A Little Pottery Giveaway

A Little Pottery Giveaway

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Thoroughly enjoying a weekend off here. Actually, my idea of a weekend off is hardly what YOU might call a weekend off ! I have spend hours clearing away Friday’s TV wreckage (it always looks like a big Bomzitit after a busy TV show !) I’ve also been prepping, writing, planning, blogging and preparing for tomorrow’s SHAC. I’ve been cleaning, doing laundry, changing the bedding, blitzing the pottery studio to make room for the beautiful, fabulous Roderfeld SLAB ROLLER, which we also drove to beyond Guildford to collect yesterday afternoon. And yet, weirdly, it definitely feels like a weekend off! Is it that we had a lie in this morning?? And a bacon sandwich with Dave for brunch? Who knows. I’m enjoying my interpretation of a weekend off anyway!

The limericks from yesterday are hilarious. Keep em coming! Yesterday’s quiz is proving to be quite a challenge, eh?! So many of you are SO SO SO nearly 100% correct! So let me qualify the rules of engagement then….You don’t have to answer ALL the questions correctly to be in with a chance of winning the £100 Gift Voucher; you just have to get as many as you can! So don’t despair if you don’t know where I buy my clothes! Who cares ?!?!? Gottabeinittowinit, remember?

Today, at the risk of being pretentious, I would like to give away one of my pottery builds. It’s something I made during class. It’s hand built, about 6.5” diameter and 5” tall. I was thinking cookie jar when I made it, but it’s quite small for a cookie jar! You’d be forever filling it in this house! You could put anything in it though. I’ll include a little packet of biscuits when I send it anyway. There’s a little bird for a handle too. Very SHAC SHAC….

If you would like to receive this BG original, then all you have to do is write ONE word below to describe our SHAC SHAC. I will close my eyes and pick a random winner. If you don’t like it, and you don’t want it, then don’t post anything below!

It’s not perfect be any means – the lid isn’t a tight fit, and the bird looks a bit strange – but it was made by hand with love and good energy.

Have a great Sunday.

Love always

Barb xxx

PS . Don’t forget to check out our other Clarity Matters Blog! There’s a superb Parchment step by step by Glynis. Really Butterfly lovely! Claritymatters

PPS . The SHAC SHAC Sale is going well too. Thank you xxx CLICK HERE

322 thoughts on “A Little Pottery Giveaway

    1. Who wouldn’t love to own a Barbara Grey original.I can think of many words to describe the Shac but it simple really SPECIAL.

  1. Appreciation

    That’s my word because I appreciate the time you have given, appreciate the skills I have learned, appreciate that I have Internet to watch, appreciate that I can stay home, appreciate that I am safe, appreciate the clarity community, appreciate the guidance on how to stay calm and set aside my worries. Its just a word but has so much meaning.

  2. Hi Barbara I have said this before I will say it again – a Lifeline. Enjoy your weekend off. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Calming.

    Thanks for everything you do. I have a little salt pot from “The Harray Potter” in Orkney that has a little bird on top so your beautiful pot will feel right at home. ❤️

  4. Love your cooky pot and love the colors you have used for this one.
    Is there one word for the Shac??? Don’t think so because it is relaxing,there is comunity between people from so many countries, there is joy and laughter and also looking after one who is ill or had sad news……
    Perhaps FAMILY is the right word for the Shac….. yes a creative FAMILY!!!💞
    See you all tomorrow in the Family Shac!
    Stay save and healthy everyone, Trijntje Huppel

  5. Saviour. Even though I don’t have time in the day, I still catch up of an evening or weekend. Thanks for all you do Barbara x.

  6. There are so many words, but if I can only choose one, for me it would be inspirational.
    Your pot is beautiful and I am sure that whoever wins it will treasure it.
    My idea of a weekend off has always been doing things that give you pleasure, so I would agree with yours being relaxing for you. Enjoy the rest of it. Hugs. Annette X

  7. I think SHACSHAC is “Phenominal”……. and I would so looooooove to give your pot a good home!

  8. Gratitude is my word on so many levels….grateful for the time and effort you devote to the Shac and Moments of Clarity. Grateful for the distraction from this pandemic. Grateful to be alive to participate. Grateful for new skills learnt & the inspiration invoked by the sessions. Grateful for the simplicity of tools necessary to participate so it’s easily affordable to all. Grateful for the sense of belonging and comaradity…I could go on and on…..!

  9. Comforting.

    Love the pottery piece, the bird is so sweet! I’ll cross my fingers. Thank you for clarifying the rules on the quiz giveaway, it’s good to know my efforts will still count, as I’m sure one of my answers is wrong but I’ve worked it out as best as I could. Thank you for all the fab giveaways!

    M x

  10. Friendship

    Through the SHAC Shack there have been numerous friendships made, everyone helping each other & sharing the ups & downs of fellow Shacers .
    Good luck everyone, I wonder where the lovely cookie pot will find its home ?

  11. Encouraging would be my word. The SHAC has encouraged me to have a go, whatever the outcome, and the postcard that really encouraged me was the one with the silver birches and the nuthatches. It looked so good when it was finished that I was really encouraged to keep going which, in turn, has also encouraged me to use the stamps I’ve been collecting! Would love to win your pot! Have a good Sunday. Hx

  12. Emotional
    But very calming, supportive and lovely. Your little creation is gorgeous and the lucky person will treasure it. Made with calming serenity. Xxx

  13. Emotional
    But very calming, supportive and lovely. Your little creation is gorgeous and the lucky person will cherish it. Made with calming serenity by your own beautiful self. Xxx

  14. Got to be ….


    So many people have learned an awful lot from you, especially to keep calm, and keep us going whatever the world throws at us. Thanks for all you do for us Barbara and all at Clarity.

  15. Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious.

    Lol, not sure how it is spelt but I hope you get my meaning.

  16. Comfortable.

    On many levels!
    Your lovely pot would be the icing on the Shac Shac roof for someone lucky enough to win it! What a fabulous reminder of the good times we have had and listening to your pottery adventures too!
    Your ‘day off’ is not dissimilar to mine. I use it to catch up on all the ‘jobs’ and the feel good factor equates to satisfaction which is a good day off! 😂

  17. What a wonderful piece of pottery. Many words come to mind. Bountiful sums it up for all it has given physical and metal

  18. I think the Shac Shac has meant so many things to so many different people, and it has taken us all on a different route through Covid. But for me, the best word that describes it is :

  19. Itstheplacetobe.

    One word could not do justice to describe the SHAC Shac I think we all love it so much. Your pottery is wonderful in design and colour, you are a very accomplished lady Barbara. How I wish I could emulate you, until then I am enjoying the the whole learning experience. Thank you and all at Clarity.

  20. My word would be….LUCKY….
    To have you there to help and guide also comfort during our past year….have watched you for years and enjoyed it all….thank you!

  21. Refreshing
    It is a group of people with a common interest who came together under frightening times with an exceptional bus driver who guides encourages and praises everyone to take part and produce things they never thought possible but with the support of everyone can now achieve and continue to do so xx thank you Barbara xx

  22. Fabulous !
    Love the pot Barbara, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the shac shac xxx

  23. My word is UNIQUE.

    I don’t know of any other crafter that has given so much of herself, her time and her expertise to the community as you have in the Shac Shac. It is a one and only.
    Adore this little pot, it is so fun, like you, and whoever wins it will have a keepsake to cherish.
    Enjoy the rest of your ‘time out’ – so long as you get satisfaction from what you are doing and get a sense of peace and calm at the end of the day that is all that matters.
    Have placed a sale order and am now skint!!!!
    Stay safe.

  24. SuperfabbySHAColistic!

    Stunning pottery Barb.
    Glad you’ve had a lovely weekend… how exciting new pottery toys! ♡

  25. The SHAC SHAC is therapeutic.
    I love your little pot, especially the bird handle. You must have been delighted when it came out of the kiln and was so beautiful. X

  26. Tonlc
    Love your little pot ,and the shac shac is the tonic we all needed better than any pills from the doc xx

  27. Unmissable.
    Thank you so much for all that you and the Clarity team have given us during this pandemic

  28. Barbara

    Because although all the words apply to the Shac Shac, without Barbara they would all be redundant.

    Thanks Barbara for your time. X

  29. It’s beautiful Barbara would look lovely in my new home would be on display with pride. Did my order this afternoon all best everyone some one will be a lucky winner lots love Joy x

    EVOLVING because u always know Barbara as something else in the fore front of her mind after the task in hand…
    Exceptional as a nhs worker I love coming home and catching up very relaxing and educational. Love watching and seeing what comes next.
    Keeps going keep having a go and placing orders to my ever building stash.
    Thankyou for all your time Barbara and everyone at clarity gratefully recieved…keep up the fab work..xx

  31. Good evening Barbara
    What a generous lady you are giving away one of your pottery creations. Well whoever wins this it will definitely take pride of place. Good luck to everyone
    My word is. Caring

  32. Harmony

    Life in the Shac Shac is harmony. Providing us all with a sanctuary to bog to on Mon, Wed and Friday. Not forgetting Groovi Tuesdays. Thank you to you and all your team xx

  33. Inspirational

    I rarely get to see the Shac Shac live as I am on a mental health support line in the mornings now, but I catch up when I can. I say inspirational, as I have been doing crafty stuff for many years now, but I’ve really never felt that I’m any good. What I do know, is that the ShacShac has definitely given me 100% more confidence than I’ve ever had with my drawing. Thank you Barb 😘 xxx

  34. My one word would be a
    “ haven” from everything the world is currently is enduring .
    Love my time in the shac shack , I thank you Barbara so so much 💕💕💕

  35. Thanks Barbara fir the opportunity to own one of your beautiful pots.
    My word is:- NURTURING

    You care, you teach, you protect, but most of all you help us all develop our skills and self confidence. Wow, what an accolade. Loads of love. Sheila Stacey. X

  36. oh that is just gorgeous! What a generous giveaway – I think the SHAC shack has been ’embracing’ (new skills, new friends, and bringing together the Clarity community. xx

  37. Hi Barb,
    I would say Lifesaver, as that is what I hear a lot from those taking part. Please don’t enter me into the draw as I feel it would be unfair to those who have regularly joined in – I have just dipped in every now and then!! Lovely prize and very thoughtful of you. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  38. Shac Shac is a Cocoon … A crafting cocoon out of which hundreds of butterflies are emerging.
    Lovely pot!

  39. Lifesaver!!

    I’ve been with you since day 1 and loved every minute of it, learnt loads, erased loads, laughed and cried with you, but being arty has been my route through this last year, Thank you so much, Jackie x

  40. Happiness!
    And it is so very hard to just come up with just one word because it’s also home, friends, inspiration, my best happy place and my therapy. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful BG original xx

  41. My word is…dependable. Not a small word these days! Been with – known you for so long Barbara, way before the Shac, always admired your work and your attitude, love listening to you too.

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