You spoke – we listened….

You spoke – we listened….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Won‘t keep you long. Feeling pretty under par today, so maybe an early night will do the trick.

Big day tomorrow, so I want to be my best and do my best on HOCHANDA! The new Stencil and Highlighter stamps at 2pm are pretty special, even if I say so myself! There’s so much to show you! So many tricks and tips, I really would like to be fighting fit for that 2 hour session!

These stencils are so intricate and detailed! Robust though. I‘ve been putting them through their paces, and they certainly do the job. Here’s a little taster of how strong they are…

One of the other things on the show is something new and very VERY useful. Remember our Stampboard shapes? The hearts and circles and squares and triangle? CLICK HERE TO BUY

Well, it’s been very popular, and several of you have been asking whether we couldn’t do it in a larger size. The great thing about the stampboard is that it cuts likes butter with a guillotine too. So we listened carefully, and got our thinking caps on. Took a couple of months, and this is what we’ve come up with:

Then I had a little moment of Clarity…“what about frames to fit?” says I. Consider it done, says the Clarity team!

So. We’ve got 12×12..with frames, 9×9 with frames… what else?

6 x 6 with frames…

and of course, for the rinky dink art – 4×4, with a lovely little 2inch square aperture. And we even threw in the bit which fell out of the middle.

I have been working with the panels and frames, mixing and matching, chopping them up – stamping, using paint, spritzing ink, pulling prints – the lot. One of the best things is that if you decided to use the frame, the backer is the same material, not just some cheap stuff which you have to cover up.

Runs through the die cutting machine like a dream too. And the new stencils emboss beautifully into it. Look:

So much scope! And so much board! It just made total sense to offer up the frames with the panels. We hope you approve!

I shall be introducing this bundle at 2pm on Sunday, so do check in on HOCHANDA if you fancy these! Should you want specific sizes, they’ll also be available on our Clarity website.

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “You spoke – we listened….

  1. Wow. Those stamp board and frames are just what I have been after….. I love stencilling so will be watching . 🙂

  2. Those frames & stampboards look exciting !!
    Hope you feel better soon, perhaps a few days off for a complete break & rest might be what the doctor ordered !! You haven’t really stopped for the last year have you except when you had a few days off to look after your mom & dad when your mom had her hip operation – so that wasn’t really a rest.
    We need the bus driver to be feeling 100% if we are going on another long journey. Why don’t you stay over in Egypt for a few days & send us back to the UK with a relief driver !! I am sure there will be some volunteers who could take it in turns to get us home. We could doodle our journey so you can see which way we went. Google says it will take 61hrs to drive from Cairo to Crowborough if there is no traffic – shouldn’t be too much because of Covid restrictions !! but there are some interesting places to pass through.
    Enough of my ramblings – take care x

  3. Well this lot certainly looks very exciting and interesting. I do hope you feel better tomorrow. Remember be kind to yourself and go gently you deserve a good rest. Take care and see you tomorrow xxx

  4. Hope you feel better tomorrow. The stencils look interesting, I am not normally a great user of stencils but have been trying them out more during lockdown. Like the frames as well especially those little ones. Take care get a good night’s sleep. X

  5. Looking forward to the shows, think these will be going on my wish list. Take care, hope you will be feeling better tomorrow. xx

  6. I hope you managed the visit to your parents today and that you feel better after a good night’s sleep. Looking forward to your shows tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  7. these look fantastic! Really looking forward to tomorrow’s shows – hope you’re feeling back to 100% in the morning xx

  8. Sorry to hear you feel under par. You have to learn to look after yourself, lady. Try not to fret about the shows tomorrow, we know they will be great what ever you do. Get a good night’s sleep if you can.
    Those stamp boards and frames will be hopping into my basket tomorrow. I have loved using the smaller boards, all shapes, 2 sets finished and I am keeping the 3rd in reserve for now. Pleased the boards die cut as I have some interesting shapes I would like to try out.
    The craft room clear out has gone well this week but has created a rather large problem as I now have to store all the cards I made for the charity shop until they re-open. Never mind, we will get there in the end.
    Feeling more cheerful now that I have had my first Covid vaccination. No side effects to speak of, just a tender arm for a day or so. It all seems to be going very well in this area.
    Stay safe everyone.

  9. Wow! I really do like the look of these Barb! Those dinky little ones would be so cute. Need to add these to my wish list! Looking forward to watching you on tv tomorrow. Hope that you have a really good night’s sleep. Take care of yourself. Hugs Gilly x

  10. Hi Barbara

    Have you tried the new stencils on the clay and if so do they work ok.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow ❤️
    Ruth xx

  11. looking forward to the show tomorrow, the new stamp board sizes are brill, will be ordering some of those.
    have a good night, sleep tight hope you feel refreshed in the morning.
    hugs Julie xxx

  12. I hope you feel fine later. but, if you need to arrange a test, don’t put any TV show before your health. Get someone to find out what offer you could fulfil again and let Hochanda show repeats.

  13. Hope you feel better Barbara.
    Love the stamp board shapes – I have ordered the shapes a few times and am always thrilled that you ship to Canada. Very excited about the frames-looking forward to watching you on Hochanda- excited to see you, your energy, positivity, laughter and inspiration- your amazing demo’s and learn from the tips/tricks you always share. I always watch on rewind due to time difference. Watching with a coffee is wonderful therapy for me. Will be placing my order😀. Thank you Barbara to you and your team for
    everything Clarity.

  14. Hello Barb, hope you are feeling better today, must say I honestly know how you feel, felt totally ill late Friday and yesterday, but you have to carry on, just much slower than normal. Love the look of the frames and panels, think they will be a must have purchase, or rather an “oops, I can’t remember ordering those”. Looking forward to the shows today, may even get the chance to watch them. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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