Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. As you know, when the pandemic hit, many things were cancelled, including our annual retreats. They are a big part of the Clarity Events Calendar.

Realistically, we don’t think that the Ditton Open Days will be possible this year – it’s too soon. 300 people gathered together in June when we can’t even hang out with the neighbours yet?!? Mmm…next June sounds safer! We are still working on the Ditton Retreats for this summer though; bear with us on that front.

But we do have some great news regarding the Spa Annual Parchment Retreat!  Woohoo! I am very pleased to tell you that – Covid permitting – we have a new date! We have been working together with the Spa, and figuring out a realistic and safe reschedule. The April dates we had pencilled in are not going to be possible, because the hotel isn’t even allowed to open until May!

We have decided to take a cautious approach, and go for October. By that time we should all have had our vaccines, and we will be MORE THAN READY TO HAVE A BREAK AWAY !!!! 

The new dates are. Monday 18th October and Tuesday 19th October.
We have written to all those individual participants who booked and paid for their place over a year ago. They have been patiently waiting for this announcement, I bet! Look for your letters if you are one of those Clarity friends, because there are important details to consider, and we just need confirmation that you can make those dates.

The retreat itself is fully booked. The classes are sold out. So Linda and I had a chat about this, and we both agreed that there are probably as many people again, who would LOVE a 2-Day Parchment Retreat in a lovely spa hotel in Tunbridge Wells!  Maybe you have joined the Pergamano Groovi family in the past year, or you wanted to sign up last year but it sold out too quickly, or you couldn’t make it. Or maybe you just NEED A BREAK AND A TREAT after this year to remember!

So. Again, because we are ahead of the curve, we have actually been able to pencil in a repeat performance on the Wednesday (20th) and Thursday (21st), subject to demand. That’s right! A second 2-day Spa retreat! The other brilliant news is that there are enough bedrooms for those days too, so we can all hang out together. 
The tuition cost of the 2 day event is £220 (Club discounts also apply). We provide ALL equipment. You don’t need a thing. This also includes a light sandwich lunch.
Hotel bookings and evening meals are additional, and we have once again secured special prices for what is a deluxe Spa Hotel. 

The room rates include breakfast and are as follows:

Single room – £89.00
Cosy Double for single occupancy £99.00 / Double occupancy £109.00
Cosy Deluxe single occ £109 / Double/twin occ £129
Spacious Single occ £119 / Double occ £149
Indulgent Single occ £149 / Double occ £199 

Friday and Saturday
Single room £104.00
Cosy Double for single occupancy £114.00 / Double occupancy £149.00
Cosy Deluxe single occ £124 / Double/twin occ £169
Spacious single occ £134 / Double occ £189

I have added the Friday and Saturday, just in case you decided to make a mini holiday of it and stay a bit longer. Tunbridge Wells is a very pretty place.

Customers will be able to call from Monday 15th March between 7.30am – 4.00pm on 01892 553582 to secure accommodation too. But again, this is all subject to demand. We may be completely wrong, but it’s so rare to be able to get a completley open slot like this at the Spa! Early Bird and all that….

If you would like to join us at the Spa for those 2 new days, (the Wednesday and Thursday) please call Jeannine on 01732 868215 to register your interest, and put your name on the list as soon as possible. If there is enough interest to proceed with the event, then we will secure the second 2-day retreat and call you back to confirm and arrange payment in the next couple of weeks. We need to move on this because of the hotel accommodation, so please decide soonest! Once we have enough participants and the green light, then we can book those rooms quickly!

The Spa has been so helpful. They have spent their lockdown refurbishing. We are in for a real treat too; I have seen the photos.

They are also playing things very safe. Covid permitting, things will move forward as we are planning here. But should there be a setback, we lose nothing, we lose no deposits, we are guaranteed full refunds or date moves if necessary. 
It will be the first trip away from home for me too. In one and a half years. Personally, I cannot wait to just be together with my crafty buddies again. Linda and I are definitely camping out at the Spa with you for the duration! Girlie treat.

Finally, there is a slow shift to more freedom again. Yes. Let’s get together in October.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “SPA RETREAT HERE WE COME!!!

  1. I will be on the phone first thing on the 15th! Have never been on a retreat before and it’s my birthday today so have the money to do it now too! Would love to be one of the lucky ones to be able to book.
    If there was a space on the earlier retreat of the 18th and 19th I would book that as my mums birthday is the 20th, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I celebrated with her a little later so that I could go on the retreat. Do I have to contact to register my interest with Jeanine before the 15th or on the 15th? Can’t wait o learn so much x

    1. Call her soon to register your interest for the Wednesday and Thursday. But feel free to mention to her that you’re interested in the earlier dates too, incase anyone cancels. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!! <3 Grace xox

      1. Thanks Grace, I had missed the blog and thought we contact Jeanine on Monday! Hope I’m not too late I will phone first thing tomorrow! Thanks also for your birthday wishes xx

      2. Just phoned Jeanine now and she has pencilled me in for a slot on the Wednesday Thursday and if any cancellations for the Monday Tuesday to transfer my booking to then! Thank you for the info Grace xx

  2. Oh Barbara, I would so love to join you on the parchmrnt retreats. I really enjoyed the last one I attended. Unfortunately Ray has to get his delayed hospital appointments and treatment sorted out before we can make any plans. He came with me last time and while I crafted he indulged in his photography in the area. We had a lovely 4 days and maybe next year we will be able to make it happen.
    Have added the square stencil card to my shopping list for the next time I have to order (still unable to do it on-line) as these will save a lot of waste.
    Nice to hear you sounding more cheerful.
    Stay safe.

  3. Oh boy Barbara this is good news. It is so good to have things to look forward to. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. That has made my day Barbara, yes have confirmed with Jeannine that myself, Eunice and Theresa will be going on the 18th and 19th, just go to confirm with The Spa that our room from the original booking is still the same. Stay safe everyone, xxxxxx

  5. I have read my e-mail and I am more than ready to get back to seeing everyone. The dates are perfect for me as I have a big Birthday the week before so can fit that in as well. Thank-you for sorting all this out must be quite a task . Xx

  6. Oh, it’s a very long way!! I am booked to come and will arrange to stay for longer but the journey there is going to be the nightmare for me! The safest way is to drive but that will take two days there and back! Somehow, I will get there! it’ll be good to catch up with you and to meet Linda and the others. Lots of love, Hxx

  7. Yipee! – I have called and put my name down for the new dates as I couldnt do the last retreat. I loved the last one so much and now actually have something to look forward to! – Thank you, Barbara! X PS doesn’t the Spa look smart!

  8. phoned Jeannine as soon as i got my e mail to confirm ill be there 18th and 19th , put in holiday request at work for the monday and it was accepted straight away ,just need to confirm with the spa next week , hopfully then all systems go , got everthing crossed ,Had my first jab this morning

  9. Hope to be able to come along to one of your retreats but unfortunately we will be away on a family holiday from Friday 22nd October, lockdowns permitting, and those dates are a bit too close. No doubt all those attending will have a wonderful time as I have heard nothing but great things about Clarity retreats. Look forward to hearing about future dates.

  10. Something to look forward to. I have another event in October so need to check they don’t clash. Fingers crossed. Spa looking very spic and span.

  11. So sad I won’t be able to come. Love the parchment retreats, being with you all and enjoying being creative. I’ll hear all about it though from Roz, Karen and the other east northants girls. Can’t leave hubby alone for that number of days due to his disability. Shame it’s not Leyburn, we have the motorhome on the nearby camp site and I can leave him for the hours of the retreat . Have a fantastic time. Out of lockdown yay. Xxx

  12. great news – am sitting excitedly waiting for news of what I hope will be the Ditton retreats this summer xxx

  13. Just reading your plans for the retreat makes me feel so hopeful for the future ! .Reads like light at the end of the tunnel and delighted there are many who will be able to have fun at last .x

  14. So glad that you parchers can look forward to seeing each other again soon. Would love to join you but coming from North Wales they are too far away. However I feel like being in a room with you all every time we get together in the Shack. Hope you all get to enjoy the retreat Covid permitting.

  15. Made my day when I read the email and I am so looking forward to it and seeing everyone
    See you there I better brush up on my parchment skills.

  16. Hello Barb, I think this blog post has just made so many people jump up and down with happiness. Well done for once again going all out to keep creative people super excited about getting back to normal gatherings. Take care and enjoy it everyone. Bx

  17. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Ditton workshops can happen too. Still waiting on my jab, but hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks.

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