Civility costs Nothing.

Civility costs Nothing.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Came into work at Clarity Towers this morning, to catch up with the crew and have a couple of meetings. Everybody’s hopping about, juggling plates, keeping things going, a-picking and a-packin and a-making!

Hundreds of orders are going out every day, but there were thousands placed in the half-price member’s sale, so it takes a while to plough through that little lot!

It’s a mammoth task, mainly because it was a blanket sale across the entire Clarity range, and we made a promise not to sell out. In other words, when a particular stamp or stencil or Groovi plate has sold out, we make more, so that we can honour every order. It’s not that we’re slow, it’s the sheer volume and size of many of the orders.

So to the woman who shouted at Jeannine on the phone and told her we are all useless because she hasn’t received her order, rest assured – my team is anything but useless.

We do it all gladly, we really do. And we are very grateful for the business – it is what is keeping the Good Ship Clarity afloat during this awful time.

But to the customer’s husband who yelled at Jeannine and told her she was useless: if you were in a pub hurling abuse at the barmaid because she wasn’t serving you fast enough, the Landlord would reserve the right to stop serving you and evict you, right? The only reason I haven’t issued you a full refund and shown you the door is because it is your wife who will suffer for your bullying. And she gets to live with you anyway, which must be trying.

I know that the vast majority of our customers are patient, polite people, who understand that we are under the cosh at the moment. We also lost whole days to snow and black ice here in the Southeast last week, when staff couldn’t get into work and got stranded trying. The vast majority of our customers understand that we are trying our best to push the orders through whilst dispatching regular orders and the club envelopes at the same time.

To the customer who wants to know why we aren’t hiring more people if we’re busy, I HAD to let 15 members of staff go last year – and that still haunts me.

The orders are processed as they came in, but if there is a plate or stamp or stencil missing, that order gets shelved while the product is made. Then it is sent. To the customer who told Grace she is furious because she saw on facebook that someone who ordered after her has already got their order: Furious? Really? Good grief.

Did you know that there are also trolls abroad on Facebook who complain about Clarity orders they are still waiting for – they aren’t even customers of ours! They have never even placed an order with us! Dearie me. The world has gone stark raving bonkers.

And to the new club member who calls Jeannine daily to complain that they haven’t received their subscription yet, despite being advised every time that this month’s envelopes will go out at the end of week 3: if you are not prepared to wait until the project concertinas have been printed and the products have been made, then we shall have to refund you your £6.

I could go on. I have a list as long as your arm of customers who have been rude and aggressive to the ladies. Whilst I am fully aware that we are talking about a relatively small number of people, this has to stop. A little patience and consideration for others is needed here. 

Don’t get me wrong. Both Jeannine and Grace are dynamic, strong women, who can certainly look after themselves. But of course they feel they represent the company, and can’t be flying off the handle at rude, belligerent people. However, I see it for what it is, and I have a real aversion to bullies, having been a victim of bullying at various times. This has to stop.

Civility costs nothing. That’s all there is to it.

To the vast majority of good, kind, considerate and respectful Clarity Customers who have had to read this blog : I apologise.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

185 thoughts on “Civility costs Nothing.

  1. You are a fantastic company please dont let these bullies spoil anything. I believe these ignorant people wouldn’t react this way if they were standing in front of someone.

  2. This has brought tears to my eyes Barbara, I can feel your anger at having to write such a post. I’m so sorry you and your staff have had to bear the brunt of people’s impatience and rudeness. I’ve learnt from the months I’ve been with you as a customer that you are such a good company to deal with and you do all in your power for the customer. I can only offer you and those who’ve been hurt, a great big virtual hug and thank you for all you do. HAVE PATIENCE PEOPLE AND TRAVEL GENTLY

      1. Me too! Why do some people have to be so intolerant or take their angst out on people who have done nothing to deserve it.
        I have always found the Clarity team to be nothing but helpful and kind. If I order in the sale, I know that it will take some time but then good things come to those who wait.
        If you cannot be polite then go away, we don’t want you in our group!
        Love and hugs to all your team Barb. Xx

    My God, How rude people are.
    Your true Clarity Family know the score and we are happy to wait a little while until products are available.
    Sending much love to the wonderful Jeannine and Grace.
    Come on people give them a break.
    Lots of love

  4. I happily waited and guess what my big order arrived today and yes I would of course waited till it arrived people don’t seem to understand what is going on atm Barbara so sorry to hear that you had to let 15 of your eleves go but hopefully ones we are out of this pandemic you’re will have them back as for rude people well just tell them where to go love Anja

  5. You must feel like you are bashing your head against a brick wall. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.. Patience is a virtue and we have to remember that there are lots of things going on that can impact on our lives. Everything comes to we who wait (patiently) !!!!

  6. ALL bullies are cowards Barbara! What a shame there is so little patience about.
    Your Clarity team are brilliant, it is obvious that a sale such as yours, with products being made to complete orders and with many returning more than once to take advantage of the half price offers, would inevitably take time to sort and pack.
    Keep up the good work and treat the moaners with the contempt they deserve.

  7. I am shocked and so sorry that you and your ladies have had to put up with such abuse. It is totally uncalled for and totally unnecessary. We should all be encouraging small UK businesses to stay in business by using them when we can. If people want next day delivery then use the faceless companies like Amazon. As a company Claritystamp is just amazing. It feels like being part of a big family and the customer service has always been amazing. And what is wrong with people that they cannot wait? I’m pretty sure most people will have masses of craft items they could be using while waiting for their order. I just don’t understand this impatient me, me, me attitude. Please keep doing what you are doing Barbara and the team and a huge thank you for all you do. Xx

  8. I cannot believe what I have just read.
    The majority of us do understand Barb.
    Every time I have spoken to Jeannine she has been lovely and on one occasion we had quite a chat.
    Clarity is a lovely company. I am a Shac Shacher and have never missed a day and it never fails to amaze me how generous you are Barb with your time. You don’t need to do this You don’t pressure anyone to buy. It’s a lovely hour three times a week.
    Love and hugs to all at Clarity. You are a great Company. Thank you xx

  9. Jennine is always very helpful sometimes I have to phone my order in and always willing to help as for Grace she is lovely and helpful i have not been talking to Grace myself but have seen other posts saying how helpful she is , and all at Clarity are brilliant not forgetting our bus driver Barbara always brilliant at learning us different thing and is definitely up for a good laugh and brilliant stories 😀 😊 ❤

  10. How ridiculous people are to order in a half price sale, knowing that some items might have to be made especially for them, and then complain that their items haven’t yet been sent. Clarity customer service is second to none and Jeannine and the Clarity team will bend over backwards to be helpful. When will some people realise that they need to be patient. Clogging up the phones chasing up orders and making unnecessary complaints won’t get their orders sent out any sooner. So sorry to hear of this unwarrented and terrible bullying. Who needs customers like these!!! Hugs to Jeannine, Grace and anyone elso who has been on the receiving end.

  11. OMG some people are unbelievable. I myself appreciate all that you and the “Dream Team” do. We are so lucky that you have been able to carry on the Good Ship Clarity through the last horrendous year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to help and support us mere crafter’s. Without the Shac Shack and many downloads alot of us mortals would have gone under. Sending huge hugs and love from a patient customer. Ignore the few negative, selfish souls. They must have a sad life if all they can do is complain. Love to all.

  12. I am shocked at how rude people can be and awed by your patience… We are all having to deal with unusual times and having you around to share lockdown with us has lightened the load for all of us. Thank you Clarity Team for all your efforts on our behalf.

  13. Hi Barbara and crew. It makes me so angry when people think they can bully anyone especially during this trying time. I wonder if these people have done what you have by giving up your time to keep us all sane. I bet not. Anyway for what it worth there are thousands of us who support you.
    Luv Roberta

  14. It does make you sad when we hear this, please be kind to each other, I also work in retail its tough out there at the moment. We are often the only person people have seen all week, so a cheery hello and smile are all it takes to make someone’s day to ask how they are doing. Keep safe and carry on crafting!

  15. I am appalled as I read this. I wonder if they would do this to Janine in person – of course not because bullies are cowards. Janine and all the other Clarity staff with whom I have had contact are courteous, efficient and helpful without fail. I do wonder if you should refuse to ‘serve’ some of these people as would happen in a pub, restaurant or shop. Social media and the increase in online shopping really has brought some terrible behaviours to the fore. Very best wishes to Janine and everyone in Clarity. xx

  16. Barbara I felt so angry when I read about people shouting at Jeanine and Grace. For a start Clarity’s customer service is second to none and I am always singing Jeanine praises when I call to ask her if I can change from monthly to annual and if I have a slight problem. For a small company Clarity perform wonders, especially as the plates, etc have to be made. I am one of. Clarity’s fervent admirers and I think there are more of us who appreciate the work you all do with a small team and with the problems the pandemic is causing.

  17. Hello it saddens me to hear how rude and selfish people.can be patient is all I want to say to them, and i think hanging up the phone if someone is shouting at perfectly reasonable
    Hugs julie
    And by the way clarity rocks 🥰

  18. Dear Barbara, well said👍
    I live in Australia and it takes a lot longer for an order to get here. Those people should be ashamed
    of themselves. If they were in business themselves they should know it doesn,t always go to plan. We,re patiently waiting for the order to arrive here and hope it does not get lost between England and Australia. Keep up the good work team.

  19. Well you have one happy customer here! Have been for many years. I too have an aversion to bullies, so am empathising with you all. Their bullying will pass and they will have to deal with their problems. In the meantime Barb, I will be joining you in my pottery studio, armed with Clarity Stencils. I love using them both for cards and for pottery. My order arrived today and I cannot wait to get playing. Thank you Clarity Team. You have given me great service over the years, which is why I have stayed. That, plus the quality of the products. Can’t ask for more folk. Lol

  20. Awww, I really feel for all of you at Clarity Towers in these hard times! People seem to have no respect or understanding & just thinking of themselves! I know it’s difficult not to take it to heart, so hurtful! Please take care at Clarity & try to ignore these awful remarks! Take care & stay safe! xxxx

  21. I am sometimes ashamed of the human race. This is so upsetting for everyone at Claritystamp and completely unnecessary.
    Hopefully it is just a small amount of people, I’m sure most of us know and understand how hard you all work. I honestly think that Claritystamp is the best company I have ever dealt with. Long may it continue. Thank you everyone there, you are all very special. xx

  22. Please don’t apologise. It needs saying. In general we have been a nation that doesn’t complain and perhaps we were too aquiescent but today’s bahaviour has deteriorated and those of us with good old fashioned values should be able to stand up and say so.

  23. So very sorry to read your blog today Barb, we know you all go out of your way for your customers and your staff really don’t need this aggravation. Whatever is wrong with these people who haven’t got the sense to know you are all doing your best in these awful times and have a bit of patience. In a sale as brilliant as yours there are bound to be hold ups especially when you are giving them the advantage of making more products for them if you run out. I feel upset for you, Grace and Jeannine to be treated like that. Try to rise above them Barb you are all Fab. They obviously haven’t got the brains they were born

  24. I feel your pain. I also understand why people get frustrated when they have ordered something that they want/need for a project or just to have a go with. It is because you feed and continue to feed our crafty desires with new must have products. But patience is a virtue we all need and should all demonstrate. We can show our individuality in our work not by pestering and shouting at those who are doing what they need to do.

  25. There is no need for this. I am surprised for the few that you have mentioned that you don’t just say to them that their custom is no longer wanted and let them stew away. Clarity and Barbara have always been a favourite of mine and I do not see why people act like this as it only causes upset in the end. Keep going Clarity, safe hugs for your stresses, and I hope things quieten down a bit for you.

  26. I spoke to Jeannine twice during the Members’s Sale as I was having problems placing orders.
    She was most helpful and very kindly processed the orders for me.
    I have never spoken to Grace but I have no reason to believe she would be any different.
    I find it appalling that
    any club member should behave in this way maybe you should operate a system of 3 strikes and you’re out. There is no justification for bullying

  27. How can anyone possibly be rude to the lovely Jeannine? She is absolutely amazing. Any time i have phoned Clarity and speak to her I always come of the phone feeling so much better. I was brought up to treat other people the way you would like to be treated yourself. I, for one, appreciate the fact that you are remaining open under such different circumstances. Keep up the good work. You are all, simply AMAZING

  28. We know at this time with half price sale that it will take a bit longer so have patience and as for the man who was so rude to such a lovely helpful person as Jeannine hope he gets his comeuppance. It makes me so angry as clarity are such a great firm xx

  29. How horrible, people shouldn’t be so rude it’s not nice we know everyone are doing there very best and we will get our order’s as soon as you can get them to us ,I love all things Clarity is the very best company in the world 😘

  30. I am so sorry that people feel the need to complain and be rude and abusive to such a wonderful team, I hope it was only a few but even a few is far too many! No one deserves to be treated like that and if people can’t wait for their orders then perhaps they should shop elsewhere! Having spoken to many of the team, Jeanine, Paul and Grace, I can only sing their praises none of them would hurt a fly and all are always extra helpful and go the extra mile! They are all a credit to you Barbara and those who have complained should be truly ashamed of themselves. Take care and look after yourselves xx

  31. My friend always says God doesn’t pay his debts in money, those ungrateful bullies will get their come uppance sometime. There are many of us waiting for our orders but patience is a virtue and every thing comes to he who waits as my Mum would say.
    If it helps you please put my sale orders and my clarity club bits in one parcel. My Grand daughter and I will have a great time opening when it comes. Just watched Groovi Tuesday and have learnt so many things I thought I knew but can now do easier and better. Thank you for all you and your team are doing as you say the days we have something to get up for are the best.
    Best wishes to you all Sandie

  32. Disgraceful behaviour all I can think it’s not a customer that shops regularly or they would be aware that they are dealing with the best, most efficient company, whose staff is 2nd to None, and management is exemplary we are not yet two weeks away from sale and if it’s worth having it’s worth waiting for, the prices prove that and maybe whoever should be more grateful as it is 50% off , No one should ever be rude to anyone but they obviously do not realise the love and high esteem we hold in Clarity and JANINE , if you are the one hang your head in shame.

  33. Totally agree with what everyone else has been saying. Such behaviour is appaling and those people should be ashamed of themselves. Do what our local doctors surgery does when patients are rude or agressive towards staff, take them off the register never to be seen again. You don’t need the hassle. We all know how wonderful your products are and as they say ‘anything good is worth waiting for’. Sending hugs to all your team.

  34. I’m deeply saddened to read this post. How inconsiderate of people to be rude on the phone or anywhere else . Show a little patience people! You all do a fantastic job and there’s no better company to deal with . I’m sorry you have to take abuse , I hope these people feel remorse for their outbursts . I for one think you are all wonderful .🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. So sad that some people feel the need to be rude when they have a complaint, you are all such lovely people, and always go that extra mile to help customers take, and stay safe, xx

  36. I am speechless!I have spoken to Janine a few times and she is absolutely very helpful. So sorry to hear that some people think it’s alright to behave in this manner.Love and thanks to all in Clarity Towers.💕💕💕

  37. I am crying! Who are these awful people? They aren’t true Clarity people. Janine is the most amazing person and so helpful always. I just don’t understand the obsession with knowing when things will arrive. I haven’t a clue when club things are posted out so it is always a lovely surprise when it arrives. Same with orders. I know this will have hurt you a lot for you to have put this on your blog so alI can do is send virtual hugs to you and all your team. Xx

    1. I heartily agree – virtual hugs for you all! I too do not understand the need to know when things will arrive. Part of the joy of online shopping is the surprise of having it arrive in the post!

      People can be so unkind and unfair, and neither Jeanine, nor Grace, nor any of the wonderful Clarity staff deserve to be treated so poorly. You are all wonderful, and deserve thanks and praise for the brilliant work you are doing.

  38. What sad reading your blog was today Barbara. I don’t understand why some people are so impatient. There is no excuse for rudeness and bullying, EVER. I have always found Jeannine so helpful (especially when I make a mistake with an order).
    Yours is a fabulous company Barbara and I am so grateful for all you and your team do.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  39. It ceases to amaze me how awful some people are. Having worked in Customer Service and then taught it later in life people expect things to be done as if they were the only one. Those who are rude, bullying and selfish and act like spoilt children and whilst doing so hurt the lovely staff who are trying to help. We all like receiving orders quickly but when there are sales, a pandemic and hazardous weather conditions to co tend with the we have to be patient and wait. Those of us who have purchased from you before know that we will be delighted with all of our items and that should we have any worries we can contact you. Please try it to let the unpleasantness of the few win. Take heart in all the lovely messages of support. Thank you.

  40. It really upset me to here about the abuse that you have been subjected to, especially Jeannine who is lovely and always so helpful. Clarity products are always worth waiting for no matter how long they take to arrive ! True crafters would not behave like that.
    Love and hugs to all.

  41. I am so sorry to hear this. As a new customer I can only sing your praise. I apologise for others people’s rudeness, if only they could see themselves, I’m sure they would hopefully rethink their attitude. Bless you all at Clarity, for all of your wonderful hard work. And thanks for keeping us all sane and safe xxxx

  42. Unfortunately the world has a number of people in it who feel for whatever reason they are entitled, they are more important more deserving than others.
    I have noticed that these people are never the ones who we would think of as being more deserving. They are just self centred and mean.
    I would love to be able to put them on hold and play some appropriate music. Frankie goes to Hollywood Relax. My way Frank Sinatra. I’m leaving on a jet plane.don’t remember who sang that. Just really happy music.

  43. I feel so sad reading your post. I don’t understand how people can be so rude to others in that way. I have never known customer service like yours and no one in your company deserves to be treated in such a manner. I certainly hope whoever it is reads your heartfelt words and feels ashamed of themselves. Love to you all. You rock!

  44. I would like to say that I can’t believe what I have just read, but unfortunately I can. I am so sorry that you, Jeannine and Grace have had to put up with such abuse, when you are going above and beyond for your customers. Please know that the large majority of us really appreciate what you are doing and how hard you are working. People like them do not deserve to belong to our Clarity family. Sending hugs to you all. Annette X

  45. So sorry to hear your staff who are lovely and so helpful have had to put up with this. It’s horrible and nasty of them. Your Company is defo one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Stay strong and safe. ❤️

  46. Oh my goodness, how awful for you all. I worked in the service industry for 31 years. Some of the general public were horrible to us …..we were only trying to do our best. Barbara, I am relatively new to your company and can honestly say you are the absolute best ….lwhich I am sure 1000s agree with me. I hope the people concerned have read your blog but alas the people it concerns probably haven’t. Keep doing what you are doing, you are all fabulous xx💕

  47. This makes my blood boil! So sorry that there are some sh*ts about! Rest assured though, as you’ve alluded to, there are thousands of us who have your back and will always stand up for you. You guys are THE BEST!

  48. Hi Barbara and all the wonderful people at Clarity Towers 🙂 I am appalled at some people’s attitude and ringing up and shouting at poor Janine! I for one think you should refund their money!
    If I lived closer I would gladly give you my free time and come and help with the many orders you have to cope with, call it my way of paying you back Barbara for all the free time you have given us in this last year 🙂 we all owe you a debt of gratitude lovely lady
    Sending you all a virtual hug and keep doing what you all do so well xx

  49. Having worked in a bank, behind the scenes, making and receiving phone calls for 30 years, I know only too well how horrible some people can be. We were given permission to hang up on abusive customers. I cannot understand why anyone would think that being rude and nasty will help the situation.
    I think you should Barr these customers, who needs it?

  50. I am disgusted with this. I worked in social services and as soon as clients started with their rudeness and bad language I used to warn them any more and I’d terminate the call. If they carried on I put the phone down. If they rang back and complained about being I used to be all sweetness and light and blame the phone system on cutting them off. People soon learnt if they did it again.

    I don’t care how long I wait, although a couple of my parcels have gone astray after being sent out and they have been replaced promptly but I would never dare be rude to anyone on the other end. Whenever I talk to Jeannine we always end up chatting about her hubby after his accident and how he is.

    By the way I have had other things I’ve bought from other companies take a damn site longer, especially if they’ve come from China. The first time it happened was right at the beginning of the first lock way back in March. 5 months before I got my goods.

    Anyway those out there being to my clarity family beware I’m there to back them all the way. Stop it now..

  51. Fantastic comments and great for standing up to the incivility, rudeness and belligerence. Bullying will only stop when we call people out on it.

    I love your company, the quality of the products, the customer service is fantastic whether it is related to questions about product, techniques, an order, or anything. You offer so many videos, lessons, resources – it is wonderful.

    To an amazing team who has had to adjust, adapt, turn on a dime and stay positive through all of the pandemic changes – be proud of who you are and what you do.

    Thank you to the whole Clarity team.

  52. Well said Barbara. You are a pillar of the community we call Clarity! Why do people think they have the right to abuse lovely people. I agree with every word you said. xx

  53. Wow I’m sorry that Clarity has to be subjected to such rudeness, I would say it beggars belief that people are so bad mannered but I am afraid I come across this all the time in my job.
    Unfortunately some people seem to get a certain satisfaction from being very rude to staff members who certainly in these awful times are doing the best they can . We have a lot of staff sick , self isolating and struggling so there is a lot more for remaining staff to do to fill the gaps. I despair sometimes at the abuse I get but then you get someone who comes up to you and just says ‘thank you ‘ and then you know that you are appreciated.
    Thank you to everyone at Clarity for all the hard work and wonderful products, I have made a few orders lately and have to say I don’t mind waiting as it makes the opening of the box even more exciting.
    Thank you again Clarity❤️

  54. Hello Barbara, Jeannine, Grace and all the wonderful Clarity Crew. Tell them to take a hike. If I do call to query something I try and ensure that I tell whoever is on the other end of the phone (usually the incredible Jeannine), that I am not complaining at all, just asking, because we have had issues with our mail deliveries. So I do apologise if I have added to the stress, but I would most certainly not call any of you useless or anything else that makes you feel terrible. I am sorry to hear that you Barbara has to post this, and I hope that those people realise, just how damaging it is to be like this to another human being. In this period, where so many people are trying so hard to stay on an even keel mentally, physically and financially, can those horrible enough to not realise that, at least rather ask for a refund, or just an update without nastiness. Please, small businesses are doing their best to keep going, don’t make it harder for them or their employees. I will support and stand with Barbara and the Clarity family. Bx

  55. My heart goes out tho all the crew on board the Great Ship Clarity, and especially to her dear Captain Barb. There is never an excuse for such rudeness and as adults they should all know better! Sadly many don’t! When I heard that orders were taking longer to process my initial reaction was “Wow….that’s fantastic!” To me it meant that the sale was going beyond all expectation so Clarity was doing really well in spite of Covid! Dear Barb….and her crew….have gone way beyond any expectation over the last strange year; they’ve kept us sane, as well as occupied and amused, every day of the week! And all for free! What other businesses can say the same. They need medals…not abuse!

  56. My friend and I are waiting patiently for our orders. We should feel very sorry for the bullies. They have the wrong priorities. Many, many of us have had rollercoaster lives for the past few months. Who has helped us? Barbara and her fantastic team. Not to mention all the wonderful crafters in Clarity Worldwide. I have nothing but admiration for a wonderful company.

  57. WOW I cannot believe the ungrateful people – no morons – who have shouted at your lovely staff. I too have placed a few orders but when they come they come, I wouldnt dream of abusing anyone cos I want them NOW.
    Take it EASY staff, dont rush, take as long as it takes. We wont be going anywhere.
    Lots of love xxxx

  58. Thank you for being honest. I am really sorry for the small minded people who just don’t have the patience to wait! I for one am very grateful for you and your teams hard work. I thank each of them for what they do and encourage them to keep on going. You are loved and we are thankful for each one of you.

  59. Well….. I think that the above comments have pretty well said anything and everything that I am feeling. So I will just say that this sort of behaviour towards Clarity makes me feel so very sad 😥 if that’s all that these people have got to worry about during these difficult times, they are very fortunate. Such a pity that we live in a world 🌎 where people have to have what they want immediately. It shows that they have learnt nothing during the past 12 months. Sending love and comforting hugs to all at Clarity, Gilly xx

  60. Well, I am reduced to tears. I would say speechless, but I’d be lying! How rude. How dare they. How does it even enter anyone’s head to :-a) complain to the best company one could wish to deal with, b) be rude to the nicest, kindest group of people and c) not live in the real world that is Covid driven right now.
    These people can’t be shackers. They haven’t got the empathy, patience or kindness needed.
    I admire you Barbara for not throwing your hands in the air and telling them all to sod off!
    (Sorry) we were all advised of the situation re the sale and priority orders. What’s the rush? Where is everyone going?
    You, Grace, Jeannine and the clarity team have my love and respect for the fantastic job you do, and the selfless giving of your time, your generosity and the free tips and tricks you happily share.
    Kick ass! I say, bog off if they don’t like it and leave quietly without slamming the door!
    Loads of love, hugs and many thanks for everything x x

  61. Oh dear Barbara, how toxic some people can be! – ALL at Clarity are outstanding, kind & helpful people working their butts off to please their customers. Hold your heads high and let those sort of people go and be selfish with themselves. Good riddance to bad rubbish! How dare they! – We all love you! 😘 X

  62. I put an online thanks to our one little shop in the villsge….and hardly anyone put the same thanks. 500 people stay in our village…its dreadful…
    .most of us are brought up to say thank you. It’s only manners…..but many dont believe in passing on praise…….. Sad eh.

  63. I also am in tears on reading your blog today. Sadly I too know how badly some people behave …..but like the vast majority of your customers I cannot stress how helpful and friendly you all are. Keep up the good work, all, and feel the love coming your way, not the pain those awful people have inflicted.

  64. We are brought up with the mantra that the customer is always right. Working for a major supermarket you realise how rude, demeaning and insulting members of the public can be. Being rude changes nothing. If the last year has taught us anything it should be patience and understanding and gratitude for people letting life continue for us all as much as is humanly possible.

  65. Oh my goodness how can people behave like that. It is totally disgusting at any time but we are living through extremely difficult times at the moment. How awful for Jeannine and Grace, they are wonderful people,so caring. I persoy have always found your staff to be so friendly and that is often the case with other firms as well. Do as you would be done by always a good mantra. X

    1. I quite agree, Lynne. Having spoken to Jeannine and others at Clarity, and having the pleasure of meeting both Jeannine and Grace, they are lovely ladies, and everyone does their best to sort out any problems. Customer service is second to none. Apart from that, I have just spent an hour on the phone to British Gas to get someone to come out to get my heating and hot water working (it is freezing in here). Instead of exploding at the lady who finally became a real person to talk to, I kept calm and pointed out why an appointment at the end of March was not good enough, and eventually she managed to get an engineer to come tomorrow. Even if there are problems, you get a better result by treating people politely and calmly. I am astounded that non-customers should complain like that. They must be sick, and that is being polite! CLARITY ROCKS! xxx Maggie Silvercrafter

  66. OMG I really can’t believe some people! You are a brilliant wonderful company! I love everything about clarity, I am a late comer at discovering you but such a loyal one now , I’ve dealt with Jeannine and she was so lovely and extremely helpful, there will always be bad people in this world but we love you all at Clarity, and I’m really learning from Paul as well on a Tuesday morning and of course Shac Shack . love Patricia xxxx

  67. I am speachless that anyone could complain about the amazing service that Clarity offers, as all the team go above and beyond to ensure orders are fulfilled and if there is a genuine issue it is sorted as if it wasn’t a problem at all.
    The type of person who is abusive or vindictive doesn’t deserve to be a clarity customer, but perhaps they should pause a moment and look at what their issue with life is, as it certainly isn’t Clarity.
    I have been a Clarity customer for a long time now and would choose to order all my craft stuff from Clarity as I believe the ethos and integrity of the company is way higher than many others, and I will do everything I can to support and endorse Barbara and her team.

  68. look yes I know I am waiting for mine but I would not ring anyone to have a go, good god folks think of all the other people who haven’t got the money we spend on crafts, they are just glad to have food on the table however small and a roof over their heads, or not getting beat up at home, ladies and men i am sure we can wait, it will be all the sweeter when it comes, I for one thank ALL the team at Clarity just keep digging kids you will find the end soon

  69. Oh Barbara I am so sorry. Some people are so impatient. I used to work in a public library. Most of the people were lovely. Unfortunately the ones you remember are the difficult ones of who there were only a few. I love waiting for post to come. I am happy to wait. After all where am I going? Take care. Hugs xxxx

  70. I’m not shocked – I had to deal with a lot of angry people on the railway (got told to f*** off most days).
    I was speaking with your wonderful Jeannine not so long ago about ‘unhappy’ people and told her to just remember they all have to go to the toilet just like the rest of us, and to feel sorry for the sad gits – because pity is stronger than anger and helps you sleep at night. Jeannine is, and will always be, the most wonderful Clarity ambassador.
    Get her a cake (a french one?) – oh and all the other lovely Clarity staff too (more cake).
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  71. I am so sorry that you have had to post this. Clarity customer service is second to none and on the rare occasion I have had to call, usually to rectify an error that I have made, everyone has been so friendly and helpful.
    No one should be subjected to abuse like that. I for one admire each and everyone of the people at Clarity working through these exceptionally trying times. Thank you all so much for all of your efforts and to you Barbara for sharing your time and talent and for the generous offers on Clarity’s fantastic products

  72. How do some people sleep? I don’t care how long I have to wait. Just grateful to be able to place my order. When it arrives I will be so happy and it will be worth the wait. What is going on in this world?

  73. He;;o Barbara
    I am appalled at the behaviour of a few morons. Enough is enough, this isn’t the first time you have had to post something like this.
    It is time for zero tolerance to these people. Cancel their club substription. Refund their order payment. So what it was the husband who did the shouting. She must have been complaining to him for him to have the information and telephone number! These people don’t deserve to be part of the great Clarity family. They forfeit that right as soon as they raise their voices to any member of Claritystamp staff or post anything disparaging on social media.
    I will be contacting Jeannine and Grace to give them my support.
    Love to you all,

      1. I second this Roz – you’re spot on. We don’t need people like that in our lovely community. I can’t understand how anyone can be so awful to such a fantastic company. CLARITY ROCKS. 👏👏👏👏

  74. Love and hugs to all at Clarity. I wouldn’t dream of ringing about an order as we all know good things come to those who wait. Bullies should be sent a refund and banned from clarity. Take care all xxxx

  75. From what Ive heard you have always been upfront and honest that things are moving at a vast pace. Trouble with the world is people expect stuff immediately!! Like they are the only ones. Poor postal workers are meant to work 24 /7 – too those who are rude and nasty – well not worth some oxygen…. Id rather use that to say how much all business and staff are doing amazing.

    Greetings from Australia <3 Now to find an Oz supplier 🙂

  76. I really cannot belive youve had to do this post. What is up with some folk. Good Manners every day and a smile . (Forced or not). Cost nothing. You have bent over backwards to keep houre company going and us engaged and entertained. Id politely refuse to serve them. You and youre staff do not deserve to be treated like somethin they have stood in.!! Id like to say THANKYOU from tge bottom of my heart.

  77. Dear Barbara and staff, believe me,you are truly loved and a big hug to you all.I can’t understand how small and ignorant some people are and thank god it is a minority, but words can still hurt.Much love and many thanks for everything.x hi

  78. I’m so sorry that you’ve had all this unnecessary distress. The Clarity team always give the best service and so much time and inspiration for free. No other company would do this and then make stock to honour sale prices. I hope you all take comfort from the many messages of appreciation you’ve received and thank you for all you do.

  79. Last year I did my first order and started waiting. After a few months I asked Jeannine about my order and she said that I have to wait a little more. After that time still no order and Jeannine send my order again without any paying and asked me to refuse if the first order should arrive. Till now no sign of my first order and I am sorry that this went so wrong by the post service.
    I am happy with my order so in the end all went well and was solved!

  80. Oh no, that’s truly awful that people are treating you all in such a way. Being patient in these tough times should be something we can all do by now. You guys are great and I’m very happy to wait for my order as I know you all work so hard. Then it’s a lovely surprise when it arrives. Thank you for all you do.

  81. I can not thank you and your team enough Barbara. You all go above and beyond!
    I have spoken to Jeannine a couple of times on the phone in the last four weeks or so and she has been lovely, so nice and considerate.
    It is very sad to hear that some people are being so rude and disrespectful. My mum always said to me that “manners cost nothing”. If you are unhappy with something there is no need to raise your voice, be rude or disrespectful to another person. These people are not good role models for the young children.
    Finally, thank you for the birthday card I received today. It was a such a lovely surprise! It now makes sense as to why Jeannine asked for my DOB!!!
    Because I can’t see my family and spend precious time with my twin grand daughters on my birthday because of the current situation, I am going to sit at my desk and craft CLARITY!!! Xx

  82. Oh, Barbara 😪. Today’s blog has made me feel so sad. I can sense the distress and anger (fully justified) in your every word. It is beyond my comprehension why these people behave how they do – as you say, Barbara, ‘Good grief’ – they are eejits!
    Just know that the vast majority of Clarity customers are more than happy with the service at Clarity Towers and fully understand the pressures you are all under to get orders out. Don’t let the b°°°°°°s get you down – you do an amazing job! xoxox
    Debbie Lee

  83. Gosh how awful for all of you! How cruel and selfish people have become. We all know it’s frustrating to wait! I had a birthday last week and two of my cards, both from different parts of the country, posted on 5 th, didn’t arrive until yesterday 15th! I just accepted that it was due to bad weather etc! At least it made my birthday last a bit longer. I didn’t moan, I knew they would eventually come! It’s the same with parcels! They will eventually arrive! Patience is required! My sympathy with you all having to deal with this! We are not all like this. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for dealing with everything and please keep going!xxx

  84. This world is going mad i just want to say I love all of you at Clarity and you are amazing you gave kept me sane and broke hahaha but I ❤ all that you do and to people who are rude etc please get a grip we are all in the same storm

  85. Wow!!! I find it amazing. I was looking at purchasing some new side tables and these were not in a half price sale but the suppliers were quoting 4 months!!!! now this is a major retailer and to boot I also had to pay delivery costs on top of the price which was well in excess of the Clarity minimum 10 pounds spend. I’m quite sure, even if the item anyone has ordered is not in stock and has to be made that it won’t take the team 4 months to make it.

  86. This world is going mad i just want to say I love all of you at Clarity and you are amazing you have kept me sane and broke hahaha but I ❤ all that you do and to people who are rude etc please get a grip we are all in the same storm

  87. I am so sorry this is happening , I can’t put into words how upset this has made me for your incredible staff, who are so amazing. You have a wonderful, caring Company. You have helped make life bearable. I thank you all. Just listen to us, not them.

    We love you all 💖👋🏻💖

  88. People are unbelievable at times. For the trolls on FB they can be banned. As for the abuse I’d cancel the orders and refund their money, it’s their loss. if people don’t understand about reducing staff to work safely then they really are in another world.
    I don’t blame you for being angry and we all need to vent sometimes to stay sane.
    You and the team do a great job.

  89. It truly saddens me to read of this awful behaviour to your wonderful Clarity team. Barbara you have always gone the extra mile to enhance our crafting and when you are extra busy we have received an explanation for delay. Your true concern for us shines through and I support you 100% Always xx

  90. Dear Dear Barbara
    My Heart goes out to you Barbara Janine and Grace
    You don’t need this you are working so hard to please every one .
    But this man needs a bit of his own game hope he gets is comeuppance ,like you say is wife might not be as nasty hope not .
    Groovi is a big part of my life keeps my mind active ,at nearly 77 i am in groovi club and Barbara i can say this and on heart if you i ordered any thing even in NORMALtimes i would not phone and complain as i know my order will arrive when it arrive .
    Take Care Don’t Let Them Get To Any Of You Love All Of Clarity

  91. Hi Barbara and team. I feel so angry that you have to contend with such rude bullies. The team you have there are all amazing and so helpful. It makes my blood boil that these guys want to take advantage of a half price excellent sale and think they are the only ones who purchased.
    I am happy to wait. When it arrives it will have been well worth it and I will think Christmas has come early.
    Sending positive vibes and big hugs to you all for a job well done which you all do daily.
    Tracey xx

  92. Oh dear. As if these times aren’t trying enough. There is no excuse for this at all. You’re all doing your best and working so hard for which the vast majority of us are very grateful. Thank you so much to all clarity staff for everything you have done for us all since the pandemic started

  93. This is so sad to read. Clarity as a while have given SO much through this whole COVID experience and yet people still feel it their “right” to be rude and bullish. What’s the rush? Knowing a parcel is on its way is enough. I can’t even remember what I ordered so what a lovely surprise it will be when it arrives! I’m sure I’m not alone in having enough “stuff” to open a small shop which will keep me going until new stuff arrives. Patience people! X

  94. I cannot believe how rude people are Barbara When i get Jennine on the phone I always tell her how pleased I am to speak to her we often have a little chat even if its to tell her to stay safe What a pity our group has such horrible people in it

  95. I can’t believe people can be so nasty. You all do an amazing job and Jeannine is an absolute star. We have already lost Ronk on Facebook because of the trolls, we don’t want to lose anyone else.
    Carry on as you are, you are all fantastic. xxxx

  96. Oh dear, some people🤯
    Why order something if you’re not prepared for a wait? Loyal customers understand how it all works and are patient, and with everything that’s going on at the moment they are lucky we still have Clarity.
    I know Grace and Jeannine are strong women but they really shouldn’t be abused! It makes me angry that some people feel they can treat others in this way, when I am dealing with nasty customers I ask them to speak to me in a civil manner and if they continue I will end the conversation and either walk away or put the phone down.
    I’m afraid I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to people like this and they will need me before I need them.

  97. Hi Barb,
    I was absolutely appalled when I read your blog today. There are some horrible people out there who are just rude and mindless individuals. Jeannine has been nothing but helpful and friendly every time I have rung up about something. In fact it was only last week ( I think) that I contacted her to ask if I could change an order for the new snowdrop stamp as I had only ordered the stamp and not the stencils as well. This was not a bother to her at all and it was all sorted in a couple of minutes. I then had an email a couple of days later to tell me they had been dispatched. Now that is service! I wouldn’t mind if you held onto my sale order for a bit longer because at the moment I’m waiting for a new cupboard to be delivered , which incidentally should have been delivered Jan26th , ordered in Nov, and because of COVID restrictions will now hopefully be delivered sometime after 22nd March!! Have I complained – absolutely NOT! The firm will get it to me as soon as they can. We are living in extraordinary times and we need to be tolerant and understanding to everyone at present – in fact at all times. Civility costs nothing as you rightly say. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  98. Dear Barbara & all the Clarity Team. I am so very sad to hear of yet more unnecessary abuse from people who clearly have no concept of how difficult things are for all businesses at the moment. You are doing a great job and we are eternally grateful. I will wait patiently for my 2nd parcel, please do not rush on my account. I am afraid these people would not be welcome to join in future events if it was left up to me. 30+ years in retail teaches you much about people who don’t seem to realise they get far better service if they treat staff with respect & a little empathy. Sadly nearly 120,000 Covid victims would like to be alive today waiting for their Clarity orders to arrive. Bless you all xxxx

  99. What is wrong with people. I deal with complaints on a daily basis and everyone is so angry. I’m sure its because they have nothing better to do. You and your team have been marvelous at battling against everything that has been thrown at you. You could have said “no sale” due to limitations on the staff front.
    Everyone, be patient and be kind. It costs nothing!

  100. I have no words !! It’s not like crafting supplies are a matter of life or death- unlike the Virus 🦠. Clarity are doing their best under difficult circumstances- cut them some slack.

    Keep up the good work, you are loved by many !! How lovely to get a bargain for quality products!

    Thankyou Barbara and your team for all you do.

  101. I am gobsmacked – how dare they!! As you say Barbara these are the minority – but their comments and lack of basic manners is still upsetting. Clarity is a family business – and I for one feel like a member of the Clarity family. All the Clarity team have the support of everyone who has commented on here, and many, many more. Take care all of you.

  102. Here here Barb! What a shame such a few selfish rude people have to treat your lovely team in such a way…. all I can say is Karma!!!!! You guys are fab… I feel your stress and anger… such a shame people behave this way. Xx

  103. It saddens me greatly to read Barb’s Blog regarding the verbal abuse and rudeness of a few customers of the recent Online Sale towards Clarity Staff, there is no excuse for
    this sort of behaviour!
    Unfortunately I have had this type of thing happen to me when I worked in Retail for Clarks Shoes for a few years! I could almost write a book with tales of what the Staff had to endure in that Shop especially if we were busy! Thank you to all the lovely, hardworking, helpful Clarity Staff!

  104. What a rotten way to start the day, am furious at the way your wonderful staff have been treated by these obnoxious cowards who wouldn’t dare say it face to face, it’s so easy on the phone or on social media. Have to say you don’t need customers like these, can’t understand the rush, where are they going it’s a hobby not a national emergency! They at least get an explanation not like some other companies out there who don’t reply to emails or answer the phone and take weeks before saying lost in post and then out of stock and a refund takes ages as well. We all appreciate all of your staff and your customer service is second to none!! Many thanks to all – rant over, back to crafting

  105. Ugh – I send out big cyber hugs to you all at Clarity Towers for being amazing and doing the best possible job, and more, in these challenging times.
    My sale order arrived about an hour ago – woo hoo – having received a despatch notice only 24 hours ago. I’m absolutely delighted to have received my latest batch of goodies, and am looking forward to making some birthday cards with these and the other limited supplies available to me this week.

    Thank you for everything you do
    Know that there are hundreds, nay thousands, of us out here who’d pitch in and help if we could 🙂

  106. Omg how disgraceful to the whole Clarity team. I have no words. I personally thank you all for your time and effort that you have all put in, especially over the last year, to help keep everyones spirits up over the trying times we’ve all been going through during this pandemic. Thank you for everything you all do. Hugs ❤️

  107. Read this out to hubby who was as appalled as I was, after all you’ve done for us over the last year.

    Whatever is the matter with some people, thankfully they are the minority. Jeannine & Grace shouldn’t have to put up with it and am truly sorry that they do, it wont be the last time no doubt because some people just can’t help themselves. I do pity the poor woman with the husband, I wonder if she’d been moaning to him or he was asking her where the stuff was that he’d paid for ? Either way I’m glad I’m not living with him. Like a lot of others say, I don’t mind how long I wait as I forget what I’ve ordered and when it does come it’s a lovely surprise, I’m never desperate for anything. I’m one who doesn’t open her NDC envelope when it first arrives, I like to leave it till later in the day as the surprise lasts longer then.

    Anyway, dont let ther bu**ers get you down, they don’t really belong in the Clarity family as for ones who complain who don’t even order anything – well I never did – some people need to get a life.

    Keep calm and carry on with all the good work you’re doing, we all appreciate it more than you’ll ever know, all of you x x x

  108. Disgusted to hear that there’s such horrendous people in this world particularly when we are amidst a pandemic the worst thing that’s ever happened to the world. I have dealt with Jeannie and found her to be extremely helpful even if she wasn’t that’s no way to speak to a fellow human being. I for one don’t mind how long I have to wait for my order and am sure there are others in this great club that don’t want such rude people as fellow members. Simple resolution Barb – refund and ban the person from ever being a member for life.

  109. How sad that you have had to write this. You could not find better than Jeannine and Grace. They are always so helpful when I have rung or contacted them on line. Yes, we would all like quick delivery on our orders because we know how brilliant your products are, but we know that you will get things to us as soon as it is humanly possible. I’m sure you realise that the majority of your customers know how to be patient and have learnt to show people the respect they deserve. X

  110. I’m just another VERY satisfied customer and simply want to express my support and sincere GRATITUDE for all you and your lovely team do for us – BIG thank you 👍👍. I hope those concerned will read this blog and the many supportive comments, and feel thoroughly ashamed ….
    Loving good wishes, Jutta 🤗

  111. I have been following you for years, not once have I had any cause to complain. You are one of the foremost craft companies that deliver dedication, vitality & tip top products. But what comes to the fore is Barbara’s humility & the gift to help others. So next time some bully rings up, do what I do & tell em to faff off ! Lol then they’ll have something to say lol

  112. You are a wonderful company with a brilliant team. You are reliable, helpful, generous and caring. Thank you. Just love CLARITY products, customer service, and Barbara and Grace XXX❤️❤️❤️

  113. I can’t really say anything more than has already been said. I’m just so appalled that people think they can treat others this way. Just want to send all at Clarity my love and support. You are all exceptional people x

  114. Just waded through your supportive replies. Enough said! Here’s me thinking crafting was a relaxing hobby! Relaxing for mind and body. It certainly keeps me going. Can’t understand some people. Kindness is everything. I love your products and company and having just moved my craft stuff to a different room, I’ve bought plenty. Ha ha! Keep on trucking and ignore morons.😀

  115. Oh Barbara, this is dreadful. You will not be able to please people like this, but know one thing, for every one of these types of ‘customers; there are THOUSANDS who do appreciate everything you all do and understand that orders are taking a while to process. But at least we are still able to order from a wonderful company with top quality products at a fabulous price! Many people would have taken up a crafting/parchment/stamping hobby over the last year and you will be their lifeline to not being alone.

    You are all working so hard behind the scenes as well as bringing us the Shack Shak plus Pauls Parchment Playtime, it gives me joy and inspiration to see you all giving us hints and tips whilst keeping us entertained at the same time. So please don’t give these ‘customers’ another thought, it is just not worth your precious time. Sending hugs and thanks to all of you for bringing us a moment of clarity during these very difficult times.

    Mary xxx

  116. One of the things I admire about Clarity is that you are always honest. You always mention that orders will be done in date order, that they may take little longer to do because of volume, that if somethings has to be made for you the whole order will go out at the same time. What more do people want. They should perhaps READ what you have said. Well done Clarity team – you are the best and nicest bunch of people I have yet to meet.
    Hugs Nadia Xx

  117. I am quite simply disgusted. Have people not learned to value and respect each other, even after this awful COVID, please pass on my thanks to your staff for the awesome work they do. We are not all of us rude buggers!

  118. Not with you on this one, Barbara. It is violence at work. Ban them all, even the woman whose husband rang up. She must have told him. If there is enough of a row, she may leave him for a better life. People can feel OK after each call and still have a breakdown with cumulative effect, just as water wears away a stone. ‘Thank you for your feedback. Rather than add to your apparent stress, I have refunded your money and closed your account’ will do for some. Others need to be told that you contact the police for all assaults i.e. behaviour causing fear, alarm or distress. Your staff deserve better and you don’t want people who can’t behave upsetting other customers when shows reopen. Make sure staff complete incident report forms for all such calls. It is absolutely shocking that abuse is experienced in any workplace.

  119. Oh Barb, I am so sorry you have had this awful behaviour to cope with.
    You and your Clarity team are wonderful and I send love and hugs to you all xxx

  120. Hi Barbra and the family team
    I would to say I have had the best help. I’m a new member to the groovi club and when I called to ask how do I join I spoke to the most loveliest lady ever. I told her I was disabled and finding my crafting days may be over no way she said we will help you and she did got my stuff WOW . Went to go online to buy some more I couldn’t get on anyway I saw there was a symbol flashing flashing then I spoke to a lovely young lady Grace and I must say mother like daughter AMAZING the muppet who called and was rude you are not worthy enough to make a comment on I would get arrested for what I would like to do . Barbra and the clarity gang YOUR ALL FANTASTIC AND THANKS FOR ALL WHAT YOU DO

  121. Hi Barbra and the family team
    I would to say I have had the best help. I’m a new member to the groovi club and when I called to ask how do I join I spoke to the most loveliest lady ever. I told her I was disabled and finding my crafting days may be over no way she said we will help you and she did got my stuff WOW . Went to go online to buy some more I couldn’t get on anyway I saw there was a symbol flashing flashing then I spoke to a lovely young lady Grace and I must say mother like daughter AMAZING the muppet who called and was rude you are not worthy enough to make a comment on I would get arrested for what I would like to do . Barbra and the clarity gang YOUR ALL FANTASTIC AND THANKS FOR ALL WHAT YOU DO

  122. So sorry for you Barbara and the Clarity team. You are a small company trying you’re best to keep going, we have to wait for our orders, and you have to make a lot of iteim’s when they run out. I can’t thank you enough and Grace has helped me both times I had any problems. After the last 9 months you would think people would have respect for each other. You are doing great. And you have given us 9 months of you’re time in the Shac Shack. God bless you, we are with you Xx

  123. I cannot believe people act like this, but perhaps they are like that with other companies too, must be.
    I don’t mind waiting, I am sure the majority of people have a few (or more!) dies, stamps etc.
    There is a saying which I am sure everyone knows
    Patience is a virtue.
    Thank you Barbara and all your helpers x

  124. Dear Barbara,
    You and your team do a fantastic job. Karma will catch up with ungrateful people. I for one along I’m sure with hundreds others think are a fabulous company and truly lovely people.
    With much love Emma B xxx

  125. Read all your blogs Barb but don’t often post.
    However, I was so shocked by this blog that I had to send you all love and good feelings to help diffuse the bad

  126. I agree with so many people here. Just remember these people who are rude, are just ignorant and have nothing better to do with their lives, they are sad people. Best to ignore them and just remember how many of us are so grateful for all you do for us.

  127. There is no excuse for rudeness and bad manners.
    There have been occasions when I have ordered in the morning and received notification of dispatch in the afternoon. Many other orders have been received in 2- 3 days, so when it comes to club sales or the ODS where volume soars it is inevitable that there will be some delay.
    On the few occasions I have made a mistake on an order, or had to phone one in because the computer is playing up, I have received the best help every time.
    I feel for you and your team. These are hard times and how you have kept going is a miracle. I swear, if it had not been for Clarity I don’t know how I would have got through this last year.
    I will happily wait for my oustanding orders as I know the contents will be of the highest quality and well worth the wait.
    In the meantime all good wishes go to you and the team.
    Love and hugs,

    what is up with some people
    If you think there is a problem with an order or you need to contact clarity towers how hard is it to ask nicely?
    Hard to ignore but for the few ignorant people out there I’m sure there are hundreds and hundreds of people who are so thankful for everything that everyone at clarity does for us all.
    I for one would be lost with out Barbara and the clarity team so thank you again
    Love to all 🙏 ❤ 😊

  129. So sorry you’ve had to write this Barbara. Having been on the receiving end of similar abuse on several occasions myself I know how upsetting it can be. Sending lots of hugs to you and all your fabulous staff. I’m looking forward to all my fabulous stuff arriving – the waiting is all part of the excitement.

  130. Hi Barbara, sorry both you and your Clarity Family are getting such rude abuse…it is truly ignorant!! Thank you so much for everything you are doing, not just through this strange year but always. I have been a club member for years and always enjoy everything I get from you. Look forward to receiving my parcels..Love & Hugs Anne x

  131. Such rude impatient people. Don’t they realise we’re in a pandemic and fortunate that you have been able to keep going? Like you said about shouting at barmaid, nearly every shop has a notice about abusive customers. Refund them then block them from your website and all your social media. We all have enough to cope with without these rude people. Well done all at clarity. 😀

  132. Dear Barbara, Jeannine, Grace and everyone at Clarity,
    I am so sorry to read this post. Trying to bully people is disgraceful. No respect shown towards you at all. I would like to thank you for all you do, for all you’ve overcome over the past year in order to continue to bring us our craft fixes. In these difficult times, to offer a cracking sale is phenomenal – I just don’t understand people sometimes. Take care and thank you again.

  133. I simply cant believe this. I dont think there is a company to rival Clarity for customer service and you just keep giving, most of all… time. Dont let the so and so’ s grind you down xx love to you all — Jenny xx

  134. I cannot believe what you and the team are having to endure!!!!

    Do these people not realise we would also like our orders asap but in the real world there are obstacles for everyone to overcome from your team to the postal workers and couriers. Plus we are in lockdown!!

    Our order are not vital to our survival and I’m sure everyone that has placed an order has a well stocked craft room packed to the gills with ongoing projects and potential new projects.

    Do these people not realise, and recognise, just what Clarity has done for everyone throughout this awful pandemic. We have the ongoing 3 times a week SHAC, the weekly Groovi SHAC, the Groovi weekly projects, the numerous little competitions, the weekly showcasing of our projects, the blogs plus the regular tv appearances……….

    For crying out loud we even had Barbara giving up her Christmas morning to help us all in our individual plights.

    I too have to deal with people who complain and instead of trying to placate these people I now say I have helped you as much as I can and I am going to terminate the call. Maybe those vile ignorant people you are having to deal with also need to have their calls terminated.

    As you say, Barbara, they are in the minority but it is painful to hear what the Clarity Team are having to endure after doing so much to support the Clarity Community.


    Lots of love Jules x

  135. Please don’t let a few unpleasant people spoil what I feel is a very unique company. You are more like a large family and you make everyone feel a part of it. Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity x

  136. I was horrified to read how people are behaving. I am guessing most are new customers and have not taken in the fact that you are a small British company who ‘does it all itself’ and you have the most fantastic staff. I think Jeannine is a saint to put up with such abuse and come up smiling. Please pass on my sincere thanks to her for all she has done to help me in the past. I’ve only contacted Grace once, but she dealt with my problem really well. I guess you’ll always get bullies and trolls but they are so vastly outnumbered by the faithful customers and friends who know and love you and all at Clarity and are more than happy to wait a little longer for quality , well priced products -you can’t be beaten.

  137. Can’t believe what I’ve just read, why are people so unnecessarily rude. Jeannine and clarity staff are an amazing bunch and you are justifiably proud of them. I hope no one takes these idiots seriously.

  138. I agree with everything other people are saying. I have received nothing but help from Jeannine and other members of your wonderful Clarity team and expect to have to wait longer during a pandemic, especially when you are generous enough to hold a half price members sale in these difficult times, over and above normal day to day business. Every item arrives safely packaged, bringing joy to us crafters.
    Barbara you are a marvel and keep so many of us informed, educated and amused. What more can we ask of you and your wonderful team. I
    Such a shame you have to endure bullying from the few that want to spoil the world.

  139. Well, I think the number of comments here really says I all – Clarity has huge following of very loyal supporters, and there is a tiny sad minority of customers who don’t deserve a second thought. It’s a great shame that some people seem to forget that they’re talking to another human being when they contact customer service…

  140. OMG there are some truly nasty people out there, usually festering away behind anonymity of their computers and telephones. I have shopped with Clarity for many years, ever since I first saw Barb and her Claritystamp corner stamp demos in the back room at Port Sunlight. A real lightbulb moment! If ever I have had a query about anything crafty, Jeannine has always gone out of her way to help and if she didn’t have the answer, she would find someone who did and then ‘phone me back. I have met Grace on a couple of occasions at the Port Sunlight stampers day. A very pleasant helpful young lady, who when seeing me and my walking sticks struggling to to get through the crowds at the Clarity stand, took my shopping list from me and in no time had all my purchases ready for me, without me breaking a sweat. This young lady is a credit to herself and to her Mum . With reference to the bullying husband who ranted at Jeannine, I was feeling quite sorry for his wife, sympathising with her lot, but then I thought about it a little more and realised that perhaps she was the one doing the complaining, making the bullets for her husband to fire, after prodding him with a pointy stick and getting him all fired up to take all his angst out on an unsuspecting lady on the other end of the ‘phone. I strongly suspect that neither one of this pair would confront anyone face to face and certainly no one of the male gender! Keep on Keeping on Barb, you have more appreciative fans than the few discontents that occasionally materialise. xx

  141. There is no excuse for bad behaviour no matter how old you are or from which generation you belong. Like everyone else on the comments. and I’m sure thousands more, I was heartily disgusted that some people can be so cruel and inconsiderate. Clarity is a wonderful, thoughtful company who always do their best for all their customers and friends. The staff are amazing and provide a good ‘old-fashioned’ service with a modern outlook. If only other companies could follow their example the world would be a better place. I so hope the irate husband will read all these comments and find the decency to call back, and this time apologise. I don’t think I could sleep at night knowing I had upset someone. We all appreciate everything you do and the enormous effort you make to bring us the best people, best products, best service, best blogs. In fact the very best of everything. Please know you are all greatly appreciated and loved. Pam xxx

    1. With every day that passes I get more excited about what will be coming through my door when Clarity are able to fulfil my order! Is it a problem to wait a bit? Of course not. These rude customers – what is their problem? Rudeness is never acceptable and when we all know that Clarity, through their frontline staff like Jeannine and Grace offer the topmost customer service in the UK, I simply can’t understand the behaviour of some customers. If you are reading this, shame on you. Grow up and learn some courtesy!
      Clarity people – please know that we all appreciate your service and products enormously and our appreciation far outweighs the discourtesy of a few idiots. Clarity rocks!

  142. Personally, I want to say a huge thank you to you, Barbara, and Jeanine, Grace and all the team who have kept going during these incredibly difficult times. As others have already said, everyone at Clarity is so very helpful, whatever the issue. You are always very clear that you will never sell out and will make new stock if required – that is amazing customer care and service, not matched by other companies. Let’s face it, there’s absolutely no point in having next day delivery if what you want is sold out!

  143. Dear Barbara – if you look at “ofcom” website you are advised to report such calls immediately; verbal abuse is not to be put up with! You could record all calls – might make some people think twice before being unpleasant! Looking forward to the next shac!

  144. I have only been a customer of Clarity for about 12 months but in that time the Company, Barbara, Paul and all the team have become a major part of my life.

    I, like so many others of you, cannot understand how any Clarity customers can behave in this manner. Barbara has kept us all fully informed time and time again via Facebook, messages in parcels, in the SHAC SHAC and on the websites.

    What more can be asked of this highly professional, courteous and hard working Company?

    When they make a promise, that promise is kept. I wish that could be said about a lot more people and Companies.

    If these “customers” (if they can be called that) feel so (unjustly) aggrieved then I am sure that Clarity would be only too happy to refund their money and cancel their order.

    In the meantime, you can see how much support, belief and love you all have. Please ignore this small minority. We, your TRUE customers, are perfectly content to wait our turn. All our orders will be fulfilled, as promised.

    You must understand you are so important to a great number of people. You have been there for us when we needed you .. now it’s our turn to stand up and be there for you all xx

  145. Hi Barbara
    Well you can tell by the number of comments to your blog today that you must be doing something right so carry on the great work and ignore the idiots of which there are many. I spent 30 years as a Traffic warden in central London and can tell you I have had every manner of abuse thrown at me and I am still smiling 😂.
    I spoke to Jeannine the other day about some clarity club files she explained the situation I was happy then I realised it was actually my mistake i called back and apologised.
    Courtesy cost nothing I too would say just refund the money slowly, but I fully understand that the wrong person would suffer.
    Keep up the excellent work you and the rest of staff do and we will continue to support you.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  146. I had typed a comment & was just about to post but somehow managed to delete the whole blog so have to start again !!
    Needless to say as everyone else has said we are all with you & the Team & can’t believe the conversations you have had with so called ”customers” because they can’t be a member of the SHAC Shack, Facebook pages or read this blog as you have always kept us informed of any problems.
    How many Shops/companies who have sales would offer to get more products at the same reduced price if they sold out – not many if any.
    At 21.21 I had an email to say one of my orders is on its way – thats definitely outside normal office hours !!
    Hugs & thanks to all the team, see you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow xx

  147. Dear Barbara and the clarity team,
    I am in total agreement with what everyone else has been saying. Shame on the bullies.
    Thank you for all you have done to support us crafters through these hard times. You and your crew are wonderful. Your customer service TOPS!
    I’m one very happy customer and I know my sale items will arrive at some point-patience is a virtue. Shame not everyone has it.
    The Clarity Team is great!!
    Stay safe everyone. Susan

  148. Well I think the huge number of comments says it all. No one should have to put up with such abuse. I can only say I have always had wonderful service from Clarity and on the few occasions I have had to phone Jeanine has been very helpful and pleasant. Keep doing what you are doing and ban the bullies. Stay safe xx

  149. These rude and impatient people should realise that if this was a normal sale a lot of things they wanted would probably be gone and not be made especially to fill their order, so having to wait a bit should not be a problem! x

  150. Well only second time I’ve commented on this blog, but as I have just read through all the others all I will say is we are all behind you at Clarity towers. To you Barbara and All the team we love you. Keep going and we’re all with you.

  151. Well said Barbara and it is beyond me how anyone can be rude to the wonderful Jeannine. She is always so helpful.

    We all know how busy Clarity is and all that you are doing in addition to running your business to keep those of us stuck at home during lockdown busy/entertained with the Shack Shac plus the regular Groovi Shac and other projects. These people should be grateful that they get all this for free.

    Unfortunately there are some very impatient and nasty people in this world and it is very sad that they treat others so badly in current times. I wish M&S would keep making things that are in the sale for their customers, then I could have bought the jeans (£15) or the cardigan (£6) I wanted! No other company does that as far as I know and when it is gone, it is gone. A little delay on an order is worth it if you can still get the product at the sale price.

    I am sure the majority of us fully support and appreciate all that Clarity does for us. Stay safe everyone. xx

  152. I agree with you all. But why didn’t the wife phone and ask why her parcel was taking longer than usual to arrive. I always speak to Janine when I place an order and you can’t speak to a nicer person. A lot of people would have retaliated to that horrible man, but Janine is not that sort of person.Bless her. These sort of people should be grateful that Clarity has been open during this pandemic. Barbara has kept I should say 1000s of crafters from getting depressed by keeping us all happy with the shac shack all for free. You will alway find some people like this horrible man. Now wouldn’t it be nice if he would telephone 📞 Janine and apologize for is nasty behavior (I don’t think he will he is chicken) Try not to let it get you down you have thousands of loyal and true customers who are always behind you. Love to everyone at clarity take care and safe. PS I am waiting in anticipation for my parcel.xx🤗🤗❤️❤️😘😘

  153. So sorry to hear that some of your people are getting verbally abused Barbara. It’s so sad. Have people not learnt any patience in these difficult times? Everything takes longer at the moment, that’s just the way it is. I don’t care how long I wait for my orders, they’re a nice surprise when I get them as I forget what I ordered! The products are so amazing they’re worth the wait. Thank you to everyone at clarity for working so hard. Xxx

  154. I’m upset that I’m not shocked at the content of your blog Barbara. Yes, the majority of people are still decent, polite and patient but something has happened to this nation. You only have to go outside and notice how inconsiderate people have become. You stand aside to let people pass and there is no acknowledgement.
    I understand there are a lot of unseen challenges for many of us, sometimes overwhelming, but taking out this frustration by bullying, especially the kind that is at arms length, not looking someone in the eye is not acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.
    As a customer, on the rare occasions I’ve had a problem, your lovely Jeannine has dealt with it efficiently and with a smile. As for your delightful Grace well…I know how proud you are of her and so you should be.
    I think you and all your team are fab.

  155. I’m a day late reading this and I don’t do Facebook but would like to say that the rude, bullying behaviour of these people is truly appalling. There are no excuses for it. I am so sorry that anyone has been on the receiving end of such abuse. I hope that all the comments here serve as an antidote to the unpleasantness. You are all amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  156. Barbara and our FAMILY gang, I am so sorry you are STILL going through this, I can relate to this because I had a craft shop and an online shop and was subject to the abuse then and that was 20 years ago. People need to realise that you cannot do the impossible when circumstances can change even if you apologize and offer refunds for them to shop elsewhere, even though they are still purchasing from Clarity indirectly because any supplier still needs to purchase from you to sell it, just saying 🙂
    There were times when I and a staff went home with it on their minds all night thinking how, if anything, could be done. The stress just does not go away and can make people ill then staff are ill and the wait can get longer. Barbara, please give the staff and yourself a HUGE pat on the back for all the super work they do and wash it down with time out and a glass of wine. I cannot fault you and your staff in any way, please keep up the good work good work. I know this is not right but I apologize for the mean people, because I am pretty sure they will not! Love you all xxx

  157. Missed this yesterday as I was having an off day! Not nearly as bad as your staff are having to put up with Barbara 🤬 I’m on of the members waiting for a couple of orders. I’ve received one, thank you. It was obvious that with 50% off across the whole site the orders were going to take time to collate and deliver. I’m just grateful for the discount and happy to wait (even though I really want them yesterday 🤣). Thank you for the sale, for the SHAC, for the free video tutorials and inspiration. I live alone and you’ve kept me company , so thanks for that too.

  158. Missed this yesterday as I was having an off day! Not nearly as bad as your staff are having to put up with Barbara 🤬 I’m on of the members waiting for a couple of orders. I’ve received one, thank you. It was obvious that with 50% off across the whole site the orders were going to take time to collate and deliver. I’m just grateful for the discount and happy to wait (even though I really want them yesterday 🤣). Thank you for the sale, for the SHAC, for the free video tutorials and inspiration. I live alone and you’ve kept me company , so thanks for that too.

  159. I am so saddeen to hear that some people have been so rude and selfish to you and your team. What is the world coming to. We are ALL having problems and finding life difficult but there is no reason to be like that. We know that you are all working very hard and doing your best. You always have. Take care.

  160. I was so saddened to read this blog Barbara. I know that frustration can come across as anger sometimes, but having a pop at someone who is trying hard to help you is not going to solve the issue. Please ensure that ALL your staff know how much the majority of your customers appreciate their hard work and patience, especially under the current circumstances. Virtual hugs to all.

  161. Wow! What is wrong with people, are they so self centred or delusional that they believe they are the only person ordering. Chill.. they must own paper and a pencil.. amuse yourselves till your sale items arrive.
    Barbara and the team, put these people’s orders to the back of the pile or ask them if they wish a refund, they’ll be so mad they’ll probably say yes before they engage their brain.

  162. Big HUGS from the USA! There are ugly apples in every barrel. Please don’t let them get to you! We all appreciate you guys!! I have had incredibly excellent service from Clarity, which is truly rare these days.

  163. This made me cry.

    People are trying to do their jobs in different ways and it is taking longer because of this.

    Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Barbara for sticking up for your staff. That in itself means a great deal.

    Take care everyone x

  164. Take heart, Barbara and the Clarity team. There are literally hundreds of us out here who really appreciate you all and your wonderful company. In particular, your personal contribution to the mental health of those of us in the crafting community over the last twelve months, which has been immense!! I, for one, know that the SHAC Shack has saved me many times. As for having to wait for an order – do people not have any patience? Apart from anything else, any order from Clarity is worth waiting for!! So… keep doing what you do. Best wishes to you all. Stay safe.

  165. Couple of isolated nasties maybe but hope all the outpourings of genuine love and respect completely wipe out the negatives by a HUGE margin. I cannot understand adults playing the ‘terrible twos’ of I want it and I want it NOW. Perhaps bad parenting but I feel so sorry for them going thru life with such big issues that they flip at the slightest. Sad people …of course I am excited waiting for my parcel but definitely happy to wait for a couple of weeks to take up your kind half price than have got it weeks ago before the rush at full price. What numpties !!!!….

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