 and will probably not think to call it anything else, otherwise hubby will put me on a different channel when I call out, put Hochanda on ! I can see that the word Craft in the name should make some difference though. I wonder if we’ll get new paperwork through re ‘share’ stuff …. I guess so, who knows, we might even get a divi LOL !!

    1. Thought I’d said at the start and then realised I hadn’t, that if it wasn’t for you Barbara, I wouldn’t have a lovely file of drawings that I never ever thought I could do! I’ve done a mask of some sort but didn’t get on very well so downloaded the digi one and will have another go when I’ve sorted out Easter ! Thanks a million ! X

  7. To me the SHAC SHAC means friendship, love, thoughtfulness and hope. Some joy as well.
    I may not have interacted as much as I should have,
    but you’ve all been there when my head was about to explode or my heart is racing that fast panic takes over. I know I can count on you all to be there and calm me down. Make me laugh. Make me cry.
    I can honestly say I love every single one of you.
    Also not afraid to draw from my own imagination anymore. Bonus.

  8. Thanks Barbara. I have never watched a whole shac session but that is because I am fortunate enough to still be working. But I have known about it and that knowing has been a comfort. I’m a crafter and a Clarity clubbie and I just wanted to say thanks for your generous heart. X

  9. My favourite place was Hawawii as although my hula dancers look weird, it brought back lots of happy memories of when I was there when I was 16🌴🌴
    At the beginning the Shac got me out of bed as all of a sudden I had no work to go to. I am greatful that we have been given the time to spend together and improve skills that has produced amazing artworks, while learning to adapt to our ways of social distancing and worry about the virus. My head would have been in a much worse place without the calming words we all needed.
    While I don’t always join in live now, as I am spending more time sewing than drawing, which I can only do when my head is in a good place.

  10. I’ve been with you every hour Barb and now with Paul too. As you say it’s good to get up and know you are joining friends for an hour (or so) of crafting, company, laughter and, yes, sometimes tear too but always all of us together. It was/is a lovely idea you had Barbara, so thoughtful when we really didn’t know what had hit us. As you said today who would have thought we would still be somewhat rudderless a year on.
    Thank you, you are a kind, thoughtful and generous lady and rightly proud of your Company and your wonderful team. Thank you so much. Jean X💐
    PS love all the postcards, thank you Dave and the girls.

  11. For me, the SHAC-SHAC has meant a structure to my day, developing a skill I didn’t know I had, a welcome break from sewing all day and every day for the NHS last year, and getting to know you, Barbara, better. Your anecdotes have made us laugh and cry and you have introduced us to places we might otherwise have never known. It was such a brilliant idea and I thank you and all at Clarity from the bottom of my heart. Xx💕

  12. Well it has certainly been a roller coaster of a year! In the beginning, I was very down at heart and never thought that it would last as long as this! But Barbara selflessly put herself on fab and off we went! I never knew how much I could draw and it look sensible too! Some weeks, I jump in and draw straight away, others I watch first, then draw! Barbara has certainly given me the confidence to try, after all it’s only a piece of paper and pencil! Barbara can be so serious, so funny, so caring! It’s a joy to watch and participate!if I miss the live one, I watch the recording ASAP, but I do prefer to watch live as it’s seems as though we are in the room joining in with everything! Think we all felt tearful this morning as Barbara showed her feelings. Thankyou Barbara from the bottom of my heart for the last years Shac Shac! Long may it continue! Xx

  13. Having chatted back to you, I’ve enjoyed your company, laughed and cried with you. Improved my drawing and colouring skills, been to some wonderful places, where I never imagined I would go. The SHAC SHAC is a wonderful place, and its a pleasure to join in. Thank you Barbara for all your time you put in preparing for the Shac, it’s always a pleasure to see you and join in, even when my drawing is a bit on the iffy side at times. Thank you also for the sale, here I am trying to be good for the rest of the month, but resistance is futile, so placed a little order this morning. Received my monthly goodies today, all lovely, it’s been a lovely Clarity day, thank you and all your wonderful team. xxx

  14. Thank you Barbara, for all the hours spent in the Shac for me it adds to the routine of the week, I don’t do the drawing or colouring now, but love to be there listening while I do my Groovi parchment work, xx

  15. The Shac-Shac for us has literally been a life saver. We have been with you since day one thanks to my lovely mum who was your biggest fan and told me to watch. It was something we could share as she slowly faded from this life, with me unable to be with her, living 300 miles away. As things got awful for us as they inevitably would do, to know we could have that hour, to stop, not think about what was happening elsewhere was a much needed joy. The time came when mum could no longer hold a pencil, but I would share what I had drawn with her online. Still clinging to our shared love of craft. Sadly mum passed away in August and since then Barbara you have been a beacon of hope in a sea of depsair, which thankfully is now abating. Much love, very, very many thanks to you and all my fellow shackers for your support and lovely comments on my work.

      1. Sending you much love. No other words needed, you know, mate. 😘Thanks, for introducing me to the SHAC SHAC. Xx

  16. Happy Shac Shac Birthday! Your generosity Barbara in sharing your talent and your heart is just wonderful !I found it easier to watch on u tube so am not always on live shac shac .,but always look forward to relaxing with you .Looking back at my drawings brings back so many memories of the year we have had. So like you I understand how emotional that is, such a roller coaster !I’ve rediscovered my ability to draw and am delighted to discover my inner child all over again .Getting excited about pencils and fancy paper only fellow crafters can understand that !Thank you so much and to fellow crafters on Clarity worldwide for sharing their amazing work have just popped the new Shac Shac house stamp in my basket as a happy memory .Carmel xxx

  17. I have loved doing all the things some have been a bit challenging but I have done them with cause Barbara brakes it down then it all comes together , what a wonderful lady to keep us all going through this challenging time and thanks to her wonderful team that has kept us supplied with all our goodies xxxxxx

  18. I’ve loved every minute of the shac shac so far. Some of the projects have been more challenging than others but I’ve been amazed at what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. Thank you so much for giving so generously of your time and helping everyone get through this past year. You deserve a medal! xx

  19. Thanks, Barb. I am a late joiner as, at the beginning I was working full time, as an activities co-ordinator in a care home! My friend Greg introduced me to the SHAC in April and I began with, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!I was a Youtuber from then onwards! I retired in October as my health wasn’t wonderful and I’ve been a regular in the SHAC SHAC ever since. Tbh, it’s been a blessing! Can’t thank you enough xx
    Cried along with you today xx 😘

  20. My favourite trip was Japan, a country I would have liked to visit.
    The SHAC SHAC for me was company and learning. I was one of Barbara’s ‘ I can’t do that’ having never tried. Now I had time and with Barbara holding my hand ( virtually) tried and I could.
    This may not be logical but Barbara gave me someone to talk with …yes and even cry with.
    Thank you Barbara.

  21. Joining in with the Shac Shack live has been difficult with work, but I have enjoyed every session on catch up. Thank you do much, it gives me something to look forward to and unwind with after some very hard days at work. You re a star.
    The question about evening craft a long sessions is a resounding yes from me x

  22. I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing you Barbara since the beginning of Clarity in the UK all those years ago and Thank You doesn’t really cover how grateful I am for what you and Clarity have provided during that time! And during the difficult times of the last 12 months you have given us the SHAC SHAC, allowing us to hang out with fellow Shackers and friends in the Clarity Family, and find friendship, laughter and crafty mindfulness. You’ve given me the chance to live my dream of producing artwork I can be very happy with and friends and family to enjoy. (And prove my old Art Teacher wrong!) So here’s to when we can all meet up again at the Open Days and Retreats, long may the SHAC SHAC continue and long may Clarity continue to bring us inspiration, innovation and invigoration!
    Thank You Barb!

  23. I wrote a little ditty in tribute to our 1st birthday weekend in the SHAC. I think it got lost in the comments this morning, so I hope you don’t mind me posting it here as well as on Clarity Worldwide to share it with you all.

    It’s most definitely also a tribute to you Barbara and all you’ve shared with us over the last year.

    Sung to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’:

    Barb and Paul you are fab
    All at Clarity are too
    The SHAC-Shack’s amazing
    it’s helped us all through

    It started with a squiggle
    and progressed to Jack’s House
    via postcards and roadtrips
    these lockdowns have passed

    One day at a time
    yes, this too will pass
    Thank you all the key workers
    and we remember all who’ve passed

    We give thanks each day
    and some of us we pray
    For the SHAC-SHACK we’re grateful
    for a year full of play

    Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday dear Shackers …
    Happy Birthday to us

  24. I cannot add to what I have said before, and yesterday, and what people above have said. However, i just have to say thank you…one more time, for everything. Sending love n cyber hugs always xxx

  25. I have enjoyed all the shac shac projects and downloads.
    I am astounded when I look in my folder and see what I have achieved none of which would have been possible without your tuition and encouragement. Thank you to all at Clarity for everything you do to keep us safe, happy and creative.

  26. I love the shac shac, it has kept me focused and smiling. It’s given me a reason to get up everyday. Apart from 17/8 to xmas eve I’ve been sheilding since 19th march 2020. I’ve saved all the shows in a play list. I have learnt so much my old art teacher would be shocked at how much I’ve achieved under your tuition Barb. A huge thank you for everything, being there, your tutorials and most of all your precious time. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  27. My friend Bea and I have been ‘Shac-ing’ from Day one. Not always at 10 am, which is sometimes hard for me, but every day we’ve caught up later if necessary and enjoyed it immensely. My favourite was the New Mexico trip and Bea loved the Hawaiian one with the different pictures. And your stories added to the pleasure so they felt like real trips away. I’ve made new friends and we’ve learned to draw and colour and shade as we never thought possible. At 90 Bea has loved learning new skills -and so have I, at 74!! So huge thanks to our wonderful driver for giving of herself so freely every session. The Shac has been a haven during these turbulent times and we can never be too grateful.

  28. Hi Barbara happy birthday to the Shac Shac. Whoever thought we would get to a year? I think my favourite trip was Holland. But I have enjoyed all the others too and the colouring. I have learnt so much. Thank you so much for being there. I had better go there is a virtual murder mystery to solve. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  29. Thank you Barbara, for all you have given over the year. It has helped me no end, had a very difficult year physically and mental health was all over the place. The Shac Shac has kept me grounded and taught me all sorts of things I didn’t know I could do. I am going back to work soon, but will always play catch up in the evening. I really don’t know how I would have got through without it. Having to rest more was not in my plan for the year just gone, I am so grateful for you being there to always make me laugh. Your amazing and very talented x

  30. I have been with you from day one. I can’t draw but I tried. Colouring scared me but I’m happy to try. In December my husband was diagnosed with cancer, in February he went into hospital for operation. I watched shac shac while he was in hospital and I’m so grateful for all you do. I did shed a tear this morning. You have helped me through a very difficult time so can’t thank you enough. Now enjoying Paul on Tuesday mornings. My thanks to all at Clarity.

  31. Loved the shows today – more for the wish list! It’s incredible to think we are now one year on from the start of all this. I haven’t been able to join the SHAC sessions because of work commitments, but I love seeing all the creations over on Clarity Worldwide and it’s fabulous to be able to buy then as stamps. Keep on driving that bus, Barbara! xxx

  32. I cannot watch live (10am is not a good time for me and I don’t do facebook anyway) but do go to YouTube regularly. I have enjoyed the majority of the projects and loved hearing the banter and your laughter. Somehow you have managed to steer me back to my art too. Since moving here I haven’t painted as much as I used to. However, following your hints and tips got me thinking about other things and my easel has been dusted off and I am attempting some larger projects (in between groovin’ and stamping.
    Thank you for all the time you have given so generously to keep us all SAFE HAPPY AND CREATIVE. it is a precious gift you have given us.
    Received my club package today. One of the best yet. Used the stencil already.
    Watched the first 5 minutes of the show today at 9am, placed my order and recorded the rest and the 1pm show, then after lunch watched both shows one after the other while hubby slept blissfully. Really looking forward to the birthday weekend surprises.
    Once again I can’t thank you and the team enough for all you have done to keep us sane throughout this awful pandemic.
    Stay safe.

  33. Dear Barbara,
    You’ve kept me company, you’ve made me giggle – until I had tears running down my legs, you’ve given me focus and taken me to some amazing places virtual that I’ll never get to visit. The SHAC SHAC is always there. I’m not able to join live anymore but always catch up later.
    With all my heart I thank you because when my daughter and granddaughter was due to visit from America last year and it was cancelled, the pain felt unbearable but I heard your voice saying “this will pass” so I took myself off to Japan! All weekend, in the garden, totally focused on drawing. It’s the best drawing I’ve ever done but it’s more than that, it’s my proof that however much something might hurt, it will pass… Thank you for holding my hand and supporting me over the past year. You are a truly remarkable Earth Angel xxxx ❤️💜

  34. Thank you for your time – it has helped you and me! Never expected to be able to draw anything, but add the original little birds to many cards, in hidden places – find the birdie! Loved it all – once I had overcome the initial “of course I can’t draw”!! And it has been great to feel part of a large community, all in agreement of how best to spend an hour or so.Happy birthday to us all!

  35. What does the Shac Shac mean to me. Gosh I don’t know if I can write this in just a few words.
    The Shac Shac to me is the place Barbara created out of the kindness of her heart giving a happy place to so many. Bringing together a Creative sharing caring community and many many friendships of which I am so pleased to be part at a time when so many of us needed it.
    I once told you Barbara at the NEC what an amazing kind lady you are and your talent was of the page. You’ve proved me right. I feel so lucky to have you as our bus driver/teacher I have learnt so much. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. XX 😊

  36. Now is it SHAC SHACK, SHAC SHAK or SHAC SHAC ? Up until now I have thought it it had the ‘K’ and I couldn’t think what that was for. Not that it matters as it’s all been very enjoyable
    and ket us all going. Been there since the beginning and have learnt a lot. Thank you Barbara and the Clarity Team.

  37. Like most of the above I have been with you since day 1 joining in live each morning as many times as I could as I felt more part of the banter/chat than when I had to watch on catch up.
    We had a major decorating session in January/February last year, finishing just days before we went into lockdown so I have been framing my artwork to fill the bare walls as we took all the old pictures down. The rate we are going though I will be running out of wall space !! Who would have thought we would be celebrating the 1st birthday of the SHAC shack when it all started last year but when I look back through my folders I see how far we have all come from those birds on the wire to the Venetian mask via Hawaii, New Mexico, Egypt, Holland & many other places around the world that I would never see for real. The tales, the laughter & crying adding to it all.
    So thank you again for all the SHAC shack sessions & the memories to look back on. Thank as well to all the Shackers who have shared their work, given comments, ideas & help to everyone who has asked. The Clarity family has grown so much over the last year & for many who not able to get to any of the open days or shows a chance to experience what they are like with the ”Moments of Clarity”

  38. Hello I watched this morning it was very.moving to hear you speak and see your emotions and I’d just like to say thank you for your time it is a precious thing to give ❤

  39. Hi Barb. I too have been with you in the ShacShac since day one and like everyone else, have learned such a lot. My mum was an artist and when I started making cards with stamps etc, she criticised me unmercifully saying “why don’t you paint your cards instead of playing with kiddie stuff”!!!! Then one day, she made a card using one of my pieces she had taken off a card I had given her – I suppose it was a kind of compliment in her way!!! I wish she was alive now and could see what I have learned …… she might at last be proud of me. I think what I have enjoyed the most is learning to colour with watercolour and my prized pencils. And if I can’t get the hang of what we are supposed to be doing, I really just enjoy hanging out with friends and listening to you relating your memories. Thankyou so much for all you have done and continue to do for us. Beryl xx

  40. Watching the shac shac is meeting up with a friend, who has helped me with my drawing, and colouring. Usually chat back to you, have laughed and cried with you. I’ve been to places with you, that I’d never thought I’d get too. Thank you for all the preparing and thought that goes into the shac. I’m a happy passenger on your bus. Received my club goodies today, all lovely. xx

  41. Well I can honestly say Barb that the SHAC and the friend circle around it pulled me from a dark place, nothing to do with Covid but a huge struggle. I have lots of friends now and how I would love to meet some of them for real, maybe a SHAC convention. I have disabilities and weirdly during this last year I have felt more included because of the fb lives etc. My big fear is it will all stop whenever we get back to our new normal. I’m having g a tough time atm but my Clarity chums and the SHAC are keeping me going. A MASSIVE thank you Barb for driving the bus with thought care and a good few laughs along the way.

  42. Congratulations Barbara and team on 1 year Shac Shac. Living in Melbourne I could watch it live at night time here. A year ago we were just in lockdown and this hour was like a beacon. It kept me going and inspired me(I am a parchment teacher) to do the same for my students by preparing a card plus instructions every week. I know how much work goes in prep work so admire you for all you’ve done. Thank you very much.

  43. Dear Barbara , where to start. Didnt find you until kite week. So this one has to be my favourite along with the heart zentangle.
    Maybe because i think i did a good job (arent we our own worse critics.
    I then did the shac shac every morning and went back to the beginning every afternoon.
    It became my routine ,my new normal.
    I even missed it at the weekend because back then days went into one,no idea even what month it was sometimes.
    At the time i was living on a boat . Id watch barbara and then sit outside to draw. Three doggies and a cat made it nigh on impossible inside a boat.
    Then my marriage broke down , was and have been so sad,ever since ive found it hard to concentrate on anything really. I know drawing is what i needed but it didnt seem right . Couldnt read or craft but i could still watch Barbara. ❤💯

    Anyway back to work in july meant very little live shac shac and although i could catch up it isnt quite the same. I started getting panick attacks about what i was going to do , how i was ever going to get back to normal.
    But heres the good news next week i move into my own place. Money will be tight but ill have MY very own crafty space.
    Somewhere i can craft and create in my free time. I can barely contain my excitement.
    Ive so much catching up to do. Havent drawn anything since woodland week and i love the woods .
    Barbara you will never know how much you have helped me these past few months. So looking forward to restarting my life, my journey after such an awful year. Much love to all you shac shackers too. Ive made some amazing friends along the way esp lisa my crafting swapper friend .
    Stay safe everyone.

  44. Happy Birthday Shac Shackers. Well I’m so very very grateful to you Barbara and all the Clarity Team for getting us through this last year.
    Thank you once again for everything, your precious time, kindness, guidance, laughter, the list goes on.
    My favourite trip was Africa and I still look at my family standing on that page and still amazed I drew them!
    Thank you xxxx

  45. At the start of the pandemic the SHAC SHAC was my life line. I needed it to start my day and it gave me something to fill the rest of my time. It was and still is so good to know there are so many of you out there sharing the same experiences. I’m lucky these days as I am back to childminding my grandchildren whilst parents (teacher & policeman) are working so I’m busy. I cannot always get on the live bus and have to jump on the catchup one but I still love the sessions. My favourite places were the home and garden bits we did at the beginning but have loved every bit of our journey together. Thanks Barb and the team without you times would have been very dark. Take care everyone. Xxx

  46. Well Barbara we’re do I start your friendship ones again has picked me up anhundreds of others you gave my day a focus when you strayed I thought no I cannot draw and found it hard to stray with I had become so judgemental of my work I had lost the pleasure in it I was really struggling then from day I’ve started drawing wasn’t brilliant looked forward to are daily sessions got harder started to waver out watched then went to Japan thought no way can I do a lady watched that first day how you broke it down and thought I think I can do this sure enough I did and loved doing people etc as weeks went on with move and loss of my brother have done much as got love but never stopped watching out know sorted craft stuff unpacked I’m about to start catching up on drawing but never missed a day, Bob said the other day Barbara dies make us laugh you would think you had a room full said she has he always ends up laughing with you and the odd tear as we all do. You really are the best as Katie says love you Barbara you are an awesome friend Joy xxx

  47. Dear Barb
    The only thing I could draw a year ago was curtains! I have been with you since Day 1 and I have only missed a handful of the live sessions and enjoyed every one of them.
    I’ve gained confidence, friends, a daily structure and also loved getting to know you better.
    I have told all
    my friends and family to join in and some have done so which is a real delight since we can’t meet up elsewhere!
    I am humbled and inspired by other shackers’ stories above too.
    SHAC shack someone asked? Yes with a k because it’s also a place and stands for Stay Home And Craft Kindly.
    Thanks for your inspiration, honesty, talent, anecdotes and of course your excellent and safe bus driving! xx

  48. Dear Barb, I am still catching up with all the Shac Shac sessions, doing a bit of one here and another little bit of a different one there, but all thoroughly enjoyable. I just hope that lovely library of inspiration stays with us for a long time to come. Apologies that I keep spelling the 2nd part as Shack and not Shac. Love the looks of the new stamps. Let’s hope payday comes soon and I can have a little splurge. I like the change of name for Hochanda, good step forward. Take care everyone, and stay safe. The sun is shining, and spring is just about here. Bx

  49. This time last year I would tell anyone who asked ” I can’t draw.” After a year spent in the Shac Shac I now have the confidence to draw my own cards for family and friends. Spending the hour in the Shac with people who I’ve never met, but think of as friends is a calm start to the day. I love your stories and if some days I don’t feel like drawing I just sit and listen and laugh. Hearing how emotional you were on Friday I want to thank you again for everything you have done this last year.

  50. Hi Barbara
    I haven’t been able to join in every session in the SHAC SHAC, but it has always been good to know that you are there. Sometimes I just sit and watch and listen to your chatter, which always makes me smile, and sometimes I have caught up on YouTube. Just knowing that you are there has been such a blessing. Even in my darkest moments you have always managed to brighten my day and for that I thank you and of course your wonderful Dream Team who have helped make it all happen.
    Love & Hugs

  51. My dear Barbara, what an extraordinary time we have experienced. You have taught me to draw, to use colour and to paint. I have laughed with you and cried with you , and having two daughters experiencing the same worries that you’ve had over your business and how would you cope and at the tender age of 83 feel I am allowed to feel the love that your mum must feel when she worries about you. Looking forward to staying in the Shac Shac for some time to come and learning new”tricks”. Thank you

  52. Hi Barb!
    I love the Shac Shac – it’s grown from that initial seed planted just over a year ago into something quite fabulous!! 🤗
    I’m usually working when you go live but occasionally manage to take a peek at what’s going on (on the sly! 😉)
    Thanks to you Barb – and indeed all the team at Clarity – we are staying safe, happy, and creative!

  53. I’ve not managed to watch any live videos, having a busy year working from home and caring for Mum who had been shielding. Also neither my tablet or phone will play the videos live – only afterwards. If that makes sense.
    I have all the Groovi downloads. Having finally some time for myself I decided to print the projects. But I am finding that occasionally the picture page isn’t printing- just a grey square. I’m going to have to have a think about this

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