Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Happy 17th February! Is it a special day? Absolutely! Today I woke up. And so did you. A lot of people didn’t. I just looked it up: about 150,000 around the world die every single day. Nothing to do with Covid – just a fact of Life. So today’s our lucky day! Smile! According to the experts, about 385,000 babies are born in the world every day too. So you know that old adage “There’s somebody born every second?” Actually, it’s more like an average of 4.5 every second. That’s a staggering daily population increase, isn’t it? Hang on, let me get my abacus out…

If 385,00 babies are born and 150,000 leave, then that’s a daily population increase of 235,000 people. Blimey. No wonder there are so many cars on the road!

I remember years ago, I was on holiday with my brother in New Mexico. He came into the kitchen early one morning and smiled at me.

“What’s up? ” I asked.

“Nothing,” he replied, “just smiling because we both woke up.” And then he followed through with the message: “a lot of people didn’t today. But we did.”

I shall never forget that. Steve is a real down to earth kinda fella. A live and let live kinda bloke. He just gets on it with it – whatever the task is. Man of few words. No fussing. And this simple fact that he is glad and grateful to wake up every single morning is at the very crux of his thinking. Then he goes round checking that his nearest and dearest all woke up too!

So yes. Today is a special day, because we get to live it. Best make the most of it then! Lockdown or no lockdown, it is a special day, so let’s use it well.

What have you got planned? I’m hanging out with a bunch of lovely Shackers this morning, and we’re going to relax and get creative together.

Then I may ring my brother. And he’ll say “What’s up?”

And I’ll respond, “Nothing. Just making sure you woke up this morning!”

And I bet, given the work pressure he is under at the moment, Steve – he who is in charge of Groovi production – will think I mean is he making Groovi plates for the Members’ sale, or did he decide to roll over and have a duvet day?! Which would never ever happen. Not with Steve.

Whatever we do today, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or even involve travel or moving around. It’s all in the mind – a simple question of positive attitude. Sometimes I have to practice positivity, and a gratitude list certainly works for me.

Time to get my colouring pencils out and get lost in a world of loveliness for an hour.

Love always,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. Hi,
    Not joining in with the Poppets today but will be colouring in with you. I have set myself a challenge together with my art teacher. I want to make myself a version of a painting that I fell in love with years ago. If I succeed I will share with you. Today I am working on the colours that will work in different sections.
    It will be nice to have your company.
    Linda x

  2. Good morning, just getting ready for the Shac, see you there as one of the lucky ones ! Well done to Steve for keeping us groovers grooving x x

  3. I was concerned by the content of yesterday’s blog but pleased by the number of positive responses. Went and read the rest of them this morning. It is heartening to see the amount of love and support that you and Clarity generates among the community.

    I thank the fates every morning that I wake up and see my lovely husband beside me and know that we have another great day to share. We count our blessings and try to ignore any negativity generated by others.

    I have decided to have an unusually (for me) messy day today and use some of the mixed media and gel plate gear which has so far been under-used (I’m more into Groovi) so I’m off to search YouTube for reminders. No housework, no worries, just a blissful relaxing time.

    Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe.
    Happy crafting.

  4. Good on ya Steve for making us aware that we should be thankful every day that we woke up x and thank you for your hard work in the Clarity scheme of things. I bet you never dreamed you would be so important to all us Groovers. I just have to laugh today too as I keep seeing you in pink leiderhosen (not sure if that’s the way you spell it) I think you’d better find those photos your Sister was telling us about this morning 👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️

  5. Oh, Happy Day indeed! So true Barbara, and very grateful to be a part of the wonderful Clarity community!
    I shall stay positive and be very grateful for all I have.
    Stay Happy And Craft everyone.

  6. Hi Barbara thank you for the uplifting message. I enjoyed the colouring today. It was just what I needed. I just need to finish the doggy. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Need to watch the SHAC shack again as I kept loosing the video connnection at the crucial moment of colouring but will do that later.
    After the SHAC finished we went for a walk to take a parcel to the local collection point & then carried on through the local nature reserve & back along the canal where we found daffodils nodding their yellow heads in the sunshine – a sign that Spring is on its way.

  8. you’re so right Barbara. I’ve decided to count my blessings through Lent , not just give something up. Each day I’m going to find something I’m grateful for and appreciate in my life – and this Clarity community is most definitely one of them. Really looking forward to Friday’s Moment of Clarity – last month’s was such fun.

  9. Did not make it to the Shack today because I was talking, face to face, with a real human. It was the lovely gas man who was mending my broken boiler. It was nice to talk to an actual person. It really gave me a boost and that and the fact that I now have functioning heating makes this a really good day. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  10. Hi Barbara
    I always stop my mum when she starts the sentence with I woke up this morning and remind her how lucky she was because a lot of people haven’t.
    I’m off for my vaccine tomorrow another day nearer normality can’t wait.
    Have a good evening
    Love Ruth x

  11. Hi Barb… I’m beginning to think you write your blog specially for me!! My lovely daughter had a beautiful daughter of her own this morning!! Much longed for and delivered by Cesarean, but both alright and progresssing well. I’m just about settling down now and of course longing to visit!! Too excited to sleep so just going on a train journey across New Zealand with BBC4!! Looking forward to Pergamano tomorrow!
    Thank you for all you and everyone at Clarity does in these more than trying times xx

  12. Pity Steve didn’t get that nasty caller, I know who I would put my money on!! I said hello to Steve at one of the Bedale open days, he seemed a bit shy – more likely overwhelmed by all the strange old ladies!! But a great bloke.
    Been playing with all my new stash – they seem better than ever, thank you.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  13. Special day for us, grandson 16th birthday and our 48th wedding anniversary. Had cards all ready from your doodle sessions and groovi download sessions. Thank you for everything all at clarity do for us

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