Build a wreath….

Build a wreath….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers, right? So as the Children through the Seasons ODS on Hochanda draws to a close, allow me to shine a little light on something I briefly alluded to this morning in the 8am show.

Here are the 8 stamps sets, A boy and a girl for each season, illustrated by darling Linda Williams, originally as Groovi Plates. Very popular! In the words of Mr Kipling, exceedingly good cakes – err I mean plates.

Available as a huge bundle, or individually.


When you look closely at the individual sets, you will see there are loads of elements – especially superb corners! Let’s hone in on the Autumn Boy. See the little individual leaves?

Let’s focus on the solid ones. We’ll start with the round stamp board shapes, and draw a pencil line around the middle sized one on the largest one.

Now, using archival inks and just the three little full leaf stamps, let’s build a wreath around the pencil line. First and second generation is very cool, and overlapping is welcome!

Let’s add the words before we go on, and then flutter a couple of leaves around them.

Last thing to do is rub out the pencil line and tone the stampboard colour down with one of our stencil brushes loaded with Old Parchment ink.

There you go. Amazing what you can do with three tiny little leaf stamps.

The entire collection is packed full of little surprises like this.

But now it’s time to go for a walk in the snow and get some fresh air.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. Don’t forget. Our Clarity Craft Members’ Sale ends at midnight tonight. Still plenty of time to join the club if you’re not a member. CLICK HERE

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11 thoughts on “Build a wreath….

  1. I’ve been back to the sale for the 3rd time. Still waiting patiently for No. 1 order. I’ve forgotten what’s coming so it’ll be a nice surprise 😃 think I’ll go look at some more plates!!!!

  2. That’s definitely all things bright and beautiful! Sat in conservatory, snowing and the sun is out. Just too cold for a dog walk today – they’d turn their noses up ! Sale order in. I have to be more picky than when I was working LOL !! Let alone where am I going to put it all ! Thankfully, I have Lynda’s groovi plates on tv today. X

  3. Hi Barbara your artwork is gorgeous. Those stamps are gorgeous too. I have shopped in the sale twice. Well it is nice to be waiting for some things to come through the post and cheer up the day. I enjoyed the Shac Shack today. I am looking forward to the Groovi Shac tomorrow. I hope your walk was good in the snow. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. Love your leafy creation above.
    Enjoyed the shows today. I thought I had the plates but couldn’t find them, had already put the stamps in my basket, knock at the door so went to answer it, 2 Clarity orders delivered, went back to the lap top, PANIC, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BASKET? Hubby had added the Groovi plates, paid and logged me out. When I came down off the ceiling he just grinned, said he thought it would minimise my spend. After watching Paul this afternoon when he said the plates were launched in August I looked up past orders and had great pleasure ininforming him that he jumped the gun and spent more than I would have done. What a laugh we had.
    The snow here hasn’t stopped all day and is now nearly 4″ deep and still coming down. Our garden looks like a fairy glade so beautiful in the snow which is the deepest it has been since we moved here. Should be fun going to the vaccination clinic tomorrow as it is quite hilly here and we no longer have a 4×4. Happy days – we will cope.
    Stay warm and safe.

  5. Hope you had a nice walk in the snow, we haven’t got any here yet just cold & wet.
    Perhaps this week will be a bit quieter for you after the busy weekend but there again I expect there will be plenty of orders from the ODS & the sale to pack.
    Need to have a last look at the website & start a wish list from the new products – there are soooo many great things – just need to make some space in my room before it falls through the ceiling into the lounge !!

  6. yet more beautiful stamps! Love the way you’ve just used the three little leaves. Managed to get out for a walk at lunchtime – we’ve got a couple of centimetres of snow here – very crunchy underfoot and very cold!

  7. Enjoyed the shows today, and the shac shac. Hope you had a lovely walk. Its been very cold here with sunshine & light snow flurries, although heavier snow showers forecast overnight. Take care. xx

  8. Hello Barb, hope you enjoyed your walk. The colours of these leaves on this lovely sample are the colours we had a few short months ago, falling from the trees. I always love the colours of Autumn. Looking forward to my parcels arriving, but in the meantime have loads to play with from the Blog Tutorial offers (if I can find them on my craft desk that is). Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Love your leaves Barbara. I had two trips to the sale. Can’t wait for postie to bring my bits. Thanks to all at Clarity for the hard work 😃

  10. I love this Barbara. Wreath building with little stamps is one of my favourite things to do and so quick and easy with a stamp platform!

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