Ooh la la!!

Ooh la la!!

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Thought I’d step up one of those fabulous bras from this morning’s Pergamano Show on Hochanda. It’s always very difficult to go into the techniques in any detail, so I hope this helps….

Here are the plates, the beautiful plates designed by Linda. These were the very first plates she ever designed for Clarity! Bit of a Landmark really.

We’ve added 9 cardblanks and envelopes, plus the Crystal Blossom crystals as a gift. So you only pay for the two plates. And of course there’s Club Member’s Discount too.

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Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Emboss the basic bra shape, including the semi-circles along the top and the frill along the bottom.
  • Don’t emboss the circles.
  • With a white pencil, draw in the fold lines at the top and draw in a 1-2cm tab at each fold.

  • Emboss the inner semi-circles at the top of the bra, using a ball tool which best fits.
  • Emboss the frill in stages, using the largest tool first. Emboss the convex frills from the back. I find adding a little white pencil mark on the front helps me know which frills are supposed to stand out.
  • Emboss the concave frills from the front. Use a piece of plastic when embossing on the front; this stops the parchment getting shiny.
  • Emboss a few times, working in layers.
  • TOP TIP: Emboss the frills which stand out more than the frills which are “hidden”
  • Using the Diagonal Border Plate No. 2, emboss a pattern along the top section of the bra, turning the parchment slightly as you go, to go with the curve. Swivel on the ball tool.
  • Using the Straight Perforating Grid and 1-needle bold tool (and perforating from the front), perforate within the bra cup sections, perforating every alternate hole.
  • Best to focus on one row at a time when you do this, and try not to puncture the embossed lines with the needle tool!
  • Using a 2-needle bold tool, perforate around the bra, including the tabs.
  • Time to settle down and picot cut out the bra.
  • If you like, or you aren’t quite ready to picot cut, you can cut out with regular scissors. Just take your time and stay just outside the white embossed lines.
  • Make 2 bra straps. Make them double length and add a small tab at either end for attaching.
  • Perforate around with your 2-needle bold tool and cut out.

Oooh la la!! Voila!!! And we’ve even made Groovi Hangers for you!

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There. Now I hope that makes things a little clearer.

Many many thanks to Linda and Gail for helping with the art and inspiration. What a delightful collection this is. So pretty, so sexy – and so useful! Just like all of us !!!!

You can also get the cardblanks in packs separately – if you have a special design or occasion in mind.

All available HERE in one place

Best go get ready for the 3pm Show. This is where we turn a pair of knickers into a handbag!! That should be fun!

Love always

Brabra xxx

9 thoughts on “Ooh la la!!

  1. Wow I love these. So different. Love different too.
    Thank you Barbara once again you and your fabulous team hit it out of the park… Boom.
    I plan to do a set of 3 and frame them for my daughters new home she’s hoping to buy very soon fingers crossed. Xx

  2. Oh wow Barbara they are gorgeous. I did watch the shows. Now I have done a little bit of Groovi I am much better at picking up the tips. My hubby did wonder what was going on with knickers and bras being mentioned every few seconds. We all need a bit of a laugh don’t be. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Loved the show’s do much fun and laughter . Very tempted to get these plates and have a go at the bags 😁😁

  4. Bought the plates and hangers when they first came out with a very handy plastic template, very useful for making backing elements. Have ordered the shaped cards.
    Loved the shows and hearing your laughter, made me giggle too.
    I think I use all 4 of those border plates more than any others as I like to decorate some ordinary cards with lacy strips or wraps.
    Stay safe

  5. I missed the first show today and it wouldn’t let me watch on catch up, but the second show was brilliant. You were really on form today Barbara and I laughed so much. The samples from the DT were beautiful and made me want to give up my Bridget Jones! I think I shall stick to the parchment versions. See you in the SHAC tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Love these plates and plan to do some more of them. Nice to see some more inspiring designs as mine have been pretty basic up till now x

  7. Thanks, Barbara. The first show was great. Such a laugh! Get that Janice! Can’t get the second on rewind yet but it will turn up at some point.

  8. Hello Barb, a great step by step, and what brilliant shows, even if you are not a Groover or Parcher, you have to be impressed with the results from these plates, they really are lovely designs, and the samples are amazing. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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