Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie, before I dive into TV demos ! The Highlighter stamps which are being showcased on HOCHANDA 2-4pm are so useful and lovely to use! One I particularly like is the Passion Doodle Round Stamp and Stencil Set.

Sometimes, the design says it all. I think this is one such design. All I have used is a black archival inkpad on one of our new panel and frame sets. You’ll notice I did drag a big fat black Posca Pen around both the inside and outer edges of the frame – just to make the centrepiece pop.

You could add colour, you could add gold highlights, you could splatter ink, or spritz, or stencil. You could do loads, because it’s stampboard, and can take pretty much anything you throw at it.

But just for today, I’d like to keep it simple, and travel gently through this snowy Sunday.

See you on the other side!


Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Looking forward to the show’s today , hope your feeling better, don’t get stuck in the snow as you travel to the shac lol lol
    Have a good day x

  2. I like simple. Good luck later. Wear big wellies to get to the studio safely! I hope you have got it warm enough to work in comfortably.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the shows, something new which I know will hop into my basket.
    No snow here yet although it is forecast for later.
    Stay warm, stay safe.

  4. I think that is the most beautiful stencil I have ever seen. Looking forward to the demos. I hope you are feeling better today and I bet you are relieved that you don’t have to drive to Peterborough in all the snow. Fortunately we don’t have any in Milton Keynes. Enjoy the shows. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Hope you’re feeling better today. I’m looking forward to seeing this shows. Going to watch in the kitchen preparing my veg😹 x

  6. Hi Barbara the art work is stunning. I love it. I hope the TV shows go well. We don’t have snow yet. Have a good evening. See you in Egypt tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Looking forward to today’s demos, Barb. Be gentle with yourself. You’ll be great as always. No snow here! Take care. Hxx

  8. Loved the shows. Given me great ideas.
    Great to see that when things don’t come.out first time what we can do. Thanks for the advice.
    Beautiful kits.

  9. So disappointed the snow stopped Sky working so I didn’t see any of today’s shows -and my broadband speed is too slow to watch on catch-up. I’m hoping to see some of the demos on the blog at some point, otherwise, sadly, I’ve missed the products on today’s shows. I hope you are feeling better Barbara?

  10. Loved the shows – I always feel so inspired to try things after watching you! I can feel several things in danger of slipping into my shopping basket (may need to remortgage my house first…!)

  11. Loved the earlier shows today, will catch up with the 8pm show after the Radio 2/BBC1 Musicals – the Greatest Show has finished.
    Everything looks amazing – now to choose which ones I need !!
    Hope your headache has gone from earlier – I have had a couple this week, not had one for ages. Think I may need my eyes testing, realised I have been using my computer much more this year for online classes as well as my family history research. Sign of getting older I suppose !!

  12. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoyed the shows this afternoon, the stencils and stamps are beautiful. You did some amazing demos, I’ve got lots of ideas now so think it will be a messy play week! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow too. Take care in the snow.
    Love Diane xx

  13. Hello Barb, caught bits of the shows, but then got caught up with rugby too, so will be watching on catch up. Love the look of the stamps, great piece of wall art. Take care and stay safe everyone, it has snowed overnight too. Bx

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