Let’s Celebrate with Flowers….

Let’s Celebrate with Flowers….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Happy International Women’s Day !!

Thoroughly enjoyed creating our tall flowers, with the lovely leggy stems in the SHAC Shac today! Did you join in? I’m loving seeing your art on Clarity Worldwide! It’s great to see so many of you saying it with flowers too. Really easy way to make a greeting card, isn’t it x

It occurred to me while we were turning the stems into words, that we do have a lot of new Clarity friends now, and perhaps they don’t know that we have a rather lovely Floral Alphabet in both Stamp and Groovi format in the cupboard – illustrated by yours truly. Complete with numbers too! Spell anything you want with these!

The collection includes not one but TWO folders, for easy location and storage. And an index of the letters, telling you which letters stand for which flowers. A for Allium and Agapanthus, B for Bougainvillea, C for Cornflower etc. It’s pretty epic.

E for Edleweiss…

Here’s the complete Groovi Collection too. Also has not one but TWO folders – and a wonderful ii-book included, for ideas and inspiration.

When you look closely at the stamps sets and Groovi plates, you will see that each letter actually included not just the large floral signature letter, but also 4 additional letters – upper and lower case – in 2 different sizes. So you’re getting not one but FIVE alphabets. And not one but FIVE numerals. This is great when you are spelling out names and occasions. You can use just one illuminated first letter if you like, then spell out the rest in smaller letters, Like Viola here, stamped on designer parchment…

It’s International Women’s Day today, and it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, so let’s say it with flowers this week, and let’s celebrate with a really super-saver deal .

In a nutshell, buy the ABC – Groovi or Stamps – and we’ll give you the numbers plus the folder as a GIFT, GRATIS, FREE. Plus of course, Clarity Club members enjoy a further 10% or 15% discount.

Floral Alphabet & Numbers Groovi Collection 

37 A6sq Groovi Plates
2 x A6 Groovi Folders
Groovi ii Book

RRP £210.58 -
Special Price £148.71 -
Saving £61.87
Available HERE
Floral Alphabet & Numbers Stamp Collection 

37 A6 Stamp Sets
2 A6 Claritystamp Folders

RRP £205.98 -
Special Price £137.99
Saving £67.99
Available HERE

Whether you like parchment or you prefer stamping, whether you like clean and tidy or arty grungy, these floral letters and numbers will be a wonderful investment…

Happy days. Offer ends Midnight Sunday. I shall blog some lovely inspirational art using these sets all week.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

14 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate with Flowers….

  1. How lovely! Unfortunately the bank manager has informed me I’ve been naughty and spent too much money on craft stamps this month. Seen some lovely flowers from the Shackers this morning such a pretty idea. Hope the sun is still out to help the flowers bloom. Wishing all those Mums out there a happy Mothers day. Crafty hugs. Xx

  2. What a lovely offer and what lovely stamps and groovi plates. I will definitely have a look tomorrow. Lovely samples Barbara. Xxx

  3. Bought the groovi alphabet and numbers last year when you had a special offer. Use then lots and enjoy them each time I use them. Enjoyed trying the flowers on catch up this afternoon but missed out the writing – it would have made it look more like a briar bush.

  4. Loved this mornings flowers. Just wish I could afford these as they are on my wish list, but having not worked for nearly a year, and still awaiting on the next self employed instalment I can only dream…….. one day though.

  5. A great fun and arty session in the Shac Shac this morning, thank you Barbara. I seem to have found time again be be on the bus, live, which is so lovely! It may just be the days are getting longer so I appear to have more time in the day! – I treated myself to the Alphabet stamps in the members sale and I must say they are so lovely!! – I’m looking forward to seeing your inspiration with them this week! – I have my jab tomorrow so fingers crossed I don’t feel rubbish afterwards or I shall be the one on the back seat of the bus having a lie down! 😁

  6. Beautiful alphabet and great offer but an expensive month this month so will have to drool instead ! I enjoyed the flower this morning and have just finished mine off, I’m sure they’ll look even better tomorrow ! X

  7. Dear Barbara
    Unfortunately I am unable to comment on Facebook, so I hope you don’t mind me commenting here.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the SHAC and have not become bored at all. Like for so many others, the SHAC has been lifeline, a feeling of belonging and knowing that for an hour three times a week I’m in the company of like minded people and I love it. You have reawakened my
    crafty mojo with your wonderful tuition and I shall be very sad, if and when the SHAC has to come to a close when the world returns to a new “normal”.
    I have also thoroughly enjoyed The Moment of Clarity shows, ill health has prevented me from attending shows for several years, so this format is great reminder of days gone past, but made better with a front row seat and no aching feet at the end of the day!!!

    A huge thank you to you and all your amazing team at Clarity Towers.

  8. I have already spent a lot this week so I am very happy that I already have both the stamps and Groovi plates in my stash. There have been quite a few ‘special’ birthdays, anniversaries and events in the last 12 months and these have been used to personalise all of the cards I created. They really are stunning.
    I have been having trouble accessing certain elemets of the Clarity site for the last 3 days so have not managed to watch YouTube to follow your project today. I do wonder if it is down to Google, Firefox and the security all updating themselves on the same day. I have a dislike of much of the technology these days. It seems no sooner I have got to grips with the new system it changes again and doesn’t work so well for me. Call me a dinosaur if you like but I do wish I could get back to some of the old systems.
    I am now going to settle down with some embossing and relax for the rest of the evening.
    Stay safe.

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a great offer, I’ve already got the groovi alphabet plates and have been contemplating the numbers to go with them ( especially as I’d convinced myself I’d bought two of them last month knowing my sister had a special birthday- I hadn’t! ). I shall be rejoining the Shac Shac bus on you tube tomorrow, the flowers I’ve seen so far look beautiful. Loved the shows over the last two days especially the background stamps, can’t wait for mine to arrive.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. The flowers look great , will try to catch up on this mornings session. Just threw out all my flowers from our Golden Wedding anniversary nearly a fortnight ago, they lasted very well. Sadly website not letting me log in so not been able to buy the lovely new Groovi plates, I did see others have had same problem so held off ringing office. Hopefully the gremlins will get tired soon. xx

  11. Hello Barb, have to curb my spending at the moment, fabulous offers and fantastic products. Caught up with all the weekend shows now, and they were as always awesome and packed with ideas and inspiration. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Enjoyed the shac shack this morning my flowers were, well wonky 😅🤭 but practise makes perfect . Thanks for the offer too
    Hugs julie x

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