A Wheelie good Idea…

A Wheelie good Idea…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Had my vaccine yesterday evening. Felt fine, I really did! But as the day is going on I’m fading like a flower! There’s nothing for it but to stop for the day and have a nap.

Before I go, I want to flag up a wheelie great stencil concept, which we came up with a few years ago now. 6 years ago, to be precise! Thing is, we always dance off to the next thing, and these ingenious stencils with built in masks get lost in the unrelenting stream of new designs, new products new new new. However. I think we have so many new customers and friends, I bet they haven’t even seen these! One of them – the chess stencil – is on telly on Sunday, which is what prompted me to shout about them!

The Chess pieces come in 2 sizes, see?

This weekend, Sunday 2-4pm we are launching a superb mixed media collection of stamps on HOCHANDA, all to do with chess. They’ve been in the pipeline for a while, and we think you will love them. I will tell you more about the stamps tomorrow, but today I want to flag up the wheelie clever stencils…

Here’s a picture step by step I did back then. Blimey! I must have had more time or energy back then to do this chess board! No wonder I designed a perspective chessboard stencil, which is also on the telly on Sunday.

The main thing is to position the pieces on a piece of stencil card, then run them through a die cutting machine to emboss them.

I used one of our journaling stamp sets to add detail to the background

Available HERE

Let’s take a closer look at a few of my favourites wheelies.

So you have 2 wheels, which are attached in the centre with a swivelling snap-rivet. This pops open and closes for cleaning. The stencil images are on the lower wheel,the aperture is on the upper wheel.We Wheelie love them. And we hope you do, too….

Men & Boys 

We have some awesome larger Alphabet stencils (lower and upper case)


and the leaves and branches! Well, that’s just wheelie brilliant!

To check out the selection we have on our website today click HERE

If you like building art, then you’ll love these!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “A Wheelie good Idea…

  1. So glad that you’ve had your first jab. Like you I felt fine but the following day had a massive headache and skeletal pain few hours later and it had all gone, hubby had no problems at all. Love the stencils saw them last night but like you said didn’t know what they did am now looking forwards to the shows on Sunday. Take it easy today see you tomorrow in the Shac.xxx

  2. Hi Barbara hope you will feel better soon 😃
    That is a A WHEELIE GOOD IDEA… absolutely brilliant 👏
    Looking forward to Sunday.
    Also loving what your doing with the poppets
    Your such a clever lady
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us crafters
    It really is appreciated
    Take care
    Best wishes ❤

  3. Hi there, You didn’t half have time on your hands back then but it was well worth the effort. Wheelie hope you feel a bit better after your nap. Lots of love. Hxx

  4. I bought the wheelie branch and leaves stencil years ago and had forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.
    Hope you feel better soon – I had one bad day after my jab but felt fine a couple of days later.
    Y xxx

  5. I’ve got some wheelie stencils, must go and remind myself which ones! Had my jab this morning so possibly a bit early yet for any side effects. Hubby was very tired the next day and felt a bit ‘fluey’ but only lasted 24 hours. I’m taking paracetamol in the hope to ward it off before it starts! My sister had hers and was fine. Seems a lot of different ways it affects people.

    Go and have a nod off if that’s what your body is saying and I hope you feel better soon. X

  6. Gosh I remember buying some of these years ago. Must dig them out as I can’t remember the last time I even saw them. And the stamp set. Shocking. Take care this evening and rest up a bit

  7. Fabulous card and fabulous idea.
    Don’t think I would have time or patience for such a work of art.
    Hope you feel better soon. Be careful not to overdo things with all your tv this weekend

  8. It is so nice to see something ‘older’ being showcased amongst all the new, new, next, next. That must have taken you ages but well worth all the effort it’s amazing. Hope your side effects aren’t too bad but please do listen to your body and rest when you need to, you don’t want to go overdoing it all again. Take care xxx

  9. Glad to hear you have had your jab Barbara and hopefully you tiredness will soon wear off. I had mine about three weeks ago and I had the shivers but with paracetamol it soon wore off and only just a little cold in the back the next day. I remember this chess card you did and I copied it as I thought it was absolutely wonderful, and I even did the perspective and ink blending on the squares of the chess board. Needlesstosay it was a one off as it took ages to make, but I was chuffed with it. I’m sure these wheelies will fly. x

  10. Pleased you have had a nap…..the only way to go with it, closer to end of the tunnel and hopefully the big step closer to being with family.
    Love the wheel stencil idea and looking forward to the show on Sunday. Take care x

  11. The art work looks complicated 🙃🤭loving the colours.
    Take care hugs julie xxx
    Hope you feel better after your nap.

  12. Hi Barbara your artwork is gorgeous. I love it. those stencils are amazing. I am pleased that you have had your jab. I hope your nap does the trick. Hopefully we will see you tomorrow but only if you feel okay. Take care. Hugs xxx

  13. Hope you are feeling better, glad you ‘ve had hour jabs. We just had a sore arm over night, but I admit to feeling a bit shivery on and off for a few days. I remember the chess board you did, fantastic. I did buy a few one being the characters, and I used them, great idea. Pace yourself and rest in between, you have such a busy weekend. Sorry for nagging but it’s only because we care.xxx

  14. The wheelies are some of the very few Clarity things I don’t possess so it will be interesting to watch on Sunday. That card must have taken you ages but it was worth the effort.
    Glad you have had your first jab. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.
    It seems a lot of people have had very varied reactions, I just had a bump come up and the injection site felt bruised for a day or so. It all disappeared within 48 hours and no other after effects. Looking forward to the next one and being able to go out a bit more.
    The butterfly stamp set arrived and I have had a play. They are gorgeous.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  15. Great artwork, as always! Looking forward to the tv shows at the weekend. Pleased that you have had your jab, but sorry to hear that you are now feeling those side effects. Best thing is to rest and listen to your body. Take care of yourself Barb. Love and hugs, Gilly x

  16. Err..WOW for the chessboard. I use the number wheelie every month, because I make my own calendar (sad, I know) and the numbers fit the date boxes perfectly.
    I was tired after my jab, and very cold. Not put me off my next one though – BUT – I think I’ll take a hot, hot water bottle next time and a blanket in the car – Mr Gray can do the driving!

  17. Remember the wheelies well loved them great to see them in action again.hope your nap helped and feel better glad you got you Jab mine is this coming Monday rest up love Joy xxx

  18. Hope you are feeling more the ticket after your nap, but don’t overdo yourself tomorrow if you are not really up to it. I am looking forward to several mail deliveries, including from Clarity, but we haven’t had a post delivery for over a week now, as the post people are sick or isolating in the Margate area. The radio times will be out of date by the time it arrives! But Clarity never goes out of date!!!

  19. Hi Barb,
    Glad you’ve had your jab and believe me the tiredness will go – I was lethargic for a couple of days. I remember doing the chessboard only by then you had produced the stencil chessboard. I used the same colours as you and did the chess pieces using texture paste and then coloured them. It was on a canvas and I loved doing it , but gosh it did take me ages to do! I’ve still got the canvas somewhere. I also bought the alphabet and the branch ones . Very clever idea. I remember Maria demonstrating the bauble one at Leyburn one year as well. Hope you fell less tired tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  20. Wow those wheelies are such a great concept! Yep I am a Newbie to Clarity!! That card is fantastic too! Hey I think we will all understand if you can’t drive tomorrow. I felt like crap the day after mine ( actually day and a half). Take care💗

  21. Hi Barb, hope you feel better after your nap. Love this very arty creation. The Wheelie stencils are a great concept. I have the Men and boys and it has certainly come in super handy for male cards. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Morning Barb – hope you’re feeling better. Have to admit, my first dose of the vaccine left me wiped out for about 24 hours, but good to know your immune system has kicked in in response to it. This is an amazing piece of art you created. I’m trying to work back through some of my older stamps – as you say, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of new products and lose sight of the older ones. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows

  23. Fantastic patience! That journaling set is one of my all time Claritystamp hero stamps. So versatile, clever and brilliant on the gel press to add texture.

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