A few of my favourite things…

A few of my favourite things…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Was filing away my stencils and having a general sort out the other day. Came across this lovely one: Dandelions, by Mel.

I love this one. There’s something just so charming and simple and arty. I must have loved it from the very start – because it’s been made into a die,

a stampset…

AND a pair of Groovi plates!!

We used these designs in a Craftalong on HOCHANDA too. Who joined in? The artwork we made together was pretty cool. First, we made two Gelpress prints – one positive and one negative image:

Then we made a Mop Up background, to use with the paper cut die…

We trapped the die scrap too, and captured a super backdrop…

All in all a smashing design.

Sometimes it is good to look back and check what’s at the back of the cupboard.

Let’s have a bloggy sale on these then…check out the Offers Section on the Clarity Website – loads of great designs at great prices. CLICK HERE

Time to stop for the day.

Hope you can join me tomorrow on HOCHANDA for The Pergamano Shows at 11am and 3pm. Knickers Bras and Handbags galore !!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…

  1. I am in the middle of a grand sort out. All my stash moving upstairs. Can’t believe I need so much to make card. X

  2. I have been sorting out my craft room today. It’s ok I tied a rope to the banisters so I could find my way out! I found a Clarity die that I had forgotten I had. I obviously put it aside intending to file it ( yeah, right!) and it gradually got buried under a few(?) things. At least I hadn’t bought it again. Now, shall I tidy my craft room more often to avoid this happening or hope for another pleasant surprise? Answers on a postcard, please…. x

  3. Hi Barbara I need to have a sort out. One day I will have a craft room. The artwork here is gorgeous. I will be watching tomorrow. Knickers and bras it is. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. I too have be tidying, it must be the sunshine that’s encouraging me. I have found the birth certificates I have been looking for a few years. They were sitting on the dvd shelf. Why they were there is anyone’s guess, but I have now filed them along with the copies I had to get. I am now focused on putting things in the correct designated place!
    I have spent the last few days sorting out things, so now my cardstock, my fabric, threads, stencils and paints are organised. Now just need to do everything else!!

  5. Sorting out the Craft Room seems to be the go-to activity of the moment! And mine needed a big sort out! These dandelion sets are brilliant, as are all of Mel’s delightful designs. I remember having great fun with the Hochanda Craftalong using the stencil and die. I’m really looking forward to Friday’s Moment of Clarity with the new reflection masks – more Clarity magic!

  6. Congrats to those who managed their sort out and tidy today. I got up this morning with great enthusiam and a list of things to do but was thwarted by “he who shall remain nameless” getting under my feet. By 10.30 my get up and go got up and went so I made a coffee and re-thought my strategy. Then 2 of my orders arrived so I had to have a play. Guess what – no more tidying !!!
    Ah well,- tomorrow is another day.
    Lovely artwork Barbara,so much achieved from one design. I don’t have these items but they may be a futurepurchase.
    Been randomly chosen to take part in a survey to find out the Covid dynamics for this area. Just waiting for my kit to arrive.
    Stay safe.

  7. I been sorting my craft shed it’s in such a mess I got stuff in bedroom stuff in lounge and stuff in shed ,but inside the roof it gone bit mouldy so been trying to clean it granddaughter gave me some stuff but couldn’t get it all off xx

  8. I so enjoyed that Craftalong with you – I’ve got this die and stencil, but ashamed to say I haven’t really used them since! They need to go on the list for seeing the light again

  9. Yes I remember, didn’t have the die but did have the stencil. I enjoyed that session. Been doing the groovying and die cutting leaves and flowers the last few days. All put tidy in a box ready for when I need them. Looking forward to your revisit of the bra and pantie set as handbags. Stay safe Barbara.xxx

  10. Really looking forward to the shows. And to getting a craft room set up when workmen can put shelves up. I am so glad you are introducing new people to previous products and basic techniques – and reminding us all of them in the process. None of us could afford everything at first launch.

  11. Hi Barb, I think everyone is sorting out by the looks of things. Me too, sorted all my stencils and papers the other day, and put Dymo labels on the folders and yes I have this stencil, next up to sort are my stamp folders. Love the samples shown, think I need some crafty play time. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I have all of these ( thankfully) and love them. I wish I could tidy my craft room, but until my unit arrives on the 30th all of my stuff is in my cupboard ( which I can’t get to at the moment) or in boxes ( which are in front of the cupboard!!!). It was supposed to be delivered in January but because of restrictions it was postponed. I will be so glad when I can actually get to my craft stuff easily ( hopefully). Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, I love your Gelli plate videos and am wondering what one of the products you’ve used is called. I’ll add the clip of the youtube video here and hopefully you’ll see it. In the video you call it ”punctunella”? I haven’t been able to find it on the Clarity Stamp website. And I’ve tried to make my own, but it’s just not the same, unsurprisingly. I’d appreciate knowing what it is. Thank you! x https://youtu.be/P8zPM0TvKgQ?t=374

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