A New Mate!!

A New Mate!!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. All excited here! I’ve got a new mate, and I want to introduce you. Allow me to showcase our new Grid Plate mate!! Have you ever seen so many dots in one place!!

I think you will love this new mate as much as I do. She is brilliant! Beginners and seasoned parchers alike will find her so useful. Not only will she help you with loads of instant simple grid frames, she will also be invaluable to you when you are working with those wonderful Kings and Queens and various A5 square clever grids which clever Josie designed for us.

In fact, it was a chat with my dear mate Josie that led to this sublime piece of kit. An idea in my head, which I ran past her – and she translated it PERFECTLY into the new plate mate.

There are so many lines on this plate, I found it much much easier to slide the grid patterns on the parchment along to line up with the grids when extending the length, and still keep them perfectly aligned. See what I mean?

So all those of you who struggle extending the grid patterns and getting them to meet up perfectly – this is a game changer.

Quite aside from that, it is also worth pointing out that there are loads and loads of simple grid patterns – all over the grid plate mate and in the A5 sq. plate which is included in the centre. All Josie’s work. You can literally add them as they come on the plate. Look!

And just because the patterns on the new plate mate are straight, that doesn‘t mean you can’t travel in a curve. Just do the pivot-on-the-tool-trick! Ouch!!

When used in conjunction with the Basic Straight grid, you can perforate and cut out too…

Once you’ve done the embossing, flip to the front of the parchment and slot the basic straight grid into the plate mate. You need a foam cushion underneath when you perforate. A Super foam and a black cutting foam are ideal.

To ensure that the holes are perfectly aligned underneath before you start perforating, why not use a couple of pins? See? Now I know that all the drilled holes are in the right place underneath exactly. See where I embossed wrong? Spot the mistake…

Use Groovi Tabs to secure or just leave the pins in – you choose. I did both!! Now use a 1-needle bold or a 2-needle bold perforating tool to perforate everywhere else. Just drill through the mistake – nobody will ever notice.

Now it’s time to picot cut. You can choose. Do you want to just leave the perforations and not cut? That’s pretty. Or do you want to do some snipping? Or a bit of both? Choices choices choices…

I have only scratched the surface of the potential of this plate. Whether beginner or expert, you will certainly benefit from this piece of kit. Marvelous.

I did showcase this on Hochanda this morning, and yep – you liked our idea too! Cool. Very cool. Many many thanks to Josie for her cleverness. Had a word with Brother Steve, and he has lept into action again. Many thanks to him too. There will be more available on Paul’s 3 pm show on HOCHANDA xx

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “A New Mate!!

  1. This looks great – looking forward to having a play, lots of ideas whizzing round ……………………
    lots of possibilities ……………….
    it will be interesting to see what variations different people come up with!

    1. Bonjour, je viens de tomber sur le blog, je l’ai trouvé super interessant.
      Etant moi même acro au pergamano, je voudrais savoir ou trouver cette plaque. pouvez-vous m’aider SVP? Merci d’avance. Bonne journée.

  2. Oh boy I want that grid plate mate. I haven’t really got anywhere with Groovi yet but I can see the potential in this plate. I had better get ordering. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Fantastic piece of kit, Barb. Fell into my basket this morning! Just handed two large plastic boxes of groovi plates over the fence to a new groover to let her see what is available rather than searching online! Watch this space!! Lots of love. Hxx

  4. I ordered mine from Clarity first thing this morning and I can’t wait to have a play. It looks amazing and Josie is so clever, to include so much, including a lovely new alphabet. No wonder it sold out so quickly. Have a lovely evening and Happy Birthday to Jeannine. Hugs. Annette. X

  5. Oh yes I had to have this one. So many possibilities. A great idea. I was lucky enough to have lessons with Josie before Groovi came along. I’m so glad for her she’s involved now with Clarity she’s very talented.

  6. Well now that one blew the bloody doors off! was that a record time for a sell out on Hochanda? Just goes to show proof is in the pudding, you certainly know what us crafters need Barb… well done again.

  7. I am totally new to gridwork so thank you Barbara fo adding this to your blog…I will most likely be watching it many times. Looking forward to receiving the new plate…

  8. I ordered from Clarity early this morning together with the Italian cities diagonal grids. Glad I did. This has got to be the fastest sell out on Hochanda – EVER.
    Steve is such a good guy pulling out all the stops to keep us all satisfied with our crafting. Thank him for us please, his hard work is appreciated.
    Anyone who watched today’s shows couldn’t fail to be inspired.
    Good that warmer weather is on the way.
    Stay safe.

  9. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, looks like I’ve just got to have this plate. The possibilities look amazing and I have always struggled with lining up the borders so this should certainly help. Well done to everyone who shot out of the starting blocks at a vast rate of knots to get their orders in early – it looks like you will be having hours of fun.

  10. Hi Barb,
    I ordered this straight from Clarity first thing this morning before the first show was broadcast. Gosh,I’m really pleased that I did! That was one quick sell out. Congratulations to you and of course Josie. That must have taken her ages to get all of that onto one plate . Looking forward to playing now! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Wow, this piece of must have kit really demonstrates the magic of Clarity! Barbara knowing exactly what the Clarity crafter needs, Josie the designer coming up with a perfect realisation of that idea, Barbara and Paul with brilliant demos on Hochanda and the hard work of Steve and Team Clarity back at Clarity Towers to make sure the goodies come out to the eagerly waiting crafters!
    Imagination, Innovation and Inspiration!
    No wonder it was a 9 minute sell out!
    Thank you all!
    And best wishes to Jeannine for a very Happy Birthday!

  12. Although I no longer do any parchment work myself, (it was my first love and got me properly into card making back in the early 1990s) I bought the grid for my friend, as she was not finding the ‘Royal’ plates so easy and I’m sure this will help her with those and all kinds of other borders.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Glad I saved my valentines voucher thank you. Ordered the grid plate mate and the new stencils. So Jackie can get on with the tiles while I do the groovi everyone 😊 happy.
    Thank Steve for all his hard work.
    Love Ruth x

  14. Recorded todays shows, as working, and have now succumbed after watching the first show and placed a order for the grid plate mate. Need to make sure my hands are firmly sat on for the rest of the month!! Happy Birthday Wishes to Jeannine. xx

  15. Ordered the plate as you went live on the TV although our internet kept dropping out & I was cursing the computer screen but thankfully it all went through ok & I could sit back & watch. Not surprised it sold out in 9 minutes a great piece of kit with so much potential – can’t wait to play but I will as I know you will get it to me asap. Meanwhile I have plenty to keep me occupied. I have did some more backdrop prints this afternoon – 11 in total square & rectangle then stamped with various images & sat colouring them in this evening along with finishing off my poppet ready for tomorrow morning in the SHAC shack.

  16. Hi Barb, I caught some of the shows, it looks like a very useful piece of kit for Parchers and Groovers. You tips and tricks about will no doubt find their way into reference libraries. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. ordered mine too. Seasoned crafter my first love is parchment craft and have very little confidence with the dreaded grid work so awful when you make a mistake going to use it with the Queen grids I bought cant wait to play!! Thanks Josie, we met at the conservatory up at Curburgh Lichfield, with Pat White and Sue Hastwell. xx

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