RGA – Ropey, grateful and angry…

RGA – Ropey, grateful and angry…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Feeling a bit ropey after the vaccine on Wednesday, so I am calling it a day and going for a nap again. Listening to the body and all that jazz…

Perhaps it’s because I don’t take any kind of medication, so the body doesn’t know what‘s hit it. Or perhaps it’s because I have never had a flu jab. Or perhaps it’s because I am burnt out and my resistance is low. Who knows. Tell you what though – it still beats the alternative! I’d much rather feel a bit rough for a couple of days if it means that Covid can’t kill me! Very grateful actually. Let’s hope that the hospitals feel the relief very soon too.

I have to say – and I don’t usually voice my political opinion – I was dismayed to hear that nurses are being given a poxy 1% wage increase. WTF ??? That will probably cost the tories the next election. What an embarrassment. They were presented with a perfect opportunity to DO THE RIGHT THING. Instead of seizing the opportunity to actually SHOW their appreciation for all that those poor hospital staff, they slapped every nurse, frontline carer, ambulance driver and NHS worker (or should I say survivor?) in the face. What the hell were we all clapping for every Thursday? Do the tories actually think that a pat on the back and a heartfelt clap is good enough? I am furious with the government for making such a piss poor call.

They had the chance to do the right thing – and they blew it. Unless of course, they intend to give each and every one of them a £10,000 bonus and a 4-week holiday. That would be about right. Grrrr.

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “RGA – Ropey, grateful and angry…

  1. I do hope you feel better soon Barbara. As my Mum would say REST, REST and REST again. You are doing right in listening g to your body especially as you have TV this weekend. I agree with you on the health workers situation. Where would we have been without them this past year. Take care and don’t forget REST xx have a good weekend

  2. Sorry you are feeling ropey but too right to REST and some more. The body is a wonderful thing and tells us when things are not right and we need to listen.
    Like you I was dismayed at the insult the government have made to the NHS and all the associated staff. The NHS have given so much despite all the sorrow and stress and this is their reward. The government might have not bothered.
    I hope you feel sprightly again soon. xx

  3. Hope your headache has cleared after your nap. Getting my injection tomorrow evening. Like you say, prefer a few days off the mark than the alternative.

  4. Pleased you are listening to your body and resting. The effects of the vaccine will wear off over the next few days. Try to have a NO WORK weekend if you can and cuddle those kittens.
    I agree with you – the rise offered to nurses is paltry. There has been a lot of waste of money during this pandemic although things are settling now, but if they had offered 5% it would have been reasonable in the circumstances. But I have to say the 12.5% being asked for is a bit steep all at once. Maybe the government have a plan to pay more next year. Another thing that pisses me off is that the cost of refurbishing No. 10 would have covered this pay rise twice over.
    It is good that the Covid figures are falling but I worry that people will not obey the rules – I dread another lockdown.
    Rant over……………….
    Take care of yourself Barbara. Stay safe. 🍒

  5. I feel exactly the same as you do, Barbara regarding the NHS, and am just as angry. I hope you feel better soon and keep listening to your body. X

  6. Sorry to hear you don’t feel so good from the vaccine, I was quite shivery the night of the jab and an achy arm but all gone by the next day thankfully, hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.
    I totally agree about the nhs pay rises, having been a physiotherapist when I was working, it truly feels like a slap in the face, of all the pay deals this should have been the one to reward the staff that continued through all the adversity putting their own lives at risk so that others could survive! I fully understand that others have lost their jobs but goodness me there needs to be a rethink, hopefully it is a starting point that the pay review body can push higher and also if there is a public outcry then maybe the government will eat a bit of humble pie and reconsider! Anyway not used to ranting but had to get that off my chest! Hope you have a good weekend and start to feel more normal soon. Stay safe xx

  7. Hope you soon feel better Barbara. I too felt fairly rubbish after my jab but as you say it’s nothing compared to the alternative. I agree that the NHS deserve a pay rise but I cannot accept the idea that some members are prepared to go on strike. These are difficult times & no-one can deny that the NHS have been absolutely brilliant but so have police officers & firemen who have had their pay frozen. Maybe a deal could be made to increase NHS pay when the financial situation is a bit more settled. After all there are many people who have lost their job & would be grateful for any wage. I repeat, I am not against a decent pay rise for our NHS but feel that now is not the right time.

  8. Look at the finer details of the rise not what the left wing press are saying. Also remember a great many private sector workers have lost their jobs. Perhaps not the platform for politics or anything controversial

  9. Still waiting for my jab – supplies are a bit erratic up here. Shocker about the 1% offer – they should be hanging their heads in shame. I hope finally the RCN will strike; as a former nurse it always frustrated me that they had no teeth, and they definitely need to show their bite now! Feel better soon Barbara x

    1. Well said my friend. It had to be said. I am waiting to see what sort pay rise the MPs award themselves this time. 11% the last time me thinks!

  10. I cried when I heard about that poxy 1% Barbara. The government should hang their heads in shame. Yes I think you are burnt out and should rest every opportunity you can. Feel better soon xx

  11. Barbara…you said you don’t have flu jabs….they were saying to have a flu jab a week before virus jab if not had one….wonder if that is why you are so poorly??? 🤔
    Hope you feel better soon. Just a thought!

    1. I hadn’t heard anything about having a flu jab pre-vaccine, but as I have them every year, would probably have ignored it. I had my first jab first week in February, and lost 36 hours, with a dreadful headache, so not convinced that a flu jab first would have avoided side effects. I fully expect that at some point, the two could be combined, once we’ve all been done. It shouldn’t be such a strain on resources then, if it does happen that way, because it will be for those of us slightly older people.

  12. Hope you pick up over the weekend, Barb. I’ve got that joy to look forward to at some time in the future! This time last year you were jiggered, too, after a whole day on your feet at the SEC following the journey north and the setting up! Take care. Lots of love. Hxx

  13. You have just expressed exactly how I feel, talk about a stab in the back to our lovely, hard working NHS staff. Typical Tories paying lip service then not doing the right thing, grr …

  14. Hope you feel better now you have had a nap. Loved the tale of the grapes & the kittens playing football this morning. You should rig a camera up so you can see what they get up to when you are not there. They could have their own You Tube videos on the Clarity page !!
    Off to check out my basket before I forget & miss the midnight cutoff

  15. Sorry to hear you are not well, Barbara. I know someone else who was rough for four days but it is much better than the disease. You are supposed to tell the surgery if you have any symptoms after 48 hours, so they can yellow card it.

    Everyone can calm down about the nurses. Their pay is set by a pay body. Both sides have put in what they think the nurses should get, one high and one low. The pay body will publish their recommendations in due course. The pay will come out of the NHS budget, so Hancock is right it may mean cuts elsewhere unless he increases it but that is an entirely separate issue. It’s just a game for now.

  16. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering from your covid jab – I hope that after more rest your body will come through it soon. As you say, certainly beats the alternative.
    It is most unusual for your to put anything political on your blog Barbara – but I can totally understand, and support what you say. Watching and listening to Matt Hancock trying to defend this, I couldn’t fail to notice him struggling to justify this. Very different from how he normally speaks.
    My daughter is a nurse and although she hasn’t been redeployed to work on the front line during the pandemic, she still goes into difficult and dangerous situations, during her job as a Specialised Health Visitor for ‘At risk’ children and adults. This has included being in close contact with dangerous individuals, whole families that she had to instruct them to have covid tests, as she was pretty certain they had all got covid. Drug takers and ‘suspected’ drug traffickers and last week flea bites. She goes above and beyond her remit and I can’t imagine her striking, because she cares about her ‘at risk people’ too much. So much for clapping etc
    Take care Barbara, love and hugs xx

  17. Hi Barb.
    Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather with the jab. I have had a rubbish day starting at 5am when I woke up shivering and couldn’t get warm. I ached in all of my joints like knees, elbows,ankles,wrists and shoulders. It was bizarre. Felt rough when I got up at 7.30, slept till 9, went to bed again. Got up at 11 to go to loo and when I stood up in bathroom I was so dizzy. Staggered back to bedroom, fell on the bed and the next thing I knew I was on the floor next to bed. Dave came running up but couldn’t get me off the floor because I couldn’t bend my knee. He called for an ambulance and I finally got up onto the bed. Paramedics came in 18 mins, had 2 ecg’s, 3 bp checks and taken to hospital for the next 7 hours to have more ecg’s , bp checks and chest X-ray which thankfully was clear. I have got a bacterial infection so penicillin to take. However the dr thinks that I may have a a weak case of COVID. Have to get a test taken. I asked if it could be side effects from vaccine even though it’s 2 weeks since I had mine and she couldn’t answer. My sister had exactly the same with the shivering and joint pain 2 days after her jab that lasted a couple of days. So I’m hoping that’s all this is. Have to say paramedics, and all of the hospital staff were brilliant, deserve a pay rise. Love and hugs Alison. X

  18. My husband had his second jab yesterday and it’s hit him a lot harder than the first but like you thinks it’s better than the alternative. My great niece is a nurse/midwife and has been working fifty plus hours all through this pandemic and is worth a lot more than one per sent

  19. Had my jab last Satuday and was pretty rough for a few days with aching joints, freezing cold one minute and sweating hot the next minute. Lost my appetite too and even refused chocolate biscuits which never happens! Very unpleasant but, as you say, much better than the alternative! Hope you feel better soon Barb. Don’t even get me started on the 1% business…….bloody disgraceful! It’s an insult to all NHS workers! This government have totally lost the plot I think.

  20. Sorry you’re feeling
    a bit ropey after your jab but hope you feeling better soon.

    Absolutely agree with you regarding that proxy 1% payrise for NHS staff. That’s disgusting, a disgrace and a slap in the face for all the hard working NHS staff!

  21. Hi Barbara I do hope you are feeling better today and that the headache has cleared. I do understand where you are coming from about the NHS pay rise. It is like a slap in the face for all they have done and sacrificed for us. I hope you have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs

  22. Hi Barb, I hope you are feeling much better. I agree totally with your take on the NHS payrise issue. As you say a slap in the face. Where would we be without them. I hope they reconsider. Yes I know the government has had to make some difficult financial sacrifices, but surely that is why we pay taxes. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  23. Hope you’re feeling better this morning Barbara, had mine on Thursday and didn’t have any problems, i did take paracetamols during the day though so wonder if it warded off any effects. Who knows, but, as you say the jab is definitely a good thing, it knocked hubby out for 24 hours, he was very tired. I agree, can’t understand why NHS has only got 1%, a stupid decision at this time when it looks as if No10 has money to spend on itself. I wonder if another u-turn will be made. X

  24. Hope you feel better soon Barbara; I still don’t feel right after mine. Try to get some rest. Stay safe and God bless xx

  25. I totally agree with you about the 1% what a Joke, how can they face the Public after such a ridiculous offer. I know a few people who have been a bit off after their Injection, Cor makes you really look forward to getting it??? Still as you say the Alternative makes it worthwhile.

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