Check Mate…

Check Mate…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a really good spring clean in the SHAC Shack this morning. It feels so much fresher and nicer now! Was getting pretty skanky to be honest. Just kept piling the next job on the old job, and not filing – just piling !!

All set for the 2-4pm Clarity TV Show on Hochanda too. Lovely Lucy and I worked on this one together; we bounced back and forth for quite a while, getting the chess blocks perfect, then she went off and designed a spectacularly cool collection of Mixed Media Stamps to go with them.

I love working with Lucy. She gets me. All I said was we could do with some big grungy background stamps for layering and to bring the pretty chess pieces to life, and perhaps some splattered handwriting – and boom! In the back of the net first time!

The first demo is a bright and zesty card, clean and simple. It sums up how I feel about our Clarity Team.

From the pickers and packers, to the front of house telephone responders, from the ideas people, the designers and illustrators, to the makers and machine operators in production, from the sales and marketing team to the assembly workers and product finishers – every single one of the team is valued and greatly appreciated . Yes – teamwork sure makes the dream work at Clarity.

There is so much to consider at our place! When you not only design but also MAKE pretty much everything you sell, there are so many boxes to tick!

Yes, I’m quietly very very proud of our little business. Dave just came home from work, grinning like a Cheshire cat. he has been using one of the Heidelberg presses as a die cutting machine (you know, Tree cards, Xmas stocking cards etc). Well this morning, he fired up the second platen press, and started to figure out the printing process. I have to say, the samples he showed me are pretty blimming impressive!! Exciting times….

Anyway, back to the TV and the first demo in the line-up. I do hope you can tune in at 2pm. I’ll show you how to line it all up really quickly and simply. Got loads of cool tricks, tips and demos to share with you. I have a feeling these will be popular – especially at the 3 for 2 price!

See you there!

Stay safe…
Love and hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Check Mate…

  1. Looking forward to seeing your tricks and tips tomorrow and also seeing what Dave produces on his new toy. Exciting times. Hx

  2. A spring clean in the Shac sounds serious! But I bet you feel better for it once you look around and it’s all tidy!
    Can’t wait to watch your demos tomorrow. I know I loved working with these stamps. Really cool.
    Sounds like Dave has been hatching a plan too and that can only mean good things ahead!
    Relax a little tonight and get ready for the show tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. These all look gorgeous Barbara. It surely is a great business that you have got there! Everything sounds really good and how marvellous that Dave is making inroads with his latest machine. We all look forward to seeing what he produces. I love that you make so many of the things that you sell – fabulous! I am making a real effort to support British Companies, when I am looking to buy something. Looking forward to the tv shows tomorrow.
    Hi Alison – I hope that you are feeling ok now. I was so very sorry to hear what you have been through. Take care xx
    Love and hugs, Gilly x

  4. Look forward to seeing the shows, lovely set of stamps. Nothing like a spring clean, I tidied up the little table by my chair – mainly by putting bits in the box down by my chair that no-one can see – and it made me feel better, only had to move a couple of things and dust! I’ve just done little areas today and it helped. You must be feeling a bit perkier too, that’s good, someone I know is in bed after their injection yesterday, with a temperature and feeling poorly. Hopefully only 24 hours. I was one of the lucky ones. Glad Dave had a good morning, very satisfying ! x

  5. Hi Barbara,
    I think Sky’s programming must be wrong. They have your shows on Monday instead of tomorrow?
    I thought would set it to record but not sure what to do now. Will just have to set my alarm to remind me instead and watch you live.
    Linda x

    1. Checked my Sky box and the programming seems to be OK now. Got all mine to record. Might be worth another try.

    2. Checked my Sky box and the programming seems to be OK now. Got all mine to record. Might be worth another try.

  6. Hi Barbara your artwork is gorgeous. A good clear up really sorts the head out or at least I find that it does. I am looking forward to your shows. I can’t wait to see what Dave has been making. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  7. I have done so much crafting and tidying lately I have completely ignored my little office which is now piled high with paperwork for filing and shredding. Will have to wait now until tomorrow morning and hope to get it all done before the new shows start.
    Wonder what Dave is going to create – sure it will be good.
    Love your art work above. Hubby is a chess fanand I may have to order these stamps for him to play with. We will both be watching as well as recording.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Stay safe.

  8. Those stamps look amazing! All set to record and enjoy your shows. Mustn’t buy anything now until we’re moved but I can still add to my wish list and look and learn. X

  9. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, can feel my wish list growing. Have a restful evening. xxx

  10. I shall have to try to watch tomorrow to see how you use those chess stamps. I do like the look of the texture background stamps will be able to make good use of those. Wonder what Dave has been cooking up on his press. I need to blitz my craft space as well, seriously considering moving from the conservatory into our smallest bedroom, having a proper craft room. xx

  11. Sounds like there are lots of exciting things to look forward to from Clarity – must remember to put the shows on to record for future reference.
    Finished 2 presents this morning using the heart & doodle ribbons we did in the SHAC Shack back in June last year. I did 2 for the eldest granddaughters for Christmas so these are for the younger 2 who we will see in July.

  12. Oh dear I can feel a spend coming on……… These stamps look super and something different for those awkward male cards. Hope you a good rest before tomorrow and don’t overdo it. Xxx

  13. I hope you are really better and not just fake it to make it stuff. The new sets sound great. But you should be loudly proud of your wonderful staff!

  14. Hi Barb,
    You are right to be proud of your team at Clarity – a brilliant bunch. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow although I am going to be sitting on my hands for once ( hopefully) .Wondering what Dave has got in store for us? Had my COVID test today with the results expected tomorrow , so I’ve got everything crossed at the moment! Love and hugs Alison xx

  15. looking forward to tomorrow’s shows, although may have to watch on catch-up as my son’s just moved out into a new flat & we’re helping him to decorate (grateful we can form a ‘bubble’ together). You do have the most amazing team at Clarity Towers – they do a fantastic job for all of us customers

  16. Hello Barb, a bit late catching up with this blog post. The shows were great, brilliant stamps, superb demos and inspiration. Love this card the colours are just phenomenal. Bx

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